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        Winter 2001
        Volume 01.2
                                                 Code of Professional Responsibility
          The Parachute Industry Association is dedicated to the promotion of the highest principles of honesty, integrity, fairness and
professional behavior in all of our dealings with our customers, the public at large, and amongst ourselves. We are an organization
based in the United States with an international membership contingent and scope. Our ethical solidarity is only as strong as the
cumulative quality of our individual members. Our membership extends beyond the bounds of most federal, state, and local customs
of acceptable behavior; there may be issues on which we, as individual members, will disagree. It is imperative that all of our
disagreements, arguments, accusations and methods of resolution be kept within the bounds of our organization. It is essential that we
approach the outside world with a clear, common, and unified voice.
          The purpose and goal of the Parachute Industry Association's Ethics Committee is to compose and maintain a working Code
of Professional Responsibility, provide guidance to our membership, and to provide a forum for membership to voice opinions of
violation of our Code of Professional Responsibility.
Specifically, we pledge to respect and follow these guidelines:

•    Each of us must strive to achieve excellence in the products and services we offer. It is imperative that we take steps to
     understand and avoid any situations which would project our industry in a less than positive way to those with whom we deal.
•    We must respect and protect the integrity of the property rights of others, whether intellectual property, trademarks, patents or
     copyrights. It is difficult if not impossible to conduct our business without making public some of the things we have worked
     hard to individually develop and earn.
•    We must know, understand, respect, and obey existing laws having jurisdiction over our business activities. This pledge of
     compliance applies to laws extending from the international level down to and including of our own Standard Operating
•    We must maintain a strong commitment to service. Our professional responsibilities must be bound by our commitment to
     perform as we have agreed or contracted. The quality of our work is only as strong as our commitment to take personal
     responsibility for the work which we perform.
•    We will avoid any falsification of records, including parachute maintenance records, aircraft logbooks and maintenance records,
     certification records, component testing and laboratory reports, and any other document alteration intended to mislead or deceive.
•    We must refrain from stating, publishing, or otherwise posting product or services claims which are not consistent with accuracy,
     and cannot be substantiated, including advertisements, promotional efforts, performance specifications, compliance certification,
     or any other false claims which are perceived by our organization to be misleading and deceitful.
•    Member manufacturers of primary components must operate with a quality assurance system which has the capability to
     effectively handle recall of systems or components as necessary.
•    Use of parachute equipment will not be recommended outside of the manufacturer's published operational window. Parachute
     components will not be represented in any manner which is inconsistent with the manufacturer's intended purpose of that
•    We will refrain from providing a service or an opinion on matters which are outside the scope of our education, experience, or
•    For our students, we will follow a comprehensive course of instruction which is consistent with accepted common good and safe
     practice in the parachute community.
•    When providing equipment for use in parachute activities, we will provide proper, safe and airworthy equipment which is
     appropriate to the operation.
•    We will provide appropriate airlift which is maintained and operated in a safe and airworthy manner by authorized and
     appropriately rated personnel.
•    We will utilize only those modifications to aircraft intended to facilitate parachuting which have been done in accordance with
     accepted industry practice and which carry appropriate authorizations (i.e. inflight door, installation of steps, porches, handles
     and appendages.)
•    We will only introduce fuel into any aircraft if that fuel is intended and authorized for use into the powerplant of that particular
     aircraft. Only properly filtered fuel which is drawn from controlled and uncontaminated sources will be used.
•    We must recognize and avoid operational conflicts of interest which adversely effect our ability to conduct safe business
•    A member of the Parachute Industry Association who is convicted, by a court or tribunal having jurisdiction, of conduct that is in
     conflict of this Code, may be subject to additional punishment from the PIA. This action could include actions available in
     accordance with the by-laws of the Parachute Industry Association and Roberts' Rules of Order.

Original Issue

PIA Ethics Committee
February 11, 1996
George Galloway, Chairman

PIA Membership Application
Membership Committee Revision 1/01
                                                                       PARANEWS BRIEF
                                                                            TABLE OF CONTENTS
                                                                                                Winter 2001
              The                                        The Parachute Industry Association
  2003 Parachute Symposium                               Code of Professional Responsibility…………………...2

  is scheduled for January 27,                           From the Prez…………………………………………..3

                                                         PIA September 2001 Meeting………………………….5
2003 through January 31,2003
                                                         PIA Member Profile: Carolina Sky Sports…………….6
in Jacksonville, Florida at the                          Low-Number Reunion………………………………….6
      Adam's Mark Hotel.                                 PIA Briefs………………………………………………7

                                                         PIA Member Profile: DJ Associates…………………...8

                                                         2003 Symposium Brochure…………………………10, 11
     2001-2002 Officers                                  PIA Group Email Address List……………………..…..15

                  President                              PIA Committee Leadership…………………………….17
              Cliff Schmucker
             SSK Industries, Inc.                        PIA Membership Application………………………….19

              Bill Gerrow
       Performance Textiles, Inc.

                  Secretary                              To our Members and Subscribers:
                 Jean Beck
                                                         It is an understatement to say that events that occurred
              DJ Associates, Inc.                        in September just days after our meeting in Niagara
                                                         Falls, have profoundly affected all of us. Fortunately,
              Treasurer                                  everyone arrived home safely with no travel snags.
           Dori Bachman                                  There is no question that things will never again be
    Para-Gear Equipment Company                          quite the same. Our thoughts are certainly with every-
                                                         one that has suffered a loss or been directly affected.
             Executive Advisor
              George Galloway                            You have probably noticed in the weeks and months
                                                         following the terrorist attack that there has been a lot of
          Precision Aerodynamics                         interest generated concerning the concept of using
           ______________________                        parachutes as a means of emergency egress from tall
                          Editor                         buildings. As it turns out, this idea is as old as the con-
                        Publisher                        cept of the parachute itself. In fact, this was the prob-
                  Carol Cinnamon Bason                   lem that Leonardo Da Vinci was pondering in 1495
                   Artistic Technology
                                                         when he invented what we now call the parachute.

                                                         Now, a number of our member companies are research-
                                                         ing, designing and marketing parachutes intended for
The Parachute Industry Association expresses heartfelt
sympathy to all of those who have been touched by our
                                                         this purpose. Although PIA has no “official opinion”
               recent national tragedy.                  on the advisability or survivability of using parachutes
                                                                                                  (Continued on page 4)

                                                                               From the Prez…

  (Continued from page 3)
  for this use, we certainly support the efforts of all of our members in any life saving application of parachutes.

  Just a quick reminder that at our upcoming meeting in February, we will be having elections for the Executive
  Committee positions, as well as Committee Chairs. I would encourage anyone who has interest in serving in any
  of these areas to pursue it. Although sometimes a lot of effort, it is very rewarding to work with a great organiza-
  tion like ours.

