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									  Summer/Fall 2009                                                           Association of Village PRIDE, Inc.
  Volume 1, Issue 1

                                                                     AVP Newsletter
 From the Chair

 AVP is Committed to Community Service
                                                                                                  Our Mission:
 As the late President John F. Kennedy
 once said, “ Ask not what your country                                                              “The mission of the
 can do for you; ask what you can do for                                                            Association of Village
 your country” (1961).                                                                              PRIDE, Inc. is to assist
                                                                                                    youth from multi-
   AVP is an organization that provides                                                             cultural backgrounds to
 opportunities for our youth to build                                                               become conscious and
 character while earning community                                                                  productive citizens of
 service hours. We strongly encourage                                                               society who will make
 them to ask themselves what they can do                                                            significant contribut-
                                                   Sheila M. Pace, Board Chairperson                ions to their
 for their community.
   This year our high school youth took            schedule limited his opportunity to be a
 the community service challenge to                part of an AVP group. However, as a            In this Issue:
 another level! They divided up into four          member of the Whitewater High School
 groups and each group selected a                  Ambassadors, he helped to collect food          AVP Students Give
 community service project to work on.             and household items for the Fayette              Back through
                                                   Samaritans organization.                         Community Service
    One group raised money for the Sickle                                                           Projects - 1
 Cell Foundation. They sold popsicles at             Our last group chose to help their peers
 Sandy Creek High School Track Meets               by collecting clothing for teens in             AVP Funding
 using the slogan, “Sickle for Cell.” As a         protective custody. They delivered 15            Presentation - 2
 result of their efforts, they presented the       bags of clothes to the Fayette Youth
 Sickle Cell Foundation with a $150.00             Protection Homes!                               AVP Heritage Trip - 3
                                                     Our middle school youth worked on a
                                                   project together called, “Pay It Forward.”      Career Exploration
    Another group, focusing on literacy, is                                                         Program Provides
                                                   This activity allowed our youth to
 raising money to help build and equip a                                                            Internships for
                                                   develop character, assist others, and
 library in Nigeria. They had two                                                                   Students - 4
                                                   encouraged self-respect and respect for
 successful Coffeehouses in March and
 May and are currently working on a                                                               • Teens in Protective
 Family Fun Day at the YMCA and a                     During the year, the AVP organization         Custody Service
 Charity Walk-Run-a-Thon in Kenwood                as a whole participated in several other         Project - 4
 Park.                                             activities while partnering with local
                                                   organizations.                                  AVP’s Graduates Set
   One young man was determined to be                                                               High Goals - 5
 involved with a project but his work

Individual Highlights:

Audra Nicole Oliver Memorial Scholarship - 2   Harmony Village Activities - 3            AVP’s Literacy Project - 3
Rites of Passage & Youth Leaders Calendar - 5 AVP Selects New Executive Director - 6     Meet AVP’s Newest Board Members - 6
       Many Thanks to our Funding Organizations and Supporters
        Through the years AVP has
        enjoyed the support of the
        Fayette community and many
        great funding organizations.
        This year has been no

           AVP would like to thank the
        following people and
        organizations for their financial
        support as well as the
        encouragement they have
        provided to AVP through the
        • The Grassroots Arts
             Program of The Georgia       AVP recipients, chairperson and co-founder, Sheila Pace (first row, right) and
             Council for the Arts         Executive Director, Felice Martin (first row, third from right) are pictured
                                          above. Founding board member, Dawn Oparah, (second row, right) chairs the
             through appropriations of
                                          Grants Committee for the Fayette Community Foundation.
             the Georgia General
        • The Georgia Department of Human Resources
        • The United Way
        • The Kristen Foundation
        • The Community Foundation of Fayette County
        • Joel Cowan, Virgil Fludd, and Fred Oliver
        • Pictured above are representatives of the non-profit organizations that received a grant from the Fayette
             Community Foundation.
       AVP Sponsors Annual Audra Nicole Oliver Memorial Scholarship
        For the 8th consecutive year, the
        Association of Village PRIDE, Inc. has
        sponsored the Audra Nicole Oliver
        Memorial Scholarship for high school
        seniors in Fayette County.

