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					                      PRESS RELEASE
    Chief of Police

Released: August 3, 2009

                       POLICE BLOTTER

                          Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2350 Ptl Aldrich stopped a vehicle for speeding and weaving at Rahn and
Bigger Rd. Initial contact with the driver revealed a strong odor of alcoholic
beverage and the driver was asked to step out for tests. After failing SFST’s,
Russell K Walker, wm, 41; was arrested for OVI and transported to KPD Jail for
booking. At KPD he refused to give a breath sample. Due to his previous
record, the charge of Test Refusal was added. 09-36109

0145 Ptl Mason was on a PHC at Sure Shots. While there he recognized one
of the patrons as someone he has had dealings with on other calls. Stepping
outside the bar, he had dispatch check the subject through LEADS. Lisa M Bell,
wf, 24; was found to have 3 warrants for her arrest. Two were outside of the
pickup radius. She was arrested on an MCSO warrant for FTC/Drug
Possession. She was transported to KPD Jail for booking. 09-36123

0213 Ptl Savino stopped a vehicle for a red light violation near Stroop and E
Dorothy. Check of the operator’s information revealed that she was DUS.
Tonya L Stevens, bf, 43; was arrested on that offense. Search of the vehicle
revealed a homemade smoking pipe with suspected cocaine residue. She was
also charged with Paraphernalia. 09-36130
                           Tuesday, July 28, 2009

0358 Ptl Mason and Sgt Gangwer were dispatched to 533 Aberdeen on a family
trouble. Upon arrival, the male half was outside with blood all over his face.
When checked by officers and medics, a very small cut to his index finger was
found. Investigation revealed that an argument behind the building had turned
physical and the two intoxicated parties began pushing and shoving each other.
The fight continued inside with the male half spitting on the female and the
female retaliating by punching him in the face. Two witnesses were present and
provided statements. Emily J Roberts, wf, 21; and Thomas D Muhleman, wm,
23; were both arrested for Domestic Violence. Per Roberts and the witnesses,
there was no knife used. Officers could find no evidence of a knife being used,
either. 09-36138

1230 Ptl Rustad and Franklin were dispatched to 2400 Olson on a 911 check.
Upon arrival, the officers met with Claudette Coulter, the home owner who
advised that she had contacted KPD to assist her. The victim advised that she
was going to kill herself. It also appeared that the victim was intoxicated. She
began to struggle with the officer and the Taser was used to gain control. The
victim was transported to KMH for an evaluation.

1924 Ptl. Stout was sent to the MCSO jail on a warrant detail. Upon his arrival,
he took custody of William A. Van Nest, w/m 52, on our warrant.

2213 Ptl. J. Soto and B. Charles responded to 2262 Broadmoor Av. on a
warrant service. Upon making contact with the resident, dispatch verified a
warrant through Centerville PD for SARAH K. LONCARI, W/F/31. She was
placed under arrest and transported to the Kettering Jail. Centerville PD was
notified. 2009-36283
                         Wednesday, July 29, 2009

0231 Ptl Sanders stopped a vehicle for a speeding violation at Danz and
Cunnington. The initial interview with the driver revealed clues to possible
intoxication. The driver was removed for field tests. After failing the tests,
Kelley M Turner, wf, 22; was placed under arrest and transported to KPD Jail for
booking. At the jail, she agreed to submit a breath sample. She registered a
.199BAC. 09-36322

1700 Off. K. McGuire and J. Soto were dispatched to 2054 Valley Forge Dr. on
a reported trespass violation. The apartment manager stated that a w/m was
passed out in the hallway of that building. Officers found the subject passed
out, woke him and then discovered that the subject had a warrant through
Beavercreek PD for FTC on an original charge of OVI. He did not live at the
apartment complex. The warrant was confirmed and RUSSELL S. MAY,
W/F/41 was arrested on the warrant and transported to the Kettering Jail. 2009-
                          Thursday, July 30, 2009

