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timeline by eholton


									  The Trillion Dollar Training
                 Dr. Ed Holton, CEO
Jones S. Davis Distinguished Professor of Human Resource,
         Leadership & Organization Development
                 Louisiana State University
     (888) 877-9531
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    United States Training Industry
• $134 BILLION spent in the U.S. in 2008
     – Direct cost only; no trainee salaries/wages
• Only 10 – 30% results in changed job

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    But it gets worse…..
• Opportunity Cost:
     – Research says return of 8:1 is reasonable for
       good training
• Add salaries and wages of trainees
• Thus, the real cost is over

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    • How much training transfers into job
      performance in your organization?
    • How are you measuring performance
      results from your organization’s training?
    • Why are we content to accept such poor

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    Learning Transfer Solutions Global

A research-based training
transfer process that

And a web-based solution to make it easy!

                                                                         TransferLogix Process

                                                            Identify high-impact
                                                               training needs
            Estimate ROI using a
                                                                   1-Needs                                       Based on needs
                 research-based                                   Assessment                                     assessment
            method with easy to                 10-Return on                        2-Behavioral
                     obtain data                 Investment                          Objectives
                                                                                                                         Baseline measure of
     Measure change in                                                                                                   performance on
   behavioral objectives           9-Transfer                                                    3-Performance           behavioral
    and transfer system            Evaluation                                                       Pre-test             objectives

  Remind trainees of                                                                                                        Supervisor and Trainee
   action plans/goals                                                                                                       agree on:
 and collect real-time                                                                                                      •Performance Goals
         feedback on
                                   8-Transfer                                                      4-Transfer
                                   Follow-up                                                       Contract
 challenges they face                                                                                                       •Resources
 Use action poll to prioritize                  7-Action Plan
                                                                                                                Designed to
action strategies to improve                                                          Training
                                                                   6-Transfer                                   create high
             transfer system                                       Diagnosis                                    transfer potential

                                          Use Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI)
                                           to measure 16 barriers to learning transfer
                                                  © copyright Learning Transfer Solutions Global LLC
   Stage                                               Benefits                          Timing
Needs                 • Determine which capabilities should be focused on in the          -2 / -3
                        training                                                         months
Assessment            • Design procedure (time frame, target group, needs analysis
                      tuned to precise needs of participants for longer term impact)
                      •Additional lever for HR driving engagement with line
                      •Measure capability perception gap between line managers and
Behavioral            •Fast, flexible and automated conversion of needs assessment       -2
                       into specific behavioral objectives for each cohort - this        months
Objectives             increases long term impact of training
                      •Clarity behaviors on job that need to be created or changed
                      and the content to drive that change
                      • Write beh. objectives that are ‘application level ‘ or higher
Transfer              Automated support for HR to clarity for both supervisor and        - 3 weeks
                      trainee what skills are expected to be applied as a result of
Contract              attending the training – (supervisor and trainee contract). High
                      line manager engagement reduces later change resistance

Capability            •Assessment of behavioral and skills gaps vis à vis current and    -1 week
                       future job demands.
Assessment            •Clear view on differences within the cohort.

Training              Details of each programme are finalised once the contract
                      phase in TransferLogix has been completed and we have data
Program               on the details of each individuals’ tasks and challenges

             © copyright Learning Transfer Solutions Global LLC
     Stage                                                  Benefits                        Timing

LTSI                        LTSI Report
                            •Collection of diagnostic data on the 16 most important          +0-2
Learning                    factors that help or hurt participants ability to transfer
Transfer                                                                                    weeks
System                      •Understand the meaning behind the data
Inventory                   •Identify key transfer system gaps

Transfer                    •Trainees decide which strategies will best help them to
                             transfer the training.                                         +1-2
Strategies                  •Increase participants’ personal responsibility for training
Poll                                                                                        weeks
                             success and make it easy for participants to have the
                             courage to get what they need to succeed.

HR Transfer                 •Effortlessly choose the most powerful follow up actions
                             (through a semi-automated system) where the LTSI and poll      +2
Action Plan                  choose the right actions from a database of global best        weeks
                             practices to drive post-training transfer.

Transfer                    •Enter action goals for the whole group or let trainees add     +4/10
                             their own individual goals.                                    /16
Followup                    •Gives trainees an automated means of providing feedback
(Participant self                                                                           weeks
assessment)                  on supports and resources they need.
                            •Gives HR an opportunity to have a real-time view of transfer
                             issues participants are having .

                    © copyright Learning Transfer Solutions Global LLC
   Stage                                             Benefits                            Timing

Mini LTSI &           •TransferLogixTM sends out a mini-LTSI (focused post-test) to
                       trainees to determine if transfer barriers were reduced as a      +16
Capability             result of the transfer plan.
Assessment                                                                               weeks
                      •TransferLogixTM generates a Mini-LTSI report displaying the
                       results of the post-test.

Program               •Practical and affordable means to measure application of
                       learning from the training to the participants job.               + 15
Impact                •Comparison of pre-test supervisor survey report and post-
Evaluation                                                                               weeks
                       test supervisor survey report
                      •Identify which performance objectives are being met
                      •Identify performance gaps that remain

ROI Metric            •First functional affordable tool to have a training by training
                       metric to track ROI from training.                                +15
                      •Data to support courageous commitment to ongoing people           weeks

              © copyright Learning Transfer Solutions Global LLC

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