           Starting in May of 2002, AVP has
        given away $10,000 in scholarships to
        twenty deserving students. This year four
        recipients were presented with $500
        scholarships to further their post-
        secondary education.

           Presentations were made to AVP
        students during the seniors’ Honors Night
        Program at their respective high schools.

          Audra Nicole Oliver was a resident of       Scholarship recipients include: Daima Esi Atinkah, Morgan B.
        Fayette County who struggled with Sickle      Conigland and Carl Anthony Golden who are graduates of Fayette
        Cell Anemia disease from childhood.           County High School and Johnathan Ross (not pictured) of Sandy Creek
                                                      High School.

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AVP Students Take a Heritage Trip to Atlanta’s Historic Sites

  AVP’s annual Heritage Trip was held in
  Atlanta on June 4-7. Nineteen AVP students
  enjoyed a “college life” experience while
  rooming and dining in Pfeiffer Hall at Clark
  Atlanta University.
     Sharon Richardson of Legacy Tours led
  participants on an outstanding guided tour of
  historic Atlanta. Included in the tour was the
  Herndon House, Morehouse College, Spelman
  College, The Interdenominational Theological
  Center, the first home purchased by Dr. King,
  the Apex Museum and much more.                       “AVP has been a wonderful opportunity for my
                                                       daughters and a trip down memory lane for
     AVP students gathered in front of the             myself. The Heritage Trip to CAU was just that.
  historic Herndon Home in Atlanta in the photo        It gave the girls the opportunity to experience
  above. Students and chaperones assisted The          college life in a dorm and it reminded me of my
  Georgia Coalition on Hunger by helping in the        days at Tuskegee University.”
  vegetable and fruit gardens.                         Monique Williams, Parent

AVP’s Literacy Project                                Harmony Village Activities
 AVP students Esi Atinkah, Morgan Conigland,          The Harmony Village Resource Center, through the
 Ogechi Oparah, Cameron Mangham, Tony                 partnerships of the Peachtree City United Methodist
 Golden, Ryan Thomas, Michael McNair, Sharita         Church, AVP, and Harmony Properties provide a
 Everett, and Takiyah Thomas devoted many             wholesome, safe learning environment for children
 hours to make the Community Literacy Project         and adults alike.
 successful. Their goal is to raise $10,000 to help     Through the dedication and leadership of
 build and equip a library in Nigeria. For more       Mrs. Darlene Bass, the Reading Right after school
 information on how to support this project, go to    program teaches reading skills to the students of Oak
 their website at                                     Grove Elementary School.
                                                         The Bridges Program provides tutors for students
                                                      attending Rising Star Middle School. The program
                                                      also makes its computers and printers available to
                                                      residents of Harmony Properties during the evening.
                                                         Field trips, tutors, book bag collections and
                                                      lunches are provided through the ministries of the
                                                      Peachtree City United Methodist Church.
                                                         The program currently serves students from
                                                      Monday through Thursday. Donations needed
                                                      include: printer paper/ink cartridges, tutors and
                                                      student workbooks.
                                                         Please contact the AVP office if you can help with
                                                      any of these items. Contact information is located on
Ogechi Oparah is pictured above with students she
                                                      the back cover.
interviewed in Nigeria about the new library.

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                                                                                                                          3 of
   Career Exploration Program Provides Internships for Students
       The Career Exploration
       Program (CEP) is in its second
       year of operation and this year
       the number of student
       participants has doubled.
       During June, two all-day
       training sessions were held to
       prepare the high school students
       for internships in career fields
       where they indicated interest.