  See you soon,

                                                                       It’s official…
                                    S-17 authority transferred to PIA
  November 19, 2001

  Mr. Cliff Schmucker
  President, Parachute Industry Association
  SSK Industries
  1008 Monroe Road
  Lebanon, OH 45036

  Subject: Transfer of SAE Committee S-17

  Dear Mr. Schmucker:

  I am pleased to inform you that the SAE Aerospace Council has approved the transfer of SAE Com-
  mittee S-17, “Performance Standards for Personal Parachute Assemblies and Components” to PIA.

  The excellent relationship that the PIA PCS Committee has developed with S-17 and considerable
  common membership between the two groups will ensure that the transfer in the will take place

  SAE will, by email, contact the members on the S-17 roster and inform them of this transfer. We will
  also send you any files, rosters, etc. that pertain to the committee. We will maintain as active the cur-
  rent revision of AS 8015 until PIA publishes its replacement. At that time, please contact us and we
  will supercede AS8015 with the PIA document.

  We would like to thank PIA for providing the S-17 Committee with the opportunity to meet concurrently
  with the PCS Committee at PIA sponsored events over the past number of years. We would also like
  to thank PIA for accepting the transfer of this responsibility. We believe, as you do, that this transfer
  seems to be a fairly natural progression for the parachute standards work.

  Thank you.

  Scott Klavon
4 Manager, SAE Aerospace Products and Services
                        Second Regular Meeting
                            September 2001                     PARACHUTE INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION

                                                PIA MEETS IN NIAGARA FALLS
 The picturesque Canadian side of Niagara
 Falls was the location of the last PIA Gen-             authored an excellent Membership Bro-
 eral Membership meeting, held September                 chure that is now available. Karen has
 6-9. Thirty-six voting members were pre-                spearheaded an advertising pilot plan with
 sent, representing a quorum.                            Aviation Week, and the Membership Com-
                                                         mittee has given special effort to mailings
       NEW MEMBERS, NEW LEADERS                          that encourage the participation of Riggers
 Among the first issues addressed by the                 in PIA. In other committee action reports:
 members was the addition of two new affili-               ►M001 Membership Application – The PIA
 ate members, Rhode Island Textile of Provi-               application had been expanded to include
 dence, RI, and Vertigo, Inc. of Lake Elsi-                the request for background information
 nore, CA. Perseverance Mills applied to up-               discussed at the Jan, 2001 meeting. Due
 grade their membership from Affiliate to                  to several concerns expressed, we re-
 Full, and was approved.       In other busi-              viewed the “optional” requests for # of em-
 ness, Mike Beck of DJ Associates, Inc. was                ployees and annual sales volume. It was
 tapped as the Symposium Chair. This is an                 determined to remove the line asking for
 elected position with a two year term. Addi-              sales volume only.
 tionally, Pat Thomas, Sun Path, Inc., was                 ►M002 Advertising – We discussed the
 elected as chairperson of the Awards Com-                 feasibility of placing a classified ad in
 mittee, and Vinny Salatino was elected as                 Aviation Week considering the compara-
 Specifications Committee Chair, with Sub-                 tively expensive quotations received. We
 Committee Chairs designated as Al Starr,                  decided to try placing a classified ad for 3
 Hardware, and Fred David, Narrow Fabrics                  weeks to see if there was any response. If
 Group.                                                    possible, it will be placed in alternate
                COMMITTEE ACTIONS                          ►M003 Mailing to Riggers – In early De-
                                     As tradition dic-     cember, we coordinated with Rigging
                                     tates, a majority     Committee to send a letter from Dave De-
                                     of PIA Meeting        Wolf along with a membership application
                                     time was spent        designed to increase rigger interest in
                                     in    Committee       joining PIA. 122 letters were mailed. There
                                     break-out meet-       has been 1 email in response, comment-
                                     ings.   Although      ing favorably on the Symposium), but not
                                     attendance was        applying for membership. Project com-
                                     s o m e w h a t       pleted.
Bill Gerrow and Karen Dean, enjoying smaller     than      ►M004 PIA Membership Brochure – Pro-
   the PIA Saturday evening dinner.                        ject completed. Extra copies are available
                                     normal,      PIA
 Committee work remains active and in-                     from SSK or Para Gear/PIA Headquarters.
 creasingly, members are realizing the im-                 An announcement was made to encourage
 pact and benefit of their participation.                  member companies to include a copy of
                                                           the brochure in packages or mailings that
 MEMBERSHIP                                                are made to potential PIA applicants
 COMMITTEE:                                                ►M005 Name Badges – Project ongoing.
                                                           ►M006 Why Should I Join PIA? Letter –
 The Membership Committee, headed by                       This letter evolved from simple responses
 Karen Dean has been active in a number of                 to those that ask what are the benefits of
 areas. The PIA Membership Application has                 joining PIA. The intent is to include this
 been newly revised, and the committee has                                              (Continued on page 11)
                                                                                          Page 5

                          Carolina Sky Sports
                                      A Passion Fulfilled
Until his feet hit the ground on his first                    Fayards, within a mere 6 months, had 3
parachute jump, Paul Fayard, owner and                        jump planes flying and a group of loyal
operator of Carolina Sky Sports had no idea                   regular jumpers.
what he wanted to do with his life.
“It was at that moment, I                                                         Now, 27 years after opening,
knew.” Fayard reminisced.                                                         Carolina Sky Sports boasts
From that jump in 1966,                                                           a fleet of 16 jump planes, in-
Fayard has traveled count-                                                        cluding 4 CASA’s. CSS has
less miles, both literally and                                                    been a progressive force in
figuratively, to now operate                                                      the industry, one of the first
one of the most successful                                                        dropzones to embrace the
dropzones in the US.                                                              ram air canopy, and later,
                                                                                  one of the first to offer the
Carolina Sky Sports, located                                                      Tandem - IAF method of
in Louisburg, NC (30 miles                                                        skydiving instruction.
north of Raleigh), was                 Paul and Nancy Fayard
opened by Paul and his wife                                        “Of course, the business has
Nancy in 1973. After that first life-defining       changed a lot in the last 25-30 years.”
jump, Paul spent 7 years working for Jim            Fayard said.    “For both good and bad.
West at Greene County Skydiving in Ohio,            We’re all far more professional now. We
acquiring skills, from flying and instructing,      have to be. But we’ve also lost some of the
to rigging and competition. His dream of in-        camaraderie that we used to enjoy. Jump-
dependence was realized with the opportu-           ers now tend to see the Drop Zone as a
nity to open CSS in Louisburg.                      business, plain and simple. Years ago, we
                                                    saw the Drop Zones as a way of life we’d
From a bare beginning with few assets, The                                        (Continued on page 18)

