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									                                         John Stenberg
                                    Intero Real Estate Services

                       Guidelines for Submitting Offers
1. All offers shall include:
       a. This form, Guidelines For Submitting Offers
       b. Buyer Information Sheet
       c. CAR Residential Purchase Agreement
       d. CAR Agency Disclosure form
       e. Copy of deposit check
       f. Preapproval letter from buyer’s lender
       g. Proof of funds

2. Buyers must be preapproved by seller’s preferred lender, Cheryl White with Wells Fargo.
Email Ms. White at Cheryl.White@WellsFargo.com. If preapproval cannot be completed within
one business day, submit offer with buyer’s preapproval from another lender and explain that
buyer will continue to complete the preapproval process with Ms. White.

3. Seller name on offer shall be “Owner of Record”.

4. Seller shall select all services. Write “Seller’s Choice” on offer.

5. Buyer to take property in “as-is” condition subject to buyer’s 5-day inspection period and
Seller approval. Seller will not make any repairs.

6. All offers and counter offers shall be legible. Illegible contracts will not be reviewed.

7. All forms shall be completed in full, signed and dated. We are unable to submit offer
packages to the seller that are not 100% complete.

8. Escrow must be in possession of all loan documents at least one week prior scheduled closing

9. All offers shall be emailed to John Stenberg at Offers@InteroSoCal.com. Faxes will not be
accepted. You will receive an immediate email reply confirming receipt.

10. If you have pertinent questions directly related to the sale of the property, contact us by
email at Info@InteroSoCal.com. No phone calls or faxes, please. Due to the large number of
emails we receive each day, we may not be able to respond to general questions. Please refer to
Frequently Asked Questions, below.

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1. Is the property still available?
If the MLS listing is shown to be “Active”, the property is still available.

2. What is the condition of the home? Will the property pass an FHA or VA appraisal?
Check the MLS listing for information regarding FHA or VA eligibility. If no specific FHA or
VA information is provided then we ask that you and your client determine property condition
and decide if a FHA or VA offer is applicable.

3. Do you have any offers on the property?
Most of our properties receive multiple offers very quickly. We do not disclose the specific
number of offers received.

4. What is the highest offer? Are offers at or above asking price?
We do not disclose specific information regarding any offers we receive.

5. Will you ask for highest and best offer in the future?
Your client’s first offer should be the highest and best offer.

6. When do you expect to hear back from the seller?
Seller response time varies. Allow up to 7 days for response. We will contact you as soon as we
hear from the seller. Do not call or email for offer status updates unless we have not contacted
you within the 7 day time period.

7. Will our offer be considered as a back up offer? May we submit a back up offer?
After the seller accepts an offer, all other offers will be held as back up offers until the sales
transaction is closed. We typically do not accept back up offers after the property is listed as

BUYER SIGNATURE: _____________________________________ DATE: __________________

BUYER SIGNATURE: _____________________________________ DATE: __________________

SIGNATURE:              _____________________________________ DATE: __________________

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                              Buyer Information Sheet
                                          John Stenberg
                               Email this form with your offer to:
                              Offers@InteroSoCal.com. Do not fax.

Property Information
Property Address:
Offer Information:
Date of Offer:
Purchase Price Offered: $
Financing Type: Select
Earnest Money Deposit: $
Down Payment Percentage:           %
Down Payment Amount: $
Closing Date:
Ownership: Select
Concessions Requested:
Buyer Closing Costs: $
Repairs: $
Home Warranty: $
Termite Report: Select
Termite Clearance: Select
Loan Approval
Preapproved: Select
Income, Credit and Assets verified: Select
FICO Scores – Borrower:
FICO Scores – Co-Borrower:
Buyer Information
Buyer Full Legal Name:
Co-Buyer Full Legal Name:
Buyer Phone:
Buyer Email:
Agent Information
Selling Agent Name:
Selling Agent Company:
Selling Agent Mailing Address:
Selling Agent Phone:
Selling Agent Fax:
Selling Agent Email:
Lender Information
Lender Company Name:
Lender Company Address:
Loan Officer Name:
Loan Officer Phone:
Loan Officer Fax:
Loan Officer Email:
Condominium Purchase:
Minimum percentage of owner occupancy required for your loan program:    %
FHA / VA Loans: Is complex FHA / VA approved: Select
Approval Confirmation Source:

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