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Integrated MBA Program by NatePotter


									                  Integrated MBA Program
                         Earn your BA and MBA in one integrated program.

                         The Integrated MBA, or iMBA,
                         at La Sierra University was
                         designed by the School of              The world waits for no one.
                         Business and the Division of
                         Continuing Studies to enable           Innovations in technology, globalization,
                         working professionals with
                                                                and increased competition from younger,
                         appropriate preparation to
                         complete a BA in management            aggressive, more educated graduates who
                         and an MBA in general                  want your job all demand change.
                         management on a part-time
                         basis in just four and a half years.

                           Here’s what we offer you:                                    Advance.
One night per week of study. The program features
  two four-unit courses per quarter, for a total of 8 units     The Integrated MBA, designed especially
  per quarter. Each course is offered 6-10 p.m. one night                         for working
  a week for six weeks plus one Sunday. The bottom line:                          professionals, allows
  you can complete the entire program in just four and a                          you to earn a BA and
  half years.
Personalized attention. We’re there for you every                                 an MBA by integrating
  step of the way, from application to graduation. Our                            undergraduate and
  team will walk you through all the relevant details, and                        master’s degree
  give you the individual support you need.
Class sizes. Our small class sizes ensure that you’ll
  benefit from more interaction, more attention, better
  learning environment, faster completion.
Proximity to you. Available only through our off-
  campus program, we offer the iMBA at various
  satellite locations - including Glendale, Los Angeles, and
  downtown Riverside - or we can come right to your             Take the next step. Forget the million
  work site if you’re part of a cohort of 20 or more.           excuses why you’re too busy. There’s
Opportunity to learn from the best. Our
  professors are leaders in their academic specialties,         never been a better time than now. Call
  involved in cutting-edge research, highly successful in       us today.
  their business pursuits, and devoted to helping you
  progress and succeed.
Ethics and integrity. The La Sierra iMBA helps you
  become the kind of leader who will utilize business
  expertise to make the world a better place. Our
                                                                       Redefine yourself.
  values-centered program focuses on ethics, social
  entrepreneurship and workplace spirituality. We think                   (951) 785-2509
  that creating value and making a difference are both
  essential in today’s work environment.
Our iMBA program offers you success through added
                                   income, opportunities
                                   for advancement, the          Integrated MBA Program
                                   satisfaction of earning                School of Business
                                   your degrees, and the               4500 Riverwalk Parkway
                                   security, respect, and             Riverside, CA 92515-8247
                                   recognition you deserve.
                                                                (951) 785-2509 or cell (951) 217-3698
                                   Start your legacy now.
                                                                         fax (951) 785-2700
         The Integrated MBA Program.
          Convenience.Values. Excellence. Service.                Create Value. Make a Difference.
Your program                                                                             An iMBA to fit your life.
Welcome to the Integrated MBA program - the program that                                 The only Integrated MBA program in
allows you to complete your bachelor’s and master’s degrees                              the Inland Empire that integrates your
                 in one integrated curriculum.                                           undergraduate and graduate requirements
                                                                                         into one BA and MBA program.
                 The iMBA is made up of two components:
                 the BA in Management (iMBA) and the                                     • A flexible program designed to fit your
                 MBA in General Management (iMBA). The                                     needs.
                 program begins with the undergraduate                                   • The chance to complete requirements for
                 (BA) curriculum, including general education,
                                                                                           each course by studying only one night each
                 management major courses, and non-major
                 classes. After completing the undergraduate                               week and one Sunday.
                 portion of the iMBA, you will be evaluated                              • Classrooms that come to you.
                 by the School of Business for admission                                 • All the advantages of going back to school
to the graduate portion (MBA) based on satisfactory                                        without coming onto campus.
performance.                                                                             • Fully accredited university and BA and MBA
             Curriculum for the BA in Management (iMBA) 88 units                         • Easy access to professors and administrators.
ACCT   211    Financial Accounting         4   ECON 444 Operations Research Mthds 4
ACCT   212    Managerial Accounting        4   MGMT 375 Mgrl Communications          4   • Small class sizes.
MKTG   305    Marketing Principles         4   MGMT 491 Strat & Pol for Bus. & Mgmt 4    • The chance to take every class from a
ECON   254    Principles of Macroecon      4   Upper div Humanities                  8     faculty member with a doctorate or other
ECON   255    Principles of Microecon      4   Upper div Science                     4
MGMT   381    Business Law 1               4   NSCI 405 Scientif Think & Rel Bel     4     advanced degree and with relevant industry
MGMT   382    Business Law II              4   RLGN 307 Elective                     4     experience.
MGMT   304    Organizational Behavior      4   UNST 404c Rel, Moral & Soc Asp of Bus 4   • A central contact point with individualized
FNCE   354    Managerial Finance           4   SPAN 198 Conversational Spanish       4
ECON   341    Managerial Statistics        4   Free Elec     Electives              16     attention throughout your program for all
                                                                                           your university needs.
    Curriculum for the MBA in General Management (iMBA) 48 units                         • Opportunities to network with other busi-
FNCE   521    Financial Management         4   MKTG 631 Marketing Planning & Strat   4
MGMT   545    Workplace Spirituality       2   MGMT 555 Crisis Management            2     ness professionals to enhance your career
MGMT   546    Social Entrepreneurship      2   MGMT 655 Negotiation                  2     opportunities.
MKTG   538    Marketing Management         4   MGMT 691 Management Strategy          4
ECON   540    Current Iss in Global Econ   4   ACCT 535 Controllership               4
MGMT   534    Human Resources Mgmt         4   MGMT Electives                        8
MGMT   587    Ldrship, Creat & Org Dyn     4

Admission to the Integrated MBA
 To qualify for admission to the undergraduate portion of the
iMBA, you must: a) be at least 22 years old; b) have earned a
cumulative GPA of 2.5 or more on prior college work; and c)
have met the coursework prerequisites for the program through
any of the following: 1) by earning an IGETC certification; or
2) by earning an AA or AS degree from an accredited college
or university; or 3) by completing 90 transferable college-
level quarter units from one or more accredited colleges or
universities (including math and English series). Applicants with
an incoming of GPA between 2.00 and 2.49 may be considered
for acceptance on academic probation. A student on academic
probation would need to maintain a minimum quarterly GPA of
3.00 and would continue on academic probation until they reach
a cumulative GPA of 2.50.

If your coursework was completed in a country other than the
United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or New                              How to Apply
Zealand, you may be required to present a TOEFL score of 550                             Apply for the Integrated MBA program online
or above, or an equivalency on the MTELP exam, or present                                at: (click on Apply
evidence of having studied in an English speaking institution.                           for Admission, then click on Off-Campus School of
                                                                                         Business Programs and then click on Apply for the
Fees and Tuition for the Integrated MBA                                                  iMBA program. Complete and submit the form.
The per-unit cost of your iMBA program as outlined above is                              (Essays mean a few brief sentences about yourself.)
$330 for undergraduate units (approximately 88 units). At the                            No recommendations are required.
graduate level, current tuition (2009-10 rates) is $657 per unit.
For each part of your program, your tuition is frozen at the                             Contact Us
current rate for the year you begin, as long as you don’t break                          For more information, contact Jodi Cahill at
residency. The La Sierra iMBA program is one of the best values                          (951) 785-2509 or (951) 217-3698, or imba@
for private education on the market today. And La Sierra offers                
financial aid to help you cover the costs of your education.Your
employer may also have educational assistance available. (Fees
are subject to change.)

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