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									                   The 2010 AAPPM
                  Midwinter Workshop
      The best practice management meeting in podiatry just got better!

Wednesday to Sunday, March 3 to 7 at the Pittsburgh Marriott Airport Hotel, Pittsburgh, PA
                    A maximum of 18.5 CECH credits to be awarded

Workshop Highlights                          try, practice managers, office managers,      Please note that these are "early bird"
                                             doctors, technology experts, billing and      fees. Registration rates are higher
The AAPPM Midwinter Practice                 marketing specialists and lawyers are         after February 8 and at the door.
Management Workshop has been widely          being asked to share information with the
acclaimed as the best practice manage-       group and to address the group’s specific     Reservations at Marriott Pittsburgh
ment meeting in podiatry. Now, we are        concerns and responsibilities. Time dur-      Airport Hotel
starting the meeting Wednesday night,        ing each track will also be set aside for     Call the Marriott Pittsburgh Airport Hotel
adding more new optional workshops on        the group to share questions, advice and      at 800-328-9297 or 412-788-8800 and
Thursday and beginning the general ses-      resources.                                    ask for the special AAPPM group rate of
sion Friday morning to make podiatry's       Please see page 15 for the description        $79 single or double occupancy. Please
best practice management meeting even        of the track being offered for the            note that we must receive both your reg-
better! The Midwinter is four jam packed     Executive Management Group.                   istration form and payment one week
days with eye-opening and inspiring lec-
                                                                                           before the conference to complete your
tures, hands on work-shops, interactive
                                                                                           registration. Do not make airline or hotel
roundtable discussions and short pearls -
                                                                                           reservations after January 23 until you
presented by the best speakers and
                                                                                           know if space is available for the work-
many of the most successful podiatrists in
                                                                                           shop by contacting the AAPPM office at
podiatric practice management education.
Day-Long Workshop Added for
AAPPM’s Newest Membership
                                             Registration Fees
Group - The Executive
Management Group                             The AAPPM member registration fee is
                                             only $399. The fee for AAPPM member
The Executive Management Group has                                                             American Academy of Podiatric
                                             A1-4 New Practitioners and staff is $349.
been created to help office managers                                                               Practice Management
                                             All fees include all your meals from Friday
tackle the daily challenges of managing a
                                             breakfast through Sunday breakfast and                10 Maple Street, Suite 301
busy podiatric practice. Each meeting will                                                            Middleton, MA 01949
                                             great networking, sharing and socializing
have a track for executive office man-                                                       978-646-9091 phone
                                             every night at our free hospitality suites.
agers. Some of the best minds in podia-                                                    website
                                             This is the best meeting value in podiatry!

       2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop, March 3 to 7, Pittsburgh, PA

Workshop Highlights                         Practice Management (Billing,                   Educational Objectives
                                            Scheduling and Patient Accounting)
                                            and Electronic Medical Records soft-
                                            ware systems with Zac Childress of
                                                                                            Maximum of 18.25 Continuing
                                            DarwinTech, Inc., 248-840-3100 ext. 30.         Education Contact Hours
                                            Financial Planning and Choosing the             To earn Continuing Education Contact
                                            Right Retirement Plan for Your                  Hours (CECH) credits, see the schedule
                                            Business with Russell LaGreca, CFP®,            for the lectures and workshops that quali-
                                            CRPS® from Graystone Consulting, 410-           fy. The majority of the credits will be for
                                            735-5372 or         attending optional workshops on
                                            Financial Options for Running an
                                                                                            AAPPM is an approved sponsor of cours-
                                            Efficient Practice with Nicole Potochar,
                                                                                            es by the Council on Podiatric Medical
                                            732-766-0800 or
                                                                                            Education (CPME) and Gary Adams is
                                                                                            the Director of Continuing Education. This
                                            Office Technology and HIPAA                     program offers a maximum of 19.75
Over 25 Exhibitors to Help Build
                                            Compliance Review with Raymond                  Continuing Education Contact Hours.
Your Practice/Free Consultations
                                            Posa, MBA from The Manta Group. If you
                                                                                            At the conclusion of these continuing
Over 25 of our Corporate Sponsors will      want a HIPAA review, please email your
                                                                                            medical education programs doctors will:
be exhibiting. They will feature a wide     office HIPPA Security and Policy and
variety of exceptional podiatric products   Procedures manual prior to the meeting.            Become more familiar with the use of
and services that can help build your       Email for fur-             Electronic Medical Records and better
                                            ther information.                                  understand how they can help the
practice - and save you hundreds or even
                                                                                               physician provide better patient care
thousands of dollars thanks to AAPPM        Post-Payment Audit Defense, Practice               and improved patient protocols.
member discounts and special offers.        Compliance, and DPM/PT Integration
                                                                                               Increase understanding of treatment
                                            with John W. Leardi, Esq., of Buttaci &
Complimentary 30 Minute                                                                        modalities for patients with venous
                                            Leardi, LLC. Call 609-919-6316 or email            insufficiency.
Consultations for Attendees        to schedule an
During the Meeting                          appointment .                                      Understand the critical role developing
                                                                                               and implementing clinical, administra-
These free consultations are not sales      Adding Physical Therapy to Your                    tive and staffing patient treatment pro-
pitches and carry no additional obliga-     Practice with Jon Segal, DC from                   tocols plays in enhancing patient care
tions. They are available only to those     Serenity Health Systems at 303-588-                and compliance.
who have not already had free consulta-     9138, or email drsegal@serenityhealth-
                                                                                               Better understand the clinical needs
tions with these companies at one of our
                                                                                               and applications for Durable Medical
other meetings. Call or email one or more                                                      Equipment and the impact these prod-
of the consultants below to make an                                                            ucts can have on improving patient
appointment.                                AAPPM Membership Makes                             care.
Marketing plan review and consult with                                                         Understand the important role that
Rem Jackson, 717-626-2025 or                A quick look at our workshop registra-             ancillary services such as vascular                       tion form will tell you that DPMs who              testing, physical therapy, neurological
                                            are members of AAPPM save $200                     testing, diabetic/serve tissue programs
Office organization. Jump Start                                                                and imaging in diagnosing and treating
Momentum with Wendy Ellin! - Come           when registering for this conference.
                                            Since membership in AAPPM only                     many of the most common foot and
share your personal organizational chal-                                                       ankle conditions more effectively.
lenges in a 30 minute one-on-one ses-       costs $269, it makes sense to spend
sion and take away tips to change your      the additional $69 to join AAPPM if you            Learn new treatment modalities for
                                            have not already. If you are a new prac-           patients with peripheral neuropathy
life immediately! Contact her at
                                            titioner in the first four years of practice,      and review existing modalities and or 404-874-                                                              their clinical efficacy.
5179.                                       a staff member or a resident, it's even
                                            more financially advantageous to join              Achieve a better understanding of
Valuing your practice, associates, buy-     AAPPM rather than come as a non-                   diagnostic ultrasound in order to better
ins and buy-outs with Mike Crosby,          member.                                            visualize, interpret, document and
MBA, CPA from Provider Resources,                                                              report soft tissue pathology of the foot
LLC, 888-776-2430 or                        All AAPPM DPM members must also                    and ankle.              be APMA members in order to join.
                                            For complete membership information,
                                            visit us online at, email
                                   or call