          The first training session          CEP Training Facilitator, Craig Heath, looks on as some of the CEP
       provided learning opportunities        participants receive mock interview critiques from guest interviewers.
       in the area of work-place
       etiquette, ethics, and
       understanding expectations of the workplace           Vice Principal for Clayton County Schools; Ms. Sheila
       culture. The second training session helped           Pace with Fayette County Schools; and Ms. Dawn
       students develop winning interviewing skills          Oparah, Vice President for Amadi Leadership
       in preparation for job interviews.                    Associates, Inc. The training facilitator for CEP was Mr.
                                                             Craig Heath; and the coordinator for the overall program
           Student participants had to learn how to          was Ms. Kia Haselrig-Oparah. Also providing additional
       market themselves and came to the session             support for the program was Ms. Felice Martin, AVP
       with prepared resumes. One local business             Executive Director.
       owner, Ms. Pam Reid, and her visiting
       colleague from New York, Ms. Maria                       CEP students worked in a variety of internship
       Segarra worked with students on the do’s              placements during the summer lasting from two to seven
       and don’ts of interviewing; based on their            weeks. One of the internship placements has resulted in
       collective experience of over forty years             a summer job and a part-time job in the fall.
       working in corporate America and having
       conducted thousands of interviews.                       At the end of their training, program participants were
                                                             recognized in two areas; interviewing and resume
          Later that day, the students participated in       preparation. Ms. Takiyah Thomas won the award for
       several rounds of mock interviews. Again,             best resume and Mr. Tony Golden won the award for
       local volunteers interviewed the students and         best interview.
       provided both individual and group critiques
       to the students. On hand as interviewers
       were Ms. Marilyn Smith-Robinson, Director               “AVP has extended our daughter’s positive insights
       of Human Resources with Atlanta Area                    and opportunities which will offer long-term
       Technical College; Ms. Lorraine Lambert,                foundational benefits for her future.”
                                                               Denise Pointer, Parent

       Teens in Protective Custody Service Project
       When Najee Pace was given the choice of             to teens who are my age. It feels good to know
       various community service projects, he says,        that a teen somewhere now has a few extra t-shirts
       “I pondered each one carefully. In the end I        that he or she can wear out. Getting involved in
       chose the one that involved giving clothes to       community service projects builds character and
       those who are less fortunate. I felt that by        can benefit individuals greatly. Hopefully, I will
       doing this I would be doing a great deed and I      get another opportunity to help others in need
       also thought it would be nice to give clothes       soon.”

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AVP Graduates Discuss Post Secondary Plans for the Future
  Congratulations to the following seniors for a job well done - we’re proud of you!
 Esi Atinkah will attend Alabama State                  Camaron Mangham will attend the University of
 University, majoring in athletic training. Her goal    Georgia. He plans to major in Psychology in the
 is to become a sports medicine doctor.                 Franklin College of Art and Sciences. His advice
 Her advice to new AVPers: “Stay in school and          to new AVPers: “Work now, Play later!”
 do not let anyone distract you from your goals.”
                                                        Ogechi Oparah will attend Princeton University
 Morgan Conigland has been accepted to a                in the fall. She is interested in the humanities, law,
 number of universities and has narrowed her            and international relations. Her future aspirations
 choices to Howard University, the University of        are to be alive, aware, open-minded and happy.
 Alabama, as well as Georgia State University. Her      Her advice to new AVPers: “Continue to be true
 fields of interest are Business Marketing, Film        to yourself. No matter where you go or what you
 Composition and Women Studies. Her advice to           do in life, you will always have to come back to
 new AVPers: “Enjoy yourself, high school is a lot      you, so make sure that the person you see in the
 of fun, but it comes with great responsibility.”       mirror is someone you can be proud of.”

 Sharita Everett will attend Mercer University,         Mariah Smith plans to attend a college this fall
 with a major in Pre-med and a minor in                 that will prepare her to pursue a degree in
 Psychology. She plans to become a                      Optometry. She plans to become an optometrist.
 pediatrician/child psychologist. She also plans to     Her advice to new AVPers: “Always work hard
 build a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta and       in school and never give up on your dreams!”
 teach the residents to care for themselves and lead
 reformed lives. Her advice to new AVPers:              Candace Wheeler will attend Columbus State
 “Never give up, also believe in yourself, if you       University, and major in Psychology. Her future
 don’t, no one else will!!!”                            aspirations are to become a child psychologist and
                                                        work with children to help them grow into
 Tony Golden will attend Oglethorpe University.         successful people. Her advice to new AVPers:
 His aspiration for the future is to reach his          “Always do your best the first time around.”
 maximum potential. His advice to new AVPers:
 “Always keep your grades up.”

