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									Affinity Bar

November 2011

Dear Bar Presidents:

We are pleased to provide you with the 2011-202 Affinity Bar Associations Directory with current
information on active voluntary Michigan bar associations and their leaders. The directory also
includes information on your Board of Commissioners and Representative Assembly members.
This is a resource we use throughout the year to help connect State Bar members with bar
associations throughout the state and to help connect the public to those associations. In addition
to the directory, we offer several resources to support your work as a bar leader. Some of those

      Four free sets of electronic mailing labels for members in your area
      Website resources including links to your bar association websites
     Online calendar of bar association activities on the State Bar homepage
       (Submit your events to Jennifer and she will post them on the site!)
      Connections electronic newsletter
      Law Day, Constitution Day and other law-related education resources
      Speakers on State Bar programs like the Practice Management Resource Center, Public
        Policy Resource Center, Justice Initiatives including pro bono support and equal access
        initiatives, Diversity in the Profession, and Lawyers and Judges Assistance.

State Bar President Julie Fershtman would like an opportunity to attend one of your meetings to
share talking points about her 2011-2012 State Bar focus. Some of those include the challenge of
rapidly changing technology, globalization of the practice, unauthorized practice of law, new
opportunities for lawyers and the public presented by the Solutions on Self-Help Task Force, and
resources to help lawyers at their desk through the Practice Management Resource Center. Let
Candace know if you’d like Julie to attend a meeting and visit with your members.

Don’t forget that the Bar Leadership Forum is set for June 8-9, 2012 on Mackinac Island, and the
Annual Meeting will take place in Grand Rapids on September 19-21. Please contact either of us if
we can help support you in your work as a bar leader this year, or if we can connect you to any
State Bar resources. Good luck to you!


  Candace Crowley                                        Jennifer Williams
  Director of External Development                       Administrative Assistant
  1.800.968.1442, ext. 6319                              1.800.968.1442, ext. 6421                    
2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory   2   (Current as of November 2011)
                                      Table of Contents

2011-2012 Board of Commissioner Officers....................................................... 4

Board of Commissioners ..................................................................................... 5

2011-2012 Representative Assembly Officers .................................................... 8

Local Bar Associations ........................................................................................ 9

Special Purpose Bar Associations .................................................................... 16

Bar Foundations ............................................................................................... 23

Executive Directors .......................................................................................... 24

Guidelines for the Programs and Services Commissioners Committee
Regarding Recognition of Local and Special Purpose Bar Associations ......... 26

Officer Information Update Form ...................................................................... 27

Rental Use Agreement ...................................................................................... 29

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                         3                             (Current as of November 2011)
          2011-2012 Board of Commissioner Officers

            PRESIDENT                      PRESIDENT-ELECT                       VICE PRESIDENT

          Julie I. Fershtman                   Bruce A. Courtade                    Brian D. Einhorn
    Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC            Rhoades McKee             Collins Einhorn Farrell & Ulanoff, PC
   32300 Northwestern Hwy Ste 230       161 Ottawa Avenue NW Ste 600             4000 Town Ctr Ste 909
   Farmington Hills, MI 48334-1571       Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2766              Southfield, MI 48075
           Phone: (248) 785-4731             Phone: (616) 233-5152               Phone: (248) 351-5414
            Fax: (248) 538-2093               Fax: (616) 459-5102                 Fax: (248) 351-5431
      E:    E:       E:

            SECRETARY                          TREASURER

         Thomas C. Rombach                      Lori A. Buiteweg
   Law Offices of Thomas C. Rombach    Nichols Sacks Slank Sendelbach &
         51249 Washington St                      Buiteweg, PC
       New Baltimore, MI 48047          121 W. Washington St., Ste 300
        Phone: (586) 725-3000              Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1300
          Fax: (586) 725-4912               Phone: (734) 994-3000
       E:                  Fax: (734) 994-1557

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                      4                         (Current as of November 2011)
                                   Board of Commissioners

Kathleen M. Allen                                           Bruce A. Courtade
Representative Assembly Clerk       Term Expires 2014       President-Elect
Legal Aid of Western MI                                     Commissioner District C       Term Expires 2013
89 Ionia Ave NW Ste 400                                     Rhoades McKee, PC
Grand Rapids, MI 49503                                      161 Ottawa Ave NW Ste 600
Phone: (616) 774-0672                                       Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2766
E:                              Phone: (616) 233-5152
Dennis M. Barnes
Commissioner District H             Term Expires 2013       Richard L. Cunningham
Barris Sott Denn & Driker PLLC                              Commissioner District H          Term Expires 2014
211 W Fort St Fl 15                                         Michigan Dep’t of Attorney General
Detroit, MI 48226-3269                                      3030 W Grand Blvd Ste 10-354
Phone: (313) 965-9725                                       Detroit, MI 48202-6030
E:                                         Phone: (313) 456-0180
David R. Brake
Commissioner District E         Term Expires 2014           Brian D. Einhorn
Knaggs Harter Brake & Schneider PC                          Vice President
7521 Westshire Dr Ste 100                                   Commissioner District I               Term Expires 2013
Lansing, MI 48917-1105                                      Collins, Einhorn, Farrell & Ulanoff, PC
Phone: (517) 622-0590                                       4000 Town Ctr Ste 909
E:                                      Southfield, MI 48075-1408
                                                            Phone: (248) 355-4141
Robert J. Buchanan                                          E:
Commissioner District C             Term Expires 2013
Buchanan & Buchanan PLC                                     James N. Erhart
171 Monroe Ave NW Ste 750                                   Commissioner District A            Term Expires 2013
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2694                                 Stroup Erhart, & Lyons, PC
Phone: (616) 458-2464                                       7 Penn Plaza
E:                                     PO Box 809
                                                            Petoskey, MI 49770-2460
Lori A. Buiteweg                                            Phone: (231) 347-3907
Treasurer                                                   E:
Commissioner District G             Term Expires 2012
Nichols, Sacks, Slank                                       Julie I. Fershtman
Sendelbach & Buiteweg, PC                                   President
121 W Washington St Ste 300                                 Commissioner District I          Term Expires 2012
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1300                                    Foster Swift Collins & Smith, PC
Phone: (734) 994-3000                                       32300 Northwestern Hwy Ste 230
E:                                       Farmington Hills, MI 48334-1567
                                                            Phone: (248) 785-4731
Margaret A. Costello                                        E:
Commissioner District H            Term Expires 2014
University of Detroit Mercy School of Law                   Stephen J. Gobbo
651 E Jefferson Ave                                         Representative Assembly Chair      Term Expires 2012
Detroit, MI 48226-4386                                      State of Michigan
Phone: (313) 596-9854                                       PO Box 24222
E:                                     Lansing, MI 48909-4222
                                                            Phone: (517) 241-9267

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                        5                                (Current as of November 2011)
Jennifer M. Grieco                                         David A. Perkins
Commissioner District I        Term Expires 2014           Commissioner-at-Large               Term Expires 2012
Neuman Anderson PC                                         3rd Judicial Circuit Court
401 S Old Woodward Ave Ste 460                             1025 E Forest Ave
Birmingham, MI 48009                                       Detroit, MI 48207-1024
Phone: (248) 594-5252                                      Phone: (313) 833-2910
E:                              E:

Edward L. Haroutunian                                      Colleen A. Pero
Commissioner District I           Term Expires 2013        Commissioner-at-Large               Term Expires 2014
Haroutunian Licata Haroutunian PC                          Pero Consulting Inc.
30700 Telegraph Rd Ste 3475                                10058 Oak Island Dr
Bingham Farms, MI 48025-4571                               Laingsburg, MI 48848
Phone: (248) 594-9071                                      Phone: (517) 675-7323
E:                                           E:

Felicia O. Johnson                                         Michael J. Riordan
Young Lawyers Section Chair Elect Term Expires 2014        Commissioner District H             Term Expires 2012
Wayne County Commission                                    Assistant U.S. Attorney
500 Griswold Ste 810                                       U.S. Attorney’s Office
Detroit, MI 48226                                          211 W Fort St Ste 2001
Phone: (313) 224-6459                                      Detroit, MI 48226-3220
E:                                 Phone: (313) 226-9602
Donald E. McGinnis, Jr.
Commissioner District I            Term Expires 2012       Brandy Y. Robinson
Donald E. McGinnis, Jr., PC                                Young Lawyers Section Chair         Term Expires 2013
1721 Crooks Rd Ste 101                                     State Appellate Defender Office
Troy, MI 48084-5366                                        645 Griswold Ste 3300
Phone: (248) 643-6002                                      Detroit, MI 48226
E:                                 Phone: (313) 256-9833
Maureen M. McGinnis
Young Lawyers Section Chair        Term Expires 2012       Donald G. Rockwell
Donald E. McGinnis, Jr., PC                                Commissioner District B             Term Expires 2014
1721 Crooks Rd Ste 101                                     Nill Rockwell PC
Troy, MI 48084-5366                                        G-4413 Corunna Rd
Phone: (248) 643-6002                                      Flint, MI 48532-4413
E:                                 Phone: (810) 732-3440
Lawrence Patrick Nolan
Commissioner District E            Term Expires 2012       Thomas C. Rombach
Nolan Thomsen & Villas PC                                  Secretary
239 S Main St                                              Commissioner District D          Term Expires 2012
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-1255                                Law Offices of Thomas C. Rombach
Phone: (517) 663-3306                                      51249 Washington St
E:                                      New Baltimore, MI 48047-1564
                                                           Phone: (586) 725-3000
Jules B. Olsman                                            E:
Commissioner-at-Large           Term Expires 2013
Olsman Mueller Wallace & MacKenzie PC                      Richard J. Siriani
2684 11 Mile Rd                                            Commissioner District I
Berkley, MI 48072-3050                                     Term Expires 2014
Phone: (248) 591-2300                                      Miller Canfield Paddock & Stone PLC
E:                                  840 W Long Lake Rd Ste 200
                                                           Troy, MI 48098-6358
                                                           Phone: (248) 879-2000

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                       6                                (Current as of November 2011)
Angelique Strong Marks                                     Gregory L. Ulrich
Commissioner-at-Large             Term Expires 2012        Commissioner District H           Term Expires 2014
Behr America                                               Ulrich Law PLC
2700 Daley Dr                                              770 Pear Tree Ln
Troy, MI 48084-1949                                        Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236
Phone: (248) 743-3797                                      Phone: (313) 885-2341
E:                  E:

Julie A. Sullivan                                          Dana M. Warnez
Commissioner District F            Term Expires 2013       Representative Assembly Vice Chair Term Expires 2013
Miller Johnson                                             Schoenherr Cahill & Warnez PC
303 N Rose St Ste 600                                      24735 Van Dyke Ave
Kalamazoo, MI 49007                                        Center Line, MI 48015-2314
Phone: (269) 226-2964                                      Phone: (586) 757-0733