                   2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Faculty

Learn new patient communication            Featured Speaker                            Featured Faculty
techniques and tools that will help
improve patient outcomes and compli-                                                   Bradley Bakotic, DPM, DO
ance and increase understanding of         Neil Baum, MD
the doctor-patient relationship.                                                       Dermatopathologist and Principal Partner
                                           We are pleased to wel-                      of Bako Pathology which provides lower
Achieve a better understanding of skin     come urologist Dr. Neil                     extremity pathology services to clinicians
lesions and skin and nail pathology in     Baum, a nationally recog-                   throughout the US. Both a podiatrist and
order to better diagnose and treat         nized practice manage-                      a board-certified dermatopathologist with
pathology of the foot and ankle.           ment speaker and author,                    additional subspecialty training in bone
Learn how incorporating in office dis-     as our featured speaker.                    and soft tissue pathology. Has become
pensing into their practice helps pro-     This will be the third time that Dr. Baum   one of the nation's foremost authorities in
duce better clinical outcomes and          has lectured for AAPPM at the               podiatric pathology. Author of numerous
improves patient compliance.               Midwinter and he has always received        articles and text chapters on topics rang-
                                           rave reviews for not only his practical     ing from pathology of the skin, soft tissue,
Gain new knowledge and understand-
                                           information but his humor and a pen-        and bone to cytogenetics. Assistant pro-
ing of the healing/ repair cascade
through application of growth factors      chant for a few magic tricks as well.       fessor at Barry University School of
and understand the process of pro-         As a speaker, Dr. Baum shares his           Podiatric Medicine, teaching both derma-
curement of autogeneous platelet con-      extensive experience from his urologic      tology and pathology.
centrate (APC) and applications for
                                           practice. He regularly speaks to prac-
this new technology.                                                                   Animesh Bhatia, DPM, CWS
                                           tices, hospitals, and pharmaceutical and
Achieve a better understanding of          medical manufacturing companies on          Has a private practice in Columbus, OH
peripheral nerves and their role in cre-   improving communications between            that devotes a large portion of it's time to
ating pain in order to better diagnose     physicians and patients, practice man-      managing chronic wound patients. Board
and treat chronic pain of the foot and     agement, guerrilla marketing and prac-      Certified Wound Specialist, a Diplomate
ankle.                                                                                 of the American Academy of Wound
                                           tice promotion and motivation.
Improve their knowledge of how to          Dr. Baum has authored five books,           Management and a Fellow of the
effectively prescribe custom orthotics     including Marketing Your Clinical           American Professional Wound Care
and improve patient acceptance and         Practice - Ethically, Effectively, and      Association.
                                           Economically, and over 150 articles
Improve their ability to assess which      addressing an array of practice man-        S. Galen Chapman, Jr., DPT, CLT
treatment options are best suited for      agement topics.                             Has Bachelor of Arts in Exercises
wounds commonly seen by podiatrists;                                                   Science and Doctorate in Physical
and increase understanding of the          Dr. Baum received his medical degree        Therapy. Also graduate of the Norton
proper application of various wound        from Ohio State University Medical          School of Lymphatic Studies. Has a back-
care products, the importance of using     School in Columbus and is certified by      ground in medical laboratory science from
wound care protocols and how dis-          the American Board of Urology. He           10 plus years in the United States Army
pensing wound care products can            serves as Associate Clinical Professor      Reserves and seven years with AMS
improve patient care and compliance,       of Urology at Tulane Medical School         Diagnostics. Works for Advanced
after participating in small group dis-    and Louisiana State University Medical
cussion roundtables.                                                                   Physical Therapy.
                                           School, both in New Orleans, LA. He
Better understand the effective clinical   has been in the private practice of         Zac Childress
use of various Durable Medical             urology in New Orleans, LA, since 1978.     President and CEO of DarwinTech, Inc. a
Equipment, products, including AFOs,                                                   Certified Business Partner of The
after participating in small group dis-
                                                                                       Medinotes Corporation and value added
cussion roundtables.
                                                                                       reseller of Lytec Practice Management
Gain new understanding of best prac-                                                   Software. National speaker and expert on
tices for clinical application of                                                      medical office technology and information
Extracorporeal Pulse Activation                                                        technology systems.
Treatment (EPAT) for the successful
treatment of acute and chronic muscu-                                                  Craig Conti, DPM
loskeletal pain of the lower extremity.
                                                                                       Member Board of Trustees of American
Improve their physical therapy case                                                    Academy of Podiatric Practice
management and diagnoses for                                                           Management. In private practice in
patients including new treatments of                                                   Sarasota, FL.
neuropathies and rehabilitation exer-

                      2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Faculty

Featured Faculty                              John Guiliana, DPM, MS                       Rem Jackson
                                              Nationally recognized speaker and author     Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC,
Marybeth Crane, DPM, MS                       on topics pertaining to medical practice     a company dedicated to helping podia-
Board certified in foot surgery and wound     management. AAPPM Fellow and board           trists, other professionals, and business-
care; specializing in sports medicine/bio-    member and holds a Masters degree in         es build and grow through innovative
mechanics, reconstructive foot surgery,       Healthcare Management. In private prac-      marketing programs. Leader of the Top
and diabetic limb salvage. Has an MS in       tice in Hackettstown, NJ.                    Practices Marketing Master Mind Group.
biomedical science from Barry University                                                   Regular speaker and contributor to
and lectures extensively on niche market-                                                  AAPPM.
ing for podiatric foot and ankle surgeons.
AAPPM Fellow and board member.                                                             Russell M. LaGreca, CFP®, CRPS®
Managing partner for Foot and Ankle                                                        Wealth Advisory Specialist with the JK
Associates of North Texas, LLP in                                                          Meek Group of Graystone Consulting, a
Grapevine, TX. Marathon runner who has                                                     business of Morgan Stanley Smith
completed almost a dozen marathons                                                         Barney, LLC. This team specializes in
including Boston, New York and Chicago.                                                    working with associations, corporations,
                                                                                           public pensions and high net worth fami-
Alison DeWaters, DPM                                                                       lies on a direct investment management
AAPPM Fellow and board member. In                                                          and consulting basis. Certified Financial
group podiatric practice in Howell, NJ        Lynn Homisak, PRT                            Planner™ practitioner and a Chartered
with Affiliated Foot and Ankle Center, LLP.   President of SOS Healthcare                  Retirement Plans Specialist.
Recent graduate of the four year residen-     Management Solutions
cy program at Presbyterian Hospital in        (, a podiatric consult-       Richard H. Mann, DPM
Philadelphia.                                 ant company that focuses on staff man-       Diplomate of the American Board of
                                              agement, training and practice efficiency.   Podiatric Surgery, Certified in Foot and
Wendy Ellin                                   Spent 38 years as a podiatric medical        Ankle Surgery. Member of the American
Founder of Momentum, a productivity           assistant/office manager and is also a NJ    Academy of Wound Management, a
training and consulting business. The         licensed Podiatric Radiology                 Certified Wound Specialist and Director of
Momentum Method training is a proven          Technologist. Has a Certificate of Human     Visiting Foot Care Services, Boyton
step-by-step process of enhancing focus,      Resource Studies from Cornell University     Beach, FL and of Diabetic Foot Care
organization and productivity in the work-    School of Industry and Labor Relations       Centers, Delray Beach, FL. Founder and
place by changing the way you address         and is an AAPPM Fellow and Past Vice-        CEO of Pryde Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and
your challenges. Over 20 years of corpo-      President. Lecturer, author and national     Realm Labs, LLC, which distribute OTC
rate business and entrepreneurial experi-     workshop leader training doctors and staff   pain remedies and medical food products
ence in management and executive              in successful management strategies and      to healthcare providers and end-users.
administration.                               recognized nationwide by many in her         Managing partner in private practice
                                              profession as an expert in her field.        located in Delray Beach, FL.
Neal Frankel, DPM
Board Certified by the American Board of      Anthony Iorio, DPM, MPH                      William McCann, DPM
Ambulatory Foot Surgery and the               Associate Professor and Chair,               Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric
American Board of Podiatric Surgery.          Department of Community Health and           Surgery; Fellow, American College of
Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle       Medicine, and Assistant Dean for             Foot and Ankle
Surgeons. Member: American Podiatric          Continuing Medical Education at the New      Surgeons; AAPPM
Medical Association, National Association     York College of Podiatric Medicine.          Fellow and Immediate
of Podiatric Sports Medicine, Illinois        Fellow, American College of Foot and         Past President.
Podiatric Medical Association, American       Ankle Surgeons; Fellow and Past              National and interna-
Diabetes Association. In private practice     Secretary of the American Academy of         tional lecturer and
in Chicago, IL.                               Podiatric Practice Management. National      author on practice management topics.
                                              lecturer on practice management. In pri-     As a pioneer in in-office dispensing pro-
Jeffrey Frederick, DPM                        vate practice Fairfield, CT.                 grams, has developed simple yet highly
AAPPM President and Fellow and                                                             effective methods of introducing this con-
President of the Michigan Podiatric                                                        cept to doctors, staff and patients. In pri-
Medical Association, Diplomate American                                                    vate practice in Concord, NH.
Board of Quality Assurance and
Utilization Review Physicians. Well
respected author and national lecturer on
practice management and coding. In a
group podiatry practice in Berkley, MI.

