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									                      How to Take Advantage of the IDA LOAN POOL
If you provide housing counseling, homebuyer education or financial literacy training,
   The IDA Loan Pool gives you a vital resource for helping your low-wealth clients become homeowners.
   Through matching an IDA participant's savings up to $1,000 and providing gap financing
   (in the form of a deferred, 0% interest loan up to $25,000 and a grant of up to $5,000 for units built to certain
   home performance and energy standards directly to them), they are able to purchase a home that would
   otherwise be out of their range.
   ($1,000 per unit is available to your agency as a fee to help cover your service delivery expenses.)
If you are not a counseling or education provider,
   The IDA Loan Pool is still available to your agency, as long as you partner with a qualified local
   Housing Counseling Agency. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the partner Counseling Agency
   must be attached to this application, as well as information about the location of and disabled access
   to the training, an outline of the curriculum, methods of outreach, copies of marketing materials
   and examples of materials from the class.

To be a Member of NCHFA's IDA Loan Pool, your IDA program must:
  * Include 8 hours of classroom homebuyer education, 21 hours of financial literacy training, and 2 hours of
  annual post-purchase counseling.
  * Offer housing counseling services provided by a HUD-approved agency or a certified counselor
  (acceptable certifications include Neighborworks and the Association of Housing Counselors)
  * Have resources to match borrower and track borrower savings
  * When submitting requests for funding for existing units, certify that those units pass local housing code
  or, in the absence of a local housing code, HUD Housing Quality Standards and
  a Property Inspection by a NACHI certified home inspector. Newly constructed units are exempt.
  * Meet all other program and underwriting guidelines.
Here's how it works:
  (1) An eligible organization completes and submits this application to become a "Member" of the IDA Loan Pool.
  (2) If approved, the organization receives approval from NCHFA within 30 days of submitting application.
  (3) NCHFA will provide a customized electronic underwriting workbook which Members will use to
  reserve and request assistance within 150 days of closing for IDA program participants who have reached
  their savings and program goals. Agency funds are provided at closing.
  (4) Once closing attorney returns closing documents to NCHFA, Member can request $1,000 reimbursement
  for homebuyer preparation, $1,500 if unit is a foreclosure/REO (fees for services rendered).
Completing and submitting the Member Application Workbook
  Within the form, light yellow cell are the only place that data is to be entered by the Member applicant. You
  may access a blue data entry cell by moving the cursor over it and clicking the mouse, or, you may tab from one
  to the next, without stopping on any other parts of the form.
  We highly recommend saving a copy of this workbook to your harddrive, keeping a "clean" copy as a backup.
  Select the green "Membership Ap" tab, scroll to the upper left corner, tab to the first blue cell, and
  begin entering the information requested. If you have questions, you may call or email Keir Morton-Manley
  (919-877-5634 or
  This workbook is formatted to print easily on most printers by selecting file/print.
  Print completed application workbook and mail with all attachments to:
  North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
  Attention: IDA Loan Pool
  P. O. Box 28066
  Raleigh, NC 27611-8066                                                                      revised 12/29/2010
                                                     North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
                Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
                                                 Application for Loan Pool Membership

1.   Applicant Overview

      1. Name of organization. . . . . . .
      2. Mailing address. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
      3. Office location. . . . . . . . . . . . .
      4. City, State, ZIP. . . . .                                                                                      5. County
      6. Federal tax ID number. . . . . .
      7. Primary contact person. . . . .                                                                  Title
               Phone                                            FAX                                      e-mail
      8. Secondary contact person                                                                         Title
               Phone                                            FAX                                      e-mail
      9. Chief operating officer. . . . . .                                                                                     Phone
     10. Type of organization: (Select one from dropdown list)
         a. If a non-profit organization, please complete the following:
               Date of incorporation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
               Date 501(C)(3) status granted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
               NCHFA-approved CHDO? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                     YES      . . . . . . . . . NO
               HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency?                                  YES      . . . . . . . . . NO

2.   Applicant Qualifications and Experience
      1.       Applicant experience in each of the following calendar years:

                                                           # Housing IDA                # Participants            # Purchased       # with NCHFA IDA
                                                        Participants Enrolled             Dropped                   Homes                gap-financing

