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Marketing Strategy
                                                                           Title                    Days    £
The method by which the organisation aims to achieve its
long term goals. Detailed strategies are required for the
whole of the marketing efforts; the marketing mix must be      Strategic Marketing and the
                                                                                                     3     750
employed effectively within the resource constraints of        Strategic Marketing Programme
money, people and time. Marketing strategy must therefore
be co-ordinated with the organisation's corporate strategy,
                                                               Marketing Planning                    2     450
and be in line with other functional strategies; such as
production, financial, human resource etc. The marketing
strategy has to consist of methods that are effective in the
                                                               Pricing and Profit Maximising         2     450
marketplace, and are capable of reaching the marketing and
corporate goals.

                                                               Advanced Strategic Marketing          2     650

                                                               Achieving and Sustatining
                                                               Competitive Advantage for the 21st    2     650

                                                               Marketing Communications Strategy     2     450

                                                               Corporate Communications Strategy     3     750
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General Marketing Skills
                                                                            Title                       Days    £
The tasks facing the modern marketing manager, means it is
even more important today that the marketer appreciates
and can successfully carry out tasks that are vital to          Developing and Implementing an
                                                                                                         3     650
business success. Both internally and externally, the modern    Internal Communications Strategy
marketing manager has 'customers' who hold the keys to
this success. These 'customers' must be communicated
with, they must develop into business partners, and they        An Introduction to New Product           2     450
must be fully understood and appreciated in line with the       Development
competitive environment. Key skills are therefore required if
the marketing manager is to be both a successful and to         Successful Project management            2     450
become an effective team member, both inside and outside
the organisation.
                                                                Essential Relationship Marketing         2     1,050

                                                                Leadership Skills for New Managers       2     450

                                                                Value of Knowledge Leverage              2     450

                                                                Writing Perfect Reports and Proposals    2     450

                                                                Delivering Persuasive Presentations      3     650
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Marketing Management
                                                                            Title                    Days    £
In order to reach the organisation's objectives and meet your
customer expectations at a profit making level, the
organisation has to manage both strategic and tactical          The key Principles, Tools and
                                                                                                      3     750
marketing activities. The marketing mix has to be managed       Techniques of Effective Marketing
effectively in both the short and long terms. The basic
structure of carrying out this marketing management
                                                                The Effective Triad: Segmentation,    2     550
process involves market analysis, determining mission and
                                                                Targeting and Positioning
objective statements, designing well resourced marketing
plans, implementing these plans and carrying out control
procedures. It is vital that the marketing manager
understands and can direct these key marketing activities.
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Marketing Planning
                                                                                Title            Days    £
The organisation has to consider two main time horizons.
Strategic plans are geared to long term, and consist of
effectively targeting the product/service into a profitable
market position, gaining competitive advantage and            Market Planning                     2     450
designing marketing strategies that can achieve these long
term goals.
                                                              Advanced Market Planning            2     650
Short term tactical plans must also be designed and
implemented by the marketing manager. These consist of
marketing decisions that show how the marketing strategy      Competitor Intelligence Analysis    2     550
will be implemented.

                                                              Creating a Web Marketing Plan       2     450
Marketing planning is vital to the marketing manager, and
the organisations as a whole because objectives have to be
stated; effective plans designed, resourced and               New Product Development: From
                                                                                                  3     750
implemented and controlled - whilst focusing on the present   Concept to Launch
and the future for the organisation.
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Brand Management
                                                                            Title                     Days     £
This consists of how to direct your organisation's brands
towards their market targets and ensuring that they thrive in
the competitive market environment. The brand's position in
                                                                An Introduction to Brand Management    2      450
the marketplace is determined by how it is perceived by
customers and consumers. A more complete picture is
provided by how it is viewed by other stakeholder groups,
who can and do affect its success.                              Competitive Branding: Brand Equity,
                                                                                                       4     1,050
                                                                Adding Value, Brand Stretching
The key to successful brand management is to identify the
brand position in the competitive market arena, and to direct   Online Branding                        2      800
the brand into a favourable competitive market position.
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General Management
                                                                            Title                        Days   £
It is now accepted wisdom that in today's organisations
everything is negotiable and that leadership is no longer the
preserve of top executives. As a manager/supervisor you
can make as much or as little of your role as you want.         Managing and Nurturing People             2     550
Although each managerial role is unique, there are however
many common requirements both in terms of the skills
required and the duties performed. The best managers have       Optimising the People Contribution and    2     550
mastered such skills and are able to apply this success in a    the Art of Delegation
variety of situations.
                                                                Motivational Skills and Techniques        2     550