                       2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Faculty

Featured Faculty                                James A. M. Smith, DO                         James P. Wilton, DPM
                                                Board Certified American College of           Board Certified in Foot Surgery & Wound
Jonathan Moore, DPM, MS                         Osteopathic Internists and American           Care - American Board of Podiatric
Board qualified by the American Board of        Board of Vascular Medicine; Diplomat,         Surgery; American Academy of Wound
Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary               Endovascular; Fellow, Society for             Care; Fellow, American College of Foot
Podiatric Medicine and Fellowship,              Vascular Medicine and Biology; Founding       and Ankle Surgeons; Member, American
Trained in Diabetic Foot Salvage at the         Member Society of Cardiovascular              College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics;
University of Texas Health Science              Computed Tomography. Member                   Member, American Academy of Podiatric
Center. Fellow and Trustee of the               American Osteopathic Association;             Sports Medicine; Fellow, Institute of
American Academy of Podiatric Practice          American College of Osteopathic               Peripheral Nerve Surgery. In private prac-
Management. National Lecturer and               Internists; Kansas Association of             tice Portsmouth, NH.
author on diabetes and practice manage-         Osteopathic Medicine. Fellow, Society for
ment topics. In private practice in             Vascular Medicine and Biology. In private
Somerset, KY.                                   practice Wichita, KS.                         Other Invited Faculty
Hal Ornstein, DPM                               Tracey Toback, DPM                            Nicole Bacha
AAPPM Chairman and Director of                  Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric
Corporate Development. Board certified,                                                       Ernestro Castro, CPed
                                                Surgery; Board Certified in Foot Surgery;
American Board of Podiatric Surgery.            Fellow, American College of Podiatric         Lori Cerami
Consulting Editor for Podiatry                  Radiologists; Fellow, American Society of     Terry Connors
Management Magazine as well as a                Podiatric Dermatology; Fellow, American
Distinguished Practitioner in the National      College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons. In pri-     Mike Crosby, CPA
Academies. Has given over 200 presen-           vate practice Kingston, NY.                   Patty Eurich
tations internationally and has written and
been interviewed for over 250 articles on       Benjamin Weaver, DPM                          Sheryl Gambarella
topics pertinent to practice management,        One of the first podiatrists to become        Brandt Gibson, DPM
patient satisfaction and efficiency in a        Physician Certified in Wound Care -
                                                                                              Allen Guehl, DPM
medical practice. Serves as Medical             Council for Medical Education & Testing.
Director of Affiliated Foot and Ankle           Fellow of the American College of Foot        Howard Hillman, DPM
Center, LLP with its main office in Howell,     and Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine, as        Ira Kraus, DPM
NJ.                                             well as the American Professional Wound
                                                Care Association, and College of Certified    John Leardi, Esq.
Nathan Schwartz, DPM                            Wound Specialist. AAPPM executive             Glenn Lombardi
Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric          board member and a Fellow. Has
                                                                                              Fay Mushlin
Surgery; Fellow of the American College         authored and co-authored multiple prac-
of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Board certi-        tice management articles. In a group          Don Pierson, CPed
fied in foot and ankle surgery and APMA         podiatric practice in Wichita, KS.            Ray Posa, MBA
representative to the American Institute
for Ultrasound in Medicine. Also board          Josh White, DPM, CPed                         Nicole Potochar
certified in wound care and pedorthics.         Podiatrist and pedorthist who turned his      Jonathan Purdy, DPM
Frequent national and international             passion for footwear into a company
                                                                                              Jamie Russell
speaker on foot surgery and diagnostic          called SafeStep that streamlines podia-
ultrasound.                                     trist utilization of the Medicare             Janie Petercheff
                                                Therapeutic Shoe Program. Lectures            Andrew Schneider, DPM
Jon Segal, DC                                   nationally on how podiatrists can effec-
Nationwide public speaker. Has lectured         tively integrate shoes, ankle foot orthoses   Don Schoen
and consulted on a variety of topics,           and other DME items to improve patient        Chad Schwarz
including billing, coding, documentation        care and broaden podiatrists' scope of
and PT integration. Has owned clinics                                                         Brooke Weaver
                                                practice. Chair of the APMA DME sub-
specializing in inter-disciplinary practices,   committee and lectures at the New York        Steve Weinburg
including medical, physical therapy and         College of Podiatric Medicine.                Peter Wishnie, DPM
chiropractics. Currently the principal of
Serenity Health Systems, a company
dedicated to helping physicians to prof-
itably expand their practices through
diversification.Practices in Boynton
Beach, FL.

                    2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Wednesday, March 3                           Thursday, March 4                                E/M coding - made simple
                                                                                              Overlooked Codes, what are the best
6:30 pm                                      7:00 to 8:00 am                                  resources
Registration                                 Registration, continental breakfast,             DME - Codes, rules and regulations
                                             visit exhibitors                                 Wound Care - get paid for supplies
Two Optional workshops. Choose
                                                                                              and treatment
one or two.                                  Optional Paid Workshops. Choose
                                                                                              Audit prevention and defense
                  New                        Billing and Coding or one work-
7:00 to 8:00 pm                                                                               Making your office run like a business
                                             shop early morning and one work-
EMR Alphabet Soup, Zac Childress;            shop late morning.                               Accounting for every penny
Patty Eurich; Nicole Bacha; Don Schoen;                                                       Collections, cash flow and getting paid
Michael Brody, DPM                           7:30 am to 12:00 am                              Documentation to make you audit
1 CECH                                       Billing and Coding Workshop, Hoda                proof
                                             Henein; Ira Kraus, DPM; Neal Frankel,            Accounts receivables management
EMR, eRx, PQRI, CCHIT. The acronyms
                                             DPM; Lori Cerami; Sheryl Gambarella
may sound familiar, but what do they
mean for you and your office? Join us to     Coding can be the difference between          7:30 to 10:00 am
learn how you can provide better patient     success and failure. In today's health        Chronic Venous Insufficiency -
care through the use of technology. We'll    care environment to stay in business, you     Improving Your Venous Insufficiency
show you how to comply with the require-     need to get paid for everything you do.       Patient's Quality of Life, Benjamin
ments and earn the government incen-         Let our experts help you bill so that you     Weaver, DPM; James Smith, DO; John
tives being made available to you for pro-   will be paid. Insurance companies are         Guiliana, DPM, MS; Brad Bakotic, DPM,
viding quality care now and in the future.   increasing audits - make sure you are fol-    DO
                                             lowing the regulations on all codes includ-   2.5 CECH
8:00 to 9:00 pm                              ing DME items. Clearly understand the
Crucial Facts Your Credit Score Plays        necessary "buzz" words and documenta-         This presentation will unveil a unique
in Obtaining the Financing Necessary         tion requirements. Enhance your under-        turnkey collaborative care model for a
for Practice and Personal                    standing of Evaluation and Management         patient with swollen legs, both with and
                              New                                                          without venous ulcers.
Growth, Nicole Potochar                      Coding. Stop giving your services away
                                             for free. GET PAID! Let us show you how       During this 2.5 hour interactive workshop
The importance of good credit to secure
                                             to ethically enhance revenue and              we will teach you how to properly workup
necessary financing to maximize practice
                                             increase patient outcomes. Make your          and treat your venous ulceration and lym-
                                             office run like a successful business.        phedema patients. You will gather insight
   Understanding the importance of your      Leave this session an expert on coding        into patient selection and CVI testing for
   credit score                              and increase your bottom line!                this important and often neglected diag-
   Learning how to manage your credit                                                      nosis. Dermapathology and tissue sam-
                                             This four hour workshop will include
   score                                                                                   pling will also be reviewed, along with
                                             these topics and more. (This workshop is
   Conquering credit challenges              recommended for established doctors,          wound care and compression therapy.
   Insights into securing a loan             new doctors, office managers and billing      Other important issues to be covered
   Open discussion of your credit, finan-    staff members.)                               include:
   cial and banking concerns                                                                  Proper selection of compression gar-
                                                New Codes, Modifiers, V-Codes,
                                                Global periods, CCI Edits                     ments (both non-custom and custom)
9:00 pm to 12:00 am
                                                Understanding and reading your                Indications for and choices of special-
Hospitality Suite/Fellowship Exchange                                                         ist referral for your patient's condition
                                                accounts receivables reports/what
                                                reports to run on a monthly, quarterly        Use of Lymphedema pumps
                                                and yearly basis                              The psycho-dynamics and road blocks
                                                Making your office accountable finan-         of patient compliance
                                                cially, daily reconciliation                  Assembling the members of your
                                                                                              Lymphedema team
                                                                                              Cooperative marketing of your turnkey
                                                                                              Lymphedema clinic.

