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‘This degree has been
 proven to be well
 recognised by top
 universities in the UK. If
 it didn't exist, I probably
 would never have had
 the opportunity to gain
 admission into a top
 university like Oxford.’
Tommy Khoo

  Profile: Tommy Khoo | BSc Mathematics and Economics, Singapore

 ‘I did not do well in my ‘A’ levels    valuable life lessons struggling   foundations of mathematics.           their exams in the past but
  and was unable to get into one        to motivate myself to finish the   Having this background                still wants to do mathematics
  of the local universities (NUS,       final year with good grades.       was tremendously useful,              or mathematical economics
  NTU). Among other university             Another lesson learned          both for gaining admissions           formally. This degree has been
  degrees available locally, the        from completing this course        and for handling current              proven to be well recognised
  University of London appeared         is that we are not defined by      postgraduate studies, which           by top universities in the UK. If
  to have the largest student           our failures. For many years I     draws heavily on assumed              it didn’t exist, I probably would
  population, most institutional        was under the impression that      mathematical background.              never have had the opportunity
  support and seemed to be              I wasn’t “good” at studying,          For those who are unable           to gain admission into a top
  the most widely recognized.           in particular Mathematics,         to do a degree course on              UK university like Oxford.’
    I learned to motivate myself        because of my very bad             campus at a university, and
  through difficult times. During      ‘A’ level performance. I            want to pursue mathematics or         Tommy studied at Singapore
  the third year of my degree,          have since ceased to view          mathematical economics, this is       Institute of Management
  many family members fell ill and      failure as “evidence” of an        an excellent choice. In particular,   and gained his BSc degree
  some passed away. Due to this, I      inadequacy in ability.             from personal experience, I           with First Class Honours. He
  had to take the year off, delaying        We were allowed to             think this is an excellent “second    is now pursuing an MSc at
  and possibly giving up my             take papers in some of the         chance” for someone who               the University of Oxford.
  plans for future studies. I learnt    topics that make up the            might have done poorly in

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