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									Organization                 Internship Title First Posted   Updated   Major
The Institute on Political                                             Journalism,
Journalism                                                             Communication
                             Social Media                              Marketing, Public
Monar Consulting                              2/3/11
                             Intern                                    Relations,
Rotary Magazine                               2/3/11                   Journalism
Transit Tees, Inc.                         2/3/11                      Marketing, Ad/Pr
The Nature Conservancy       Marketing     2/3/11                      Marketing
                             Corporate                                 Public Relations,
Takeda Pharmaceuticals       Communication 2/3/11                      Journalism,
                             s Intern                                  Communication
                             Communication                             Communication,
The Latino Policy Forum      s Administrative 01/27/11                 Public Relations,
                             Assistant                                 Marketing
ABC 7                                         01/27/11
Brillante Multicultural      Marketing/PR                              Public Relations,
Marketing Group              Internship                                Communication
                             Public Relations
SS|PR                                         01/12/11                 Public Relations
Walker Sands
                             PR Intern        01/10/11                 Public Relations
JB Chicago for New                                                     Advertising,
                             Intern           01/10/11
Millennium Orchestra                                                   Communication
                          Marketing and
Illinois Holocaust Museum                                              Public Relations,
                          Public Relations 01/10/11
and Education Center                                                   Communication

Loyola University            Marketing,
Marketing and                Media & Billing 01/08/11
Communications               Student Intern
PACO Communications                         01/08/11
Patch                                       01/07/11               Journalism
XRT                         Intern          01/06/11               Advertising, Public
Burson-Marsteller           Intern          01/05/11               Public Relations
Crain's Chicago Business                    12/19/10               Communication,
                                                                   Public Relations
Access Living                             12/19/10                 Communication,
                            s Intern
                                                                   Public Relations
Takeda Pharmaceuticals
                            Development     12/19/10               Communication
North America
                            Writing and                            Communication,
The Nature Conservancy      Media Relations 12/19/10    2/3/11     Journalism, Public
                            Intern                                 Relations
Friends of David Pavlik                     12/19/10               Advertising, Public
BrixNFlix                   Production      12/18/10               Communication
                            Production and                         Journalism,
Radio Maria                                  12/16/10
                            Technical Intern                       Communication

Time Out Chicago                            12/09/10               Public Relations

Chicago Metro History       Communication
                                          12/09/10                 Communication
Education Center            s Intern

Citizens for Lisa Madigan   Intern          12/06/10    12/06/10   Communication

Latino Policy Forum                       12/06/10      12/06/10   Communication
Situ8                       Intern          12/06/10    12/06/10   Communication
Leila Grace Foundation     Intern          12/06/10    12/06/10   Communication

Tails Pet Media Group      Editorial intern 12/06/10   12/06/10   Journalism
HR Solutions                               12/06/10    12/06/10   Communication
Chicago Athletic Clubs                     12/06/10    12/06/10   Communication

Time Out Chicago                           12/06/10               Communication

StarCom Media Vest
                                           12/03/10               Communication
                                                                  Public Relations,
HR Solutions               Marketing
                                           12/03/10               Communication,
International, Inc.        Internship
Chicago Shakespeare        Marketing/PR
                                           12/03/10               Public Relations,
Theater                    Intern
NBC                        Intern          12/03/10               Journalism

Kick Start Chicago         Marketing                              Public Relations,
Marketing, In.             Internship                             Communication
Chicago Rush Arena
                           c               12/02/10               Communication
Chicago Metro History      Development
                                           12//09/10              Communication
Education Center           Intern

Cabrini Connections,    Marketing/PR
                                           11/30/10               Public Relations
Tutor/Mentor Connection Intern

Tripp Lite                 munications   11/30/10                 Communication
Girls On the Run Chicago   Program Intern 11/30/10                Communication
Inspiration Corporation                  11/29/10                 Public Relations
                           R Intern
                          Marketing &
Stories at The Store      Social Media    11/29/10
                                                                 Public Relations
                                                                 Public Relations,
Advocate Health Care      Intern          11/29/10
Freestyle Marketing       Intern          11/29/10               Communication

American Liver            Program/Event                          Communication,
Foundation                Intern                                 Public Relations

                                                                 Advertising, Public
All Terrain               Intern          11/29/10

ABC 7                     Intern          11/29/10    12/03/10   Journalism

                          Marketing and
Jam Theatricals           Public Relations 11/29/10              Public relations
                                                                 Advertising, Public
Zipcar                    Intern          11/29/10
                          Media Research
Cision, Inc.                             11/29/10     12/03/10   Communication
hinton+grusich            Intern          11/29/10
Northern Trust            Intern          11/29/10               Communication
ADROC                     Intern          11/29/10
Office of State Senator
                          Intern          11/29/10               Public Relations
Heather Steans
Either Way Works
                          Intern          11/29/10               Communication,
                                                                 Public Relations
Bernie Dimeo              Public Relations                       Advertising, Public
Communications            Intern                                 Relations

The Monogram Group        Intern          11/29/10
                             Public Relations            Public Relations,
The Silverman Group, Inc.                     11/22/10
                             Intern                      Communication

                             Public Service              Communication,
                             Intern                      Journalism

                                                         Public Relations,
Shoreline Sightseeing        Intern           11/22/10   Communication,
Harpo Studios                Publicity Intern 11/22/10   Public Relations

                             Communication               Communication,
The Pampered Chef                          11/22/10
                             s Coordinator               Public Relations
                             Marketing                   Communication,
Glenview Park District                        11/22/10
                             Internship                  Public Relations,
                                                         Public Relations,
Walker Sands                 Public Relations            Journalism,
Communications               Internship                  Communication,
                                                         Public Relations,
                             Strategic                   Advertising,
G2                                           11/22/10
                             Planning Intern             Communication,
Colman Brohan & Davis,       Account                     Advertising, Public
Inc                          coordinator                 Relations
Carol H. Williams                                        Advertising, Public
Advertising Agency                                       Relations

Aware Records/A-Squared Marketing
                                              11/11/10   Public Relations
Management              Intern

                             Marketing                   Communication,
The Glenview Park District                    11/11/10
                             Intern                      Public Relations,
Merchandise Mart             Affairs Intern
                                             11/09/10    Public Relations
Properties, Inc.             and Public
                             Relation Intern
Museum of                                             Advertising, Public
                          Intern          11/09/10
Contemporary Art                                      Relations
National Academy of
Television, Arts and      Intern          11/09/10    Communication
National Collegiate
                          PR Intern       11/09/10    Public Relations
Scouting Association
                                                      Advertising, Public
NBC/Telemundo             Intern          11/09/10
Notre Dame College Prep Intern            11/09/10    Public Relations
Olson Communications
                          Intern          11/09/10    Communication
                                                      Advertising, Public
The Onion                 Intern          11/09/10
                                                      Advertising, Public
Pitchfork Media           Intern          11/09/10
The Regional/ The                                     Advertising, Public
                          Intern          11/09/10
Reporter                                              Relations