                                                                The Management of Work Related            2     550

                                                                Managing Yourself                         2     450

                                                                Team Building                             2     550
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Services Marketing
                                                                            Title                         Days    £
The proportion of purchasing effort focused on goods is
declining rapidly due to the impact of a number of factors
(i.e. the commoditisation of branded goods and the demise       Understanding and Utilising the Unique
                                                                                                           2     450
of the mass market). By comparison, the purchasing of           Characterisitcs of Services
services is becoming increasingly complex. Services
permeate through every aspect of our lives. Many of these
services have always been present to some degree, but the       Understanding and Delivering on                  450
complexity and diversity of services has increased              Customer Expectations and Perceptions
dramatically and contrary to popular belief, services, not
manufactured goods, have fuelled modern economic growth.        Building Relationships in Services         2     450
Product quality is no longer a source of competitive
advantage as everyone is becoming better at developing          Service Development and Design:
products. This leaves one place firms can differentiate                                                    3     750
                                                                From Concept to Launch
themselves; in the service they provide. The service
imperative dictates that organisations must concentrate on
                                                                Role of Employees in Service Delivery
three key areas for success; the service consumer, the                                                     2     500
                                                                and Strategies to Enhance Performance
service operation, and the service organisation. As a result,
interest in the problem of marketing in service organisations
is growing rapidly.                                             Role of Customers in Service Delivery
                                                                and Strategies to Enhance Participation    2     500

                                                                Strategies for Managing Demand and         2     550

                                                                The Gaps Model of Service Quality          2     550
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Internal Communications
                                                                          Title                          Days    £
Without effective internal communications, the crisis of
confidence in a businesses and its corporate leadership
could suffer severely. The importance of a comprehensive       The Nature of Communications in            3     750
internal communications programmes (particularly during        Organisations
times of hardship) cannot be understated. How employees,
association members and other related stakeholders such        Developing and Implementing an Internal    2     750
as investors, trustees and business partners, perceive the     Communications Strategy
organisation is crucial to its success. Without a dedicated    Conducting a Communications Audit
and effective internal communications programme, an                                                       2     750
                                                               - Internal
organisation allows others to determine what information (or
disinformation) is communicated to employees about their
organisation. The dynamics of the workplace are changing
internal communications. The rapid development of
communications-related technology and the rapid expansion
of communications channels create special opportunities
and challenges. As a result, internal communications
programs of the past are becoming obsolete. In fact, a good
internal communications program not only affects
organizational and operational success, but it has a
considerable impact on external functions such as
marketing, community and government relations, and
investor relations.
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                                                                             Title                         Days    £
Since the late 1990's, the marketplace has been
revolutionised by marketing and information technology.
Marketers must now accept, embrace and practice e-               Marketing in a Digital Age                 4     1,050
commerce, otherwise not only will they be at a major
competitive disadvantage, they are likely to become extinct !
                                                                 Running Effective E-Marketing Campaigns    2     450
The very essence of successful marketing management;
strategic planning, must change and be adapted to these          E-CRM: Maximising Relationships
new market places. Getting to know your marketplace,                                                        2     450
                                                                 through Technology
developing relationships, planning your competitive
offerings, delivering these effectively and evaluating market
                                                                 Creating a Web Marketing Plan              2     450
performances - all of these must be practised in line with the
e-commerce environment.
                                                                 Market Research Using the Internet         2     450

                                                                 Principles of Great Web Design             2     450

                                                                 Strategic Internet Marketing               2     550

                                                                 Viral Marketing                            2     450

                                                                 Communications Technologies and Virtual
                                                                                                            3     650
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Direct Marketing
                                                                           Title                        Days    £
The American Direct Marketing Association defines direct
marketing as 'an interactive system of marketing which uses
one or more advertising media to effect a measurable           Developing and Using an Effective
                                                                                                         2     450
response and/or transaction at any location.'                  Marketing Database

Originating from male order, it is now evolving and            Precision Direct Marketing Effectively    2     450
developing into a truly diverse and interactive marketing
approach, moving beyond being merely an advertising
medium. It is a new approach to marketing management,          Running Effective E-Marketing             2     450
encompassing all of the marketing mix, and is a major          Campaigns
contributor to the changing picture and practice of

Markets are changing. Behaviour patterns are increasing in
complexity, the technological environment is increasing
becoming the new place in which to operate. Direct and
interactive marketing practices are key players in these new
                                                                Course Details
Marketing Communications
                                                                            Title                           Days    £
Once upon a time, in marketing's previous life, the focus
was on almost exclusively on advertising. Practitioners then
developed this into other areas such as sales promotions,       Effective Marketing Communications           3     700
public relations and publicity, and personal selling.

The modern marketing manger has to appreciate that there        Essential Advertising                        2     500
is much more than this to communicating in the
marketplace. Different market environments and different
                                                                Essential Direct Marketing                   2     500
audiences, require a whole new approach.