                          2009 to date
                          before 2008
      2.       Program guidelines require that the Member have homebuyer education and counseling provided by a certified
               counselor, or the Member must partner with an organization with a certified (Neighborworks or the Association of
               Housing Counselors is preferred, other certifications may be considered) counselor.
               How will homebuyer education be provided?
                     HUD-approved                                                   Name of Agency
                        OR                                                          Date of their most recent HUD approval
                     Certified counselor working with/or for your agency
                                                                                    Name of Counselor
                                                                                    Date of provider certification
                                                                                    Provider of certification
           3. Geographic area proposed program will serve:

                                                                                    2                                               Revised Dec. 2010
                                          North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
             Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
                                      Application for Loan Pool Membership
3.   Checklist of attachments           (To be completed by ALL applicants)
        Please label all attachments in upper right hand corner                                                    Label
        Narrative                (should include the following)
           a. Applicant's program experience (operating an IDA, housing counseling, and/or                      Attachment 1
           housing development program)
           b. IDA Program (program structure, marketing/outreach, local match, enrollee attrition,              Attachment 2
           number of participants, length of program, schedule, explanation of IDA program team,
           definition of roles, how housing code requirement will be met, sample marketing
            c. Description of 21 hours of Financial Literacy Training (attach curriculum outline)               Attachment 3

            d. Information on Bank Partner, letter of support, their role in IDA program, and copy of IDA       Attachment 4
            participant deposit agreement
            e. Description and verification (support letter) of local match sources for your IDA program -      Attachment 5
           f. Explanation of how professional property inspection and housing code requirements                 Attachment 6
           will be met. Provide local code reference and contact information for enforcement
        Copy of your IDA program's guidelines and client agreement                                           Attachments 7A & B
        Printed materials on 8 hours of home buyer education                                                    Attachment 8A
        Printed materials/outline of 2 hour post purchase counseling content                                   Attachment 8B
        Memorandum of Agreement with certified Housing Counseling and Homebuyer                                Attachment 8C
        Education provider
        Table and explanation of costs of homebuyer education, financial literacy, and one-on-                  Attachment 9
        one housing counseling per person (pre purchase and post purchase)
     Team member resumes, certifications, or description of qualifications and experience for the following:
           Project coordinator/Primary contact person                                                  Attachment 10
           Housing Counselor (include copy of Counselor Certification/Agency Approval)                 Attachment 11
           Homebuyer education instructor(s)                                                           Attachment 12
           Financial Literacy Provider                                                                 Attachment 13
           Financial Coordinator (person who tracks IDA deposits and match)                            Attachment 14
           Partner to conduct local housing code or HQS inspection                                     Attachment 15
           (different from the property inspection)
        Partner to oversee construction, compliance and reporting with System Vision (and/or                   Attachment 16
        other green building program) requirements.
        Agreement that Dual Real Estate Agents/Brokers on IDA Program team will not be used                    Attachment 17
        Summary Page explaining outcome of most recent External Audit (Auditor's Statement                     Attachment 18
        or Letter)
        Narrative explanation of all adverse actions and audit findings                                        Attachment 19
        Articles of corporation                                                                                Attachment 20
        501(C)(3) certificate                                                                                  Attachment 21
        Agency accreditations: HUD approved counseling certificate, verification of other                      Attachment 22
        Language Access Plan (including date of plan adoption)                                                 Attachment 23

                                                                   3                                         Revised Dec. 2010
                                           North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
             Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
                                       Application for Loan Pool Membership
4.   Certifications      (To be completed by ALL applicants)
     By signing below, the Applicant certifies that:
     1. The information in the application is complete and accurate.
     2. The Applicant agrees that each borrower submitted to NCHFA for IDA Loan Pool assistance will have received
         a full course of financial literacy (21 hours minimum), homebuyer education classes (8 hours minimum),
         one-on-one homeownership counseling and at least 2 hours of annual post purchase counseling.
     3. The Applicant agrees that each borrower will be submitted only when the applicant believes in good faith that
         they are qualified, fully prepared for successful homeownership and meet IDALP guidelines and requirements.
     4. In the interest of data security and to protect the privacy of sensitive information, NCHFA has implemented an
         email encryption policy. It governs both outgoing and incoming electronic communications that contain
         personal information such as Social Security, phone and account numbers (inforamtion about this policy and
         system can be found in the IDA Loan Pool Guidelines). The Applicant agrees to utilize this policy and system
         when sending and/or receiving emails and/or attachments containing sensitive information to and from NCHFA.
     5. The Applicant will provide the Agency with its approved Language Access Plan and specific actions it will
         undertake to address the needs of persons with limited English proficiency.
     6. The Applicant possesses the legal authority to apply for and receive the IDALP membership and the person
         signing the application has the proper authority.
     7. The Applicant certifies that the proposed Homeownership IDA Program meets/will meet IDA Loan Pool program
         guidelines and that all borrowers requesting financing will meet IDALP program and underwriting guidelines.
     8. By executing this application form, Applicant agrees that the Agency may conduct its own independent review
         of the information herein and the attachments, and may verify information from any source.
     9. The Applicant will provide the Agency with audited financial statements and other supporting documents
         upon request.
     10. The Applicant is under no legal and/or administrative restrictions from federal, state or local authorities.