Reynolds                  PR Agency
                                          11/09/10    Public Relations
Communications Group      Intern

                                                      Advertising, Public
River North Association   Intern          11/09/10
                                                      Advertising, Public
Robinson and Maites       Intern          11/09/10
                          Junior Executive            Advertising, Public
The San Jose Group                         11/09/10
                          Program                     Relations
                                                      Advertising, Public
communications and                        11/09/10
marketing inc

                          Pulliam/ Kilgore
Society of Professional   Freedom of
                                           11/09/10   Journalism
Journalists               Information

Step UP Women's                                       Advertising, Public
                          Intern          11/09/10
Network                                               Relations
                                                      Advertising, Public
Terra Nova Films          Intern          11/09/10
                                                     Advertising, Public
                         Intern          11/09/10
Exelon                   Communication 11/09/10      Public Relations
                         s Intern
                                                     Public Relations,
Exelon                   Communication 11/09/10
                         s Intern
103.5 KISS FM                          11/04/10      Journalism
Tribune Creative         Public Relations
                                          11/04/10   Public Relations
Group/Central USA        Intern

Gaspedal                 Intern          11/04/10    Communication

Boston Hannah Chicago    Intern          11/04/10    Journalism

                                                     Advertising, Public
Hester Painting &        Marketing
                                         11/02/10    Relations,
Decorating               Intern

Hill & Knowlton          Intern          11/02/10    Public Relations

                                                     Public Relations,
Holy Family Parish       Intern          11/02/10
House of Blues           Intern          11/02/10    Marketing

Imerman Angels           Intern          11/02/10    Public Relations
International Visitors
                         Intern          11/02/10    Communication
Center of Chicago
Jacobs Agency            Intern          11/02/10    Communication,
Jasculca/Terman and
                         Affairs          11/02/10   Public Relations
Jasculca/Terman and         New Media
                                           11/02/10   Communication
Associates (JT)             Intern
Jasculca/Terman and         Management
                                           11/02/10   Communication
Associates                  Internship
Kurman Communications Intern               11/02/10   Public Relations
                                                      Advertising, Public
Laughlin/Constable                         11/02/10
League of Chicago
                             Intern        11/02/10   Communication
The Lite, 93.9 WLIT          Intern        11/02/10   Communication
Little Brothers - Friends of
                             Intern        11/02/10   Public Relations
the Elderly
Make-A-Wish Foundation                     11/02/10
Chicago Citizen
                            Assignment     11/02/10   Journalism
Newspaper Group
                            Desk Intern
Chicago Citizen
                            Photographer   11/02/10   Journalism
Newspaper Group
Chicago Citizen                                       Journalism, Library
                            Researcher     11/02/10
Newspaper Group                                       Science majors

Chicago Magazine                           11/02/10   Journalism

Chicago Magazine            Intern         11/02/10   Journalism
Daily Herald                Intern         11/02/10   Advertising,
                            Marketing &
                                                      Public Relations,
104.3 JACK FM               Promotions     10/29/10
                            Theatre PR
Margie Korshak, Inc.                       10/29/10   Public Relations

Cosmopolitan                Intern         10/29/10   Advertising

                            Advertising/PR            Advertising, Public
The Food Group                             10/29/10
                            Intern                    Relations
                                                                 Advertising, Public
Facets Multi-Media Inc.   Film Festival    10/26/10   10/26/10
                          Public Relations
                          and Hospitality
                                                                 Advertising, Public
Facets Multi- Media       rtising        10/26/10     10/26/10
                          International                          Advertising, Public
Facets Multi-Media                         10/26/10   10/26/10
                          Film Festival                          Relations
                          city Coordinator

                                                                 Advertising, Public
Facets Multi-Media, Inc   Film Festival   10/26/10    10/26/10
                          (Fall Semester)
Famous Fido               Intern          10/26/10    10/26/10   Communication,
                                                                 Public Relations
Financial Dynamics                                               Advertising, Public
                        Intern            10/26/10    10/26/10
Business Communications                                          Relations
Georgia State Games       Management     10/26/10    10/26/10   Public Relations

Grant Park Music Festival Intern         10/26/10    10/26/10   Public Relations

Greater North Michigan
Avenue Association        Intern         10/26/10    10/26/10   Public Relations
Healy & Schulte Inc.      Intern         10/26/10    10/26/10   Public Relations

City Lit Theater                          10/26/10   10/26/10   Communication
                          Artistic Intern
                          Event                                 Public Relations,
Red Frog Events                          10/26/10    10/26/10
                          Coordinator                           Communication
                                                                Journalism, Digital
Time Out Chicago          Web Intern     10/26/10    10/26/10
Noreen Heron &
                          Intern         10/26/10    10/26/10   Public Relations
Associates, Inc.
Metropolitan Meeting &                                          Public Relations,
                          Coordinator    10/26/10    10/16/10
Event Group                                                     Journalism
Chicago Citizen           Writers/Report
                                         10/26/10               Journalism
Newspaper Group           ers
Chicago Citizens          Graphic
                                         10/26/10               Journalism
Newspaper Group           Designer
                                                                Advertising, Public
WXRT-FM                   Intern         10/23/10    10/23/10   Relations,
                        Media Relations
Chicago Sky                             10/23/10    01/14/11   Public Relations

Hester Painting &       Marketing
                                        10/19/10    10/19/10   Marketing
Decorating              Intern
Paramount Public
                        Intern          10/19/10    10/19/10   Public Relations
Edelman                 Intern          10/19/10    10/19/10   Public Relations

                        s, Programming,
                        Publishing,                            Communication,
ESPN                    Digital Media, 10/19/10     10/19/10   Public Relations,
                        Marketing,                             Digital Media

Convurge Consulting     Public Relations 10/19/10   10/19/10   Public Relations

Community Renewal       Public Relations 10/18/10   10/19/10   Public Relations

                        Public Relations
Christ Medical Center                    10/18/10   10/18/10   Public Relations

