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					                                               What the session will
                                               •  Practical advice on job search and
                                               •  How to sell yourself on paper
     CVs and Job                               •  Tips on interview preparation and
     Applications                                 techniques
                                               •  How the Careers Service can help
                               Rona Davies
                             Careers Adviser

                                               Sources of Vacancies/
Get Ready                                      Information
•    Know yourself                             •    Network, network, network
•    Know what you want                        •    Advertised vacancies
•    Know what’s out there                     •    Speculative approaches
•    Know how to get it                        •    Internet sites/professional bodies
•    Be proactive                              •    Tutors
                                               •    Alumni
                                               • > jobs and work

                                               Making an Application –
Making Applications                            before you start
•  CV and covering letter                      •  Obtain application pack
                                               •  Analyse the job description and person
                                               •  Find out more
•  Application form                            •  Assess what you can offer
                                               •  Do you want the job?
                                               •  Start to complete paper exercise

Online applications – top                                 Analysing the Job
tips                                                      Description
•  Don’t rush your online application – read any notes/
   guidelines very carefully                              •    What is the employer really looking for?
•  Take just as long as you would to complete a paper     •    Essential and desirable requirements
•  Check your spelling and grammar thoroughly – don’t     •    What is implied?
   slip into “email speak”
•  Make use of save and return if possible                •    What relevant experience and personal
•  Check if you can cut and paste                              qualities can you offer?
•  If possible download the form and have a good think
   about your answers
•  Don’t press ‘submit’ until you’re absolutely ready
•  Keep a record of any passwords

CV                                                        CV Sections
•    No one ideal format                                  •    Personal details
•    2 pages maximum                                      •    Professional details
•    Be positive – emphasise your achievements            •    Education
•    Account for all time – no gaps                       •    Achievements
•    Tailor it                                            •    Skills profile
•    Good quality paper                                   •    Work experience/Voluntary work
•    Concise, interesting and attractive                  •    Interests
•    Always use powerful language!                        •    Referees

                                                          Skills developed through
CV Critique                                               course
•  Each group will be given 3 sample CVs                  •    Creativity           •    Problem solving
   to peruse                                              •    Analytical ability   •    Time Management
                                                          •    Communication        •    Prioritising workload
•  You will be asked to concentrate on 1
                                                          •    Negotiation          •    Autonomy
   CV and provide a considered critique,
                                                          •    Tact/diplomacy       •    Self confidence
   stating what you like and don’t like
                                                          •    Resilience           •    Organisational skills
   about the particular CV, to the other                  •    IT skills            •    Flexibility
   groups                                                 •    Multidisciplinary    •    Working under
                                                                teamwork                 pressure

Providing Evidence of
                                                        Personal Statements
•  Theoretical knowledge                                •  Having reviewed the job description and
•  Specialist knowledge/experiences e.g.                   person specification, please take this
   research projects                                       opportunity of supporting your
•  Previous employment including unpaid                    application. Please do not write more
                                                           than 500 words.
•  Relevant work experience
•  Hobbies/interests
•  Other responsibilities

What this actually means!                               Points to stress
•  Additional information is expected                   •  Why this employer
•  Interesting reflection rather than a                 •  What appeals to you about the job
   shopping list is required                            •  What you can offer based on their
•  Sell your experiences – placements,                     specifications
   paid and unpaid work, social activities              •  Your commitment and enthusiasm
•  Don’t ignore word target                             •  Professional awareness
•  Word process if possible – legibility is             •  N.B. Make them want to know more!

Covering Letter                                         Careers Service Help
•    No more than 1 side                                •    Individual guidance
•    Addressed to a named individual                    •    Careers information
•    Clear structure                                    •    Mock interview
•    Show your knowledge of the employer                •    CV, application form and letter checks
•    Explain WHY you are interested in working          •    Handouts/publications to download
     for them                                           •    If we don’t know the answer we’ll find
•    Highlight your best selling points                      someone who does!
•    Beware of repetition, poor spelling/grammar
•    Address any “issues”                                   
•    Speculative letters should explain the sort of
     post you are interested in and your availability


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