                                                                                 by Dan Poynter
                                                          More than 80 parachutists from the late 50s and early 60s
                                                          turned out in Tampa on October 20-21.
Norm Heaton told stories, Bill Ottley reminisced, Bob Spatola spoke, Paul Poppenhager returned, Russ Wheeler flew in,
Mike Lyon appeared, Bev Galloway sang, Cesar Aguilar joked, Vic Deveau laughed, Chuck MacCrone presided, Flash
Gordon arrived, Lee Guilfoyle showed up, Ron & Lana Edwards drove over, Bill Jolly remembered, Lowell & Dori Bach-
man smiled, Nate Pond peed off the balcony, Jim & Marge Bates set up a memorabilia display, Norm Fraser brought the
flag, Phil Chicchio supplied the projector, Doug Garr wrote it all down and Tom Craighead filmed it all. D numbers were
compared and two days of non-stop partying were climaxed with a banquet.
The chief organizer of the reunion was Elizabeth Foster from Park City, Utah. ( This was her sec-
ond; her first reunion was at the Pond Farm in Vermont a few years ago. 75 showed up for that one.
The next reunion will be hosted by Tee Taylor in Tucson on November 9-10, 2002. ( Mark
your calendar.
PIA and Carol Bason are establishing a daughter website for the reunion group. Mike Turoff of Houston will be the web-
master. ( The site should be up by mid-December, See

                                                                                                       Page 6
                                                 All interested Riggers are encouraged to par-
                                                 ticipate by joining the Rigger’s Maillist by go-
Your Tax Dollars…                                ing to Click on the Rig-
…And how Natick is spending was ad-              ger’s Mail list link.
dressed in a very well received presentation
by Cheryl Deluca of the US Soldier Systems       Future
Center, Natick, MA., at the recent Govern-
ment Systems Committee meeting Septem-           Meeting Locations
ber 7, 2001.       In her presentation, Ms.
Deluca included explanations of Natick’s         The next First Regular PIA Meeting of 2002
policies of Indefinite Delivery and Indefinite   will be held in Biloxi, Mississippi on February
quantity contracts.       According to Ms.       21, 22, 23, & 24 at the Beau Rivage Hotel.
Deluca, Natick is committed to keeping the       The Specifications Committee met at this lo-
parachute industry as a viable industrial        cation about 18 months ago, and found it to
base for the Army.                               be a terrific venue. Rooms will be available
Gloria Wooten, also of Natick, distributed to    through Tuesday, January 21 2002 at the
the members listings of all the parachute        special rate of $119 per night. For reserva-
equipment contract awards by Natick dur-         tions after that date, regular rates will apply.
ing 2001, and the procurement forecast for       There will be ten (10) “staff” or “government”
2002. This document is available on the          rooms available at the rate of $79 per night,
PIA Website.                                     first come, first served.

Douris Credited With                             The Second Regular Meeting of the PIA will
                                                 be held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Jackson-
Riggers Forum                                    ville, Florida, also the site of the 2003 PIA
                                                 Symposium and 2003 First Regular Meeting.
Thanks to the vision and long term commit-       For more details about upcoming PIA meet-
ment of time and effort by Gary Douris,          ings, visit the Member’s section of the PIA
certified riggers all over the world now have    website      at:
a reliable forum for communications and          meetingnotices/meeting_schedule.htm
knowledge-sharing. Douris wanted to de-
velop a web-based system, controlled in
such a way that provided:
a.) An audience of certified riggers only
(subscriptions to the group are verified by              The Para Newsbrief is a publication for and about the
certificate number)                                                Parachute Industry Association
b.) Questions and answers that have been                              3833 West Oakton Street
                                                                    Skokie, IL 60076-3438 USA
screened for accuracy and validity.
c.) Information that would be useful, even       Website:
critical for all practicing Riggers.             Phone: 847-674-9742
                                                 Fax: 847-674-9743
Gary received enthusiastic support from the      e-mail:
Executive Board of the PIA, and the Rigger’s     Para NewsBrief
Mail list was born.                              Volume 01-1
                                                 A Project of PIA’s Communications Services Committee,
The List, currently with 96 members, is          George Galloway - Project Leader
growing daily. Certified riggers are signing     NewsBrief is the official publication of the Parachute Industry Association.
                                                 Contributions for publication are welcomed and encouraged. If you wish to
up and participating by asking questions         submit material, please send the best possible copy flat, not folded, to:
and volunteering good information. Douris,       Parachute Industry Association
a Master Rigger and Moderator of the Fo-         3833 West Oakton Street
                                                 Skokie, IL 60076-3438 USA
rum, has been a rigger for over 25 years,        via e-mail, or on disc are encouraged, preferably in plain text (.txt) format
and holds ratings for all rigging catagories.    E-mail submissions to:


           Don Beck & DJ Associates Finds
            Success In Uncertain Times
        ...and brings the Parachute Industry Association to life!

    United States Forgecraft had just been sold and Don Beck, Executive Vice President for the
    Corporation, had a decision to make. Stay with the new owners or try to fulfill a lifelong
    dream and set up his own business.
    Timing was certainly not good, but is it ever? He and Jean made the decision to set up
    their own business. There seemed to be a need for webbing, hardware, thread and all the
    things needed in the parachute industry to be available in small quantities, but also to have
    military certification, and Don certainly had the expertise to handle such a company having
    worked for Irving Air Chute Company, Eastern Rotorcraft and United States Forgecraft
    where he authored a definitive book on parachute hardware and it’s use and misuse. Jean
    had been an executive assistant to the President of Irving Air Chute and handled P.R. and
    advertising for the corporation and its various divisions.
    So with a huge tightening of the belt and a prayer or two, plus Jean going to work full time
    for a medical clinic, D J Associates, Inc. was born in April 1976, in Fort Smith, Arkansas
    They decided to stay in Fort Smith after looking around the country and evaluating other
    locations, because it was centrally located and they already had a house there to use as of-
    fice, warehouse, storage and shipping.
    The company would sell to the “cut and sew” industry. Anyone with a sewing machine an
    empty garage and an idea was a potential customer. The possibilities were limitless; para-
    chutes, cargo restraint, bridles, other tack, life jackets, swat vests, tie downs. While the
    parachute industry might not be enough initially, by diversifying to incorporate other indus-
    tries, if the bottom line got soft in one economy, surely it would not be bad across the
    Don loved it. He could talk to everyone around the country by telephone and do “a little
    selling” at the same time. These little talks led him to the conclusion that the parachute in-
    dustry needed to be better organized in order to have a louder voice in the industry. The
    United States Parachute Association was for jumpers, but there was no organization for the
    manufacturers supplying all the gear to the jumpers.
    In his many talks with people in the industry he broached the subject of a parachute equip-
    ment association either in conjunction with USPA or as an affiliate of USPA to be composed
    of manufacturers, dealers, distributors and raw material suppliers, pledged to the growth,
    advancement and betterment of sport parachuting.
    There was a great deal of interest and in January, 1977, sixteen company representatives
    met in Dallas, Texas to form the Parachute Equipment Industry Association, with Don serv-
    ing as the first Chairman; Jerry Rouillard of McElfish Parachute was Secretary and Joe
    Smith of Joe Smith Parachute Sales and Service was Treasurer.
    USPA headquarters served as the official address and the two meetings each year were held
    in conjunction with USPA’s winter board meeting and the summer nationals since all the

                                                                                   (Continued on page 16)
8                                                                                        8
                                                                             SYMPOSIUM 2003 - The latest and the greatest                   THE PIA
Register Now                                                                 of the Worldwide Parachuting Community in
                                                                             one place at one time.
Company Name:
First Name:
Last Name:
                                                                             All gathered together for one reason: YOU !!