The Adler Planetarium   Intern          10/18/10    10/19/10   Communication

The American Diabetes
Association Northern    Intern          10/18/10    10/19/10   Communication
Illinois Area Office
                         Rep (Contract
GROUPON                                   10/14/10   10/19/10   Communication
                         with potential
                         to convert to
                         full time)
                         Communication                          Communication,
Builders Association                   10/14/10      10/19/10
                         Intern                                 Advertising, Public
Chicago Agent Magazine   Editorial Intern 10/14/10   10/19/10   Journalism
American Red Cross of    Special Events
                                        10/13/10     10/19/10   Communication
Greater Chicago          Intern
                         Public Affairs
                         and                                    Public Relations,
Caterpillar                             10/11/10     10/19/10
                         Communication                          Communication
                         s Intern
Time Out Chicago         Production     10/11/10     10/19/10
                         Public Relations
GolinHarris                               10/11/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
MyMediaInfo              Manager (part    10/11/10   10/19/10
                         Public Service
City of Chicago,
                         Intern (studio
Department of Business                                          Journalism
                         and field TV     10/11/10   10/19/10
Affairs and Consumer                                            (broadcasting)

Burn's Entertainment and Public Relations
                                          09/28/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
Sports Marketing         Intern
                         Social Media
                         and Online
SOAR                                      09/28/10   10/19/10   Communication
                         Public Relations
Tattooed Tees, Inc.                       09/28/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
Dreaming Tree Films                      09/28/10      10/19/10   Communication
                           Public Relations
Dreaming Tree Films                         09/28/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
                           Graphic/Web                            Communication
Dreaming Tree Films                        09/28/10    10/19/10
                           Design Intern                          (Graphic Design)
Dreaming Tree Films        Coordinator     09/28/10    10/19/10   Media Studies
                           Marketing                              Pubic Relations,
National Gift Card                         09/28/10    10/19/10
                           Intern                                 Communication

Sydcon Web                 Social Media                           Communication,
                                           09/28/10    10/19/10
Development                Intern                                 Marketing

                                                                  Advertising, Public
                           Public Relations                       Relations,
BVK                                         09/28/10   10/19/10
                           Intern                                 Marketing,
                           Public Relations
Crusiet                                     09/28/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
Streeterville Chamber of   Communication
                                          09/28/10     10/19/10   Communication
Commerce                   Intern
Stitely Entertainment                     09/28/10     10/19/10   Communication
                                                                  Advertising, Public
Brillante Multicultural    PR Intern       09/28/10    10/19/10
Dresner Corporate                                                 Advertising, Public
                           PR Intern       09/28/10    9/28/10
Services                                                          Relations
Chicago Shakespeare        Marketing/PR                           Marketing, Public
                                           09/28/10    09/28/10
Theater                    Intern                                 Relations

                           Public Relations
Aileron Communications                      09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
ALSAC/ St. Jude Children's
                           Intern          09/20/10    10/19/10   Marketing, Public
Research Hospital
American Association of    Public Relations
                                            09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
Advertising Agencies       Intern

                           Public Relations
American Cancer Society                     09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations

American Health
                       Public Relations
Information Management                  09/20/10       10/19/10   Public Relations
American Red Cross         Intern          09/20/10    10/19/10
                                                                  Public Relations
Arzu Rugs Not-for-Profit   Public Relations
                                            09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
Organization               Intern

Lissy Peace and            Public Relations
                                            09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
Associates                 Intern

                           Public Relations
Bird-X                                      09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations

                           Public Relations                       Public Relations,
Bloomingdale's                              09/20/10   10/19/10
                           Intern                                 Communication
                           Public Relations
Brookfield Zoo                              09/20/10   10/19/10   Public Relations
                           Graphic                                Communication
A la Carte Entertainment                   09/17/10    09/20/10
                           designer                               (Graphic Design)
Big Shoulders Digital
                           Intern          09/07/10    10/26/10   Communication
Video Productions
Description of     Company Web        Internship             Internship
                                                                              Perennial       Occasional
Organization       site               Description            Requirements
                                      This combines substative interships, courses for academic credit, career developme
Sponsored by The Fund for American Studies fast-paced, eight-week residential program provides students from around the

                                           •	 evelop and companies become Senior-level pages daily, including Monar Musing
                                             D                    •	
                                                                   company more productive and effective through individual
Monar Consulting is a small firm specializing in helping maintain PJunior orInternet web undergraduate student		roficient in
                                           Research, organization, copy edit       1.2
Rotary International is the world's first service clubfact check andwith more thanYes million members in 33,000 clubs worldw
                                                                  � Deadline conscious� product lines applications on a Mac
                                           � Creation of marketing plans to promote Chicago Transit Authority and various C
IT creates designs and apparel for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Yes new Knowledge of (Promotion, Placemen

                                        Working with a digital •	 asic HTML and Yes all 50 states and more researchcountrie
                                                               marketer working in
                                                                B               Photoshop digital metrics than 33 and ana
The Nature Conservancy is the world’s leading conservation organization,based in Chicago inskills required, Flash skills a plus.

                  www.takedajobs.c •	 ssisting in the development and execution of is campaigns for Takeda •P heritage
                                        A                  •	nrolled United accredited university 	P a strong
                                                            E                                         • by      entering J
Takeda Pharmaceuticals, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in thein a U.S. States, PRcharacterized	Must be		reparing

                                         o Managing media hitsarea that facilitates the involvement of Latinos at areas of ad
                                                                 archiving systems.O internship organizational social netwo
The Latino Policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago Previous work and/orMaintainingexperience in theall levels of

                                                                students will enrolled in a bona fide observe and participate
                                                                 B               yes
                                         During the internship, •	 e currentlyhave the opportunity to undergraduate or gradu
                                         -Research	 implements multicultural marketing-campaigns nationally. Our experts a
                                                  -             -Fluent-in
                                                                        Program logistics	Clientwritten	
Brillante Multicultural Marketing Group creates andEvent coordination	 Spanishyes                      -Microsoft phone	Data
                                                                                  – verbal and relationship – via Excel, Word

                                            SS|PR offices in Chicago, Silicon Valley, Princeton, and Colorado Springs. Founded in
                                                                   SS|PR provide hands-on experience in individuals who are w
SS|PR is a full-service public relations firm with offers an internship tois looking for outgoing, articulatepublic/media relations
                                            Our Chicago PR intern You be responsible for developing media lists, conceptualizing
                                                                   will counsel and services. Our skills and an interest in condu
Walker Sands Communications provides marketing communicationsshould have superb writingclients include large Fortune 5
JB Chicago was founded on the principle that agency marketing partners should be nimble, hands-on and versed in the busin

                                       •	 Center tells Social •	 utstanding written and oral robust Museum presence on Fa
                                        W                     Media Team to create a more communication skills		amiliari
                                                               O                                                 •F
The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education ork with thethe story of the Holocaust through richly designed, interactive exhib

                                     The department is intern is responsible for acquiring digital and overseeing of bill
                                                           - MANDATORY: -Thorough working knowledge of Microsoft Ex
The University Marketing & CommunicationsMedia & Billingresponsible for purchasing, coordinating, and print copies theads
                                        PACO Communications•	enior college student preferred array major in marketing,
                                                             is committed to developing future leaders within this growin
PACO Communications is a full-service, boutique marketing/communications agency. We offer anwith a of marketing and crea
                                       and is a full-time internship where you'll gain valuable experience for trusted a journ
                                                               Smart, enthusiastic students with a passion working as local c is a community-specific news This information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and local journalism