                      2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Thursday, March 4                               10:30 am to 12:00 pm
                                                Clinical Protocols a Pathway for
8:00 to 10:00 am                                Efficiency, Benjamin Weaver, DPM
Enough is Enough - Get Control of
                                                1.5 CECH
Your Stuff!", Wendy Ellin
                                                   Increase efficiency of the office
Repeated Thursday evening
                                                   Increase communications in the office
Learn how to get rid of your chaos and
clutter and finally get control of your stuff     Define roles
- once and for all!                                Build congruity between providers
10:00 to10:30 am                                This session is for doctors and staff who
Break, visit exhibitors for Venous              want to increase efficiency, patient flow
Insufficiency and Enough is Enough              through the office, and improve patient
workshop attendees                              outcomes. After this groundbreaking ses-
                                                sion, you will leave with working cus-
10:30 to 11:00 am                                                                           New: Making Sense of Wound Care
                                                tomized protocols to take back to your
Break, visit exhibitors for Billing and         office and implement on Monday. A cus-      Products In A Busy Practice: What to Use
Coding workshop attendees                       tomized protocol manual for your office     and When: Billing and Documentation
10:30 am to 12:30 pm                            will be sent to you after the workshop -    Pearls Will Be Discussed, Animesh
                                                usually in about two weeks.                 Bhatia, DPM
Practice Compliance 101:
Bulletproofing Your Practice from Post                                                      12:30 to 3:30 pm
Payment Audits and Regulatory                     Please note - all those attending
                                                  the Clinical Protocols Workshop           Take the Sting out of Neuropathy,
Liability, John Leardi, Esq., Terry                                                         Benjamin Weaver, DPM; John Guiliana,
                                                  must bring a laptop.
Connors; Steve Weinberg                                                                     DPM, MS; Brad Bakotic, DPM, DO;
This workshop will provide an in-depth                                                      Richard Mann, DPM; Jon Segal, DC; S.
look into the increasing risk posed by          12:00 to 1:00 pm                            Galen Chapman, Jr., DPT, CLT
post payment audits performed by both           Lunch on own                                3 CECH
commercial health benefit plans and
Medicare, with a special emphasis on            Optional Paid Workshops. Choose             What are doctors looking for from their
CMS's Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC)           one workshop early afternoon, one           practice? Doctors of all specialties are
initiative.                                     workshop late afternoon and one             searching for ways to improve the quality
                                                workshop early evening.                     of care they deliver to their patients, while
After explaining the ins and outs of these                                                  also building their practice. This entertain-
audits, the workshop will provide practical     1:00 to 3:30 pm                             ing presentation will introduce you to Mrs.
guidance on what steps can and should                                        New            Smith, a fictional yet typical podiatric
                                                A FRESH, Comprehensive
be taken to proactively insulate a practice     Look at Expanding Your Practice             patient who presents with neuropathy and
from potential audit liability. Specific top-   Through DME and Ancillary Services:         a multitude of other conditions. You will
ics to be discussed will include:               Learn what Custom and OTC Products          follow the treatment of Mrs. Smith
   The anatomy of an effective compli-          and Services You Should be Using to         through the eyes of two separate podi-
   ance plan;                                   Improve Outcomes and Grow Your              atric physicians: one who "gets it" and
                                                Practice                                    one who doesn't. You will be amazed at
   Tips for integrating a compliance plan
   into a practice                                                                          the difference in the quality of Mrs.
                                                2.5 CECH
                                                                                            Smith's care and how practicing more
   The importance of conducting a base-         All new topics with the same comprehen-     comprehensively can help build your
   line audit of billing, coding, and treat-    sive AAPPM approach!                        practice.
   ment records
                                                New: Advanced DME Options for the           This program will review:
   The importance of ensuring structural        Unstable Ankle (The LATEST OTC                 The use of physical medicine and
   integrity of all transactions and busi-      Options), Josh White DPM, CPed                 electrophysiological dispensable
   ness arrangements
                                                New: Advanced OTC and Custom                   DME items
This workshop will conclude with a round-       Options for Offloading the Diabetic Foot,      Medical foods and their beneficial role
table Q&A session.                              Jonathan Moore DPM, MS                         in correcting a vitamin deficiency com-
                                                                                               mon in people with peripheral neu-
                                                New: Addressing the Podiatric Drop Foot        ropathy.
                                                Patient and the Diabetic Foot through the
                                                                                               The use of OTC DME equipment for
                                                use of Custom AFOs, Ernesto Castro/Don         often overlooked neurological etiolo-
                                                Pierson and Jonathan Moore DPM                 gies, i.e. new carbon fiber drop foot

                     2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Thursday, March 4                                An understanding of some of the ter-         Dr. Moore and his scribe and medical
                                                 minology used in diagnostic ultrasound       assistant will offer suggestions and pearls
   The use and efficacy of a new FDA             An understanding of the key points in        to help you train and develop your own
   approved neuropathic medication on            identifying structures with diagnostic       documentation system:
   the market                                    ultrasound
                                                                                              The following topics will be discussed:
Lastly, the presentation will conclude with      The ability to identify several different      How to find and train the right person
a demonstration of how practicing more           types of structures with diagnostic            to become a scribe
comprehensively using protocols will help        ultrasound
build your practice.                             A basic understanding of charting and           How to create great patient specific
                                                 billing for diagnostic ultrasound               notes using EMR templates along with
1:00 to 3:30 pm                                                                                  detailed referral letters all within min-
                                                 An understanding of artifacts in diag-          utes
Advanced Coding and Billing                      nostic ultrasound
Workshop, Neal Frankel                                                                           How to keep your EMR notes from
                                              4:00 to 5:45 pm                                    looking and sounding "canned"
This hands-on workshop will take you          Medinotes...Evolved, Zac Childress;
through the sample documentation              Patty Eurich; Nicole Bacha; Don Schoen             A review of documentation require-
required to make effective appeals. Also                                                         ments will be discussed when dispens-
discussed will be how to create a claim       1.75 CECH                                          ing DME, performing procedures and
"protocol" so that the office collects more   Learn how to take your Medinotes EMR               referring to ancillary services
of what it bills. The steps to negotiate      to the next level. Or get your first look at       Learn key pearls toward maximizing
contracts will be discussed and a sample      its successor, PeakPractice. We're ready           each patient visit while assuring proper
contract will be reviewed so you know         to answer your questions and show you              documentation
what to look for. You will learn how to       how to make the most of either product to
write effective appeals and how to handle     improve patient care, documentation
a "peer to peer" review.                      quality and your practice.
3:30 to 4:00 pm                               4:00 to 5:30 pm
Break and visit exhibitors                    Human Resource Management -
                                              Getting the Most from Your Staff, John
                                              Guiliana, DPM, MS
                                              Let's face it - our staff makes our practice
                                              run. This 1.5 hour interactive workshop
                                              will explore all critical ingredients for an
                                              efficient practice infrastructure. The work-
                                              shop will cover important matters such as
                                              team building and leadership, organiza-
                                              tional design, labor laws, motivation
                                              strategies, recruitment, disciplinary
                                              actions, and employment termination ....
4:00 to 6:00 pm                               and more!                                       6:00 pm
Podiatric Diagnostic Ultrasound                                                               Working dinner for those attending the
Hands-on Program with New                     4:00 to 5:30 pm
                                                                                              following two workshops
Innovations Utilizing Autogeneous             Integrating a Scribe into Your Office:
Platelet Concentrates Interventionally        Practical Tools and Pearls to Improve           6:00 to 8:00 pm
for the Treatment of Tendon Ligaments         Documentation, Efficiency and YOUR              Enough is Enough - Get Control of
and Other Soft Tissue Abnormalities,          LIFE!, Jonathan Moore DPM, MS; Jamie            Your Stuff!", Wendy Ellin
Nathan Schwartz, DPM; D. Charles              Russell; Nicole Bacha; Janie Petercheff
                                                                                              Repeated from Thursday morning
Greiner, DPM                                  1.5 CECH
                                                                                              Learn how to get rid of your chaos and
2 CECH                                        In this 1.5 hour workshop, live demon-          clutter and finally get control of your stuff
The attendees at the completion of the        strations will be offered with practical sug-   - once and for all!
lectures should have:                         gestions, and easy to follow pearls
                                              designed to guide you toward developing
   A basic knowledge of how the diag-
                                              the use of a scribe in your office. Sample
   nostic ultrasound works and how to
   position the probe for scanning            office notes will be created with different
                                              patient scenarios for you to see an exam-
   A good understanding of the indica-
                                              ple of how using a scribe can improve
   tions and applications for diagnostic
   ultrasound in the foot                     efficiency and allow you to keep from get-
                                              ting buried by paperwork at the end of the