                                                                             Meet the engineers, designers, manufacturers,
Name for badge:
                                                                             riggers, instructors, dealers, DZ operators, parts suppliers
                                                                             and parachute dealers. Also, meet the end users both                        Symposium
                                                                             military and civilian. In addtion, meet procurement agen-
City:                                        State:
                                                                             cies and individuals from around the world.
Postal Code:                                  Country:
Tel:                                  Fax:                                   Hear over 100 hours of seminars on every aspect of the
                                                                             parachute industry. Some topics included are parachute
   Registration fees received before November 1, 2002:                       design and manufacturing, skydiving techniques, DZ
           PIA Members:           $165
                                                                             operation, rigging, professional instruction and skydive
           Non-Members:           $195                                       marketing. How to relate to the various government
           Single-day pass:        $95                                       agencies including the FAA and the government procure-
           Exhibit area pass:       $5/Day                                   ment agencies. Plus the FAA-sanctioned Rigger
   Registration fees received after November 1, 2002:                        Continuing Education Program.

            PIA Members:          $275                                       See Over 130 exhibit spaces featuring the latest
            Non-Members:          $295                                       parachute technology and equipment, materials,
            Single-day Pass        $95
            Exhibit area pass:      $5/Day                                   rigging tools, DZ facilities, skydive accessories,
                                                                             publications, virtual reality training devices, military
  Note: Registration includes the opening reception,                         equipment, videos and sky wear.
  opening ceremonies, seminars, access to exhibit hall,
  closing banquet, proceedings with binder,
  commemorative T-shirt, carrying bag, etc.. Single-day
                                                                             Dates: Symposium: January 27th -January 31, 2003
  includes seminars and exhibit hall only.                                            PIA Meeting: January 24th - 26th, 2003
                                                                             Location: Adam’s Mark Jacksonville
                                                                             220 E. Bay Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202 USA
 Send cheque, payable to the Parachute Industry
                                                                             Tel: (800) 444-2326 ; Tel: (904) 633-9095
 Association, drawn on a U.S. Bank or provide credit card
                                                                             Fax: (904) 634-4554 $109/night: single, double or triple
 information. ( VISA, MC, AMEX)
 Card number:
                                                                                               Parachute Industry Association
 Expiration Date:                     Amount $                                                 3833 West Oakton Street
                                                                                               Skokie, IL 60076, USA                          January 27th-January 31, 2003
  Name on card:                                                                                Tel: 847-674-9742                                Jacksonville, Florida, USA
                                                                                               Fax: 847-674-9743
  Signature :                                                                                  e-mail:
 Include credit card billing address, if different from the address above.   For the latest Symposium 2003 details visit the PIA
 Cancellations recieved in writting before November 1, 2002 will receive
 full refund.                                                                website:
                                          Schedule of Events *
                                          Symposium 2003

                                          Thursday, January 23
                                                PIA Committee Meetings

                                          Friday, January 24
                                                North Florida DZ Activities
                                                PIA Meeting

                                          Saturday, January 25
                                                North Florida DZ Activities
Adams’ Mark - Jacksonville                      PIA Meeting                             Airtec - 2001 Best Booth Award

                                          Sunday, January 26
- 906 Rooms (716 Double Queens)                8:00 -12:00 PIA Meeting                Monday, January 27
                                               1:00 - 5:00  Pre-registration for           8:30 - 5:00 Registration
- 110,000 Sq. Ft. of Meeting Space                                                         8:00 - 12:30 Exhibitor set up
                                                            speakers exhibitors,
- 28,000 Sq. Ft. Ballroom                                   and staff.                     2:00 - 6:00  Exhibits open
- Located right on the St. John’s River                                                    1:30 - 4:00  Demo jumps
                                                                                           6:00 - 8:00  Opening reception
- Next door to Jacksonville Landing
- Walking Distance to Restaraunts and                                                 Tuesday, January 28
  Shopping                                                                                 Opening ceremonies
- Water Taxi to Additional Restaraunts                                                     Classes & Seminars
- Airport 18 miles
- Atlantic Beaches 12 miles                                                           Wednesday, January 29
- 5 Dropzones within 100 miles                                                             Classes & Seminars

                                                                                      Thursday, January 30
- Room Rates $109 / Night                                                                   Classes & Seminars
      Single, Double, Triple or Quad                                                        Exhibits

                                                                                      Friday, January 31
           220 E. Bay Street
                                                                                             8:00 - 4:00     Classes & Seminars
        Jacksonville, FL 32202                                                               8:00 - 1:00     Exhibit dismantle
        Tel: 1- 800- 444-2326 or                                                             6:00 - 7:00     Cash Bar
             1- 904-633-9095                                                                 7:00 - 10:00   Closing Banquet

                                                                                      Photo Credits:
          Fax: 1-904-634-4554              Col. Joe Kittinger, 2001 Opening Speaker
                                                                                      Mo Bailey; Adams’ Mark Hotel;
                                                                                      Randy Connel, Black Diamond Imagery
                                           *Times of day are subject to change
(PIA MEETS...Continued from page 5)                                      In other
 letter along with the PIA brochure when                                 Specification Committee news…
 membership interest is expressed. Based on                              ◦James Barnett has completed the revi-
 input from any that had suggestions, it                                 sion of Mil Std/DTL 6645 and DSCR has
 needed some refining. A request was made                                completed revision of Mil Std 849.
 to all committees to approve the wording                                ◦Narrow Fabrics Group reported that
 and to suggest changes or additions that                                PIA-C-5040; PIA-C-7515 and PIA-C-
 should be made. Several comments were                                   87129 are all approved to be changed to
 made and the letter has been revised. Pro-                              “B” revision.
 ject completed.                                                         ◦Four Mil Specs need to be correctly
There was no Budget Request.                                             changed to PIA documents and two ad-
                                                                         ditional PIA Specs are awaiting approval.
AWARDS                                                                   Two additional documents are to be sub-
COMMITTEE:                                                               mitted to the main committee for review.
                                                                         Thirty day review period to end Oct. 8,
Dan Poynter burned the midnight oil to                                   2001. There are seven documents in
gather and compose the new PIA Document                                  process
SOP-322 which includes the details of the                                ◦The Hardware Group advised they re-
creation of the Awards Committee, a previ-                               viewed PIA 7195 and it is to stay as is.
ously ad hoc, but elevated to a standing com-                            Drawing SOP and electronic format need
mittee. Also, Dan detailed all awards given in                           to be reviewed. PS22017 and PS22018
the Skydiving and Aviation Industries for                                to be put on website “as is.” PS-70098
which PIA members may be eligible, includ-                               ready for the website and MIL-C040137
ing for most the past recipients. This docu-                             to go on website as
ment can be found in its entirety at http://                             PIA-C-40137. Taking                                   ◦The Textile sub-committee advised Pre-
on the challenge of leading the PIA Awards                               cision Fabrics and HLC Industries will
committee is Pat Thomas of Sun Path, Inc.                                conduct testing analysis/comparison on
Dan Poynter, in reporting for the Awards                                 the “cut-strip” tensile test method (5102)
Committee moved that the Awards Commit-                                  versus the current “ravel-strip” method
tee be changed from an Ad Hoc Committee to                               (5104).
a Standing Committee. Motion seconded by                                 ◦Duro Industries will re-write paragraph
Rich Shoemaker. MOTION CARRIED.                                 of PIA-C-44378 regarding the
                                                                         bias requirement for approval by the
SPECIFICATIONS                    To obtain PIA Specifications quickly   committee.
                                         and securely, visit our
COMMITTEE:                             SECURE ONLINE STORE:              ◦Performance Textiles will present sev-
                                                                         eral changes to PIA-C-44378 to Revision
                         To fax your order: 847-674-9743
The Specifications      To Phone your order: 847-674-9742                C for final review. Also, 7219 will be
Committee hosted Be sure to visit the PIA Website for more technical     presented for review/comment.
a presentation by information in our PIA Public Documents section.       ◦An interim meeting will be scheduled in
Dennis Schafluet-                                                        Greensboro with Fred David, Al Starr,
zel of E.I. Dupont on the status of UV Degra-                            Vinny Salatino, Bill Gerrow and Carol
dation Study., which was scheduled to be                                 Bason to discuss future action items.
completed in October 2001. The conversion,                               One item being discussed to encourage
revision, and publication of PIA Specifica-                              attendance would be the possibility of
tions continues as an ongoing process, with                              giving each full or sustaining member
new specifications being made public on an                               who attends the meeting four textile,
increasingly frequent basis. The Specifica-                              narrow fabric or hardware specs free of
tions Committee is particularly appreciative                             charge.
of the support, participation, and encourage-
ment of the government and military associ-
ated attendees.                                                                                     (Continued on page 12)