Chicago rock radio station                                    Applicants should be responsible, outgoing, and possess exce
                                         WXRT-FM is looking for enthusiastic summer Interns who are eager to learn the dyn
                     The Harold Burson
A leading global public relations and communications firm. Summer Internship (HBSI) Program is a paid internship at one of

                     www.chicagobusin • Monitor, build to assist with social active presence	 Excellent writing and editing
                                                                 • Familiarity withyes media • a variety of social channels
                                                                                    social    on
Crain's Chicago Business is currently seeking a paid intern and maintain Crain'smedia and community management. Immersio

                     http://www.acces Access Living seeks a journalism orinterns should have strong communications skills
                                                               to fostering communications intern enables Chicagoans with
Established in 1980, Access Living is a change agent committed Prospective an inclusive society that to work in conjunction w

                    www.takedajobs.c The aim is The largest The Takeda Corporate Communications department seeks can
                                                            in Japan and one of the global leaders of the communications
A research-based global pharmaceutical company. to introduce students or recent graduates to a corporate industry.

                                        The Marketing ResourceCurrently enrolled in ancommunicationsprogram with a majo
                                                             • Center-Central Yes
                                                                               houses undergraduate staff managing com
The Nature Conservancy is the world’s leading conservation organization, working in all 50 states and more than 33 countrie

                                        Chicago's northwest side.
A dynamic political campaign located on Join our team and gain hands-on experience with all aspects of what will be a very c

                                         -Editing client videos for posting on the company website-Uploading images and voi

                     www.radiomariac countries in 20 different languages. Radio Manage breaks and callers a day the is a
Radio Maria broadcasts in more than 40 Assist in producing recorded promotions. Maria is broadcast 24 hoursduring and 4 p
                                       The                    We are looking for a high-energy, department. The internship
A leading arts and entertainment magazine intern works alongside our small but busy marketingmotivated individual with a

                   www.chicagohisto The Communications Intern willwho areYes parents communications or and Educa
                                                             Students work withmajoring the Chicago Metro History subur
An independent, nonprofit, educational program that serves students, teachers andstaff atinin the city of Chicagomarketing,

                                                                Intern must be a student enrolled at an accredited university.
                                         Communications intern will compile clips of anything related to the attorney genera
                                         Communication intern area that facilitates the monitoring of local andat all levels of
                                                                 duties include: -regular previous work latinos national expe
The Latino Policy Forum is the only organization in the Chicago Candidates should have involvement ofand/or internshipprint
                                         that creates 1:1 personally relevant & recaps-Answer incomingthat people choose
                                                                Must be enrolled yesmemorable situations calls and provide ac
Situ8 is an experiental marketing agency -Assist in brainstorming, registration andin an accredited college/university pursuingt
                                        The intern will be in charge of sexualneeds toprevention education to college stude
                                                                The individual assualt be completing a degree in marketing,
The Leila Grace Foundation is a nonforprofit organization that providesmarketing events and the organization to students ac
                                          The editorial intern will throughout be for to work six stories, on-lineastories, ando
                                                                 Interns must the yes
                                                                                   country. Our magizines hours the latest
Tails Pet Media group publishes 10 monthly pet resource guides be responsible ablewriting newsto sevenfocus onday at the n
                                          The Consulting Firm Intern must include,
                                                                 this position engagement and satisfaction work-strongin the
                                                                                   a commitment limited to:-assistance verba
HR Solutions is an International Managementresponsibilities ofthat provideshave yes but are not to quality survey instruments
Chicago fitness clubs offering exercise equipment, rock climbing walls, pools, and classes.

                                       Responsibilities:		 ssist in are looking development and execution of marketing cam
                                                        •A We                    Yes
A leading arts and entertainment magazine and content provider the strategicfor a motivated individual, who is a self-starte

                                      Working as a part of our operating unit VivaKi,may beof the world'salargest graduatio
                                                            - media team, interns is one higher with target and most
Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), a division of Publicis Groupe’sPursuing Bachelor's Degree orexposed to any of our strategy

                      www.hrsolutionsin Assistance in the development of marketing collateral, including survey instruments
                                                              Commitment to quality work.Strong verbal and written comm
HR Solutions is an International Management Consulting Firm that provides engagement and satisfaction our e-newsletter, p

                    www.chicagoshak Assist Shakespeare Theater (CST) direct mail accepting Marketing/PR internship app
                                                              Minimum two years undergraduate education or equivilent ex
Regional Theatre Tony Award recipient Chicagoin execution of promotions, is currently and e-marketing projects Update mail
NBC Chicago Morning Show                                      Dream candidate can start expect to shadow reporters durin
                                       The winter NBC Chicago morning show intern canin December, is a junior or senior,

                    www.kickstartmar                              Kick Start Marketing Chicago seeks a Marketing Intern for to
Kick Start Chicago Marketing, Inc., based in Evanston, Illinois, provides public relations, marketing and consulting servicesthe

                                                                                   Yes; Winter
                                                                                   2010, Spring
                                         Assist in in daily operations ofIt is a10 hours aand Public Relations departmentLear
                                                                 Illinois. the member week in the Rush office.Work ALL ho
The Chicago Rush is an arena football team basedtheRosemont,Work at leastRush Salesof the new Arena Football League leag
                                                                                   2011, Summer

                   www.chicagohisto The Communications Intern willwho areyes parents communications or and Educa
                                                             Students work withmajoring the Chicago Metro History subur
An independent, nonprofit, educational program that serves students, teachers andstaff atinin the city of Chicagomarketing,

                                                             Research and 7th through 12th grade students living in Chica
Cabrini Connections is a one-on-one tutoring and mentoring program servingcommunications skills are critically important, a

                                         Interns will perform duties specific to intro marketing communications. This also inc
Tripp Lite is the manufacturer of more than 2,500 products to protect, power, organize and control the vital equipment com
                                         The program intern works with programyes Microsoft Outlook-Excellent healthy livin
                                                                 and inspire girls for to support current and potential new s
GOTRC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate-Knowledge of Excel;a lifetime of self-respect and research, w
                                          Inspiration Corporation helps people whomember of Inspiration Corporation’s are e
                                                                Basic will be a key of affected by homelessness skills team
In an atmosphere of dignity and respect, The Development/PR Internunderstandingarepublic relations. Computerand povert
                                         We are looking readingor two held the last Wednesday of the month at The a terrifi
                                                                   event enthusiastic, creative and amazing interns for Store, a
Stories at The Store is a once a month storytelling/essay for oneIdeally our intern(s) would possess knowledge of website dev