                     2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Thursday, March 4                              Friday, March 5
6:00 to 9:00 pm                                7:30 am
The Ultimate Podiatry Marketing                Registration, continental breakfast,
Workshop, Rem Jackson; Andrew                  visit exhibitors
Schneider, DPM; Brandt Gibson, DPM;
Chad Schwarz; Glenn Lombardi                   One Optional Free Workshop
Participants will be presented a compre-       7:30 to 8:30 am
hensive podiatry practice marketing plan
                                               Maximizing Diabetic Patient Outcomes
that includes:
                                               by Improving Patient Care and Loyalty,
   The best practices in internal and
                                               John Guiliana, DPM, MS; Jonathan
   external marketing
                                               Moore, DPM, MS                                General Session
   The best practices in internet market-
   ing                                         1 CECH
                                                                                             8:40 to 9:20 am
In each vital area, participants will be       This presentation will take podiatrists       Understanding and Responding to
guided through the strategies and ideas        through through the complete first            Your Practice's Two Important
that are working in podiatric practices        appointment with a diabetic patient, Ms.      Financial Statements - The Profit and
around the country. They will use two          Smith, and demonstrate the products and       Loss Statement and the Balance
powerful marketing and project planning        treatment protocols that ultimately show-     Sheet, John Guiliana, DPM, MS
tools to design a plan that works for them     case the patient outcome rewards of
and for their budgets and will leave with      using these products and protocols. The       This program is designed to teach doc-
an action plan for implementation.             participants will leave with a thorough       tors and office executives how to evalu-
                                               understanding of communication as it          ate their P/L Statement and Balance
Participants will learn how to significantly                                                 Sheet and how to interpret each. Many
                                               relates to patient compliance and the
increase referrals from:                                                                     doctors with whom I speak receive these
                                               value added by utilizing products
   Patients                                                                                  documents from their accountants and
                                               designed to optimize successful out-
   Other medical professionals (Including      comes, lower risks, and help build their      never really understand them. As a result,
   exactly how to approach and develop                                                       financial decisions are often compro-
   these referral sources)                                                                   mised.
   Other effective referral sources in your    This presentation will cover:
   market                                         The root causes of noncompliance and       9:20 to 10:05 am
   How to use newsletters (both print and         its impact on the diabetic patient         Case Studies in Podiatric Pathology; A
   online) and other direct marketing             Communication skills required to over-     Medico-legal Perspective, Brad Bakotic,
   efforts to get new patients                    come noncompliance                         DPM, DO
Participants will explore how to advertise,       An evidence based clinical approach        .75 CECH
where to advertise, how to negotiate with         to the diabetic population
vendors, and how to generate a solid                                                         Presentation of a series of dermatological
                                                  An introduction to the products com-
return on investment for marketing dollars                                                   cases, what might have been done wrong
                                                  monly used for diabetic patients and
spent. A special focus will be on how to          their ability to improve outcomes and      from a medico-legal perspective and what
get FREE advertising and PR.                      help build your practice                   alternate approaches might have been
Finally, participants will be led through a       Solutions to the various obstacles out-
detailed look at how the Internet is being        lined                                                                    New
                                                                                             10:05 to 10:25 am
used as the most effective marketing tool         The staff's role in implementation and
                                                                                             Experiences and Thoughts
for podiatry practices. An advanced look          the training needed to effectively dele-
                                                  gate the duties involved                   on Buying Into a Practice, Craig Conti.
at how to connect your web-based mar-                                                        DPM
keting will be outlined by the country’s
leading DPMs in internet marketing.                                                          Buying into a practice can be a stressful
                                                                                             experience for both parties involved.
9:00 pm to 12:00 am                                                                          Presented are ways to reduce the anxiety
Hospitality Suite/Fellowship Exchange                                                        through this important transition and help
                                                                                             make it a win-win experience.

                                                                                             10:25 to 11:10 am
                                                                                             Visit exhibitors