(PIA MEETS...Continued from page 11)                 ▫    Presenting papers at each others
FAA/PIA LISISON – Elek Puskas, Chair                 ▫ AIAA helping PIA get access to high-
                                                     level Government persons
Elek Puskas, Chair, advised there was no ac-         ▫ Acquiring access to each others publi-
tivity with this committee and recommended           cations
that the committee be disbanded.                     ▫ AIAA inviting PIA to AIAA’s annual
                                                     congressional visit day.
GOVERNMENT                                           It appears that AIAA’s main goal in this
SYSTEMS                                              is to be able to speak to high level na-
                                                     tional issues with a broader base of in-
Mo Gionfriddo, at the helm of the Govern-            dustry support.
ment Systems Committee has had little rest.          Bruno was unable to attend this meet-
His committee hosted                                 ing, but is planning to attend the Biloxi
30 members of government and industry,               meeting to discuss the subject further.
with the primary topic of discussion being           The sense of the committee members
the expanding relationship between the AIAA          was that PIA should continue to take
(American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro-        part in the discussions.
nautics) and the PIA. Additionally, in Gion-         ► Committee members were asked to
friddo’s committee report:                           consider whether PIA should continue
   ► Brad Botwin, Department of Com-                 to take part in AIAA’s congressional
   merce, was not able to attend this meeting        visit days or to develop its own visit pro-
   to present the results of its parachute in-       gram. After a short discussion, the is-
   dustry survey. An urgent study, requested         sue was tabled until the Biloxi meeting.
   by the White House, diverted manpower
   from the survey. Mr. Botwin said that he        COMMUNICATIONS
   would be prepared to present his report at      SERVICES
   the next PIA meeting at Biloxi, MS in Feb-
   ruary, 2002.                                    Cliff Schmucker, reporting for George Gal-
   ► Bill Kernodle, Clemson University, also       loway, Chair, reported that the member-
   did not make a presentation. He said that       ship of PIA felt the group should continue
   his work for US Army Natick on developing       PARA NEWSBRIEF in printed form and
   a balanced flow supply management pro-          should publish three issues a year; it be-
   gram was not far enough along to warrant        ing important to get it out, out on a timely
   a report. He hoped that he would have a         basis, and have good content. It was de-
   report for the Feb. 2002 meeting.               termined to publish in February, June
   ► Bruno Kisala, Business Development            and October. Communications also ad-
   representative at Hq, American Institute of     dressed:
   Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) con-        ►Exploring the possibility of hiring an
   tacted PIA to explore means to develop a          outside contractor to publish the PARA
   cooperative arrangement. Cliff Schmucker          NEWSBRIEF and the next issue will be
   asked Mo Gionfriddo to represent PIA at a         available in November. Distribution will
   meeting with Bruno at the AIAA meeting at         be available in an electronic form as well
   Boston in May, 2001. At that meeting,             as print.
   Bruno said that AIAA was looking to             ►The Riggers Mailing List is being main-
   “partner” or cooperate with other organiza-       tained by Gary Douris. (See Page XX for
   tions of similar interests. What ‘partner’ or     more details)
   ‘cooperate’ means is yet undecided and          ►PIA website continues to furnish infor-
   would be developed in meetings between            mation and all committee chairs should
   the organizations. Bruno suggested such           check the site to make sure information
   actions as:                                       relative to their committee is current
   ▫ Exchanging mailing lists (which has al-         and correct, and to update Carol Bason
   ready been accomplished)                                                     (Continued on page 13)

(PIA MEETS...Continued from page 12)
   (276-632-0817) with phone numbers and                and efforts will be made to make sure there
   e- mail addresses. Any submissions for the           is only one version, the correct one, avail-
   PIA website should be submitted to George            able. No additional budget funds are re-
   Galloway for inclusion.                              quested.