Laurin’ C. Roberts Thomas
Commissioner-at-Large           Term Expires 2012
Thomas Law & Consulting Group PLC
PO Box 12058
Lansing, MI 48901
Phone: (517) 490-1679

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                       7                              (Current as of November 2011)
        2011-2012 Representative Assembly Officers

               CHAIR                             VICE CHAIR                             CLERK

          Stephen J. Gobbo                      Dana M. Warnez                      Kathleen M. Allen
          State of Michigan               Schoenherr Cahill & Warnez PC       Legal Aid of Western Michigan
            PO Box 24222                      24735 Van Dyke Ave                89 Ionia Ave NW Ste 400
       Lansing, MI 48909-4222              Center Line, MI 48015-2314         Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3034

                       For a complete list of all members of the Representative Assembly,
                   please see:

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                       8                         (Current as of November 2011)
                                   Local Bar Associations
President      Brian J. Lester Harger                    President      Robert L. Byington
               106 5th St                                               222 W Apple St
               PO Box 189                                               PO Box 248
               Harrisville, MI 48740-0189                               Hastings, MI 49058-0248
               Phone: (989) 724-9460                                    Phone: (269) 945-9557
               Fax: (989) 724-9469                                      Fax: (269) 945-2555
               E:                                  E:
Vice-President Elizabeth J. Schnettler, East Tawas       Vice-President David E. Gilbert, Hastings
Secretary      Christopher P. Martin, Tawas City         Secretary      C. Marcel Stoetzel, III, Hastings
                                                         Treasurer      Nathaniel E. Tagg, Hastings
President      Jeffrey M. Mock                           BAY COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
               313 N Second Ave                          President   Daniel M. Wood
               Alpena, MI 49707-2805                                 721 Washington Ave Ste 402
               Phone: (989) 354-4104                                 Bay City, MI 48708-5726
               Fax: (989) 356-0747                                   Phone: (989) 894-2481
               E:                   Fax: (989) 893-7666
Vice-President Troy D. Clarke, Alpena                                E:
Secretary      Cynthia M. Muszynski, Alpena
Treasurer      Keith E. Black, Alpena                    BENZIE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                         President      James Bearinger
46TH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT BAR ASSOCIATION                                   180 S Benzie Blvd
President      Colin G. Hunter                                          PO Box 11
               2373 S I-75 Business Loop                                Beulah, MI 49617-0011
               PO Box 665                                               Phone: (231) 882-5200
               Grayling, MI 49738-0665                                  Fax: (231) 882-4225
               Phone: (989) 348-5232                                    E:
               Fax: (989) 348-7102                       Vice-President Anthony J. Cicchelli, Frankfort
               E:                Sec/Treas      Linda Moorey Kehr, Beulah
Vice-President Christopher S. Saunders, Lansing
Secretary      Miranda J. Bailey-Quick, Gaylord          BERRIEN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
Treasurer      William P. Slough, Gaylord                President       Hon. Gary J. Bruce
                                                                         5th District Court
ALGER-LUCE-MACKINAC-SCHOOLCRAFT BAR                                      811 Port St
ASSOCIATION                                                              St. Joseph, MI 49085-1183
President   Karen A. Bahrman                                             Phone: (269) 983-7111 x8390
            101 E Varnum St                                              Fax: (269) 982-8614
            Munising, MI 49862-1125                                      E:
            Phone: (906) 387-2117                        President-Elect Sara A. Bell, Niles
            Fax: (906) 387-2200                          Secretary       Kevin Banyon, Benton Harbor
            E:              Treasurer       John C. Johnson, St. Joseph

President       Nicholas A. Reister, Zeeland             President      Christopher N. Anderson
President-Elect John M. Van Elk, Allegan                                31 Division St
Vice-President Jonathan K. Blair, Holland                               Coldwater, MI 49036-1904
                                                                        Phone: (517) 279-4319
                                                                        Fax: (517) 279-6437
                                                         Vice-President Benjamin E. Jewell, Coldwater
                                                         Treasurer      William D. Renner, II, Coldwater

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                     9                               (Current as of November 2011)
President      Lisa A. McNiff                                 President  Lauren M. Letto
               203 E Michigan Ave                                        968 Hill St
               Marshall, MI 49068-1545                                   Hancock, MI 49930-1312
               Phone: (269) 781-9851                                     Phone: (906) 370-3553
               Fax: (269) 781-2070                                       E:
               E:                      Sec/Treas  Brittany A. Bulleit, Houghton
Vice-President Tracie L. Tomak, Battle Creek
Sec/Treas      Lisa M. Perkins, Battle Creek                  DEARBORN BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                              President  David L. Camaj
CASS COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                              21905 Garrison St
President      Mitchell P. Moldovan                                      Dearborn, MI 48124-2303
               108 N Main St                                             Phone: (313) 274-6200
               PO Box 59                                                 Fax: (313) 274-2267
               Vicksburg, MI 49097-0059                                  E:
               Phone: (269) 649-3000
               Fax: (269) 649-3002                            DELTA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
               E:                     President      Jessica E. Pelto
Vice-President Leigh A. Feldman, Cassopolis                                  310 Ludington St
Secretary      Gregory H. Feldman, Niles                                     Escanaba, MI 49829-4057
                                                                             Phone: (906) 789-5111
CHEBOYGAN COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                             E:
President  Michael J. Ekdahl                                  Vice-President John M. Arvid Bergman, Escanaba
           214 Water St                                       Treasurer      Michael B. Quinn, Escanaba
           PO Box 625
           Cheboygan, MI 49721-0625                           DEARBORN BAR ASSOCIATION
           Phone: (231) 627-4979                                   (No Information available)
           Fax: (231) 627-4974
           E:                               DETROIT METROPOLITAN BAR ASSOCIATION
Treasurer  Donna L. Hansel, Cheboygan                         President       Elizabeth C. Jolliffe
                                                                              543 5th St
CHIPPEWA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                               Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4838
President      Michael B. Winnick                                             Phone: (734) 663-7905
               409 Ashmun St # 208                                            Fax: (734) 527-6351
               Sault Sainte Marie, MI 49783-1935                              E:
               Phone: (906) 632-1737                          President-Elect Benjamin W. Jeffers, Detroit
               Fax: (906) 632-6391                            Sec/Treas       Stephen D. McGraw, Detroit
               E:           Exec Director Mitzy A. Sharp Futro
Vice-President Dennis J. McShane, Sault Sainte Marie                          645 Griswold St Ste 1356
Secretary      Elizabeth C. Chambers, Sault Ste. Marie                        Detroit, MI 48226-4020
Treasurer      Steven J. Cannello, Sault Sainte Marie                         Phone: (313) 961-6120 x201
                                                                              Fax: (313) 965-0842
CLINTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                                E:
President  Edward W. Jackson
           120 E Walker St                                    DICKINSON-IRON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
           PO Box 246                                         President   Andrea D. Mashak
           Saint Johns, MI 48879-0246                                     115 W C Street
           Phone: (989) 224-6734                                          Iron Mountain, MI 49801-3301
           Fax: (989) 224-8146                                            Phone: (906) 779-1587
           E:                                      Fax: (906) 779-1884
Treasurer  Jeffery D. Thornburg, Portland                                 E:
                                                              Sec/Treas   Nancy Schaub, Iron Mountain

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                         10                             (Current as of November 2011)
President      Kara N. Tertzag Lividini                 President       Mark R. Smith
               1 American Rd Ste 421-A4                                 2025 E Beltline Ave SE Ste 600
               Dearborn, MI 48126-2701                                  Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7673
               Phone: (313) 323-8559                                    Phone: (616) 977-0077
               Fax: (866) 881-8577                                      Fax: (616) 977-0529
               E:                                     E:
Vice-President Bill Colovos, Southgate                  President-Elect Terence J. Ackert, Grand Rapids
Secretary      Paul C. Youngs, Dearborn                 Vice-President Kristin M. Vanden Berg, Grand Rapids
Treasurer      Cassandra L. Booms, Riverview            Secretary       Nikole L. Canute, Grand Rapids
                                                        Treasurer       A. Todd Almassian, Grand Rapids
EATON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                            Exec Director Kimberly Coleman
President      John D. Maurer                                           161 Ottawa Ave NW Ste 203B
               316 Taylor St                                            Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2714
               Grand Ledge, MI 48837-1569                               Phone: (616) 454-5550
               Phone: (517) 627-2174                                    Fax: (616) 454-7707
               Fax: (517) 627-2245                                      E:
Vice-President Kelly E. Morton, Charlotte
                                                        GRAND TRAvERSE-LEELANAU-ANTRIM BAR
Sec/Treas      Kristin V. Brady, Charlotte
                                                        President       Corey James Wiggins
                                                                        400 E Eighth St
President      Jodi J. Doak
                                                                        Traverse City, MI 49686-2203
               219 E Main St Ste 1
               Boyne City, MI 49712-1697                                Phone: (231) 946-8630
               Phone: (231) 582-0712                                    Fax: (231) 946-3013
               Fax: (206) 888-4849                                      E:
               E:                    President-Elect Deborah L. Rysso, Traverse City
Vice-President John P. Deegan, Petoskey                 Secretary       Laura E. Garneau, Traverse City
Secretary      J. Frank Wilson, Jr., Petoskey           Treasurer       Peter A. Cummings, Traverse City
Treasurer      William L. Meengs, Jr., Petoskey         Exec Director April Sala
                                                                        P.O. Box 1958
GENESEE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                          Traverse City, MI 49684
President       Karen L. Folks                                          Phone: 231 922-4715
                3869 W Jefferson Ave                                    E:
                Ecorse, MI 48229-1701
                Phone: (313) 294-3728                   GRATIOT COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                E:                       (No Information Available)
President-Elect James J. Wascha, Grand Blanc
Secretary       Jeffrey J. Himelhoch, Flint             HILLSDALE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
Treasurer       Erwin F. Meiers, III, Flint             President   Megan R.M. Stiverson
Exec Director Tatilia Burroughs                                     61 McCollum St
                315 E Court St                                      Hillsdale, MI 49242-1613
                Flint, MI 48502-1611                                Phone: (517) 439-1419
                Phone: (810) 232-6012                               Fax: (517) 439-5141
                E:                                  E:
                                                        Secretary   Barry F. Poulson, Hillsdale
GOGEBIC-ONTONAGON BAR ASSOCIATION                       Treasurer   Timothy E. Dixon, Hillsdale
President      Michael K. Pope
               204 Harrison St
               Ironwood, MI 49938-1776
               Phone: (906) 932-4010
               Fax: (906) 932-1508
               Gogebic-Ontonagon Bar Association
Vice-President Paul A. Sturgul, Hurley