                     2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Friday, March 5                                1:10 to 1:55 pm
                                               Efficiency Challenge, Lynn         New
11:10 to 11:30 am
                                               Homisak, PRT
Going Green with Technology, Ray
Posa, MBA                                      There are many reasons why office flow
                       New                     is compromised and weak systems are
.25 CECH                                       the biggest culprits. You can't manage
In this presentation we will look at new       efficiency if you can't measure it. Lynn will
technologies that are beneficial for the       share necessary strategies and manage-
environment and enhance patient care,          ment tools that will optimize practice per-
and your practice. We will explore digital     formance and help build a framework of          Finding the Perfect Employee-A Match
X-ray, EMR, digital marketing and digital      success for both doctors and staff. The         Made in Heaven               N     ew
data safe.                                     challenge involves change … are you up          For the health of your practice
                                               to it?                                          and your marketing program, you must
11:30 am to 12:00 pm                                                         New
Improving Patient Satisfaction                                                                 have a high-quality staff. It has never
                                               1:55 pm to 2:20 pm
Improves Your Bottom Line, John                                                                been easy to hire the perfect candidate
                                               Peripheral Nerves and the Podiatric             for a job opening in a practice. Failure to
Guiliana, DPM, MS                              Practice: Analyzing Chronic Pain,               hire a candidate who is not a good fit with
Do you find yourself working harder and        James Wilton, DPM                               your practice can result in stress, loss of
harder for less and less? It's not WHAT        .25 CECH                                        productivity, and deterioration in morale.
you do that matters...It's what you’re NOT                                                     Although today there is a large pool to
doing that does! This program will intro-      Chronic lower extremity pain can be a
                                                                                               choose from in this market glut of unem-
duce and explore a new approach to             diagnostic challenge to the podiatric
                                                                                               ployed healthcare personnel, the chal-
comprehensive patient care that will           physician. The ability to differentiate
                                                                                               lenge of finding the right person for the
improve your patient satisfaction and your     between joint, bone, muscle, tendon, soft
                                                                                               job is daunting and even difficult. This
practice.                                      tissue and peripheral nerve generators
                                                                                               does not mean you should settle for less
                                               can be an extremely complex process.
                                                                                               than the best employee for your practice.
12:00 to 12:05 pm                              The correct identification of peripheral
                                                                                               This presentation will discuss how to find
Presentation of Fellow Certificates            pain sources will guide ultimate treatment
                                                                                               Mr.\Ms. Right for your practice and how to
                                               pathways for the patient. Biomechanical,
                                                                                               train them to be an exemplary represen-
12:05 to 1:10 pm                               reconstructive, pharmacologic and periph-
                                                                                               tative of your practice.
Working lunch and visit exhibitors             eral neurologic surgical approaches are
                                               all combined in the treatment of chronic        3:20 to 4:05 pm
12:15 to 1:00 pm                               lower extremity pain. This lecture will out-
                                                                                               Break and visit exhibits
Improving Patient Care and                     line decision-making process subsequent
Compliance through In-Office                   treatment options in the podiatric physi-       4:05 to 4:45 pm              N    ew
Dispensing, William McCann, DPM; Hal           cian’s examination and treatment of the
                                                                                               Creating a Fall Prevention Program
Ornstein, DPM                                  chronic lower extremity pain patient.
                                                                                               Within Your Office: Tools and
.75 CECH                                                                        New            Resources to Meet An Ever Growing
                                               2:20 to 3:20 pm
                                                                                               Need, Jonathan Moore, DPM, MS
This workshop, conducted by two of podi-       Balancing Your Personal and
atry’s leading authorities on in-office dis-   Professional Life, Neil Baum, MD                .5 CECH
pensing, takes a hands-on look at the          Podiatrists are forever making an effort to     Meeting the needs of our diabetic popula-
most common conditions and treatment           balance their personal and professional         tion and our senior community through
protocols utilizing dispensing to improve      lives. This is a challenge that confronts       ancillary services and DME is the secret
patient compliance and outcomes.               every podiatrist. This presentation will        to success in Podiatry. In this new pro-
                                               provide 10 suggestions that will hopefully      gram, the audience will learn how to bring
                                               make the balancing act just a little easier.    these services together through the inte-
                                               These are recommendations that every-           gration of AFO technology and physical
                                               one can easily implement to make their          therapy to create a unique program that
                                               professional and professional lives more        will impact the quality of care for your
                                               productive and ultimately more meaning-         patient population and improve your prac-
                                               ful.                                            tice.

                                                                                               4:45 to 4:55 pm
                                                                                               AAPPM Student Chapter Report, Lucy

                     2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Friday, March 5                                8:20 to 8:50 pm          New                   Saturday, March 6
                                               GIT-R-DONE, Jeffrey Frederick, DPM
4:55 to 5:35 pm                                                                               6:30 to 7:30 am
                                               Being a successful podiatrist encompass-
EMR Panel - What You Need to Know                                                             Continental breakfast and visit
                                               es may challenges. Learn how to change
About EMR for 2010 and Beyond, Hal                                                            exhibitors
                                               your work priorities to maximize success
Ornstein, DPM; John Guiliana, DPM, MS;
                                               and your time. What you should be doing
Nicole Bacha; Don Schoen; Ben Weaver,                                                         One Free Optional Workshop
                                               right now can make tomorrow your best
DPM; Jonathan Moore, DPM, MS; Zac
                                               day yet. What does it really mean to be a      7:30 to 8:30 am
Childress; Michael Brody, DPM
                                               podiatric physician working in today's
.75 CECH                                                                                      Internet Marketing and Social Media:
                                               environment. Learn how to really GIT-R-
                                                                                              How do you position your podiatric
5:35 to 6:10 pm                                                                               practice for the new communication
                                                                       New                    world!, Rem Jackson, Andrew Schneider,
How to Build a Solid Relationship with         8:50 to 9:20 pm
Referring Offices, Chad Schwarz                                                               DPM; Neil Baum, MD
                                               Effective Scheduling, Neil Baum, MD
Learn, both internally and externally, how     Nothing can improve the efficiency, pro-       General Session
to build a solid relationship with your        ductivity, and morale of your office than                               New
referring offices. We will discuss taking      having a schedule that results in patients     8:30 to 9:20 am
that initial step of walking through the       being seen within minutes of their sched-      How to Attract Media Attention, Neil
door at your local doctor's offices in an      uled appointments. The traditional             Baum, MD
effort to develop a referring relationship     method of assigning every patient 15
                                                                                              Certainly the Internet is one of the hottest
allowing your practice to provide care as      minutes and then working in the urgen-
                                                                                              items to use to market and promote a
an extension of theirs. Along with that,       cies and emergencies is no longer appli-
                                                                                              practice. However, there is nothing like
learn several systems to implement in          cable. This presentation will cover the use
                                                                                              getting local and, when possible, national
your office that will develop your relation-   of volume planning or the creation of care
                                                                                              media attention. This presentation will
ship with these referral sources keeping       categories. Finally, Dr. Baum will discuss
                                                                                              cover the basics of attracting media
your practice in mind when top quality         the use of the modified wave scheduling.
                                                                                              attention: how to get it and how to keep it
podiatric care is needed.                      Both of these techniques will create a
                                                                                              to promote your podiatric practice.
                                               scheduling program that will enable you
6:10 to 6:15 pm                                to see more patients and be labeled an         Moments of Truth Analysis…Contact
Announcements                                  on-time doctor.                                Points Between Patient and Your
                                                                                              Practice, Neil Baum, MD      N
6:15 to 7:15 pm                                Increasing Efficiency with Use of a                                                 ew
Dinner                                         Scribe, Neil Baum, MD                          Most of us feel that the most
                                                                                              important time for our patients is when
                                               .75 CECH
7:15 to 7:35 pm                                                                               the podiatrist is eyeball to eyeball with the
Scheduling for Success, Marybeth               Dr. Baum believes that doctors should          patient. However, there are other contact
Crane, DPM, MS                                 only perform functions that only doctors       points that are critical to impacting the
                                               can and are trained to do. All other activi-   patient-practice interaction. These inter-
Do you dread looking at your schedule,         ties should be delegated to others. Dr.        actions are referred to as the moments of
knowing you are running behind before          Baum has developed the scribe concept          truth and how those moments are man-
you even start? This is a practical discus-    which he will describe to you and how it       aged will ultimately decide if your patient
sion of several types of scheduling meth-      helps improve the efficiency of his prac-      has a positive experience with you, the
ods including how to measure “real time”       tice. He will explain how to find a scribe     doctor, and your practice. This presenta-
so your staff can schedule for success!        and how to train him\her to take over          tion will illuminate the moments of truth
                                               activities that were once performed by the     for your practice and what you can do to
7:35 to 8:20 pm                                podiatrist but can be easily delegated to      make each interaction a positive experi-
Winning the Insurance Game –                   the scribe.                                    ence for your patients.
Collecting More of What You Earn
(Parts I and 2), Neal Frankel, DPM             9:20 pm to 12:00 am
                                               Hospitality Suite/Fellowship Exchange
Part 1: Contracting- what you need to
know to increase your reimbursement.
Part 2: Using URAC to collect on Medical
Necessity denials