                                         nation’s Health Care’s systems based on Marketing Internship for the second conse
                                                                Public Affairs and clinical performance Program allows stude
Advocate Health Care, named one of theAdvocatetop 10 healthCollege/university junior or senior, or recent graduate, obtain
                                        Work learn how to account executives yes
                                                               a team player in in regards skills: Word, Excel, Power Point, w
                                                                                   productive putting together presentations
Freestyle provides an invaluable experience to with and helpbe Good work ethic;acomputer towork environment. The intern A

                    www.liverfoundati is to facilitate, advocate, will assist with the
                                                              Excellent writing, education, support, and research for the pre
                                                                                 interpersonal and verbal skillsExperience an
The American Liver Foundation’s missionThe Program/Event Internand promote yes implementation and coordination for a

                                                                 Must based in Chicago with good standing at an accredited u
All Terrain is a 12 year old international integrated marketing agency be a junior or senior in 5 divisions.
                                         traffic, sports and politics.
                                                                 program, ABC 7 aims to work and supplement the education
Local station for Chicago news, weather, Through its internship Students are requiredto enrichno more and no less than three

Jam Theatricals is a Chicago-based entertainment company that presents and produces Broadway engagements throughout
Zipcar is the world's largest car sharing and car club service. It is an alternative to traditional car rental and ownership.

                                         Position distribution, monitoringstudents will be services or public relations, marke
                                                                Only local and evaluation considered
Cision is a worldwide provider of media research,purpose: Researches a variety of print, broadcastfor internet media outlets
hinton+grusich represents over 130 three, four, and five star upscale meeting hotels and luxury resorts. we offer one point-o
Northern Trust Corporation is a leading provider of investment management, asset and fund administration, fiduciary, and b
ADROC is a full-service, integrated marketing agency.                           yes
Office of State Senator Heather Steans Intern will perform public relation work. They will work on writing press releases as

                    www.eitherwaywo We offer hands-on internships production services to businesses seeking to increas
Either Way Works is a marketing company that provides promotion andin the following areas: Public Relations, Marketing, G

                 www.berniedimeo                                            including branding, marketing, consulting, p
Bernie Dimeo Communications offers straightforward communications services, yes
The Monogram Group is a 30-year-old company of experienced researchers, strategists and creative professionals who come
                   www.silvermangro The relations firm serving arts and leisure hours in the overall success of operation
                                                               Required intern is to assist TSG provides months minimum,
The Silverman Group, Inc. is a boutiquepublicprimary function of the TSGto work 20clients.per week for 3media relations and

                                        1) Studio Consumer Protection assist with television productions enrolled at City
                                                               Must Will
City of Chicago Department of Business Affairs andProduction Intern -be a current college level junior, senior producedin an ac

                     www.shorelinesig The intern will update boats at Navy Pier. Shoreline offers social media outlets. The
                                                                 and expand Shoreline’s presence in 12 hours a week from th
Shoreline is Chicago’s largest tour boat company, operating 21 We are looking for an intern to workArchitecture Cruises onm
                                          The publicity intern responsibilities include: Updating show, publicity files required.
                                                                 family of brands includes powerfully positive vehicles in data
From television and radio to feature films and print, the Harpo Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and almo

The Pampered Chef®www.pamperedch The Communications Specialist coordinates and implements charitable giving activit
                                                                • 2 years of communications or project management experien
                   is the premier direct seller of essential kitchen tools and part of the Berkshire	 athaway family of busine

                                         The Glenview Park District and the intern have a university students (internship) th
                                                              Qualified internship applicants should The intern receives u
The Glenview Park District offers a paid MARKETING INTERNSHIP program for college current college oran
                                                                                                 - March

                                    We with the business mission of providing best-in-class marketingand what constitu
                                                          Completing (or have in the media, trends, communications
Walker Sands Communications was founded would like you to have a strong interestrecently completed) undergraduate cour

                                   As Strategic Planning Intern, you will work hand in hand withabilityconsumer/shopp
                                                          - network with specialties in has the both to CRM/Direct/R
G2 is a WPP-owned (NASDAQ: WPPGY) top-five brand activationCollege junior or senior whoDigital Marketing, earn college c
                                                                Students integrated,
                                                                                   enrolled at a university.
A 22-year-old advertising agency. Well versed in branding, digital, direct,must beyes experiential and viral marketing for B2B
CHWA is a full-service agency with offices in Chicago, New York, Oakland and Detroit. Communicates with African American

                                      An intern’s duties may include experience in:	 tour promotion	 radio promotion	 gr
                                                                             yes •                 •                  •
Record label and artist management company representing Guster, Brandi Carlile, Jack’s Mannequin, Five For Fighting, Mich

                                                              Qualified internship a paid Marketing Internship program u
                                         The Glenview Park District is proud to offerapplicants should be current college orfor

                                        enthusiastic and resourceful interns to work on a project ininof managing several pr
                                                              Eligible candidates, include assisting planning, set-up, recru
Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. seeks Community Affairs Intern- Responsibilities should be capabletheir related field of stu
                                      exhibitions of thought provoking art created since 1945.assignments. Interns also p
                                                           A minimum commitment as daily
The Museum of Contemporary Art offersInterns complete a specific target project as wellof 16 hours per week for three mon

                    www.chicagoemm The internship will be tailored to match yes basic knowledge of computer andopp
                                                             Applicants shouldintern's skills and presents an excellent Inte
The NATAS is a membership-based organization for television professionals.      have
                                       high school scholar-athletes with colleges of approximately 35-40 hours per week. R
                                                             Candidates must yes
                                                                               possess strong writing skills, be detail-orient
NCSA is the premier source for matchingThe PR Intern will work a flexible schedule and universities across the country. NCSA
                                        networks.            Student must fields of promotion, advertising and accredited
One of Chicago's and the nations biggestNBC 5 Chicago seeks an intern in thebe in their junior or senior year at an station/co
                                         Duties will              Intern should have public relations experience, is assisting to
A Catholic high school aimed at quality education. consist of writing and distributing press releases; overseeing,expected an
                                         Interns work a minimum of for the food industry. possess projects.
                                                                  Accepting only applicants who
Olson Communications, Inc is a marketing communications program 35 hours a week on individualizedan attention to detail,
                                         The marketing intern will work in the advertising sales andhours per week, and mus
The Onion is a weekly newspaper of satire content.                                 yes
                                                                  Interns are expected to work 10-15 promotions department
                                         Intern will assist in theMustto day operations accredited Media and college as be
                                                                   day be offers daily music reviews, news
A respected and reliable part of the independent music community thatenrolled yesan at Pitchforkuniversity orfeatures,andwe
                                         Internship will be in advertising/ sales yes
                                                                  and analyzing increasingly complex questions of race and pov
A newsmagazine that continues to rise to the task of reporting Must intern for three months