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                   11                              (Current as of November 2011)
President      Donald J. Clark                               President       Hon. Anne E. Blatchford
               115 N Hanselman St                                            227 W Michigan Ave
               Bad Axe, MI 48413-1202                                        Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3734
               Phone: (989) 269-6487                                         Phone: (269) 383-8662
               Fax: (989) 269-9876                           President-Elect William G. Maybee, Kalamazoo
               E:                        Vice-President James R. Shinar, Kalamazoo
               Huron County Bar Association                  Treasurer       Erin Reedy Tonda, Kalamazoo
Vice-President Christopher J. Boyle, Bad Axe                 Exec Director Denise Nelson
Sec/Treas      Suzanne M. Krohn, Bad Axe                                     137 N Park St Ste 104
                                                                             Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3758
INGHAM COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                                Phone: (269) 381-4693
President       Scott L. Mandel                                              Fax: (269) 488-2833
                313 S Washington Sq                                          E:
                Lansing, MI 48933-2114
                Phone: (517) 371-8185                        LAPEER COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                Fax: (517) 371-8200                          President      Timothy M. Turkelson
                E:                                  4000 S Oak St Ste 200
President-Elect Stacia J. Buchanan, Lansing                                 PO Box 70
Vice-President Catherine Groll, Lansing                                     Metamora, MI 48455-0070
Secretary       Jessica S. Fox, Eaton Rapids                                Phone: (810) 678-3645
Treasurer       Liisa R. Speaker, Lansing                                   Fax: (810) 678-3510
Exec Director Madelyne C. Lawry                                             E:
                PO Box 66                                    Vice-President Ann C. Sharkey, Lapeer
                Grand Ledge, MI 48837-0066                   Secretary      Cailin C. Wilson, Lapeer
                Phone: (517) 712-3938                        Treasurer      Erin M. Zettle, Lapeer
                Fax: (517) 627-3950
                E:                      LENAWEE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                             President  Lisa Beazley Phillips
IONIA-MONTCALM COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                   153 E Maple Ave
President      Keeley D. Heath                                          Adrian, MI 49221-2157
               125 W Main St                                            Phone: (517) 264-6071
               PO Box 8                                                 Fax: (517) 264-6072
               Stanton, MI 48888-0008                                   E:
               Phone: (989) 831-5208                         Secretary  Lowry M. Rains, Adrian
               Fax: (989) 831-8854                           Treasurer  Adrienne L. Iddings, Adrian
Vice-President Judy L. Swartz, Ionia                         LIvINGSTON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                             President      Mitchell J. Perrault
ISABELLA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                             2130 W Grand River Ave
President   Sarah E. Huyser                                                 Howell, MI 48843-8530
            200 N Main St                                                   Phone: (517) 546-8840
            Mount Pleasant, MI 48858-2390                                   Fax: (517) 548-5650
            Phone: (989) 772-0911 x311                                      E:
            E:                    Vice-President Leroy C. Gough, Brighton
                                                             Secretary      Christopher G. Bovid, Howell
President      Peter J. Langley                              LIvONIA BAR ASSOCIATION
               Boji Tower - Ground Floor                     President      Kathleen D. Saenz Poppenger
               PO Box 30036                                                 31780 Telegraph Rd Ste 200
               Lansing, MI 48909-7536                                       Bingham Farms, MI 48025-3409
               Phone: (517) 373-1810                                        Phone: (248) 540-6197
               Fax: (517) 373-0550                                          Fax: (248) 540-8059
               E:                              E:
Vice-President Eric R. Kyser, Jackson                        Vice-President Timothy J. Klisz, Livonia
Vice-President Rebecca K. Livingston, Jackson                Secretary      Carol Hainline, Livonia
Secretary      Jennifer LaChell-Arver Walker, Jackson        Treasurer      Timothy J. Klisz, Livonia
Treasurer      Chadwick A. Perrine, Jackson

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                        12                              (Current as of November 2011)
President       Gail Pamukov-Miller                     President      William G. Merkel
                42700 Schoenherr Rd Ste 3                              2417 17th Ave
                Sterling Heights, MI 48313-2874                        Menominee, MI 49858-2345
                Phone: (586) 532-1155                                  Phone: (906) 863-2002
                Fax: (586) 532-1166                                    Fax: (906) 863-2980
                E:                                 E:
President-Elect Dana M. Warnez, Center Line             Vice-President Steven C. Benson, Menominee
Secretary       Julie Gatti, Mount Clemens              Sec/Treas      Joseph J. Klumb, Menominee
Treasurer       John B. DeMoss, Clinton Township
Exec Director Rick Troy                                 MIDLAND COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                40 N Main St Ste 435                    President      Lynn D. Krauss
                Mount Clemens, MI 48043-5656                           Mail CO1242
                Phone: (586) 468-2940                                  PO Box 994
                Fax: (586) 468-6926                                    Midland, MI 48686-0994
                E:                                 Phone: (989) 496-3218
                                                                       Fax: (989) 496-1709
MANISTEE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                        E:
President  Richard M. Wilson, Jr.                       Vice-President W. Jay Brown, Midland
           414 Water St                                 Secretary      John D. Olson, Midland
           PO Box 537                                   Treasurer      Eric M. Larsen, Midland
           Manistee, MI 49660-0537
           Phone: (231) 723-8333                        MONROE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
           Fax: (231) 723-3888                          President      Anthony R. Brescol
           E:                                             8336 Monroe Rd Rm 204
                                                                       Lambertville, MI 48144-9636
MARqUETTE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                       Phone: (734) 568-6006
President      Joseph F. Lavey, II                                     Fax: (734) 568-6007
               321 N Front St                                          E:
               Marquette, MI 49855-4222                 Vice-President Amanda L. Eicher, Monroe
               Phone: (906) 228-2205                    Secretary      Nicholas L. Dulany, Monroe
               Fax: (906) 228-9434                      Treasurer      James P. Bartlett, Monroe
Vice-President Mary Lou Strisar, Marquette              MUSKEGON COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
Sec/Treas      Robert C. Anderson, Marquette            President      John C. Schrier
                                                                       601 Terrace St
MASON-LAKE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                                      PO Box 786
President  Douglas E. Stevenson                                        Muskegon, MI 49443-0786
           212 E Ludington Ave Ste 3                                   Phone: (231) 722-5401
           PO Box 687                                                  Fax: (231) 722-5401
           Ludington, MI 49431-0687                                    E:
           Phone: (231) 845-7129                        Vice-President Michael G. Walsh, Muskegon
           E:                        Secretary      David E. Waterstradt, Muskegon
                                                        Treasurer      David L. Bossenbroek, Muskegon
President  Peter G. Mekas                               NEWAYGO AND OCEANA COUNTY BAR
           335 W Upton Ave                              ASSOCIATION
           Reed City, MI 49677-1149                     President       Robert Michael Hayes
           Phone: (231) 832-4074                                        1092 E Newell
           Fax: (231) 832-9739                                          PO Box 885
Secretary  Kenneth J. Plas, Big Rapids                                  White Cloud, MI 49349-0885
                                                                        Phone: (231) 689-7283
                                                        President-Elect Joseph J. Bizon, Hart
                                                        Treasurer       Kathryn Maddox Springstead, Fremont

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                   13                             (Current as of November 2011)
President       Peter M. Alter                             President      John D. L. Humphreys
                27777 Franklin Rd Ste 2500                                5090 State St Ste 1 Bldg A
                Southfield, MI 48034-8222                                 Saginaw, MI 48603-7706
                Phone: (248) 351-3000                                     Phone: (989) 792-2552
                Fax: (248) 351-3082                                       Fax: (989) 792-3881
                E:                                    E:
President-Elect Judith K. Cunningham, Pontiac              Vice-President Julie A. Gafkay, Frankenmuth
Vice-President James G. Derian, Troy                       Secretary      Katheryn A. Houck, Saginaw
Secretary       David C. Anderson, Troy                    Treasurer      Paul M. Purcell, Saginaw
Treasurer       Thomas H. Howlett, Bloomfield Hills        Exec Director Kelli Scorsone
Exec Director Lisa M. Stadig Elliot                                       111 S Michigan Ave
                1760 S Telegraph Rd Ste 100                               Saginaw, MI 48602-2019
                Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-0181                           Phone: (989) 790-8488
                Phone: (248) 334-3400                                     Fax: (989) 790-4737
                Fax: (248) 334-7757                                       E:
                                                           SANILAC COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
OTTAWA COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                              President      Ryan Michael Edberg
President  Kurt S. Bauer                                                  60 W Sanilac Rd
           217 E 24th St Ste 201                                          Sandusky, MI 48471-1063
           Holland, MI 49423-4973                                         Phone: (810) 648-3402
           Phone: (616) 394-4276                                          Fax: (810) 648-2332
           E:                                             E:
                                                           Vice-President Scott A. Radloff, Sandusky
ROCHESTER BAR ASSOCIATION                                  Secretary      Jason M. Smith, Royal Oak
President      Robert D. Sheehan                           Treasurer      Margaret A. Kelly, Sandusky
               1460 Walton Blvd Ste 102
               Rochester Hills, MI 48309-1779              SHIAWASSEE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
               Phone: (248) 650-5366                       President      Robert D. Ashley
               Fax: (248) 650-5368                                        535 E Main St
               E:                                  Owosso, MI 48867-3140
Vice-President Boyd C. Farnam, Rochester Hills                            Phone: (989) 723-8166
Treasurer      Randall L. Shepard, Rochester                              Fax: (989) 723-5594
Secretary      Thomas J. Murphy, Rochester Hills           Vice-President Christina K. Lichty, Perry
                                                           Sec/Treas      Barbara C. Dawes, Flint
President James R. Deamud                                  SOUTH OAKLAND BAR ASSOCIATION
          PO Box 407                                       President  Charles B. Evans
          Prudenville, MI 48651                                       PO Box 1011
          Phone: (989)387-1458                                        Birmingham, MI 48012-1011
          Fax: (989) 366-1458                                         Phone: (248) 399-0310
          E:                                        Fax: (248) 541-5339

                                                           ST. CLAIR COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                           President      Samantha A. Lord
                                                                          411 Fort St Ste B
                                                                          Port Huron, MI 48060-3940
                                                                          Phone: (810) 982-3110
                                                           Vice-President Daniel A. Damman, Port Huron
                                                           Secretary      Nicole M. Winston, Port Huron
                                                           Treasurer      Robert L. Goldenbogen, Port Huron