STEERING                                                SYMPOSIUM
COMMITTEE                                               COMMITTEE
Gérard R. Fetter, Chair
                                                        Present: Mike Beck, Dan Poynter, Karen
The Steering Committee I find the great thing in this   Dean, Beth Fisher, Lowell Bachman, Dori
Meeting took place on world is not so much where        Bachman, Jean Beck, Gerard Fetter, Pat
Friday, 7th September we stand as in what direc-        Thomas, Ellen Bussemaker, Dave Dewolf
2001. Eleven people tion we are moving.
were present.      Fetter    Oliver Wendell Holmes      Mike Beck thanked everyone for their help
reports that during the                                 in 2001.
(Steering Committee’s)                                  ►Looked at budget for 2001.
vivid discussions, the question arose whether           ►Look at volunteer positions for 2003:
or not the Symposium should be accompa-                 • Booth Exhibits – Lowell Bachman
nied by an exhibition in the future, as many            • Banquet – Dori Bachman and Jean Beck
of the members and participants do regard               • Opening Reception – Dori Bachman and
the exhibition as very intensive in regard to             Jean Beck
costs and energy required. It was determined            • Sponsorships – Beth Fisher and Dori
that there is no different way of organizing              Bachman
such exhibition, no practical means of reduc-           • Speaker Selection – Allen Silver
ing the costs and energy were found.                    • Demo – Allen Silver
The second question that came to discussion             • Registration - Dori Bachman
was how to attract more jumpers to the exhi-            • Co-Chair – Pat Thomas
bition. From the many ideas, such as inviting           In other actions, the Symposium Commit-
well-known names to hold classes for jump-              tee:
ers, having evening parties and organizing              ►      Discussed the lawsuit re-opened
special events, one point seems to promise                against the Adam’s Mark Corporation by
more success than others. Namely, to ensure               the NAACP. Decided we were not affected
that the Symposium and the exhibition are                 by this.
held on a weekend rather than within the                ►      Decide on a theme: “Rollin’ on the
week in order to make it easier for jumpers to            River”
attend the event without having to take a lot           ►      Take apart brochure. Content good.
of time off work. That is why we would sug-               Need to get set professionally and
gest that the Symposium Committee and / or                punched up a bit. Will contact the people
the Executive Committee for the Symposium                 who handled the membership brochure.
to be held in 2005, do consider placing much            ►      Pricing will remain the same for both
of the exhibition open time at the weekend.               registration and exhibit space.
                                                        ►      Discuss meeting management com-
                                                          panies and agreed they were cost prohibi-
ETHICS                                                    tive for our group.      Discussed hiring
COMMITTEE                                                 someone to manage and develop the Sym-
George Galloway, Chair                                    posium for 2003 & 2005. Pat Thomas
                                                          volunteered as co-chair and after much
George Galloway reported eight people at-                 discussion decided to handle the next
tended the committee meeting. The “Code of                Symposium like 2001 with volunteers.
Professional Ethics” which PIA has been pub-            ►      Look at Floor Plan for 2003. Lowell
lishing apparently has two versions. The                  will get with exhibit company once they
current one on the website is the correct one             are selected.
                                                                                     (Continued on page 14)
     (PIA MEETS...Continued from page 13)           more closely into the detail of the new Ger-
     ►     Discussed trying to have Symposium       man laws before formulating any specific
      2005 back in Jacksonville. Came out of        position or response to the recent changes
      committee with motion to give the Execu-      in regulation regarding sport parachute
      tive Board the ability to negotiate and       equipment use in Germany.
      sign this contract. Also, discussed mov-
      ing Symposium to Friday, Saturday, Sun-       Gerard Fetter has agreed to investigate and
      day and Monday. Will discuss more.            report his interpretation of these changes,
     ►     Possible future sites for Symposium:     so that we can make a clear determination
      Did not come up with anything definitive      of how these changes might affect the PIA
     ►     Mike moved that the Executive Com-       and its members.
      mittee be authorized to negotiate with the
      Adams Mark Hotel in Jacksonville, Flor-
      ida for the 2005 Symposium. Seconded          BUILDING/MUSEUM
      by Sandy Reid. MOTION CARRIED.                COMMITTEE
                                                    Lowell Bachman, Chair, reported six people
     PARACHUTE                                      attended the meeting.
     STANDARDS                                      As of August 1, 2001, PIA has long term in-
     George Galloway, Acting Chairman, made         vestments of $176,950.18. Donations in
     the following report:                          the past six months came from Bob Spra-
                                                    gue, with a 1962 Pioneer Sport Harness
     Discussion for the meeting was focused on      Container and Bob Blanchard who donated
     a piece of correspondence sent to the Para-    vast amounts of parachute publications.
     chute Industry Association and to the SAE      The museum project is moving along with
     S-17 committee by Helmut Bastuck, Gen-         design and construction handled by Leo A.
     eral Manager of the German Parachute As-       Daily Co., and Exhibits by X-Plus.
     sociation DFV (Deutscher Fallshirmsport        The estimated cost is still $5,000,000.00:
     Verband). The subject of the correspon-        two million for construction, two million for
     dence was the state of recent changes in       endowment and one million for exhibits.
     German law regarding certification, airwor-
     thiness, and maintenance of sport para-        TECHNICAL COMMITTEE
     chute equipment.
                                                    Sandy Reid, Chair, reported that the update
     In summary, the letter advised that effec-     on Technical Standard 104, the Canopy vol-
     tive 01 July 2001, the Ministry of Transport   ume study was still on-going.
     of the Federal Republic of Germany has
     eliminated its own German Certification of     RISK MANAGEMENT
     sport parachute equipment, and requires
     that the                                       Sandy Reid, Chair, reported they were still
     end user of sport parachutes accept all au-    working on the re-design and upgrade of
     thority to declare airworthiness and all re-   the warning labels. There are three types,
     sponsibility to conduct maintenance of his/    Main, Harness & Container and reserve.
     her own sport parachute equipment.
                                                    Performance Designs has been the most ac-
     Under the new system, there will be some       tive in making labels current. They are
     future form of certification authority below   working on a list of current canopies with
     the federal government level, and DFV has      their weight and speed limitations to be fur-
     applied to be considered for that authority    nished to all drop zones by USPA.
     in Germany.
                                                    RIGGING COMMITTEE
     The PIA Parachute Certification Standards      Ellen Bussemaker, Chair, reported eight
     Committee recommends that the PIA look                                       (Continued on page 15)

(PIA MEETS...Continued from page 14)                                  nothing directly to do with the kind of
people were present and the following items                           canopy, but with poor rigging work and a
were discussed:                                                       bad sewing machine. It is very hard to
                                                                      get hold of the rigger and it was decided
►     The 180 day repack cycle. In order                              to let the manufacturer of the canopy in-
 to do this it must go through the FAA le-                            spect the canopy and contact the rigger.
 gal system. It is too late to get it in new                         ►     Thomas Parker, Co-Chair of the
 Part 105, so it has to wait until it is                              Committee, goes to drop zones in between
 brought up again. In the new Part 105 it                             meetings to give classes to educate them.
 reads: “…a non-rigger must pack under                                He likes to do this with PIA approval to
 direct supervision of a rigger.” PIA should                          attract more riggers to the Symposium
 make an interpretation of what this                                  and to convince them to join PIA. It was
 means. In fact this should be done for                               suggested we do more at the meetings for
 the complete Part 105. There was some                                local riggers, maybe have a class or a
 discussion on what committee should do                               meeting where we could discuss their rig-
 this; technical or rigging or an ad hoc                              ging problems. Try to send out a mailing
 committee. This will be brought up in                                to local riggers for the next meeting. Be-
 plenary session by the President.                                    cause a list of riggers is not available, it
►     Foreign jumpers with non-TSO’d                                  will be sent to the local dropzones with
 equipment: If the equipment passes the                               the request to publish it at the DZ and in-
 repack cycle, who can pack the reserve                               form the local riggers.
 here? In Part 105 it says “…riggers who
 meet the requirements of the foreign                                *****
 country can pack it.” This would mean                               The preceding information is a summary of
 you must have the manufacturers’ direc-                             the PIA Meeting Minutes, available to all
 tions.                                                              members from the PIA Secretary, Jean Beck.
►     A Rigging Incident Form was filled                             For complete information regarding the Sep-
 out about a rigger that relined a Jonathan                          tember 2001 meeting, contact Jean at
 main canopy. There were a number of                       
 problems in the work he did, which had

