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									                                             ACADEMIC APPOINTMENT FORM - CSU, CHICO                                                                        Date       5/15/2000            FNam e       NME          AG
                  X New Appointment                                                                       Subsequent Appt. w/no break in service                  Revised Form             #REF!       #REF!        #REF!
                           New Appointment w/break of one year or more                                         Subsequent Appt. w/break of one semester only

In accordance with local, systemwide, state and federal Affirmative Action guidelines, the appropriate compliance report has been filed and permission
is hereby requested to make the following offer to:

Name:       New J. Person                  SSN:       111-11-1111                              Highest Degree Ph.D.                       Does this person have another paid
                                                                                                                                          position on campus?     Yes              x No
Address:    222 New Road, Chico, CA 95926                                                      Degree Date          1997 (YY)             If yes, what department and timebase?

College/Unit:     Natural Sciences           Zip:             555                              Granting Institution:                                 Dept:

Dept/Program/School:          Chemistry             Abbrev:          CHEM                               2233                     (Code)              TMBS:

APPOINTMENT INFORMATION                                                                          8 /      # /      00                         /      /                (MMDDYY)
  Probationary                                                                                      Beginning                           Ending (if Temporary)                                                       #REF!

                                                                                                    /          /                              /      /                (MMDDYY)
                                                                                                    Beginning                           Ending (if Temporary)

Po s itio n Nu m b er : Agency         208          Reporting Unit               xxx                      Class Code             2360                      Serial #         xxx

   Classification:                  Range            Timebase                    Timebase                                  Full Time                                  Monthly
                                                    Fraction                     Decimal                                Equivalent Salary                             Salary
   Assistant Professor                 B               1                          1.000                                     3,374.00                                  3,374.00

Pr o b atio n /Sab b atic al: Yrs. Credit:     2               Elig. Sabb. Lv:         09/04        (MMYY)               Ten u r e Pr o c es s : Starts:                09/98     (MMYY)

Sp ec ial Qu alific atio n s :

Sp ec ial Hir in g Co n d itio n s :         A moving/relocation expense reimbursement up to $3,000 has been approved. Appointment is
                                             initially for two years (00-01 and 01-02) with a Periodic Evaluation during the first year and a
                                             Performance Evaluation during the second year.

In itial Co u r s e As s ig n m en t: Chemistry courses.
    (Teaching assignments are normally made by department chairs, after consultation, in conjunction with department needs and the
    background of the individual.)

This position is probationary and is renewable by mutual consent subject to satisfactory performance and budgetary support.

Retention, tenure, and promotion recommendations are prepared and reviewed at the department, college, and university levels.
Probationary faculty are subject to annual evaluation; no communication other than explicit, written notice from the Provost,
should be interpreted as promise of future promotion, retention, or tenure. Criteria for retention and promotion are set forth in the
Faculty Personnel Policies and Procedures document, a copy of which is enclosed. Please review it, particularly as it pertains to
retention, tenure and promotion. Shortly after you begin this appointment your Dean/Department Chair will discuss these policies and
procedures with you and you will be required to certify that you are familiar with the policies.

The primary responsibilities associated with the position are those identified in the vacancy announcement. Teaching and other
faculty assignments at California State University, Chico are dependent upon departmental needs and the background of the individual.
Department needs may change over time and faculty are expected to make adaptations to meet changing needs. A more complete
description of faculty responsibilities is found in Article 20 of the collective bargaining agreement (copy enclosed).

Service credit as indicated above for previous service at a post-secondary educational institution, or for comparable service will be
counted toward your eligibility for tenure and sabbatical leave, as allowed by University policy. The granting of service credit toward
probation reduces the maximum number of probationary years available to the faculty member by the number of years of service
credit granted. Once service credit toward probation has been granted, it cannot be restored later in an effort to extend the probationary

Full-time faculty may be employed outside the University, but such employment shall not conflict with normal assignments or satisfactory
performance of all duties.

You will receive your first paycheck at the end of the September pay period.

                Packet 2                                                                                                                                                                               Appendix I
A moving/relocation expense reimbursement of $$$$ has been approved for your move to Chico should you accept employment with
the University. Funds must be used in the same fiscal year in which your physical movetakes place; therefore, please coordinate this
with the Dean's Office. Also we wish to advise you certain moving expense payments may be subject to withholding in accordance with
Federal and State laws pertaining to income taxes and Social Security/Medicare (see Attachment A). Actual reimbursement will be
contingent upon receipt and approval of expense documents in accordance with State regulations governing such reimbursements.
Should you not continue employment with the California State University for at least two years (unless discontinuance of the
employment is the result of death, disability, or other similar unexpected cause beyond your control as determined by the appointing
authority), State regulations require that you repay the following percentage of the amount received for such moving and relocation

    (a) 100% if employed less than 6 months.
    (b) 75% if employed at least 6 months but less than 12 months.
    (c) 50% if employed at least 12 months but less than 18 months.
    (d) 25% if employed at least 18 months but less than 24 months.