 Lauren Harris will matriculate at the University       Rites of Passage and Youth Leaders
 of West Georgia, where she plans to major in           Upcoming Events
 Early Childhood Education. Her future
 aspirations are to keep her faith in God and to get
 a good education. Her advice to new AVPers:             •    Sunday, August 9, 2-4 pm
 “Make the most out of high school. Join every                Welcome Back
 club you can. Remember to try something new,
 positive, and constructive every new school year.”      •    Sunday, August 23, 3-4:30 Orientation

 Nicole Holman is planning to attend Georgia             •    Sunday, September 13, First meeting
 State University, with a major in Psychology. Her
 future goals include staying focused in all that she    •    Sunday, September 27, Atlanta
 does. She plans to get a Ph. D., marry, and have a           Challenge Team Building
 family of her own. Her advice to new AVPers:
 “Don’t follow your dreams; chase them! Never
 miss any opportunities that you may have and
 always strive to do your best.”

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   AVP Board of Directors & Staff                      AVP Selects New Executive Director
      Sheila M. Pace, Chair and                          Long time Fayetteville
      Founding Board Member                              resident Felice Martin joined
      Dawn Oparah, Founding Board Member                 AVP last year as its new
      Carla Allen, Board Member                          Executive Director. Mrs.
      Keenan Conigland, Board Member                     Martin’s career includes
      Sandra Lewis, Board Member                         many community service
      LaJoyce Perry-Trotter, Treasurer                   positions as well as numerous
      Fred M. Oliver, Charter Board Member               community volunteer
      Cheryl Wiggins, Board Member,                      positions.
      Newsletter Editor
                                                            Mrs. Martin holds a Master of Public
      Contracted Staff                                   Administration degree from the University of
      Felice Martin, Executive Director                  Southern California. She is dedicated to the
      Darlene Bass, Academic Support                     leadership and development of youth and
      Coordinator and Family Learning                    believes that young people are our most
      Resource Center Coordinator                        valuable asset. Welcome Aboard, Felice!

      Meet AVP’s Newest Board Members                    . Editor’s   Notes
       It seems that Carla Allen has always worked
      in the community. Whether at her gym, Fit 4        •   Employers: Please visit our website to get
      a New Life on Hwy 314, or through her after            more information about our Career
      school program for children, or the New Life           Exploration Program or call the AVP office
      Ministry where she serves as co-pastor with            at 770-716-2797.
      her husband, she is always willing to help in
      the community. She has already helped AVP          •   AVP receives notices for scholarships and
      meet several needs by providing a site for             internships on a regular basis. Please check
      youth meetings. She and her husband have               the website for the most current listings.
      two children.
                                                         •   AVP thanks its many volunteers, parents, and
      Sandra Lewis has been helping AVP in the               businesses for your generosity and support.
      background for three years. She is the type of
      person who sees what needs to be done, and
      does it. Last year she received the Volunteer     How to Contact Us:
      Parent of the Year Award from the AVP
      leadership. She is a retired Benefits Manager      Association of Village PRIDE, Inc.
      from The Coca-Cola Company and an active           P.O. Box 142427
      member of the North Fayette Community              Fayetteville, GA 30214
      Association. Sandra has two grandchildren
      enrolled in the AVP program.                       Email: programs@avpride.org
                                                         Website: www.avpride.org
      Keenan Conigland joins the AVP board as an         Telephone: 770-716-2797 Fax: 770-716-2144
      exceptional professional and parent of two
      AVP students. Mr. Conigland has extensive
      experience in public affairs, corporate            Did You Know?
      communications, and media relations for large
      financial services and aviation organizations.
      Mr. Conigland is also skilled in public
                                                         100% of AVP Seniors go on to
      speaking, advocacy, and strategic planning.        Post Secondary Education!

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