Marketing communications plans must be designed to              Essential Sales Promotions                   2     500
employ the most effective mix, in order to successfully reach
the stated objectives. These plans must consider not only
                                                                Essentials of Exhibitions and Sponsorship    2     500
the 'old' promotional mix, but also other available options,
which must be maintained in an integrated fashion.
                                                                How to Plan and Control Marketing Events     2     450

                                                                Running Effective E-Marketing Campaigns      2     500

                                                                Integrated Marketing Communications          2     500

                                                                Marketing Communications Strategy            2     500
                                                                Course Details
Sales and Personal Selling
Selling Skills                                                              Title                         Days    £

Sales Management
                                                                The Fundamental Principles of Effective    3     750
Account Management                                              Negotiation
Selling Skills
                                                                The Fundamental Principles of Selling      3     650
The role of the sales professional over the years has
changed dramatically. Numerous factors have
                                                                Selling Against Strong Competition         2     450
contributed to this including an increasingly competitive
environment as well as the calibre of people entering
the profession. The sales professional of the new               Advanced Selling Techniques                2     750
millennium needs to be extremely organised and have
the ability to prioritise work and meet important
deadlines. Not only must they possess a diversity of            Competitive Tendering Skills               2     650
skills, abilities and attributes, but just as important, they
must continually enhance and broaden their skills               Consultative Selling                       3     750
base. A positive attitude forms the backbone for selling
success upon which other skills such as the dynamics
of the buying and selling process can build upon.               Selling a Service                          2     500
                                                               Course Details
Sales and Personal Selling
Selling Skills                                                              Title                          Days    £

Sales Management
                                                               Fundamentals of Effective Negotiation        3
Account Management                                                                                                750

                                                               Fundamental Principles of Selling            3     650

Sales Management                                               Selling Against Strong Competition           2     450

The job of the sales manager/supervisor has never
                                                               Advanced Selling Techniques                  2     750
been more demanding. The squeezing of resources
has added to this burden. Increasingly, managers are
required to do more with less. Success at this level is        Competitive Tendering Skills                 2     450
determined by the ability of the sales
manager/supervisor to effectively manage a varied
                                                               Consultative Selling                         2     750
group of people, (possibly all differing in their abilities)
continually motivating staff, setting demanding yet
                                                               Selling a Servive                            2     500
achievable goals and objectives. These are key factors
which form an integral part of the diverse nature for a
sales leader.
                                                               New Customer Acuisition: Prospecting /       2     450
                                                               Cold Calling / Reaching Decision Makers

                                                               Effective techniques for Telphone Selling    2     450

                                                               Effective Up-Selling and Cross-Selling       3     750
                                                           Course Details
Sales and Personal Selling
Selling Skills                                                          Title                          Days    £

Sales Management
                                                           Fundamentals of Effective Negotiation        3
Account Management                                                                                            750

                                                           Fundamental Principles of Selling            3     650
Account Management
                                                           Selling Against Strong Competition           2     450
Providing the sales force with key account information
has never been more important. To stay ahead in a          Advanced Selling Techniques                  2     750
fiercely competitive market, field sales representatives
now need to perform many functions per visit. These
                                                           Competitive Tendering Skills                 2     450
include compiling in-store merchandising data,
reporting competitive activity, monitoring shelf
standards, measuring product performances against          Consultative Selling                         2     750
growth and the selling in of new products and lines.
The sales account management process involves              Selling a Servive                            2     500
managing and tracking the entire cycle of a sales lead.
It allows the salesperson to manage and monitor the
process over time. If done effectively and efficiently,    New Customer Acuisition: Prospecting /       2     450
this process is your competitive advantage.                Cold Calling / Reaching Decision Makers

                                                           Effective techniques for Telphone Selling    2     450

                                                           Effective Up-Selling and Cross-Selling       3     750
                                                                    Course Details
Essential Business Skills
                                                                                Title                       Days    £
The pressures of modern corporate life dictate the necessity
of certain core skills. Regardless of position or stature within
an organisation, it is an inevitable fact that such activities as   Writing Perfect Reports and Proposals    3     450
writing reports, organising meetings/conferences, making
presentations etc. will be undertaken on a day-to-day basis
by many professionals.                                              Delivering Persuasive Presentations      3     650

Often these essential 'softer' skills are sidelined in favour of
more traditional skills such as product knowledge and
business operations. Possessing and further enhancing
these key attributes are critical for the modern business
                                                                Course Details
Sector Specific
                                                                            Title                Days    £
The keep marketing principles remain the same in all
markets and on all occasions. However, what the marketing
manager must recognise is that the particular circumstances     Business to Business Marketing    4     1,200
faced must be catered for. This requires an individualised
marketing programme being developed for the specific
marketing situation.                                            Marketing fo FMCG's               4     1,200