0045 Dispatch advised crews of a citizen who was following a possible OVI who
may have been involved in an accident in the area of Acorn and Hadley.
Several crews responded to the area as the citizen updated locations to
dispatch. The driver was driving with his head out the driver’s side window and
reportedly was “all over the road”. Sgt. Gangwer located the vehicle on
Wilmington. A stop was commenced at Wilmington and Willamet. The vehicle
had significant damage including the front bumper missing, windshield
completely smashed, and hood peeled over the top of the windshield. Upon
approach, officers could see that both airbags had been deployed. The driver
displayed several clues of being under the influence of alcohol and was placed
on the sidewalk for testing. The female passenger was extremely intoxicated
with muttering and incoherent speech. While attempting SFST’s, the driver,
Jacob Achs, wm, 21; became uncooperative. Refusing commands, and
slapping away an officer’s hand, he was taken to the ground and arrested. A
medic was called to check on the welfare of the female passenger. She was
removed to KMH for evaluation. Achs was transported to KPD Jail and charged
with OVI and Obstructing Official Business. He agreed to submit to a test and
registered a .198BAC. The accident sight was located at 2408 Broadmoor.
Achs had driven off the left side of the road at the cul- de- sac, and struck the
cinder block side wall of the car port. 09-36497

0114 Ptl D Warren and Lt Niehaus were sent to 3321 E. Stroop for several
subjects fighting on the apartment property. Ptl. Warren arrived in front of 3240
Gracemore and found a wm, later identified as Levi Reams, 18; lying in the yard
with visual evidence of having been in some sort of altercation. Reams got up
and ran into the Gracemore apartment (104). Another subject, running from the
parking lot, later identified as Tommye Goff, wm, 23; also ran into the
apartment. Officers eventually gained consensual entry and located another
subject, Stephen Johnson, wm, 21. Lt Niehaus had interviewed witnesses who
stated these three had assaulted some other individuals on the property. While
separating the parties and obtaining identification, Johnson attempted to flee
from Ptl Warren. Disregarding commands, the Taser was deployed. Further
disregard for instructions resulted in a second deployment. Johnson was
secured and charged with DC and had a warrant for FTC/Underage
Consumption through Moraine. Goff and Reams were eventually arrested and
charged with DC/Turbulent. All three were transported to KPD Jail and booked.
                         Thursday, July 30, 2009

1400 Ptl. Soto was on his way to work, in uniform, when he saw Christopher
Sidenstick, w/m 21, in the area of Bretteinstrater’s Shopping Center. Ptl Soto
knew that Sidenstick had several entered felony warrants. Several KPD officers
and DPD officers responded to search for Sidenstick who had fled on foot when
he recognized Ptl. Soto. Sidenstick was located hiding under a vehicle and
arrested on three felony warrants. 09-36580

                           Friday, July 31, 2009

0235 Ptl Mason stopped a vehicle at Blackhawk and Powhattan for no tail lights.
A check of the driver’s operating status revealed that he was under suspension.
Justin M Batter, wm, 19; was arrested for DUS and transported to KPD Jail for
booking. 09-36665

1630 Ptls McGuire and Hawley went to 1613 Windemere for a warrant service.
They located and arrested Jerry J Simpson, wm, 21 on a KMC bench warrant
for FTC/Speed. Simpson was transported to KPD Jail for booking. 09-57086

1800 Ptls McGuire and Hawley went to 1561 Sacramento on a warrant service.
They located and arrested Jeffery Hall Jr, wm, 25; on a KMC bench warrant for
FTC/No OL. Hall was transported to KPD Jail for booking. 09-28502

2020 Ptls McGuire and Hawley went to 2905 Hilton on a warrant service and
arrested Amber Phillips, wf, 29; on a Vandalia PD bench warrant for FTC/Prob
Viol. She was taken to KPD Jail for booking. 09-27156

2104 Ptl Roberts was dispatched to MCSO Jail for a warrant service. Upon
arrival he took custody of Kye A Morales, h/m, 29. Morales had a KMC bench
warrant for FTC. He was transported to the Kettering Jail. 07-58003

2115 Ptls McGuire and Hawley went to 2461 S. Patterson on a warrant service.
Once there, they verified the identity of Paul S Marcum, wm, 25; who was
wanted on a KMC bench warrant for FTC/DUS. Marcum was arrested and
taken to KPD Jail for processing.