                                                                            (Signature of Authorized Official)





                                                                 4                                         Revised Dec. 2010
                          North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
             Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
                        Application for Loan Pool Membership




                                            5                     Revised Dec. 2010
             North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
           Application for Loan Pool Membership

                               6                     Revised Dec. 2010
             North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
           Application for Loan Pool Membership

                               7                     Revised Dec. 2010
             North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
Individual Development Account (IDA) Loan Pool
           Application for Loan Pool Membership


                               8                     Revised Dec. 2010
Community Action Agency
Community Development Corporation
Council of Governments
Department of Social Services
Local Government
Public Housing Authority
State Government
United Way

Natl. Fdtn. For Credit Counseling
Assoc. of Housing Counselors        AHECI

                                            9   Revised Dec. 2010
10   Revised Dec. 2010
11   Revised Dec. 2010
##   ##

## ## ##


           12   Revised Dec. 2010
13   Revised Dec. 2010
14   Revised Dec. 2010

     15   Revised Dec. 2010
                             Instructions for Developing a Language Access Plan

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. 2000(d) and Executive Order 13166 require that
recipients of federal funds take responsible steps to ensure meaningful access by persons with limited
English proficiency (LEP persons), who does not speak English as their primary language and who have a
limited ability to read, speak, write or understand English. Because the Agency is using federal funding
to provide IDALP financing, IDA Loan Pool Members are required to take specific actions to make sure
that potential homebuyers have access to funding even if they speak English not well or not at all. These
specific actions are to be integrated into each Loan Pool Member's business policies as a Language
Access Plan (LAP) and shared with the Agency when applying for IDALP Membership. Details and
instructions on developing a Language Access Plan can be found in the Application for IDA Loan Pool

The first step in creating a LAP is to do a four factor analysis. This analysis considers:

       1. The number or proportion of LEP persons eligible to be served or likely to be encountered by
           the program or recipient.
       2. The frequency with which LEP individuals come in contact with the program
       3. The nature and importance of the program, activity, or service provided by the program to
           people's lives;
       4. The resources available to the recipient and costs.

To conduct the first part of the Analysis, you will need to access Census Data. Go to
and click on American FactFinder (left side of website) and then get data under American Community Survey.
Then choose the first option, 2005-2009 American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates and detailed tables.
Choose county for the geographic area and then select the county or counties your organization serves.
Then click Next. To select a table, click on subject and choose language.
Choose table B16001 Language Spoken at Home by Ability to Speak English.
For any LEP group that is 4% or more of your county’s population, NCHFA considers that significant size
and requires language assistance services for that language. Each project still needs a plan if the
LEP population(s) are smaller than 4%.

The Language Access Plan will summarize the findings of the Four Factor Analysis.
Then the Language Access Plan should address what language assistance services will be provided, if
requested or needed. For example, if your organization has bilingual staff or a program website in another
language, these would be considered language assistance services. You can also include items like your
organization will contact the Carolina Association of Interpreters and Translators if language services are
requested and/or have HUD’s I Speak Cards available in your office for LEP persons who walk in.
The LAP should also address staff training, an LEP contact person, and the process for addressing complaints.

It can be a concise document of 1 -2 pages. Both NCHFA and the Division of Community Assistance
have their LAPs available on their websites which could be helpful as templates. The North Carolina Housing
Finance Agency has its own Language Access Plan. It can be found at
as "Language Access Plan (LEP),

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