It is the ability of the marketing manager to adapt the         Marketing a Service               4     1,200
marketing approach that makes the organisation standout
from the crowd. Basic marketing principles are still applied,
                                                                Marketing Financial Products      4     1,200
but within the market constraints, marketing strategies and
                                                                and services
plans must be developed that are effective in the specific
circumstances. The keys to success are matching strategies
                                                                Marketing for IT and Telecomms    4
and tactics to the marketplace.                                                                         1,200

                                                                Pharmaceutical Marketing          4     1,200
                                                              Course Details
Customer Care
                                                                          Title                       Days    £
The old adage of customer is king is as valid today as it's
ever been. By designing for what customers want, rather
than what the organisation and the technology can offer,      Delivering Service Excellence: Key       2     550
companies can reap great rewards. The costs of offering       Elements of Customer Care
poor customer care are considerable, and the companies
that proactively please their patrons through the entire      Customer Care Planning                   2     550
relationship cycle can reap extraordinary rewards and
loyalty.                                                      Customer Care as a Competitive
                                                                                                       2     550
Customer care is not just being polite when you answer the
                                                              Understanding and Delivering on
phone. It is looking at the entire customer experience - or                                            2     450
                                                              Customer Expectations and Perceptions
walking in the shoes of the customers. This journey starts
before you even meet your customer. It is a companywide
                                                              Understanding and Utilising the
strategic approach to managing, in a positive way, the                                                 2     450
                                                              Unique Characterisics of Service
customer experience.
                                                              Building Relationships through           2     450
                                                              Customer Care

                                                              Role of Employees in Service Delivery
                                                              and Strategies to Enhance their          2     500

                                                              The Gaps Model of Service Quality        2     550

                                                              On-Line Customer Care                    2     550
                                                                Course Details
Customer Care (cont)
                                                                            Title                       Days    £
The news that companies need to heed is that as the
products and services that businesses offer continue to grow
in similarities, customer care is fast becoming the new         Delivering Service Excellence: Key       2     550
competitive battleground for acieving differentiation. To       Elements of Customer Care
achieve this several steps need to be taken, such as
educating company-wide about the importance of customer         Customer Care Planning                   2     550
careand demonstrating its many facets: written
communication, data protection, web and e-mail channels,        Customer Care as a Competitive
                                                                                                         2     550
phone responses, internal feedback mechanisms, and              Advantage
proactive after sales service to name but a few.
                                                                Understanding and Delivering on
                                                                                                         2     450
                                                                Customer Expectations and Perceptions
Companies that improve customer care can enjoy the
benefitsfrom return sales and recommendations, as well as
                                                                Understanding and Utilising the
reducing the overheads of dealing with problems when                                                     2     450
                                                                Unique Characterisics of Service
customers complain. The return on investment on a
customer care programmecan be significant; in many cases
                                                                Building Relationships through           2     450
it would easily double a company's turnover, if you find that
                                                                Customer Care
hard to beleive you probably need it most.

                                                                Role of Employees in Service Delivery
                                                                and Strategies to Enhance their          2     500

                                                                The Gaps Model of Service Quality        2     550

                                                                On-Line Customer Care                    2     550
                                                                Course Details
Marketing Research
                                                                            Title                        Days    £
Get to know your markets !
                                                                The Key Principles, Tools & Techniques
But more than this (market research), the marketing                                                       3     750
                                                                of Effective marketing Research
manager has to be familiar with everything that is happening
(marketing research).
                                                                Competitor Intelligence Analysis          2     550
The decisions that organisations take are fraught with risk
and uncertainty. Data and information are required if these     Fundamentals of Effective
                                                                                                          2     400
risks are to be reduced and even managed.                       Questionnaire Design

Then and only then can the marketing decisions be based         How to Build and Use Market               2     450
on a stronger platform. Plans can be built and carried out in   Intelligence
a more informed atmosphere. The three key places for
marketing research are: before objectives are set; during the   Market Research Using the Internet        2     450
implementation of strategies and tactics and in the control
and evaluation periods.
                                                                  Course Details
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
                                                                              Title                    Days     £
Relationship marketing is a relatively new addition to the
field of marketing. However, it is centred on the key principle
of marketing customer satisfaction, and as such is in line        Essential Relationship Marketing      4     1,050
with basic marketing. What is new and different is that the
emphasis is placed on effectively creating, maintaining,
developing and leveraging relationships.                          E-CRM: Maximising Relationships       2     450
                                                                  through Technology
Taking the approach to its full, and more potent,
implementation, the organisation must recognise that many         Building Relationships in Services    2     450
relationships have to be formed in this manner. Other
individuals and groups, both inside and outside the
organisation, provide the keys to successful marketing
management. Long term relationships must be built and
maintained with these key stakeholder groups, and
strategies for doing so must be understood.

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