                                       Intern will that The Reynolds talent from juniorGroup in public relations work
                                                               Should Communications
A company of marketing strategists and storytellersassist combines topbe at least a multi-national PR firms, daily newspapers
                                       Intern will work a minimum the south and week doing work in event-planning.
                                                               Intern must have general
A chamber of commerce for the area defined by the Chicago Riverto of 20 and event-planning experienc
                                       Intern will assist the Accounting, servicing basic writing skills and knowledge of Unit
                                                               Intern must possess and Production department for the Mic
Robinson and Maites is a promotional marketing communications agency Sales, Art Fortune 500 companies through20-40 wo

                    www.thesanjosegr Receive first marketing results for clients through Convergent Marketing Solutions
A company that strives to accomplish unprecedented hand learning experience in the field of your choice. The Junior Executi

               www.shermancm. The a company that helpsideal candidate a better press releases, website copy, clie
                                                            The clients develop must be a senior or graduate student, ha
SHERMAN communications and marketing is intern will likely be actively involved in:-writing understanding of their constitue

                                          The interns research and write about freedom of information issuesin the nation.
                                                                 Applicants must be journalism students who while assisting
The Society of Professional Journalists, the largest and most diverse membership association for journalists are entering or j
                                        Intern strengthening community resources Pr/Membership girls our mission train in
                                                                Seeking Health and for women and Committees four areas:
Dynamic, professional Non-Profit dedicated to will work with Women'sinterns who are passionate about through and and wo
                                        Interns work directly with the director and help with and enrolled in an accredited
                                                                Intern challengesyes
A non-for-profit company that uses film to look at aging in a way that must be receiving creditthe daily operations, including
Today's Chicago Woman                                         Must be ambitious and energetic
                                     Intern will assist with the following projects: developing and executing promotions f
                    www.exeloncorp.c Exelon's external communications electric utilities, serving 5.4 college graduate, gra
                                                              Preferred ExperienceCollege motivated million electric custo
Exelon Corporation, a FORTUNE 150 company, is one of the nation's largestteam is seeking adegree or significant academic e
                    om                                                                          2010

Exelon Corporation, a FORTUNE 150 company, is one of the nation's largest electric utilities, serving 5.4 million electric custo
Radio Station                                                   Prospective candidates must currently opportunity an accre
                                         103.5 KISS FM is offering a one semester, non-paid internshipbe enrolled into studen

                                                             Candidate must Tribune Stations possess good interpersona
                                         Learn about the promotions process ofbe organized, andin the central United States
                                           Blogging, viral marketing need networking, and this stuff. Candidates must be smar
                                                                  We             yes
Small consulting firm that specializes in word of mouth marketing, social people who love word of mouth marketing interns n

                                     We are continuously looking for editorial LLC. Publishes for several high-quality we
A company based in London, New York and Chicago, Boston Hannah International,interns to worka variety of months in our C

                    www.hesterdecor The intern will develop and organizebe available to work 2-3 days per week, and be
                                                                Student must marketing mailing list, organize existing market
Hester Painting & Decorating is a high-end residential painting company.       yes

                                         Hill a successful professionalof providing high quality public relations support
                                                                record enrolled yesschool is designed to provide students a
A global strategic communications firm, with& Knowlton'strack Must beinternship programor a recent college graduate. to co
                                         Holy Family Church is Must be enrolled in interns to assist on broad credit.
Holy Family Parish is home of Chicago's second oldest church. seeking volunteeryesschool and able toareceiverange of media
                                         Interns and special events.
                                                                Applicants must possess the the marketing team a team-ori
One of Chicago's prominent venues for concerts will generate marketing ideas and will assistability to work well inwith variou
                                         Interns will provide matchesmust be able to work a specifically
                                                                Intern a cancer fighter with well with others Business Manag
Imerman Angels is a 1-on-1 cancer support organization thatdirect support to L.A. executives survivor. the with an upbeat a
                                         Assist in developing outreach strategies, bookingstudent a recent college graduate.
                                                                Must be current college venues, event to enhance and sp
World Chicago helps Chicago's Citizen Diplomats become internationallyaactive one handshake at ortime registration,our city

                     www.jacobsagenc The intern will develop a better understanding of marketing, Jacobs Agency that m
                                                               The rules. Jacobs yes
                                                                                 Agency creates full-service solutions Interns
Jacobs Agency is a nice, efficient boutique agency where relevance following qualities are required foradvertising, research a

                                         JT Account Assistants perform a wide varietywill:	Have excellent verbal and client a
                                                               Successful candidates specializing include affairs, event ma
                                                                                yes       •
Jasculca/Terman and Associates (JT) is an independent strategic communications firm of tasks thatin public preparing written

                                         Jasculca/Terman and Associates offers ayes will:	 paid New public affairs, event ma
                                                              Successful candidates specializing in Media Account Assistan
                                                                                 firm •
Jasculca/Terman and Associates (JT) is an independent strategic communicationsfull-time, Be enthusiastic about new media

                                         Jasculca/Terman and Associates offers ayes will: •Be a hardpublic affairs, event ma
                                                              Successful candidates specializing in Management Account
Jasculca/Terman and Associates (JT) is an independent strategic communicationsfull-time,	paid Eventworker with the ability
                                       Email kurmanstaff@kurmanbe and public relations firm.
                                                              Must for marketing or public relations
Kurman Communications, Inc. is a Chicago- based full-service marketingaspecifics regarding internship. student
Laughlin/Constable is an idea-generating agency that helps brands challenge bigger brands.
                                           Interns can choose from up of more than 170 theater companies driven by experie
                                                                  Must following different marketing programs; Hot Tix, Chicag
The League of Chicago Theatres is a non-profit organization madethebe interested in a non-profit fine arts marketingthe mis
Chicago radio smooth jazz andoffice duries to see how a radiocollege and receiving credits. experienc
                        specializing in    Assist with rock                          in
                                                                  Must be enrolled yes station functions. Gain on-site
                                                                  Must committed yesrelieving elderly isolation and loneliness.
Little Brothers is a national and international non-profit organization be a public relations and marketing major who can give

                    www.thechicagoci Black newspaper publication, is a MUST what organization. We inform, in college. a
                                                              Candidates progressive at least a cover standing we challeng
The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group, a Responsibilities range from determiningyes of stories to Junior for five publications P
                                                              Must have progressive organization. We inform, we challeng
The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group, a Black newspaper publication, is aa good driving record and valid driver's license. Ca

                    www.thechicagoci                             Candidate MUST yesof organization. standing in we challeng
The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group, a Black newspaper publication, is a progressiveat least Junior We inform, college. Wee
                    com/Chicago-         Chicago Magazine's editorial shopping and real estate in the region. It journalism s
Chicago magazine is the definitive voice on top dining, entertainment,department seeks motivated, enthusiasticalso offers pr
                                         Duties include lots of fact checking (experience inlooking for great intern candidates
                                                                 Chicago Home + and real this in the region. It clerical duti
Chicago magazine is the definitive voice on top dining, entertainment, shopping Garden isestatepreferred), somealso offers pr