                      2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Saturday, March 5                                                                             2:25 to 2:45 pm
                                                                                              Integrating a Nail Technician Into Your
9:20 to 10:05 am                                                                              Practice, Allen Guehl, DPM
Winning the Insurance Game –                                                                  Nail technicians are licensed profession-
Collecting More of What You Earn                                                              als capable of providing services to our
(Parts 3 and 4), Neal Frankel, DPM                                                            patients freeing the doctor to provide
Part 3. Using ERISA to turn the tables on                                                     other higher value services. A brief
the insurance companies.                                                                      overview of the nail technician, mani-
                                                                                              curist, pedicurist, cosmetologist licensing
Part 4. Using ERISA to fight against                                                          and managing license and other services
insurance company recoupments.                   11:50 am to 12:20 pm                         will be provided. We will look at how
                                                 Staff Meetings…who needs                     about 10% of the practice gross comes
10:05 to 10:25 am              New
                                                 'em? YOU DO!, Lynn Homisak                   from nail care taking up about 25% of
Preparing for EHR                                                                             your time and how to maximize ancillary
Implementation, Michael Brody, DPM               Say the words, "Staff Meeting" and
                                                 sneers, jeers and tears emerge. And yet,     services such as shoes and vascular
How to get your office ready for the cul-        without them, communication, progress        evaluation while the nail tech is perform-
ture of Electronic Medical Records               and teamwork are all jeopardized. Don't      ing the manual labor. Learn about
                                                 believe me? Stay tuned to find out how       advanced online training modules avail-
10:25 to 11:10 am                                                                             able for nail techs that are podiatry
                                                 staff meetings can be more effective and
Visit exhibitors                                 outcome-focused and why you need to          specific and also training modules for
                                                 make them a staple in your practice.         medical assistants.
11:10 to 11:30 am
                                                                                              2:45 to 3:15 pm
What's on the Other Side of Your                 12:20 to 12:30 pm
Team's Rainbow?, John Guiliana, DPM,             Presentation of President’s Award            Stark Reality: Everyday Applications of
MS                                                                                            the Self-Referral Law and the Anti-
                                                 12:30 to 1:45 pm                             kickback Statute, John Leardi, Esq.
This 20 minute presentation will review
appropriate methods of motivating and            Lunch and visit exhibitors                   This presentation will focus on the two
rewarding your staff for success.                1:45 to 2:15 pm                              most prominent compliance issues that
                                                                                              arise within the context of a practice's
                                                 The Dr. Moore Hat Trick, Jonathan
11:30 to 11:50 am                                                                             business dealings and relationships. First,
                                                 Moore, DPM, MS
Realizing the Clinical and Practice                                        New                self-referrals and kickbacks will be
Building Rewards of Prescribing                  .5 CECH                                      defined and explained. Second, common
Custom Functional Orthotics, Tracey              DME standards and Documentation:             examples of transactions and arrange-
Toback, DPM                                      Learn how to stay on top of an ever          ments that violate these regulatory
.25 CECH                                         increasing demand for organization and       requirements will be discussed. Finally, a
                                                 documentation as a DME supplier              few "checklists" will be provided in the
In this presentation, the clinician will learn                                                hopes of providing doctors with practical
how to be more confident in prescribing          Checks and Balances: Do you have them        guidance on what they should be on the
custom orthotics in addition to utilizing        in your office? Never again let a patient    lookout for when analyzing proposed
pre-fabs. The proper presentation tech-          leave that should have had orthotics, vas-   business arrangements.
niques to dispense custom orthotics to           cular testing, diabetic shoes or physical
the patient will be reviewed showing you         therapy. Use your staff and your EMR to      3:15 to 3:55 pm
how to gain increased patient acceptance         stay ahead of the game.                      The Four Pillars of Success, John
and compliance. Also casting techniques          Chronic Venous Insufficiency: One of the     Guiliana, DPM, MS; Hal Ornstein, DPM
and prescription suggestions will be             greatest and most often missed opportu-
reviewed.                                                                                     Success is NOT a's a process.
                                                 nities in our practice. Learn about a new    In this program, Hal and John will share
                                                 product that may change your tune about      what life has taught them regarding that
                                                 dispensing compression garments.             process. You will learn about and hopeful-
                                                                                              ly begin to practice the four pillars
                                                 2:15 to 2:25 pm
                                                                                              required to support YOUR success.
                                                 PPAC Report
                                                                                              3:55 to 4:00 pm

                                                                                              4:00 to to 4:15 pm

                   2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Schedule

Saturday, March 5                          Sunday, March 6                               Two Optional Free Concurrent
                                                                                         Workshops. Choose one.
                                           7:00 to 8:00 am
                                           Continental breakfast                         10:45 am to 12:45 pm
                                                                         New             Advanced Top Practices Workshop,
                                           7:00 am to 8:00 am                            Rem Jackson; John Guiliana, DPM, MS
                                           Use of Extracorporeal Pulse Activation        There is no better way to finish your
                                           Treatment (EPAT) in Acute and Chronic         AAPPM Midwinter Workshop that to join
                                           Musculoskeletal Pain of the Lower             Dr. John Guiliana and Rem Jackson for
                                           Extremity, Anthony Iorio, DPM, MPH            an advanced workshop that is focused on
                                           1 CECH                                        going back to your practice on Monday
4:15 to 6:45 pm                                                                          and hitting the ground sprinting. John and
                                           A clinical presentation on EPAT to include
                                                                                         Rem have been working together in this
Roundtable Discussions for 35 min-         science, applications/uses, patient selec-
                                                                                         interactive environment that is designed
utes each. Choose four to attend.          tion, hands-on techniques, patient mar-
                                                                                         by the workshop participants at the start
1. Technology in Your Practice, Ray        keting and overall best practices for the
                                                                                         of the workshop. Areas that are typically
   Posa, MBA; Zac Childress; Michael       successful treatment of acute and chronic
   Brody, DPM                              musculoskeletal pain of the lower extrem-
                                           ity.                                             How to make sure that what you've
2. Billing and Coding, Hoda Henein; Ira                                                     learned at the conference actually
   Kraus, DPM, Neal Frankel, DPM,          8:00 to 10:00 am                                 happens within 90 days
   Sheryl Gambarella                       Breakfast and Learn Roundtable                   How to involve and motivate your staff
3. Grow Your Practice, Rem Jackson,        Discussion Groups, D. Charles Greiner,           How to design your growth plan
   Marybeth Crane, DPM, MA; Chad           DPM
                                                                                            How to knock over the roadblocks that
   Schwarz, Peter Wishnie, DPM; Neil
                                           Join us for breakfast in small round table       have held you back in the past
   Baum, MD
                                           discussion groups where 4 or 5 groups all        Practice management guidance
4. Associateships, Partnerships, Buy-      discuss the same two questions and
   ins, Financing and Investing, Mike                                                       Marketing plans and guidance
                                           share what works and doesn't work in
   Crosby, CPA, MBA; Nicole Potochar;                                                       Strategic Vision
                                           their practice and their best pearls for
   Russell LeGreca, CFP®, CRPS®            success. Then everyone gets back              10:45 am to 12:00 pm
5. DME, Ancillary Care, Orthotic           together in a wrap up session where
                                                                                         Improving Patient Care and Retention
   Devices, Wound Care Products and        recording secretaries report a summary of
   In-office Dispensing, Jonathan                                                        Through a Physician Directed Physical
                                           their group's answers to the questions to
   Moore, DPM; Animesh Bhatia, DPM;                                                      Therapy Program, Jon Segal, DC
                                           the entire group. What you learn at this
   Bill McCann, DPM; Josh White, DPM,      session will pay for the seminar several      1.25 CECH
   CPed; Howard Hillman                    times over!! This portion of the program is   By adding the services of a physical ther-
6. Compliance and Audits, John             always most informative and useful -          apist to your practice, you will be offering
   Leardi, Esq., Terry Connors and Steve   catch a later flight home and stay for the    the onsite convenience of physical thera-
   Weinberg                                pearls that can change your practice and      py and soft tissue rehabilitation to your
                                           change your life.                             patients experiencing pain from other
Moderated Roundtables will meet for
an hour and 30 minutes allowing all to                                                   areas of the body, exclusive of podiatric
                                           10:00 to 10:30 am
attend one optional roundtable above                                                     needs. Learn the appropriate phases of
                                           Summary of Pearls General Session,            care and how to justify them. Through
1. Billing Staff Forum, Brooke Weaver;     Final Q & A                                   proper case management, diagnosis,
   Lori Cerami                                                                           coding, billing, providing medical necessi-
                                           10:30 to 10:40 am
2. Staff Issue and Training, Fay                                                         ty and compliant documentation, you will
   Mushlin; Jamie Russell; Janie           What to Do With All You Learned, John         have the opportunity to improve patient
   Petercheff                              Guiliana, DPM, MS                             care and expand your practice. You will
                                                                                         also learn compliance of dispensing
3. New Practitioners, D. Charles
                                                                                         home-going TENS and ultrasound
   Greiner, DPM; Jonathan Purdy, DPM;
                                                                                         devices. Increasing stringency from insur-
   Craig Conti, DPM; Alison, DeWaters,
                                                                                         ance companies has created a need for
                                                                                         podiatric doctors to address all their
7:00 to 8:30 pm                                                                          patient’s needs and a new opportunity for
                                                                                         this dynamic program to succeed. The
Dinner Buffet
                                                                                         solution is simply: Physical Therapy.
8:30 pm to 12:00 am
Hospitality Suite/Fellowship Exchange