                                 PIA Group E-Mail Address Lists
We currently have a number of Email distribution lists. You may address mail to these ad-
dresses, or you may request (in some cases) that you be added to the distribution group.
Below is a listing of addresses and to whom each is sent:
      Goes only to Exec. Committee members.
      This goes out to all PIA Committee Chairs AND Co-Chairs.
      Goes to all Specification Committee members, and anyone with an inter-in the Speci-
      fication revision process. You may request subscription to this group.
      Goes to all Government Systems Committee members, and anyone with an interest in
      the work of that committee. You may request subscription to this group
      Committee members of the Parachute Certifications & Standards Committee
      Goes to non-committee members, interested in the work of the PCSC.
The contact information for these committees, their members, and chairpersons can be found on the PIA Website at:
committees/committee.htm.                                                                                                               15
     (Continued from page 8)
                                                                           no known cure. By June Don was gone,
     DJ Associates…                                                        and Mike, who had stepped in to run the
                                                                           company while Jean lived at the hospital,
     members would be attending those activities                           made the decision to come to work for D J
     anyway.                                                               fulltime.
     The organization disseminated information                             Many changes have transpired over the
     through a newsletter called the PARA NEWS-                            past few years. Stainless steel hardware
     BRIEF. It was composed and distributed                                became the norm rather than a specialty
     each month by the Secretary and went out to                           and the company invested heavily in meet-
     all members.                                                          ing that demand, purchasing tooling to
                                                                           have special hardware made in France.
     In 1985 the name was changed to Parachute                             Many attempts have been made to have
     Industry Association to more reflect the char-                        stainless steel hardware made stateside,
     acter of the organization. At that time it had                        but no one in this country seems to be able
     grown from 16 members to 55.                                          to match the sleek, polished look of the
     In 1982 D J moved from their original site                            French manufacturer.
     (they outgrew the garage) into a converted                            In 1996 D J, under Mike’s direction, made
     horse barn situated on four acres on the out-                         the decision to get ISO certification to in-
     skirts of town, with room for expansion in                            sure the quality of the products the com-
     building as well as products. That same year                          pany furnished and to improve customer
     the company had        “There was a great deal of interest and in     service.
     the opportunity        January, 1977, sixteen company
     to acquire three       representatives met in Dallas, Texas to form   D J started out as a distributor specializing
     companies       in     the Parachute Equipment Industry               in small quantities, we have maintained
     Paris, Texas in                                                       that effort but along the way have acquired
     the background music and sound industry.                              a great deal of tooling on specialty products
     The owner had passed away and the compa-                              and now supply products to other manufac-
     nies, a distributorship, a manufacturer’s rep                         turers. As the industry continues to change
     company and a supplier, were available for                            and evolve, D J is changing with it and
     purchase. Don had always had an interest                              hopefully will always be there to supply a
     in background music so the opportunity to                             quality product at a competitive price to as-
     diversify was irresistible.                                           sure the long term loyalty of our customers.
     The transition didn’t go to smoothly due to a                         Mike stepped forward in 1999 to help make
     number of factors, not the least of which in-                         the Parachute Industry Association Sympo-
     cluded the part numbering system and the                              sium a success and served as Chairman in
     IRS. Nonetheless, with a lot of time and hard                         2001 and will be Chairman again in 2003.
     work the companies became an integral part                            Jean has served as PIA Secretary for eight
     of D J.                                                               years (this time) and both continue to be
                                                                           active in all phases of the industry.
     About this time Mike Beck, who had worked
     for D J since 1980 as a sales representative                          When asked what Don would have to say
     off and on decided to go into the air force and                       about the industry in 2001, Jean replied, “I
     he was sorely missed.                                                 am sure if Don were here today he would
                                                                           look around, very pleased at how far we
     The parachute industry was doing well and                             have all come, but ever the optimist would
     growing by leaps and bounds, where the sky-                           say, ‘it can only get better.’”
     divers used to be more free spirits, the sport
     was drawing doctors, lawyers and computer
     gurus with lots of disposable income. Every-
     one was doing well.                                                   Editor’s note: Many thanks to Jean Beck for contributing this
     Then in April 1987, Don was stricken with
     Wegner’s disease. A very rare disease strik-                          We’d like to profile YOUR company in a future issue of
     ing primarily men in their 40’s to 50’s with                          Para Newsbrief! For information, contact: paranews-
                                              PIA COMMITTEE LEADERSHIP
                          Name, Company                                        Phone          Fax             Email Address
Executive Committee
President                 Cliff Schmucker, SSK Industries, Inc.                513-934-3201   513-934-3208
Vice-President            Bill Gerrow, Performance Textiles, Inc.              336-275-5800   336-275-8866
Secretary                 Jean Beck, DJ Associates, Inc.                       501-452-3987   501-452-7752
Treasurer                 Dori Bachman, Para-Gear Equip Co Inc                 847-679-5905   847-679-8644
Executive Advisor         George Galloway, Precision Aerodynamics, Inc         423-949-4688   423-949-5174
Building / Museum Committee
Chairman:                 Lowell Bachman, Para-Gear Equip Co. Inc ,            847-679-5905   847-679-8644
Co-Chair:                 Dan Poynter, Para Publishing,                        805-68-7277    805-968-1379    DanPoynter
Government Systems Committee
Chairman:                 Maurice Gionfriddo, MPC Consultants                  508-366-1042   508-366-1042
Co-Chair:                 John Machado, Duro Industries, Inc.                  508-675-0101   508-677-6791
Membership Committee
Chairman:                 Karen Dean, SSK Industries, Inc.                     513-934-3201   513-934-3208
Co-Chair:                 Steve Alexander                                      614-784-7799   614-267-1357
Rigging Committee
Chairman:                 Ellen Bussemaker                                     31-356923245   31-356923246
Co-Chair:                 Dave DeWolf, Para-Loft, Inc.                         717-367-0808   717-361-8292
Risk Management Committee
Chairman:                 Sandy Reid, Rigging Innovations, Inc.                520-466-2655   520-466-3753
Specifications Committee
Chairman:                 Vinny Salatino, HLC Industries, Inc.                 610-668-9811   610-668-9192
Co-Chair, Narrow Fabrics: Fred David, Narricot Industries, Inc.                215 322 3900   215 322 3905
Co-Chair-Hardware:        Al Starr, Bourdon Forge, Inc.                        860-632-2740   860-632-7247
Symposium Committee
Chairman:                 Mike Beck, D. J. Associates, Inc.                    501-452-3987   501-452-7752
Co-Chair:                 Lowell Bachman, Para-Gear Equipment Co.              847-679-5905   847-679-8644
Technical Committee
Chairman:                  John LeBlanc, Performance Designs                   904-738-2224   904-734-8297    john@performancedesigns.
Co-Chair:                     Sandy Reid, Rigging Innovations, Inc.            520-466-2655   520-466-3753    sandy@rigginginnovations.
Communications Services Committee
Chairman:                    George Galloway, Precision Aerodynamics, Inc.     423-949-4688   423-949-5174
Co-Chair:                    Cliff Schmucker, SSK Industries, Inc.             513-934-3201   513-934-3208
Awards Committee
Chairman:                    Pat Thomas, Sun Path Products                     813-782-9242   813-788-3057
Parachute Certification Standards Committee
Chairman:                    Manley Butler, - Butler Parachute Systems, Inc.   540-342-2501   540-342-4037    manley_butler
Co-Chair:                    Bill Coe, Performance Designs                     904-738-2224   904-734-8297
Bylaws Committee
Chairman:                    Jean Beck, DJ Associates                          501-452-3987   501-452-7752
Co-Chair:                    Karen Dean, SSK Industries, Inc.                  513-934-3201   513-934-3208
Ethics Committee
Chairman:                    George Galloway, Precision Aerodynamics, Inc.     423-949-4688   423-949-5174