The University Purchasing Office (530-898-5134) will provide you with additional information regarding moving/relocation expense
requirements as soon as we provide them with a copy of your written acceptance. Close coordination with the Purchasing Office is
necessary because of various restrictions on allowable moving/relocation expenses.

If you accept this offer of employment please complete the Application for Teaching Position, sign and return both copies along with
this Academic Appointment Form in order for your appointment to be made official.

It is the practice of the University to require official transcripts from faculty members at the time of appointment. The transcripts required
are those covering all work for the highest degree obtained and for any work done subsequent to the completion of the last degree.
Please have these transcripts sent to us directly from the degree-granting institution as soon as possible if it is your decision to accept
our offer.

By accepting this offer of appointment you certify that you are legally authorized to be employed in the United States for at least the
duration of this appointment. Should you accept this offer, within three (3) days of arriving on campus you must present in person in the
Payroll Office proof of identity and eligibility to work in order to be placed on the payroll. For details as to acceptable documentation
you must present, please contact the Personnel Office.

As an employee of The California State University, the rights and responsibilities of your position are governed by Federal and State
law as well as the policies and procedures of the Board of Trustees and the University. You are therefore required to complete payroll
and personnel documents in the Personnel Office (Kendall Hall, Room 222, 898-6435), including an Oath of Allegiance, prior to the
beginning of employment. Failure to do so will not permit the University to complete your appointment.

Eligibility for University fringe benefits (i.e., health, dental, etc.) is dependent on length of appointment and total timebase of
employment. Contact the Benefits Office (Kendall Hall, Room 216, 898-4947) regarding your eligibility within sixty (60) days of the
beginning date of this appointment.

                       Chair/Director                              Date                           AA Committee Rep.                      Date

                            Dean                                   Date                   Director of Employment Practices               Date

AUTHORIZATION TO HIRE:hereby authorize the hiring of the above-named person under the terms stated herein.

                                                    Provost/Designee                                                      Date
All b in d in g ter m s an d c o n d itio n s o f th is ap p o in tm en t ar e c o n tain ed in th is w r itten o ffer an d in s tate r eg u latio n s , s ys tem -w id e
tr u s tee/c h an c ello r d ir ec tives , r elevan t c o llec tive b ar g ain in g ag r eem en ts , an d CSU, Ch ic o p o lic ies an d p r o c ed u r es .

Pleas e s ig n an d r etu r n to th e " Dean 's Offic e" in d ic atin g th at yo u h ave r ead , u n d er s tan d , an d ac c ep t th e c o n d itio n s
o f th is ap p o in tm en t.

Yo u r ear ly r es p o n s e to th is o ffer is m o s t ap p r ec iated . If yo u r r es p o n s e is n o t r ec eived w ith in tw elve d ays o f th e d ate o f th e
Pr o vo s t/Des ig n ee's s ig n atu r e ab o ve, th is o ffer is au to m atic ally w ith d r aw n an d is vo id .
   I have read, understand, and accept the conditions of this appointment.

   I do not accept this appointment.


Distribution: Orig + 1 HR; 1 to Dept.; 1 to CME                                                                                         One copy to college personnel file.
                                   1.5                                                          Pg 2/2 for      111-11-1111

            Packet 2                                                                                                                                                          Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
 RU       CL        SR     FNam e   NME   SSN   Str eet   City   St   Zip       Un it    Zip 2

#REF!   #REF!      #REF!

        Packet 2                                                            Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Dep t    Ab b r    HDg r   Dg r Date   In s t   TCo d e   TTyp e   Ap p t   Yr s   Sab b   Ten u r e   Co u r s e      Sp ec Q   Sp ec H

        Packet 2                                                                                                    Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
AG     RU       CL   SR   Statu s   s p n g tm b s   Sp g MS   Sp g B eg   Sp g En d   EF   FMS   MS        R       Su b c o d e

     Packet 2                                                                                          Appendix I

Packet 2              Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I
F_S_Y      B eg   En d         SSN   AG   RU   CL   SR
                         #########                       563621981

Packet 2                                                 Appendix I
Packet 2   Appendix I

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