Newspaper            www.dailyherald.c Many positions are available including Graphicis designed for current college studen
                                                            The internship program Design, Reporting, Photojournalism,

Radio station        www.iknowjack.ra JACK will give you the chance to learnJunior, Senior or Graduate student currently en
                                                             • Sophomore, the inner workings of a large market radio sta

                                                             Organized, efficient, eager to learn for develop their PR set.
                                         The Theatre Department of Margie Korshak Inc. is lookingand a new theatreskillinter

Magazine                                                        Interns should posses excellent communication skills (both ve
                                         Interns will have the opportunity to learn about the magazine advertising world thro

                                      of food, beverages and equipment, primarily directed at restaurants, institutional f
                                                            -Outgoing, various proactive aspects including: B2B and cons
The Food Group supports manufacturers-Assist account services staff with mature, marketingand possesses strong communic
                                         Facets dedicated to the exhibition, to act as festival liaison to of foreign, public. Eli
                                                               Applicants shouldyes
                                                                                  demonstrate the following traits: good orga
Facets Multi-Media is a non-profit organization Multi-Media seeks an intern distribution and education the generalindepende


                                         Working three full days exhibition, distribution and education of foreign, independe
                                                               Applicants shouldyes knowledge contact businesses, institu
Facets Multi-Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to the a week (including Friday), interns or interest in film studies o

                                         This intern will be in charge of poster and schedule distribution, coordinating promo
                                                                 Facets Multi-Media, Inc. and education of foreign, independe
Facets Multi-Media is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition, distribution is seeking an intern who will work th


                                         Interns will work to thefull-time days a week and will be required tohas self-motivat
                                                                  exhibition, distribution and education who work additiona
Facets Multi-Media is a non-profit organization dedicated threeFacets Multi-Media, is seeking an internof foreign, independe


                    www.retail.famou Famous Fido requires interns to help communicate majoring in Advertising, from ke
                                                              Candidates should are available build in-house sales
Famous Fido is the original dog bakery and produces bakery items for dogs, whichbe juniors andon a national level. Commu

                                       Interns                 include developing
                                                                               strong organizational skills, presentations w
A consultancy in the communications industry. responsibilitiesIntern must have yesand creating PowerPoint be conversant fo
                                        The intern will assist the Executive festivals in the country. skills and knowledge o
                                                                All applicants must have strong writing
The Georgia State Games is one of the largest amateur Olympic-style sportsDirector in the planning and implementation of t


                      www.grantparkmu Interns                     event planning, yes
                                                                                  Festival seeks an and biographies, write W
Classical concert series on Chicago's lakefront. will assist withGrant Park Musicedit press releasesintern with excellent writt

                                        Eligible candidates retailers, hotels, restaurants, all phases of the public relations bu
                                                               The association seeks an intern who possesses excellent verb
Greater North Michigan Avenue Association represents the should also be eageryeslearn businesses, and residents in the No
                                        Daily duties include media pitching, building a skilled writer with and press release
                                                               Healy &             yes
Healy & Schulte is a Chicago-based public relations and marketing firm. Schulte seeks media lists, researchexcellent verbal co

                                                              This internship seeks someone who is proficient at Microsoft
                                        Interns usually work as an essential partyes small staff. They will gain experience in g
                                        Interns will have a events planning the events and be, www
                                                              Ability to relocate to the Chicagoland Area. Have or be workin
Red Frog Events is a growing company, which plans runninghand in (, involved in several different a
                                        The intern works      Interns interested in this producing fresh content for experie
Time Out Chicago is an arts and entertainment magazine. closely with the Web Editor inposition should have writing the blog
Public Relations Boutique                                        Public the following duties: answer incoming phone calls and
                                          Intern will be responsible for Relations Major

                    www.metromeg.c Responsibilities for this position includeyes social media Excel, Word, Publisher Ou
A boutique meeting and event planning firm                                     daily
                                                             Proficiency in MS Office 2007 using blast, writing weekly artic
                                       Black newspaper publication, is Group is seeking news writers inform, we challeng
                                                             Candidates progressive at least junior standing at a college or
The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group, a The Chicago Citizens Newspapera MUSTyes of organization. We and reporters for its
                                       Black newspaper publication, is Group is seeking graphic designers for weFall intern
                                                             Candidates progressive at least junior standing at a challeng
The Chicago Citizen Newspaper Group, a The Chicago Citizens Newspapera MUSTyes of organization. We inform, its college or

                                        WXRT-FM is looking for enthusiastic interns who are eager outgoing and possess ex
                                                              Applicants        be
Nationally recognized as one of Chicago's most legendary rock stations. shouldYes responsible andto learn the dynamics of
                                      The Chicago Sky is seeking ideal candidate with managing the day-to-day media rela
                                                            The interns to
The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) team based in Chicago.assistshould be able to work 20-30 hours/week

                                         The intern will contribute to the must be employees. four-year college and have re
                                                                 Applicant marketing efforts of
Hester Painting & Decorating is a high-end residential painting company with 100 enrolled in aan established service-industry
                                         Intern PR assist in all general duties including butwriting and to: writing pressnon-fo
                                                                 Research, communication, not limited the hospitality, relea
Paramount Public Relations is a small, boutiquewill firm with big agency expertise that serves clients inorganizational skills ar
                                         Interns will            Intern candidatesyesservice, media relations, writing/editing, w
Edelman is the leading independent global PR firm. perform the following- Clientshould have a minimum of one internshipre

                                                                10-week program; 40 hours a week, including nights and wee
                                         See website for specifics             yes

A consulting firm with services in production, professional management, marketing, public relations, events, conferences, bu

Community Renewalwww.communityr                             Seeks an intern who has race, writing and a passion for
                  Society is a faith-based advocacy organization to combat issues of good povertyskills,social justice. socia

                                                                 production of have completed successfully news-writing cou
                                         Interns assist with the Interns should newsletters, press releases and other commun

                     www.adlerplaneta Assist in the daily activities of the communications inspiring young people, particul
                                                                 Current college student or graduate. Must the preparation o
Americas first planetarium, Adler is a recognized leader in science education with a focus ondepartment inpossess outstandin