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                      14                              (Current as of November 2011)
President       Timothy J. Reed                       President       Peter M. Falkenstein
                PO Box 250                                            201 S Main St Ste 300
                Centreville, MI 49032-0250                            Ann Arbor, MI 48104-2168
                Phone: (269) 467-5547                                 Phone: (734) 222-4776
                Fax: (269) 467-5658                                   Fax: (734) 222-4769
                E:                         E:
President-Elect John L. McDonough, Centreville        President-Elect Patrick J. Conlin, Jr., Chelsea
Sec/Treas       Deborah J. Davis, Colon               Vice-President Delphia T. Simpson, Ann Arbor
                                                      Secretary       Gregory L. Dodd, Ypsilanti
SUBURBAN BAR ASSOCIATION OF WESTERN                   Treasurer       Matthew T. Jane, Ann Arbor
WAYNE COUNTY                                          Exec Director Kyeena Slater
President  Frank B. Ford                                              101 E Huron St Fl 1
           5944 Dacosta St                                            PO Box 8645
           Dearborn Heights, MI 48127-2417                            Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
           Phone: (313) 565-9289                                      Phone: (734) 994-4912
           Fax: (313) 565-6717                                        Fax: (734) 663-2430
           E:                                   E:

President      Eric F. Wanink                         President  Melissa J. Ransom
               207 E Grant St Ste 1                              121 N Mitchell St Ste F
               Caro, MI 48723-1652                               P.O. Box 551
               Phone: (989) 672-3900                             Cadillac, MI 49601-1879
               Fax: (989) 673-8612                               Phone: (231) 920-8542
               E:                      E:
Vice-President Jason E. Bitzer, Cass City             Secretary  Audrey D. Van Alst, Cadillac
Secretary      Tara J. Hofmeister, Caro               Treasurer  Stephen R. King, Cadillac
Treasurer      Amy G. Gierhart, Caro

President  Adam D. Bancroft
           228 W Monroe St
           Bangor, MI 49013-1331
           Phone: (269) 427-5601
           Fax: (269) 427-7267
Sec/Treas  Susan Durian Metzger, Paw Paw

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                 15                               (Current as of November 2011)
                      Special Purpose Bar Associations
President      Diana Shkreli                                MICHIGAN CHAPTER
               2994 Tuxedo Blvd                             President      Brian M. Smith
               Waterford, MI 48329                                         6211 N Ann Arbor Rd
               E:                                  PO Box 122
Vice-President Suzanna Shkreli, Mount Clemens                              Dundee, MI 48131-0122
Secretary      Paul Shkreli, East Lansing                                  Phone: (734) 529-4315
                                                                           Fax: 888-529-2012
ARAB-AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION                                              E:
President      Doraid B. Elder                              Vice-President Kelly A. Freeman, Southfield
               13530 Michigan Ave Ste 322A                  Vice-President Bernard T. Lourim, Rochester Hills
               Dearborn, MI 48126-3584                      Secretary      LaTrina M. Edwards, Dearborn
               Phone: (313) 582-5800                        Treasurer      Bernard T. Lourim, Rochester Hills
               Fax: (313) 945-0103                          Exec Director Mitzy A. Sharp Futro
               E:                                  645 Griswold St Ste 1356
Vice-President Alyia M. Hakim, St. Clair Shores                            Detroit, MI 48226-4020
Secretary      Nadine Naaman Mustafa, Troy                                 Phone: (313) 961-6120 x201
Treasurer      Carl T. Rashid, Jr., Detroit                                Fax: (313) 965-0842
President      Diane Margosian Paulsen                      ASSOCIATION OF DEFENSE TRIAL COUNSEL
               7 W Square Lake Rd                           President      Charles Trickey, III
               Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-0462                             75 N Main St Ste 300
               Phone: (248) 452-5648                                       Mount Clemens, MI 48043-5643
               Fax: (248) 332-9452                                         Phone: (586) 465-8203
               E:                                 Fax: (586) 463-3593
Vice-President Nicole Sona Gopoian, Detroit                                E:
Secretary      Kathryn L. Ossian, Detroit                   Vice-President Dale R. Burmeister, Troy
Treasurer      Mark G. Kaylian, Southfield                  Secretary      Ralph C. Chapa, Jr., Farmington Hills
                                                            Treasurer      Kevin P. Moloughney, Southfield
ASSOCIATION OF BLACK JUDGES OF MICHIGAN                     Exec Director Diane Hirshey
President       Hon. Micheline A. Rawlins                                  4315 Kiefer Ave
                Courthouse, 7th Floor                                      Warren, MI 48091-5003
                200 Chatham Street, East                                   Phone: (313) 237-0610
                Windsor, ON, CANADA N9A2W3
                                                                           Fax: (313) 237-5595
President-Elect Hon. Leo Bowman, Pontiac
Secretary       Hon. E. Lenise Bryant-Weeks, Detroit
Treasurer       Hon. Catherine H. Gardner, Detroit
                                                            B´NAI B´RITH BARRISTERS BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                            President       Keith Sirlin
                                                                            1071 W Huron St
                                                                            Waterford, MI 48328-3731
                                                                            Phone: (248) 682-6890
                                                                            Fax: (248) 683-4150
                                                            President-Elect Marisa E. Wiener, Birmingham
                                                            Vice-President Andrew H. Cohen, Southfield
                                                            Secretary       Robert S. Rollinger, Farmington Hills
                                                            Treasurer       Mark L. Gantz, Dearborn Heights

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                       16                               (Current as of November 2011)
President      Aina N. Watkins                            President      Alexander A. Ayar
               600 W Lafayette Blvd Ste 500                              32300 Northwestern Hwy Ste 230
               Detroit, MI 48226-3190                                    Farmington Hills, MI 48334-1571
               Phone: (313) 964-1711                                     Phone: (248) 539-9900
               Fax: (313) 964-0230                                       Fax: (248) 851-7504
               E:                                  E:
Vice-President Robyn N. Brazeal Liddell, Ann Arbor        Vice-President Ziyad I. Hermiz, Detroit
Secretary      Jennifer Y. Brazeal, Detroit               Secretary      Lydia Deddeh Ammori, Dearborn Heights
Treasurer      Cinnamon A. Rice, Farmington Hills         Treasurer      Chanelle Namou, West Bloomfield

LANSING                                                   President       James R. Samuels
President      Thomas E. Brennan, Jr.                                     305 S Warren Ave
               12953 Grand Traverse Dr                                    Big Rapids, MI 49307-2027
               Lake Jovita                                                Phone: (231) 796-8858
               Dade City, FL 33525-8251                                   Fax: (231) 796-8856
               Phone: (517) 339-6090
                                                          1st Vice-Pres   Patricia A. Maceroni, Mt. Clemens
               Fax: (517) 351-9124
                                                          2nd Vice-Pres Penny R. Beardslee, Detroit
                                                          Secretary       Elizabeth A. LaCosse, Menominee
Vice-President Robert J. Andretz, East Lansing
                                                          Treasurer       Steven I. Moss, Detroit
Secretary      Laura M. Skriba, Dewitt
                                                          Exec Director Yvonne Fleener
Treasurer      Gary M. Adamo, Lansing
                                                                          217 South Capitol Ave Fl 2
                                                                          PO Box 18098
CATHOLIC LAWYERS SOCIETY BAR ASSOCIATION                                  Lansing, MI 48901
President      Patricia Rossi Galvin                                      Phone: (517) 490-1597
               23409 Jefferson Ave Ste 100                                E:
               Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080-3449
                                                          D. AUGUSTUS STRAKER BAR ASSOCIATION
               Phone: (586) 773-9890
                                                          President       Stephanie D. Jones
               Fax: (586) 773-9810
                                                                          300 Renaissance Center
                                                                          MC 482-C23-B21
Vice-President Saulius D. Polteraitis, Livonia
                                                                          Detroit, MI 48265-3000
Secretary      Lawrence J. Paolucci, Detroit
                                                                          Phone: 3136672453
Treasurer      Steven J. Grobbel, Harper Woods
CENTENNIAL AMERICAN INN OF COURT BAR                      President-Elect Erica Powell Bell, Detroit
ASSOCIATION                                               Secretary       Kymberly Nicole Kinchen, Detroit
President      Carl L. Bekofske                           Treasurer       Tenicia N. Charmera Vanzant, Southfield
               432 N Saginaw St Ste 800
               Flint, MI 48502-2022                       FEDERAL BAR ASSOCIATION - EASTERN DISTRICT
               Phone: (810) 234-8000                      President       Michael J. Riordan
               Fax: (810) 238-0188                                        211 W Fort St Ste 2001
               E:                                       Detroit, MI 48226-3220
Vice-President Hon. Joseph J. Farah, Flint                                Phone: (313) 226-9602
Sec/Treas      Brian M. Barkey, Flint                                     Fax: (313) 226-3800
Exec Director Linda A. Pohly                                              E:
               5091 Miller Rd                             President-Elect Thomas G. McNeill, Detroit
               Flint, MI 48507-1043                       Vice-President Michael K. Lee, Southfield
               Phone: (810) 733-7480                      Sec/Treas       Thomas M. Schehr, Detroit
               Fax: (810) 733-6120                        Exec Director Brian D. Figot
               E:                                   PO Box 20759
                                                                          Ferndale, MI 48820
                                                                          Phone: (248) 547-3030

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                     17                               (Current as of November 2011)
President       Scott S. Brinkmeyer                       LAWYERS
                900 Monroe Ave NW                         President       Dennis J. Clark
                Grand Rapids, MI 49503-1423                               233 Dean Ln
                Phone: (616) 632-8000                                     Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236-3504
                Fax: (616) 632-8002                                       Phone: (313) 268-9868
                E:                                E:
President-Elect Jennifer L. McManus, Grand Rapids         President-Elect Meghan Kennedy Riordan, Detroit
Vice-President Sarah Riley Howard, Grand Rapids           Vice-President Gary J. Bresnehan, Detroit
Secretary       D. Andrew Portinga, Grand Rapids          Secretary       Joseph P. McGill, Livonia
Treasurer       Ronald M. Stella, Grand Rapids            Treasurer       Kristen M. Capling, Dearborn Heights

President      Michael A. Kowalko                         President      Anthony J. viviani
               2503 S Linden Rd                                          702 Notre Dame St Ste 103
               Flint, MI 48532-5462                                      Grosse Pointe, MI 48230-2105
               Phone: (810) 732-6792                                     Phone: (313) 499-8452
               Fax: (810) 732-8430                                       Fax: (313) 499-8792
               E:                                     E:
Vice-President Michael P. Parillo, Grand Blanc            Vice-President John C. Bommarito, Farmington Hills
Secretary      Brent W. Thomas, Flint                     Secretary      Caterina Amaro, Sterling Heights
Treasurer      Kraig S. Sippell, Grand Blanc              Treasurer      Randall Chioini, Mount Clemens