2200 Ptl Stout responded to the KPD lobby to meet with a subject who was
turning herself in on a warrant. Latasha S. Woodard, bf, 25; was wanted on a
KPD arrest warrant for Assault. She was brought into the jail and processed.
                            Friday, July 31, 2009

2220 Ptls McGuire and Hawley went to Iron Gate Realty on Main St. in
Centerville to meet with a MCSO Deputy who had taken custody of a subject
wanted on a Kettering warrant. After verifying the information, Christina Perdue,
wf, 25; was arrested on KMC bench warrant for FTC/Speed. She was
transported to KPD Jail for booking. 09-20431

                         Saturday, August 1, 2009

0215 Ptl Marcum was dispatched to the area of 2505 Circleview for a
suspicious person call. The resident heard her car alarm and wanted the area
checked. Ptl Marcum found a male subject lying in the yard of 1148 Eureka.
The man was obviously unable to care for himself and attempts to contact
someone to pick him up were unsuccessful. Marshall E Hoschar, wm, 40; was
placed under arrest and transported to KPD Jail. 09-36886

2215 Ptl. Villelli was dispatched to S.R. 741 and Dixie on a warrant service. He
met with a Miamisburg PD crew who had a subject in custody on our warrant.
Marlow M. Brown W/F/31 was taken into custody for FTC on a Probation
Violation. 09-3835

2225 Ptl. McGuire was in the area of Tabor and Oakdale looking for a theft
suspect from an earlier call. He located the suspect, Landis A. Fugate W/M/37,
and discovered that he was wanted for a Parole Violation warrant with the
original charge being Aggravated Burglary. 09-37011

                          Sunday, August 2, 2009

0033 Ptl. E. Gibson was dispatched to the UDF, 1901 W. Stroop Rd to meet a
Moraine PD Officer for a warrant service. When Ptl. Gibson arrived, she took
custody of Dustin M. Kaylor W/M/20, for FTA/FTC on an original charge of a red
light violation. Kaylor was transported to KPD Jail without incident. 2008-

0124 Ptl. R. Meno, Ptl. W. Villelli and Ptl. J. Soto were dispatched to 3041
Gracemore Ave. on report of a Domestic Disturbance where the male half was
threatening the female with a knife. When they arrived, they found the female
outside advising she had gotten the knife away from the male. During the
course of the investigation, it was alleged the female’s live-in boyfriend, Yi
Hosok A/M/54 had threatened her with the knife as well as choked her. Hosok
was arrested for Domestic Violence and transported to KPD Jail without
incident. 2009-37042
                          Sunday, August 2, 2009

0200 Ptl. B. Charles and Ptl. Aldrich were dispatched to the area of Horlacher &
Patterson Rd. on report of a disturbance. When they arrived, they located
subjects walking away from the area. One of the subjects, Alex B. Sigmund
W/M/25, was found to be too intoxicated to care for himself. Sigmund was
arrested for Disorderly Conduct/PI and transported to KPD Jail without incident.

0520 Ptl. R. Meno and Ptl. A. Savino were dispatched to 1840 Roslyn on a
report of a possible family trouble. A third party caller phoned dispatch claiming
a female resident of Roslyn had called her, fearful of her ex-boyfriend being
there. When the officers first arrived the house was dark and no one would
come to the door. It was later learned the resident had a TPO issued against
her boyfriend, Anthony A. Battagaglia W/M/37. The female resident came to
the door. She advised Battagaglia was not there and granted permission for the
officers to search the house. Battagaglia was located hiding in a hall closet.
Battagaglia was arrested for Violating a Temporary Protection Order and
transported to KPD Jail without incident. 2009-37059

1900 Ptl. Aldrich responded to the MCSO jail on a warrant detail. Helen L.
Vislosky-Winkler W/F/52 was taken into custody for a FTC warrant (original
charge OVI) through our City. 08-48955

2010 Ptl. Lambert was running stationary radar in the area of S. Dixie and
Sacramento when he stopped Melvin F Higgins III B/M/21. Higgins was found
to have an active warrant through the City of Dayton. 09-37137

2215 Ptl. Aldrich and Gaudette responded to 3424 N. Marshall Road Apt. 204
on a family trouble. They contacted Eric M. Pannell W/M/53 who was in violation
of a TPO. 09-37149


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