                           Additional contact information for these committees, their members, and chairpersons can
                           be found on the PIA Website at:
     (Continued from page 6)                          asset to the Fayards in riding out the storms
     chosen…where everyone pitched in, and            inherent to the industry.
     made exciting things happen.”
                                                      Although his modesty would prevent him
                                 As early mem-        from saying so, hard work, good judgment,
                                 bers   of  the       and developing a loyal work force have also
                                 Parachute In-        been key components of the success of Caro-
                                 dustry Associa-      lina Sky Sports. Several of Paul and Nancy’s
                                 tion,     the        employees have been with them for decades.
                                 Fayards spent
                                 approximately        “Paul’s one of the hardest working people I’ve
                                 six years dur-       ever known.” Manley Butler has said.
                                 ing the 1990’s
     overseeing the activities of the PIA Drop        A progressive and forward thinking attitude,
     Zone and Sport Promotion Committee.              diversity of skills, a reputation for profes-
     “It was a lot of work, and we enjoyed it.”       sional and honest business, and above all
     Paul said “But a time came when we were          else, hard work, will undoubtedly keep Caro-
     so busy in Louisburg that we needed to let       lina Sky Sports in the position of one of the
     someone else take over.”                         industry leaders for a long time to come.

     Fayard has seen the skydiving industry wax
     and wane with the economy, and until this
     year, experienced the same quirky trend           Carolina Sky Sports, a 23,000 sq. ft. facility is
     that others have observed: when the econ-         situated on 100 acres of open land, and is owned
     omy lags, skydiving improves.                     and operated by Paul and Nancy Fayard. It is
                                                       open Wednesday - Friday, 9:00 am until Sunset,
                                                       and Saturday - Sunday, 8:00 am until Sun-
     In spite of recession that started – we’ve        set. CSS is closed Monday and Tuesday.
     been told – in March of 2001, Carolina Sky        The new main building at CSS houses manifest,
     Sports was on track to have their best year       student training operations, the Downwind Pro
     ever. By September 1st, 2001, CSS had al-         Shop, rigging facilities and a large indoor air-
     ready beaten their best-year jump totals by       conditioned packing area. Connected to the main
     almost 20%.                                       building is the observation deck. The DZ also
                                                       provides a bunkhouse for visiting jumpers and
     “The events of                                    plenty of space for tent camping and limited RV
     9/11 hammered                                     hook-up capabilities. A separate building also
     all of us in this                                 houses restrooms and showers facilities.
                                                       Visit their     website    at:      http://www.
     b u s i n e s s . ”
     F a yar d    com-
     mented. “Being
     grounded for 9 Carolina Sky Sports—Aerial View
     days in what
     should have been our peak season (Sept-
     Oct) was hard for us, and devastating to a
     lot of smaller drop zones.”
                                                       We’d like to profile YOUR company in a
     Fayard has, in many ways, hedged himself          future issue of Para Newsbrief! For in-
     against the seasonal and cyclical down-           formation, contact:
     turns in the industry, adding flight instruc-
     tion, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft in-
     spection to his repertoire of services. His
     expertise has been called upon recently
     from as far away as Europe and South
                                                                PIA MEANS
     America to perform large aircraft pre-buy
     inspections. Diversity has clearly been an                 BUSINESS!
                       APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP
The Parachute Industry Association is comprised of companies and individuals united by a common
desire to improve business opportunities in this segment of aviation. PIA is actively pursuing many
technical, safety, and promotional projects that benefit its members and the industry it serves. If you
are involved in any aspect of the business of parachuting, join today by completing this application
  Business Name:
  Representative or Individual Name:
  Complete Address: Be sure to
  include Postal Code and Country
  Telephone:                                                    Fax:
  E mail:                                                       Website:
  Credit Card Number(if applicable)                                                 Expiration Date:
Description of Business____________________________________________________________________
Organization__          Drop Zone__            Rigging__             Government__
Manufacturer__          Sales/Rigging__        Dealer__              Other________________________
Credentials held by key personnel____________________________________________________________
Government Certifications (TSO, etc.) ________________________________________________________
Number of Employees (optional): Full Time___ Part Time___ Seasonal___         Years in Business______
Annual Sales (optional): Less than $100,000___ 100,000-500,000__ 500,000-1,000,000__ Over1,000,000__
Areas of Business: Local__ National__ Global__ Where did you hear about PIA?____________________
q SUSTAINING MEMBER: In addition to all of the benefits and privileges of Affiliate membership (see
below), Sustaining Members may, upon membership acceptance, vote on any association business, serve as
committee chairs, and be elected to office in the PIA. Dues: $500 per year.
q FULL MEMBER: In addition to all of the benefits and privileges of Affiliate membership, (see below),
Full Members may, upon membership acceptance, vote on any association business, serve as committee
chairs, and be elected to offic e in the PIA. Dues: $300 per year.
q AFFILIATE MEMBER: Receives the Para NewsBrief and all other publications and correspondence of
the Parachute Industry Association. Upon membership acceptance, may use the official PIA logo, attend and
participate in all meetings and discussions, and serve on committees. Dues: $150 per year.
Payment of Funds: All funds must be payable in U.S. dollars and drawn on a U.S. bank.

All applicants for Sustaining, Full, or Affiliate membership must obtain the signature of two (2) Sustaining or Full
Member sponsors. At least one of the sponsors must be present when the application is considered for approval. The
applicant’s attendance is welcome. (For assistance in locating sponsors, contact the Membership Committee).

Sponsor: _____________________________________________________________________
                 Print or Type: Business Name, Phone                          Signature
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Mail along with your first year’s dues to: PIA Membership Committee, 3833 West Oakton Street,
Skokie, IL 60076, USA            Telephone: 847-674-9742, Fax: 847-674-9743, Website:
PIA Membership Application
Membership Committee Revision 1/01
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3833 West Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60076-3438

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                                Volume 01-1 Winter 2001
                                                          The Parachute Industry Association

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