President      Hon. Benjamin H. Logan, II                 President      Janene McIntyre
               180 Ottawa Ave NW Ste 8C                                  313 S Washington Sq
               Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2703                               Lansing, MI 48933-2114
               Phone: (616) 632-5675                                     Phone: (517) 371-8123
               Fax: (616) 632-5681                                       Fax: (517) 371-8200
               E:                                  E:
               Floyd Skinner Bar Association              Vice-President Donald Rencher, Lansing
Vice-President Anita L. Hitchcock, Grand Rapids           Secretary      Denise Hairston, Lansing
Secretary      Patrick A. Miles, Jr., Grand Rapids        Treasurer      Robert J. Jenkins, Lansing
Treasurer      John R. Beason, Grand Rapids
                                                          MACOMB COUNTY PROBATE BAR ASSOCIATION
HELLENIC BAR ASSOCIATION                                  President      Donald M. Strehl
President      Lana A. Panagoulia                                        45700 Village Blvd
               122 S Main St Ste 353                                     Shelby Township, MI 48315-6093
               Goodyear Bldg                                             Phone: (586) 532-4100
               Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1925                                  Fax: (586) 532-4110
               Phone: (734) 474-3911                                     E:
               E:                Vice-President Elizabeth E. Stubbs, Shelby Township
Vice-President Thomas P. Christy, Troy                    Secretary      Wayne W. Wilson, Detroit
Treasurer      Panayiotis D. Marselis, Utica              Treasurer      Michele P. Fuller, Sterling Heights

President       David S. Maquera                          President  Torchio W. Feaster
                1 Energy Plz # 688 WCB                               436 S Saginaw St Ste 300
                Detroit, MI 48226-1221                               Flint, MI 48502-1830
                Phone: (313) 235-3724                                Phone: (810) 424-4050
                Fax: (313) 235-0114                                  Fax: (810) 236-8766
                E:                            E:
President-Elect Alfredo Casab, Bloomfield Hills
Secretary       Caterina Amaro, Sterling Heights
Treasurer       Sandra Hughes O’Brien, Northville

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                     18                              (Current as of November 2011)
ASSOCIATION                                              President      Randall L. Brown
President      Emma T. Chen                                             1662 E Centre Ave
               150 W Jefferson Ave Ste 2500                             Portage, MI 49002-4496
               Detroit, MI 48226-4415                                   Phone: (269) 323-8812
               Phone: (313) 496-8459                                    Fax: (269) 323-0055
               Fax: (313) 496-8454                                      E:
               E:                Vice-President Lori Grigg Bluhm, Troy
Vice-President Gillian P. Yee, Bloomfield Hills          Sec/Treas      William C. Mathewson, Ann Arbor
Secretary      Richard D. Choi, Perrysburg, OH
Treasurer      Benjamin F. Wu, Detroit                   MICHIGAN COUNSEL OF SCHOOL ATTORNEYS
                                                         President       Daniel R. Martin
MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE                                         100 N Third St
President       Michael J Behm                                           PO Box 454
                801 S Saginaw St Ste 100                                 Grand Haven, MI 49417-0454
                Phoenix Bldg                                             Phone: (616) 842-3030
                Flint, MI 48502-1500                                     Fax: (616) 846-6621
                Phone: (810) 234-2400                                    E:
                Fax: (810) 239-5252                      President-Elect Michelle P. Crockett, Detroit
                E:                 Secretary       Brad A. Banasik, Lansing
President-Elect Marc E. Lipton, Southfield               Treasurer       Katherine A. Hayes, Bennington, VT
Vice-President Gerald H. Acker, Southfield               Exec Director Brad A. Banasik
Secretary       Scott A. Goodwin, Birmingham                             1001 Centennial Way Ste 400
Treasurer       Vernon R. Johnson, Southfield                            Lansing, MI 48917-8249
Exec Director Jane R. Bailey                                             Phone: (517) 327-5900
                6639 Centurion Dr Ste 120                                Fax: (517) 327-0775
                Lansing, MI 48917-8273                                   E:
                Phone: (517) 321-3073
                Fax: (517) 321-4694                      MICHIGAN CREDITORS BAR ASSOCIATION
                E:        President      Curtis A. Robertson
                                                                        3250 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 124
MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF ADMINISTRATIvE LAW                              Troy, MI 48084-2902
JUDGES                                                                  Phone: (248) 283-8630
President   Hon. Susanne E. Harris                                      Fax: (248) 250-5883
            611 W Ottawa St., Fl 2                                      E:
            Lansing, MI 48933-1070                       Vice-President Robert J. Goodman, Southfield
            Phone: (517) 335-2484                        Sec/Treas      Lori J. Frank, Southfield
            Fax: (517) 335-6088                          Exec Director Scott Gaghan
            E:                                  PO Box 1025
                                                                        Davison, MI 48423-5025
MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF BAR ExECUTIvES                                  Phone: (810) 653-2845
President      Madelyne Lawry                                           Fax: (810) 272-4316
               12690 Grand Willow Dr                                    E:
               Grand Ledge, MI 48837-8917
               Phone: (517) 712-4389
               Fax: (517) 627-3950
Vice-President Kyeena Slater, Ann Arbor
Sec/Treas      Rick Troy, Mount Clemens

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                    19                              (Current as of November 2011)
President      Phillip C. Korovesis                             President       Hon. Timothy G. Hicks
               150 W Jefferson Ave Ste 100                                      990 Terrace St
               Detroit, MI 48226-4452                                           Muskegon, MI 49442-3395
               Phone: (313) 983-7458                                            Phone: (231) 724-6337
               Fax: (313) 225-7080                                              Fax: (231) 724-4587
               E:                                          E:
Vice-President Timothy A. Diemer, Detroit                       President-Elect Hon. Lita Masini Popke, Detroit
Secretary      Mark A. Gilchrist, Grand Rapids                  Vice-President Hon. Stephen D. Gorsalitz, Kalamazoo
Treasurer      Raymond W. Morganti, Southfield                  Secretary       Hon. Paul E. Hamre, Paw Paw
Exec Director Madelyne Lawry                                    Treasurer       Colleen A. O’Brien, Pontiac
               PO Box 66
               Grand Ledge, MI 48837                            MICHIGAN LAWYERS AUxILIARY
                                                                President       Alice I. Gordon
               Phone: (517) 627-3745
                                                                                4339 Lakeside Dr
               Fax: (517) 627-3950
                                                                                Kalamazoo, MI 49008-2802
                                                                                Phone: (269) 345-3277
MICHIGAN DISTRICT JUDGES ASSOCIATION                            President-Elect Linda Eagle, Ada
President       Hon. Donald H. Passenger                        Secretary       Jeanne Skilton, West Bloomfield
                180 Ottawa Ave NW Ste 8500D                     Treasurer       Susan O. Patterson, Grand Rapids
                Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2703
                Phone: (616) 632-5678
                                                                MICHIGAN PROBATE JUDGES ASSOCIATION
                Fax: (616) 632-5681
                                                                President       Hon. Karen A. Tighe
                                                                                1230 Washington Ave Ste 715
President-Elect Hon. Ronald W. Lowe, Plymouth
                                                                                Bay City, MI 48708-5737
Vice-President Hon. Brian A. Oakley, Romulus
                                                                                Phone: (989) 895-4205
Secretary       Hon. Richard L. Hammer, Jr., Garden City
                                                                                Fax: (989) 895-4194
MICHIGAN EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS ASSOCIATION                                         E:
President      David M. Blanchard                               President-Elect Hon. Elwood L. Brown, Port Huron
               101 N Main St Ste 555                            Vice-President Hon. Lisa Sullivan, St. Johns
               Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1477                         Secretary       Hon. Robert J. Butts, Cheboygan
               Phone: (734) 663-7550                            Treasurer       Hon. C. Joseph Schwedler, Crystal Falls
               Fax: (734) 663-7592
               E:                       MONROE COUNTY CRIMINAL DEFENSE BAR
Vice-President Kevin M. Carlson, Royal Oak                      ASSOCIATION
Secretary      Brian E. Koncius, Bingham Farms                  President      Edward F. Swinkey
Treasurer      Deborah L. Gordon, Bloomfield Hills                             9042 Lewis Ave
                                                                               PO Box 490
MICHIGAN INDIAN JUDICIAL ASSOCIATION                                           Temperance, MI 48182-0490
President   Bradley Dakota                                                     Phone: (734) 847-8080
            107 Beartown                                                       Fax: (734) 847-1500
            Baraga, MI 49908                                                   E:
            Phone: (906) 353-8124                               Vice-President Timothy J. Laitur, Monroe
            Fax: (906) 353-7279                                 Sec/Treas      Nancy M. Feick, Monroe
                                                                THE NATIONAL LAWYERS GUILD - MICHIGAN
President      Juliet R. Kavanaugh
                                                                President       John F. Royal
               3331 W Big Beaver Rd Ste 109
               Troy, MI 48084-2813                                              615 Griswold St Ste 1724
               Phone: (248) 649-9900                                            Detroit, MI 48226-3990
               Fax: (248) 649-9922                                              Phone: (313) 962-3738
               E:                                        Fax: (313) 962-3779
Vice-President Cathy M. Roumell, Troy                                           E:
Vice-President Gigette M. Bejin, Novi                           President-Elect Julie H. Hurwitz, Detroit
Secretary      Christopher M. Francis, Royal Oak                Treasurer       Shaun P. Godwin, Detroit
Treasurer      Kristin L. Murphy, Bloomfield Hills