         2010 AAPPM Midwinter Executive Management Group

Friday, March 5                            Saturday, March 6                         6:10 to 6:45 pm
                                                                                     Attend one of the General Session
6:30 to 8:00 am                            6:30 to 7:30 am                           Round Tables
Registration, continental breakfast,       Registration, continental breakfast,      Technology in Your Practice, Ray Posa,
visit exhibitors                           visit exhibitors                             MBA; Zac Childress; Michael Brody,
Executive Management Group                 7:30 to 11:30 am                             DPM
breakout                                   Attend General Session                    2. Billing and Coding, Hoda Henein; Ira
                   New                                                                  Kraus, DPM, Neal Frankel, DPM,
8:00 to 9:00 am                            Executive Management Group                   Sheryl Gambarella
Take Personality Test and Share            breakout                                  3. Grow Your Practice, Rem Jackson,
Results, Fay Mushlin; Brooke Weaver
                                           11:30 am to 12:20 pm                         Marybeth Crane, DPM, MA; Chad
9:15 to 11:15 am                  New                                                   Schwarz, Peter Wishnie, DPM; Neil
                                           Open Forum. Share Ideas, Q & A,
The Appeal Process and More                                                             Baum, MD
                                           Brooke Weaver; Fay Mushlin
(Using Erisa), Neal Frankel, DPM; Lori                                               4. Associateships, Partnerships, Buy-ins,
Cerami                                     12:20 to 12:30 pm                            Financing and Investing, Mike Crosby,
                                           Attend General Session for                   CPA, MBA; Nicole Potochar; Russell
11:15 am to 12:00 pm                       Announcements, Presentation of               LeGreca, CFP®, CRPS®
Cutting Costs, Maria Guehl
                                           Presidents's Award                        5. DME, Ancillary Care, Orthotic
Join General Session                                                                    Devices, Wound Care Products and
                                           12:30 to 1:45 pm                             In-office Dispensing, Jonathan
12:00 to 12:05 pm                          Lunch and visit exhibitors                   Moore, DPM; Animesh Bhatia, DPM;
Presentation of Fellow Certificates        Executive Management Group                   Bill McCann, DPM; Josh White, DPM,
                                           breakout                                     CPed; Howard Hillman
12:05 to 1:00 pm
Lunch and visit exhibits                   1:45 to 2:45 pm       New                 6. Compliance and Audits, John
                                                                                        Leardi, Esq., Terry Connors and Steve
12:15 to 1:00 pm                           Ask The Expert: Anything you want to         Weinberg
Improving Patient Care and                 ask about staff or your DPM regarding
                                           office policies, John Guiliana, DPM, MS   6:45 to 8:00 pm
Compliance through In-Office
Dispensing, William McCann, DPM; Hal                                                 Dinner Buffet
Ornstein, DPM                                                                        8:00 pm to 12:00 am
Executive Management Group                                                           Hospitality Suite/Fellowship Exchange
breakout               New
1:15 to 3:15 pm
Time Management Tips, Wendy Ellin
3:15 to 3:45 pm
Break and visit exhibitors
3:45 to 5:30 pm
Compliance and More. Bring your
                                           2:45 to 3:00 pm
questions, John Leardi, Esq.
                                           Executive Managers Group Meeting:
Return to General Session                  Planning for our Future, Brooke
                                           Weaver; Fay Mushlin
5:35 to 6:10 pm
How to Build a Solid Relationship with     3:15 to 4:15 pm
Referring Offices, Chad Schwarz            Attend General Session

6:10 to 6:15 pm                            4:15 to 6:10 pm
Announcements                              Staff Moderated Roundtables. Choose
6:15 to 7:15 pm
Dinner                                     1. Billing Staff Forum, Brooke Weaver;
                                              Lori Cerami
At 7:15 group can either join General
Session or engage in our own networking    2. Staff Issue and Training, Fay
and socializing prior to the hospitality      Mushlin; Jamie Russell; Janie
suites opening.                               Petercheff

          2010 AAPPM Midwinter Workshop Registration Form

Please submit only one form per registrant

                   Name                                          Name for Badge

                Phone                                Fax                            Email

                   Address                                 City                       State  Zip Code
No guests may attend sessions or meal functions. Registrants must be registered for full conference to attend any of the optional
workshops. All registrants must be paid in full prior to the conference in order to attend.
All cancellations must be received in writing. No refunds after February 19.
Registration Fees                             Registration Fees for Optional Paid Workshops
AAPPM Member Rates                            Wednesday                                     Early Afternoon
   $399 DPM member in practice more               $29 EMR Alphabet Soup from 7:00              $49 Expanding Your Practice
   than 4 years. $449 if registering              to 8:00 pm                                   Through DME and Ancillary
   after February 8 or at door.                   No charge Crucial Facts Your                 Services from 1:00 to 3:30 pm
   $349 DPM Associate 1 to 4 member               Credit Score Plays from 8:00 to              $49 Advanced Coding and Billing
   in practice 4 years or less. $399 if           9:00 pm                                      Workshop from 1:00 to 3:30 pm
   registering after February 8 or at         Thursday                                         $49 Take the Sting Out of
   door.                                      Please check off which you will attend for       Neuropathy from 12:30 to 3:30 pm
                                              each time period.
   $299 Resident/Student member.                                                            Late Afternoon
   $349 if registering after February 8       Early Morning
                                                                                               $49 Podiatric Diagnostic
   or at door.                                    $99 Billing and Coding Workshop              Ultrasound Hands-on Program from
   $299 AAPPM Assistant/Staff member.             from 7:30 to 10:30 am                        4:00 to 6:00 pm
   Assistant or staff members (non-               $49 Chronic Venous Insufficiency             $49 Medinotes...Evolved from 4:00
   DPMs) must be paid AAPPM mem-                  from 7:30 to 10:00 am                        to 6:00 pm
   bers under their own name. $349 if
   registering after February 8 or at             $49 Enough is Enough - Get                   $49 Human Resource Management
   door.                                          Control of Your Stuff! from 8:00 to          from 4:00 to 5:30 pm
Non-AAPPM Member Rates                            10:00 am                                     $49 Integrating a Scribe into Your
                                              Late Morning                                     Office from 4:00 to 5:30 pm
   $599 Non AAPPM member DPM in
   practice more than 4 years. $649 if            $49 Practice Compliance 101 from          Evening
   registering after February 8 or at             10:30 am to 12:30 pm                         $79 The Ultimate Podiatry
   door.                                                                                       Marketing Workshop from 6:00 to
                                                  $99 Clinical Protocols; A Pathway
   $479 Non AAPPM member                          for Efficiency from 10:30 am to              9:00 pm. Includes working dinner.
   Assistant/Staff. $529 if registering           12:00 pm. Laptop needed.                     $69 Enough is Enough - Get
   after February 8 or at door.
                                                                                               Control of Your Stuff! from 6:00 to
                                                                                               8:00 pm. Includes working dinner.
 Payment information                                                                        Total General Admission       $________
    Check enclosed for $____________. (US funds only). Make payable to AAPPM.               Total Optional Workshops $________
    Process $__________ on credit card number (VISA or MasterCard only)                     Grand Total                $__________

    ________________________________________              Expiration Date ___/___

 Name on card ____________________________________________________                              I plan to attend the Executive
                                                                                                Office Manager’s Group track on
              Fax completed registration with credit card information to 978-646-9092           Friday and Saturday.
              or send with check to:
              American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management
              10 Maple Street, Suite 301
               Middleton, MA 01949


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