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                           20                              (Current as of November 2011)
President      Hon. Richard Wygonik                           President      Katherine K. Strickfaden
               16077 Michigan Ave                                            2 Woodward Ave Rm 1607
               Dearborn, MI 48126-2937                                       CAYMC
               Phone: (313) 943-2136                                         Detroit, MI 48226-3494
               Fax: (313) 943-4099                                           Phone: (313) 967-6612
Vice-President Mary Ann Kozlowski, Bloomfield Hills                          Fax: (313) 224-6832
Secretary      Earl E. Ward, Hamtramck                                       E:
Treasurer      Thaddeus J. Kedzierski, Detroit                Vice-President Joshua L Moore, Detroit
                                                              Secretary      Jay D. Kaplan, Detroit
President      Hon. Walter A. Urick                           THOMAS M. COOLEY INN OF COURT
               PO Box 609                                     President  Nancy A. Wonch
               Hart, MI 49420-0609                                       300 S Capitol Ave
               Phone: (231) 873-4279                                     Lansing, MI 48933-2002
               E:                                  Phone: (517) 371-5140
Vice-President Susan L. Reck, Howell                                     Fax: (517) 334-5747
Vice-President Thomas B. North, St. Ignace
                                                              Secretary  Jessica S. Fox, Eaton Rapids
Secretary      Hon. Eugene I. Turkelson, West Branch
                                                              Treasurer  David H. Goodkin, Lansing
Treasurer      Hon. Susan E. Vandercook, Pleasant Lake
                                                              vANZETTI M. HAMILTON BAR ASSOCIATION, INC.
                                                              President      Robyn L. McCoy
                                                                             2381 E Stadium Blvd
President       Larry J. Burdick                                             Ann Arbor, MI 48104-4810
                200 N Main St                                                Phone: (734) 769-0001
                Mount Pleasant, MI 48858-2390                                Fax: (734) 769-0056
                Phone: (989) 772-0911                                        E:
                Fax: (989) 775-8413                           Vice-President Rita O. White, Plymouth
                E:                Secretary      Miriam A. Moore, Dallas, TX
President-Elect David S. Leyton, Flint                        Treasurer      Kim M. Moore, Ann Arbor
Vice-President Kym L. Worthy, Detroit
Sec/Treas       Victor A. Fitz, Cassopolis                    WAYNE COUNTY CRIMINAL DEFENSE BAR
REFEREES´ ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN                             President      Susan F. Reed, Detroit
President      Paul H. Jacokes                                               18421 Snowden
               40 N Main St Fl 6                                             Detroit, MI 48235
               Mount Clemens, MI 48043-5658                                  Phone: (313) 468-0990
               Phone: (586) 469-5062                                         E:
               Fax: (586) 469-7941                            Vice-President Catherine M. O’Meara, Detroit
               E:                  Secretary      Steven C. Bullock, Inkster
Vice-President Shelley R. Spivack, Flint                      Treasurer      Nicole Holmes, West Bloomfield
Secretary      Sahera G. Housey, Pontiac
Secretary      Amanda Kole, Mt. Clemens                       WAYNE COUNTY FAMILY LAW BAR ASSOCIATION
Treasurer      Michelle S. Barry, Pontiac                     President      Symantha L. Heath, Novi
                                                              Vice-President Lynn Capp Sirich, Troy
SOUTH ASIAN BAR ASSOCIATION                                   Secretary      R. Daniel Webster, Detroit
President       Shaju J. Jacob                                Treasurer      Carol F. Breitmeyer, Detroit
                2701 Troy Center Dr Ste 410
                Troy, MI 48084-4786                           WAYNE COUNTY PROBATE BAR ASSOCIATION
                Phone: (248) 519-9900                         President      Howard T. Linden
                Fax: (248) 519-9901                                          3000 Town Ctr Ste 2200
                E:                               Southfield, MI 48075-1191
President-Elect Pratheep Sevanthinathan, Birmingham                          Phone: (248) 358-4545
Secretary       Nivita Beri, Bloomfield Hills                                Fax: (248) 358-1822
Treasurer       Adil A. Daudi, Ann Arbor                                     E:
                                                              Vice-President Elizabeth Luckenbach Brown, Southfield
                                                              Treasurer      John M. Chase, III, Detroit

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                         21                              (Current as of November 2011)
President       T. L. Summerville                            OAKLAND REGION
                400 Renaissance Ctr                          President       Stacey L. King
                Detroit, MI 48243-1502                                       1000 Woodbridge St
                Phone: (313) 568-5359                                        Detroit, MI 48207-3108
                Fax: (313) 568-6658                                          Phone: (313) 446-5532
                E:                                  Fax: (313) 259-0450
President-Elect Niesa R. Trent Fagen, Detroit                                E:
Secretary       Andrea J. Bradley-Lipsey, Detroit            President-Elect Kristin L. Murphy, Bloomfield Hills
Treasurer       Ronda L. Tate, Detroit                       Vice-President Ryan M. Kelly, Northville
                                                             Secretary       Kristen Pursley, Pontiac
WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN                        Secretary       Erin King, Troy
President       Hon. Angela K. Sherigan                      Treasurer       Melissa E. Graves, Southfield
                56804 Mound Rd
                Shelby Township, MI 48316-4943               WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN -
                Phone: (586) 822-4220                        WASHTENAW REGION
                Fax: (586) 992-3004                          President      Rosemary J. Frenza
                E:                                      2950 S State St Ste 300
President-Elect Julie A. Dykstra, Grand Rapids                              Ann Arbor, MI 48104-6773
Vice-President Marla A. Linderman, Brighton                                 Phone: (734) 995-2383
Secretary       Catherine L. McClure, Lansing                               Fax: (734) 995-0522
Treasurer       Michele A. Rivas, Indianapolis, IN                          E:
Exec Director Alecia M. Powell                               Vice-President Elizabeth A. Kitchen-Troop, Ann Arbor
                1390 Eisenhower Place                        Secretary      Katherine M. Sharkey, Ann Arbor
                Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108                    Treasurer      Bonnie R. Shaw, Ann Arbor
                Phone: (734) 073-7600
                E:                     WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN -
                                                             WAYNE REGION
WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN -                      President      Jeri L. Parkin
MACOMB REGION                                                               1050 Woodward Ave
President      Linda McGrail Belau                                          Detroit, MI 48226-1906
               12900 Hall Rd Ste 350                                        Phone: (313) 373-4542
               Sterling Heights, MI 48313-1174                              Fax: (877) 548-6821
               Phone: (586) 726-1000                                        E:
               Fax: (586) 726-1560                           Vice-President L. Nichole Hunter, Detroit
               E:                    Secretary      Julie H. Cotant, Farmington Hills
Vice-President Kristin A. Stone,                             Treasurer      Tenicia N. Charmera Vanzant, Southfield
Secretary      Lauren DuVal Donofrio, Shelby Township
Treasurer      Lyndsay S. Ott, Sterling Heights              WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN -
                                                             WESTERN REGION
WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN -                      President      Linsey A. Aten
MID-MICHIGAN REGION                                                         333 Bridge St NW
President      valerie Ferrero Lafferty                                     PO Box 352
               4097 Shoals Dr                                               Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0352
               Okemos, MI 48864-3465                                        Phone: (616) 336-6000
               Phone: (517) 349-6660                                        Fax: (616) 336-7000
               Fax: (517) 349-8489                                          E:
               E:                     Vice-President Linda J. Carron, Grand Rapids
Vice-President Tish Vincent, East Lansing                    Secretary      Kimberly M. Large, Grand Rapids
Secretary      Nicole L. Proulx, Lansing                     Treasurer      Kelly M. Clum-Matthysse, Grand Rapids
Treasurer      Kristin D. Arnett, Lansing

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                        22                              (Current as of November 2011)
                                      Bar Foundations
MICHIGAN CHAPTER                                  Website:
Website:        P.O. Box 66
Association of Corporate Counsel                  Grand Ledge, MI 48837
1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200            Phone: (517) 627-3938
Washington, DC 20036                              E:
Phone: (202) 293.4103 Fax: (202) 293.4701
                                                  KALAMAZOO COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
Website:                      137 N. Park Street, Suite 104
4315 Kiefer                                       Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Warren, MI 48091-5003                             Phone: (269) 381-4693
Phone: (313) 237-0610                             E:

Website:                Website:
19785 W. 12 Mile Road, #176                       40 North Main Street, Suite 435
Southfield, MI 48076                              Mount Clemens, MI 48043
                                                  Phone: (586) 468-2940 Fax: (586) 468-6926
645 Griswold, Suite 1356                          MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION FOR JUSTICE
Detroit, MI 48226                                 Website:
Phone: (313) 961-6120 Fax: (313) 965-0842         6639 Centurion Drive, #120
                                                  Lansing, MI 48917
FEDERAL BAR ASSOCIATION OF DETROIT                Phone: (517) 321-3073 Fax: (517) 321-4694
Website:                   E:
P.O. Box 20759
Ferndale, MI 48220                                MICHIGAN STATE BAR FOUNDATION
Phone : (248) 547-3030                            Website:
E:                            306 Townsend Street
                                                  Lansing, MI 48933
EASTERN DISTRICT OF MICHIGAN PORTRAIT             Phone: (517) 346-6400 Fax: (517) 371-3325
FOUNDATION                                        E:
P.O. Box 20759                                    OAKLAND COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
Ferndale, MI 48220                                Website:
Phone : (248) 547-3030                            1760 South Telegraph Road, Suite 100
E:                            Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302
                                                  Phone: (248) 334-3400 Fax: (248) 334-7757
315 East Court Street                             WOLvERINE BAR ASSOCIATION
Flint, MI 48502-1611                              Website:
Phone: (810) 232-6012 Fax: (810) 232-8310         645 Griswold Street, Suite 961
E:                               Detroit, MI 48226-4017
                                                  Phone: (313) 962-0250 Fax: (313) 962-5906
161 Ottawa Avenue NW, Suite 203-B
                                                  WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 454-5550 Fax: (616) 454-7707
                                                  1390 Eisenhower Place
GRAND TRAvERSE-LEELANAU-ANTRIM                    Ann Arbor, MI 48108
BAR ASSOCIATION                                   Phone: (734) 973-7600
Website:                   E:
PO Box 1958
Traverse City, MI 49685
Phone: (231) 922-4715 Fax: (231) 668-7022

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory             23                               (Current as of November 2011)
                                   Executive Directors
             Local Bar Associations             MACOMB COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
                                                Rick Troy
Mitzy A. Sharp Futro                            Mount Clemens, MI 48043-5656
645 Griswold St Ste 1356                        Phone: (586) 468-2940
Detroit, MI 48226-4020                          Fax: (586) 468-6926
Phone: (313) 961-6120 x201                      E:
Fax: (313) 965-0842
                                                Lisa M. Stadig Elliot
GENESEE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                  1760 S Telegraph Rd Ste 100
Tatilia Burroughs                               Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-0181
315 E Court St                                  Phone: (248) 334-3400
Flint, MI 48502-1611                            Fax: (248) 334-7757
Phone: (810) 232-6012                           E:
                                                SAGINAW COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
GRAND RAPIDS BAR ASSOCIATION                    Kelli Scorsone
Kimberly Coleman                                111 S Michigan Ave
161 Ottawa Ave NW Ste 203B                      Saginaw, MI 48602-2019
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2714                     Phone: (989) 790-8488
Phone: (616) 454-5550                           Fax: (989) 790-4737
Fax: (616) 454-7707                             E:
                                                WASHTENAW COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION
ASSOCIATION                                     101 E Huron St Fl 1
April Sala                                      PO Box 8645
P.O. Box 1958                                   Ann Arbor, MI 48107-8645
Traverse City, MI 49684                         Phone: (734) 994-4912
Phone: 231 922-4715                             Fax: (734) 663-2430
E:                             E:

INGHAM COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                       Special Purpose Bar Associations
Madelyne C. Lawry
PO Box 66                                       ASSOCIATION OF CORPORATE COUNSEL –
Grand Ledge, MI 48837-0066                      MICHIGAN CHAPTER
Phone: (517) 712-4389                           Mitzy A. Sharp Futro
Fax: (517) 627-3950                             645 Griswold Street, Suite 1356
E:                         Detroit, MI 48226-4018
                                                Phone: (313) 961-6120, x201
KALAMAZOO COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION                Fax: (313) 965-0842
Denise Nelson                                   E-mail:
137 N Park St Ste 104
Kalamazoo, MI 49007-3758                        ASSOCIATION OF DEFENSE TRIAL COUNSEL
Phone: (269) 381-4693                           Diane Hirshey
Fax: (269) 488-2833                             12690 Grand Willow Dr
E:                        Warren, MI 48091-5003
                                                Phone: (313) 237-0610
                                                FAX: (313) 237-5595

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory           24                         (Current as of November 2011)
                                                  MICHIGAN CREDITORS BAR ASSOCIATION
ASSOCIATION                                       4315 Kiefer Ave
Linda A. Pohly                                    Davison, MI 48423-5025
Flint, MI 48507-1043                              Phone: (810) 653-2845
Phone: (810) 733-7480                             Fax: (810) 272-4316
Fax: (810) 733-6120                               E:
                                                  MICHIGAN DEFENSE TRIAL COUNSEL
Yvonne Fleener                                    PO Box 66
PO Box 11150                                      Grand Ledge, MI 48837-8917
Lansing, MI 48901                                 Phone: (517) 712-4389
Phone: (517) 490-1597                             Fax: (517) 627-3950
                                                  WOMEN LAWYERS ASSOCIATION OF MICHIGAN
FEDERAL BAR ASSOCIATION - EASTERN DISTRICT        Alecia M. Powell, Association Manager
Brian D. Figot                                    1390 Eisenhower Place
PO Box 20759                                      Ann Arbor, MI 48108
Ferndale, MI 48820                                Phone: (734) 973-7600  
Phone: (248) 547-3030                             E-mail:

Jane R. Bailey
6639 Centurion Dr Ste 120
Lansing, MI 48917-8273
Phone: (517) 321-3073
Fax: (517) 321-4694

Brad A. Banasik
2000 Town Ctr Ste 1900
Michigan Association of School Boards
Lansing, MI 48917-8249
Phone: (517) 327-5900
Fax: (517) 327-0775

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory             25                       (Current as of November 2011)
       Guidelines for the Programs and Services
     Commissioners Committee Regarding Recognition
       of Local and Special Purpose Bar Associations
                            (Adopted by the SBM Board of Commissioners) Revised July 2006

Recognition of local and special purpose bar associations, listings of local and special purpose bar associations in the
Directory Edition of the Michigan Bar Journal, participation in the local bar president-elect conference sponsored by the
State Bar of Michigan, and involvement in related State Bar activities shall be limited to associations which comply with the
following conditions:

        1. The primary purposes and activities of the association shall be to seek to aid in promoting improvements
           in the administration of justice and advancements in jurisprudence, to improve relations between the legal
           profession and the public, and to promote the interests of the local legal community.
        2. A copy of the bylaws or charters of such associations shall be filed with the State Bar, and any change in
           said bylaws or charters should be filed within ten (10) days after its adoption.
        3. It shall have a presidential year that ends between the dates of April 30 and June 30.
        4. The name of the bar association shall not be misleading or deceptive.
        5. Each local bar association shall hold at least one general meeting per year.
        6. All local bar associations shall be divided as follows:
                (a) General purpose local bar associations, and
                (b) Special purpose bar associations.
        7. Membership in general purpose local bar associations may not be limited by requirements, other than
           geographical, the principal objective of which is unrelated to the purposes and activities set forth in (1)
        8. Membership in special purpose associations may not be limited by requirements, other than geographical,
           the principal objective of which is unrelated to the purposes and activities set forth in (1) above, except as
                (a) Statements of emphasis on specific areas of practice of law are permissible.
                (b) Associations may require affiliation through bylaw or other membership limitation to a parent
                    association, which has been recognized as a special purpose association, or to a local bar
                    association that has been recognized as a general purpose local bar association. (The affiliate
                    special purpose associations shall be recognized only in conjunction with such a parent or local bar
                    association. In all affairs pertaining to recognized bar associations and the State Bar of Michigan
                    only the vote of the parent or local bar association shall be considered.)
                (c) Associations may be limited to members holding or having held public office such as the judges’
                    association, prosecutors’ associations, etc. restricting membership to those persons having held or
                    who now hold such offices.
                (d) Associations may express interest in particular racial or ethnic heritage, but may not invidiously
                    discriminate by excluding anyone seeking membership who shares that interest solely on grounds of
                    race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, handicap or sexual orientation.

It is the intent of these guidelines to include other bar associations in the work and activities of the State Bar of
Michigan. Uncertainties in the application of these guidelines to the bylaws of a bar association should generally be
resolved in favor of inclusion.

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                              26                                (Current as of November 2011)
                        Officer Information Update Form
       For Local and Special Purpose Bar Associations During the 2012-2013 Leadership Year

Please type or print the names and P#s for all those who will hold office during the 2012-2013 leadership year.

If you do not have P#s, please add complete contact information. Thank you!

Bar Association:

President:                                          P#:            Term Expires:

Address:                                            Phone #:                       Fax #:

City, State, Zip:                                   E Address:

President-Elect:                                    P#:            Term Expires:

Address:                                            Phone #:                       Fax #:

City, State, Zip:                                   E Address:

Vice President:                                     P#:            Term Expires:

Address:                                            Phone #:                       Fax #:

City, State, Zip:                                   E Address:

Secretary:                                          P#:            Term Expires:

Address:                                            Phone #:                       Fax #:

City, State, Zip:                                   E Address:

Treasurer:                                          P#:            Term Expires:

Address:                                            Phone #:                       Fax #:

City, State, Zip:                                   E Address:

Executive Director:                                 P#:            Term Expires:

Address:                                            Phone #:                       Fax #:

City, State, Zip:                                   E Address:

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                      27                             (Current as of November 2011)
Number of Members:                 Dues Structure:

Officer elections are held (Please list the month in which elections are held and length of term):

Election Month:                                           Term Length:

(Please list the names of committees and sections in your association, i.e. Public Outreach, Young Lawyers, Membership
Services, etc.)

Please list your YLS Representative, if applicable:

Does your association have a bar foundation?               Yes      No

Please identify the person to contact for foundation information:

Please provide the email address of an association leader who would like to be included on a list serve for the
2006-2007 leadership year:

If not already posted on the State Bar website at please provide a

website address for your organization:

Please use the space below to furnish any information you think will be helpful.

Please return to:
                                                    Jennifer L. Williams
                                      Administrative Assistant, External Development
                                                   State Bar of Michigan
                                                   306 Townsend Street
                                                 Lansing, MI 48933-2012
                                                  Phone: (517) 346-3619
                                                    Fax: (517) 372-1139

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                             28                               (Current as of November 2011)
                                   State Bar of Michigan
       Michael Franck Building
       306 Townsend Street
       Lansing, MI 48933
                                   Rental Use Agreement
        Agreement and Hold Harmless For Use of State Bar of Michigan Mailing List
       This Agreement and Hold Harmless For Use of State Bar of Michigan Mailing List (“Agreement”) is
       made and entered into by and between the State Bar of Michigan (“State Bar”) and
       __________________________, (“User”) and concerns the use of the State Bar’s mailing list. The
       parties hereby agree as follows:

       1. The State Bar’s mailing list may be made available to the following entities or individuals for the
       purposes indicated, which are hereby approved as furthering the purposes of the State Bar:

               a. Candidates State Bar and local bar offices (and also candidates for judicial, attorney
       general, prosecuting attorney, which are covered under a different agreement – be sure to inquire)
       but for no other elective office.

               b. Local and special purpose bar associations (affinity bars) the State Bar has recognized,
       State Bar sections and committees, and, upon approval of the State Bar’s Executive Director, other
       similar organizations at a reduced, flat administrative rate, to further the purposes of the State Bar.

               c. Affiliated Partners (endorsed or sponsored vendors) at a reduced rate of 50% off the
       standard commercial rate unless otherwise provided by contract, to further the goal of providing
       relevant information on benefits and services available to State Bar members.

                d. Michigan State Bar Foundation

              e. Local, national and specialty associations of attorneys that are qualified as tax exempt
       under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code for solicitation of membership or funds to
       support the association's activities, provided such are in furtherance of the State Bar's purposes.

                f. Lawyer referral services that are approved by the State Bar.

                g. Legal aid societies that make available free or low cost legal services to the indigent or
       those of low income, or organizations formed for charitable or other public purposes that furnish
       legal services to persons in respect to their civil or constitutional rights that are qualified as tax
       exempt organizations under Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code for solicitation of
       membership or funds to support activities in furtherance of the State Bar's purposes.

                h. Michigan Courts and other government entities, including law schools and other
       institutions of higher learning, upon approval of the Executive Director, as circumstances justify and
       as determined on a case by case basis.

                i. Established publishers of legal publications at the standard commercial rate.

                SBMListFormFY1011.docx                                                      Page | 1 of 6

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                           29                              (Current as of November 2011)
          2. User acknowledges that its use of the State Bar’s mailing list is conditioned upon User’s full
          compliance with the terms and condition contained in this Agreement and that the mailing list
          excludes members who have requested that their contact information not be provided to third

          3. The State Bar’s mailing list may be used only for mailing purposes and may not be used for
          telephone, e-mail or other electronic or personal contact, or to populate a database for any purpose.
          However, a follow-up by telephone or contact by User of a response to an authorized mailing is not
          a prohibited use.

          4. Prior to use of State Bar’s mailing list, User will furnish the State Bar with a copy or sample of all
          literature, advertising material or other matter to be mailed. The State Bar, in its discretion, may
          decline to approve the mailing, in whole or in part. The failure of the State Bar to strictly enforce
          this provision or any other provision in any instance shall not be deemed a waiver of any
          requirement and shall not preclude subsequent enforcement.

          5. User may use State Bar’s mailing list for an approved use one time only. The State Bar, at its sole
          discretion, will decide whether to provide the addresses to User for its use or to require User to
          process its mailing using the State Bar’s resources or a State Bar approved mailing house. User is
          responsible for all expenses relating from the processing of User’s mailing using the State Bar’s
          resources or a State Bar approved mailing house. If User is provided the mailing list, whether in
          hardcopy or electronic format, User will not copy the mailing list or any portion thereof or extract or
          retain any information there from, and at no time will User permit any State Bar mailing list to pass
          into the hands of any other person, association, organization or company. Any prohibited use by
          User shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement for which the State Bar may seek relief as
          provided in this Agreement.

          6. User understands and agrees that the State Bar’s rights, including, but not limited to, common
          law and statutory rights of literary property and copyright in the State Bar’s mailing list and the data
          contained therein are not assigned or released as a result of this Agreement, but are reserved and
          retained by the State Bar, subject to the limited use permitted under this Agreement.

          7. User agrees to forward to the State Bar within thirty (30) days following receipt, any letters or
          other documents (or copies thereof) containing complaints by State Bar’s members or others
          regarding User’s mailing, the matter transmitted therein, or the offered product or service.

          8. State Bar’s charges for the use of its mailing list do not include sales, use, excise or similar taxes.
          Consequently, in addition to the standard charge, the amount of any present or future tax applicable
          to the sale of the labels or data will be paid by User, or in lieu thereof, User will provide the State
          Bar with a tax exemption certificate acceptable to the taxing authorities. In addition, User will be
          responsible for all expenses in the event the State Bar requires that User use the State Bar or a State
          Bar approved mail house to process User's mailing.

          9. The State Bar will make every effort to meet scheduled delivery or mailing dates but will not be
          liable for any failure to meet requested or scheduled dates.

          10. This agreement extends to all rentals of State Bar’s mailing list regardless of the form or medium
          on which they are supplied to User.

                  SBMListFormFY1011.docx                                                         Page | 2 of 6

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                              30                                (Current as of November 2011)
          11. User agrees that the State Bar may enforce this Agreement by way of claim for damages,
          temporary restraining order, preliminary or permanent injunction, specific performance, or

          12. For any breach of this Agreement, User will be liable to the State Bar for all damages (plus
          reasonable attorney fees, court costs and expenses, including expenses incurred in investigation) and
          loss of income.

          13. The provisions indemnifying the State Bar and holding it harmless agreement shall survive the
          termination, cancellation or expiration of this Agreement.

          14. This Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws in the State of

          15. Hold Harmless: In consideration of the State Bar providing its mailing list, User hereby agrees:

                    (a) to defend the State Bar, including its Board of Commissioners, officers, committee
          members, and other agents and representatives against any claim of liability, including, but not
          limited to, a claim based on the State Bar's own negligence, even if such claim is false or fraudulent,
          or liability that may arise in connection with or as a result of the State Bar providing a copy of its
          mailing list, or any portion thereof, to the User, and to defend the State Bar against any claim or
          liability that may arise as a result of the theft of the list(s) from User and/or its use by any
          unauthorized user.

                  (b) to indemnify and hold harmless the State Bar, including its Board of Commissioners,
          officers, committee members, and other agents and representatives against any and all liability, losses
          or damages or any expenses whatsoever to the State Bar as a result of any claims, demands,
          damages, costs or judgments against it that may arise in connection with or as a result of the State
          Bar providing its mailing list to the User, including, but not limited to, a claim based on the State
          Bar's own negligence, even if such claim is false or fraudulent, or liability that may arise as a result of
          the theft of the list from User and/or its use by any unauthorized user.

          16. This Agreement is not intended to affect or supersede any other implied or express rights or
          obligations between the parties existing or arising under previous or future agreements executed by
          the User in favor of the State Bar nor to affect or supersede any rights, obligations or
          indemnifications express or implied by statute or decisional law.

          17. If either party institutes legal proceedings to enforce any provision of this Agreement, then the
          prevailing party in such legal proceedings will be entitled to recover (in addition to all other available
          damages and remedies) its costs and expenses incurred, including, without limitation, its attorneys'

          18. If any provision or portion of this Agreement is determined to be illegal or unenforceable in any
          respect, such determination will not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provisions, each
          of which will be deemed to be independent and severable.

          19. This Agreement is effective immediately upon execution.

                  SBMListFormFY1011.docx                                                         Page | 3 of 6

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                               31                                 (Current as of November 2011)
          User hereby requests a copy of the State Bar’s mailing list and accepts and agrees to the
          terms stated in this Agreement and Hold Harmless For Use of State Bar of Michigan
          Mailing List. If the undersigned is an agent or representative of User, he or she attests to
          possessing the authority to sign this Agreement on behalf of User.

          USER                                                STATE BAR OF MICHIGAN

          ____________________________________                ___________________________________
          Signature                                           Signature

          By:__________________________________               By:_________________________________
              Print Name                                           Print Name

          Its:__________________________________              Its:_________________________________
              Title                                                Title

          Date:______________________                         Date:_______________________

          User’s Complete Name and Contact Information

          __________________________________                  __________________________________
          Name of company or entity                           Name of User contact

          __________________________________                  __________________________________
          Street address and suite (if applicable)            E-mail of contact

          __________________________________                  __________________________________
          PO Box                                              Phone no. of contact

          __________________________________                  __________________________________
          City, State and Zip Code                            Fax no. of contact

                      SBMListFormFY1011.docx                                           Page | 4 of 6

2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                         32                             (Current as of November 2011)
                                                       State Bar of Michigan
                                                            Order Form

          Label List Format                                                 Section & Division Membership
             Self-Adhesive Labels                                       Full Section         MI only
             Comma Delimited Text File                               ___________________________________________
             Excel Spreadsheet
             CD Rom (additional fee applicable)                         Administrative Law (sec01)
             E-mail File – Send to: ________________________            Alternative Dispute Resolution (sec02)
             __________________________________________                 American Indian Law (sec31)
                                                                        Animal Law (sec32)
                                                                        Antitrust, Franchising & Trade Regulation (sec03)
          Sort Type                                                     Appellate Practice (sec30)
                                                                        Arts Comm. Entertainment & Sports (sec04)
              Zip Code or     Alphabetical                              Aviation Law (sec23)
                                                                        BusinessLaw (sec05)
                                                                        Children’s Law (sec13)
          Membership Selection                                          Information Technology Law (sec06)
                                                                        Consumer Law (sec33)
              All Active Members                                        Criminal Law (sec07)
              All Active Members – MI only                              Elder Law & Disability Rights (sec26)
                                                                        Environmental Law (sec08)
                                                                        Family Law (sec09)
          Other Selections                                              General Practice (sec10)
                                                                        Health Care Law (sec28)
              Join Date Range _______________                           Insurance & Indemnity Law (sec36)
                                                                        Intellectual Property Law (sec11)
              Firm Size (Voluntary Info from Member)                    International Law (sec12)
                  __ Very Large (Over 100)                              Labor & Employment Law (sec14)
                  __ Large (21 -99)                                     Latin American Bar Activities (sec15)
                  __ Medium (11 - 20)                                   Law Practice Management (sec16)
                  __ Small (2 - 10)                                     Law Student
                  __ Solo Practitioner                                  Legal Administrator (sec24)
                                                                        Paralegal/Legal Assistants (sec25)
                                                                        Litigation (sec29)
              County ____________________________                       Negligence Law (sec17)
              __________________________________                        Prisons & Corrections (sec35)
              __________________________________                        Probate & Estate Planning (sec18)
                                                                        Public Corporation Law (sec19)
          For SBM Internal Use Only:                                    Real Property Law (sec20)
          Date Sent for Review: __________                              Senior Lawyers (sec27)
          Approver’s Initials: ____________                             Social Security (sec34)
          Date Approved: ______________                                 Taxation Section (sec21)
                                                                        Workers’ Compensation (sec22)

             Rush Order / Priority Processing: (Check box if RUSH order only). Additional fee applies.
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2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                                33                                   (Current as of November 2011)
                                                              Membership Data

        Gender (Voluntary Info from Active Member)                       County Populations (approximate)
        Women 11,707
        Men 26,016                                                       Alcona           15        Lake           5
                                                                         Alger            8         Lapeer         110
        Active Membership:         37,787 Attorneys;                     Allegan          102       Leelanau       59
        32,319 MI Attorneys                                              Alpena           55        Lenawee        109
        Section Membership                                               Antrim           45        Livingston     354
        Administrative Law                             409               Arenac           10        Luce           8
        Alternative Dispute Resolution                 745               Baraga           5         Mackinac       16
        American Indian Law                            191               Barry            52        Macomb         1795
        Animal Law                                     162               Bay              176       Manistee       38
        Antitrust, Franchising & Trade Regulation      287               Benzie           24        Marquette      130
        Appellate Practice                             667               Berrien          280       Mason          36
        Arts, Comm., Entertainment & Sports            324               Branch           38        Mecosta        53
        Aviation Law                                   152               Calhoun          222       Menominee      22
        Business Law                                   3454              Cass             51        Midland        221
        Children’s Law                                 426               Charlevoix       46        Missaukee      7
        Information Technology Law                     401               Cheboygan        47        Monroe         210
        Consumer Law                                   1422              Chippewa         55        Montcalm       46
        Criminal Law                                   2239              Clare            34        Montmorency    9
        Elder Law & Advocacy                           1820              Clinton          82        Muskegon       235
        Environmental Law                              645               Crawford         20        Newaygo        38
        Family Law                                     2533              Delta            58        Oakland        9943
        General Practice                               1271              Dickinson        44        Oceana         22
        Health Care Law                                826               Eaton            257       Ogemaw         24
        Insurance & Indemnity Law                      245               Emmett           114       Ontonagon      3
        Intellectual Property Law                      1025              Genesee          769       Osceola        16
        International Law                              447               Gladwin          22        Oscoda         6
        Labor & Employment Law                         2186              Gogebic          29        Otsego         57
        Latin American Bar Activities                  67                Grand Traverse   409       Ottawa         316
        Law Practice Management                        1483              Gratiot          37        Presque Isle   10
        Law Student                                    285               Hillsdale        34        Roscommon      23
        Legal Administrator                            72                Houghton         36        Saginaw        447
        Legal Assistants                               511               Huron            38        Sanilac        39
        Litigation                                     2129              Ingham           2409      Schoolcraft    6
        Negligence Law                                 2277              Ionia            52        Shiawassee     89
        Prisons & Corrections                          133               Iosco            38        St. Clair      220
        Probate & Estate Planning                      4950              Iron             18        St. Joseph     57
        Public Corporation Law                         712               Isabella         102       Tuscola        43
        Real Property Law                              3358              Jackson          253       Van Buren      84
        Senior Lawyers                                 216               Kalamazoo        685       Washtenaw      1556
        Social Security                                376               Kalkaska         7         Wayne          6408
        Taxation Section                               1407              Kent             2294      Wexford        52
        Workers’ Compensation                          833               Keweenaw         4


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2011-2012 Affinity Bar Directory                                    34                             (Current as of November 2011)
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