                                         Hands on States that deals with diabetes areas such as: in MS relations, MSExcel, g
                                                               Current college to and its complications.
Largest voluntary health organization in the Unitedexperience gaining exposurestudent proficientmedia Word andweb site, p
                                                               Well-matched individuals to this role:Are comfortable closing
                                         The Affiliate Development Rep helps us yes distribution partnerships with websites

                                        An English, Journalism,1. Researching, writing, and with services regarding labor, saf
                                                                Communications, or Ad/PR student is needed to help with co
The Builders Association has been serving the commercial construction industry since 1906 editing articles for newsletters.2.
                                        Interns will have community of the the entire process of putting tog
                                                                AP knowledge is yes
Chicago Agent is the only magazine that serves the entire the opportunity to residential real estate industry of Chicago land.
                                        This position will be responsible volunteers and guided byWord, Excel, PowerPoint-
                                                                - Computer competence: Internet, our Congressional Charte
A chapter of the American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by for supporting the Chapter’s special events program

                                          Public Affairs and Communications internships are 40 and sustainable change and Int
                                                                Full-time college students who hour the qualifications on ar
For more than 85 years, Caterpillar Inc. has been making progress possible and driving	ositive meet / week opportunities.eve
                                                                                                  r 2011

                     www.chicago.time Time                  •HTML (should be able to work in a text editor)	Photoshop	
                                                                             yes                           •            fo
A leading arts and entertainment magazine. Out Chicago, a leading arts and entertainment magazine, is currently looking•E

                     www.golinharris.c Our winter internship •	 full-time, a student or designed toand Asia.
                                                                   North America, Latin America, Europe complement and enha
One of the world's leading public relations firms with offices in isYou must bepaid position recent college gradate who receive

                   www.mymediainf The Research Manager, reporting to theYes President of contacts, more editorial
MyMediaInfo offers a comprehensive, up-to-date media contacts database, including social media Research and Consulting,c

                                                                Good organizational skills are a must. This support-Perform f
                                         -Work as a project assistant.-Multi-task to provide administrative is an opportunity r

            Six internships are offered where the field of public relations. with all aspects of P
Celebrity Public Relations Firm                                               yes
                                                             Must be in interns assist Burn executives

                                          Work closely with the Executive Director to assess the current and potential membe
                                                                One-page personal statement describing your reasons for see
The Streeterville Organization of Active Residents is a non-profit, non-partisan volunteer organization that works on the beh

                    www.tatooedtees. Duties include, creation of a marketing planChicago, minimum ofTransit Authority a
                                                            Requires that Art in to promote Chicago 20 line, per week
Tattooed Tees creates designs and apparel for the Museum of Contemporarystudents work aThe new producthourspromotio
                                        We are looking for an awesome, organized individual who's looking programs their
                                                              Copywriter, proficient with writing skills; multi-tasker, deadlin
Dreaming Tree Films is a fast-paced marketing and film production company. We run several empowerment to perfect for te

Dreaming Tree Films www.dreamingtre Seeking PRfilm productionwith regional media outreach, media tracking, research an
                                                              Confident communicator, proficient writer, multi-tasker, dead
                    is a fast-paced marketing and intern to help company. We run several empowerment programs for te
                                        Seeking Graphic/ Web Confident communicator, minor website editing, e-blast mar
                                                              Design Intern We run several empowerment programs for te
Dreaming Tree Films is a fast-paced marketing and film production company. to help withproficient writer, multi-tasker, dead

Dreaming Tree Films www.dreamingtre Internand film production company. We run several empowerment programs for te
                                                                  Confident communicator, proficient writer, pre-production t
                     is a fast-paced marketing will work along side the Supervising Producer and help withmulti-tasker, dead
                                         The intern cards and gift certificates foryes
                                                                  Undergraduate majoring in incentives, motivation, recognitio
                                                                                    corporate in promotional communications
NGC is the leading provider of discounted retail gift will have the opportunity to participatepublic relations, planning, strategi

                                    We are looking for college student towith and marketing/ sales more than a deca
                                                          College student contribute to our blog, for experience. med
Sydcon web development has been developing websitesfor aChicago area businessessomeorganizations assist with socialMus

                                                             Excellent verbal communications skills, solid writing and proo
One of the top 25 independent advertising agencies in the country.             yes

                                          the lifestyle and mobility needs of the active senior for challenged adult through fu
Crusiet Corporation specializes in solvingWe are looking for an intern who will be responsibleand developing and maintaining
                                                               Work 15-20 newsletters while coordinating with writers and
                                          Help assemble spring and summer hours a week. Work well with graphics, excellent

                                       Our event planning internship one yearworking closely with clients, 20 hours per we
                                                              live events such yescollege experience, work corporate affair
Stitely Entertainment is a music company that books music for At least involves as weddings, fundraisers andstaff and musici
                                          The position will work Needs to be present at office twice week.
                                                                 directly with our yes
                                                                                   principal campaigns nationally. Responsibili
Brillante Multicultural Marketing Group creates and implements multi-cultural marketing of PR andaPromotions. Our experts
                                          communications will Should have completed introductory
                                                                 run                15th-
Dresner Corporate Services is a strategic Spring internshipsagency. from Januaryyes April 15th. public relations coursew
                                       Assist Shakespeare Theater's marketing department e-marketing projects
                                                             of promotions, direct of 25 hours per week for 10 weeks. M
Regional Theatre Tony Award recipient Chicagoin the executionMust work a minimummail and is charged with the developm


            Aileron Communications is accepting creative interns who will be entrusted with gre
                                                           Excellent verbal and written communications, Organizational

                                       The intern will      For credit providing support to ALSAC's marketing and fundr
St Jude Research Hospital Event Marketing Department be responsible foronly. Interns are required to give a minimum of 15

Advertising Agency www.aaaa-                                  Junior, Senior Agencies offers a 10-week summer internship a
                                         American Association of Advertising or Graduate Students and are African American

Non-for-profit                                                Must be a public relations student.
                                         American Cancer Society is looking for public relations interns to assist with writing

                                        10-14 week internship. Public Relations yes
                                                               At least a junior in communication, public 50,000-member na
                                                                                   internship position with relations, or 50,00
Based in Chicago, AHIMA is the national association of health information management (HIM) professionals. AHIMA'sjourna
Non-for-profit                                                Candidates must yes
                                                                              demonstrate strong writing, editing, researc
                                      The intern will assist the communication staff in building awareness of the program

                                        This internship will require internship requires a student who is innovative and hard
                                                                This working directly with our Event Coordinator, women, m
ARZU meaning the hope in Dari is a not-for-profit organization that aims to provide sustainable income to AfghanPR/Marketi

                                                              For credit          the
Public Relations Seeking public relations interns to assistyes senior account executive with planning

Public Relations                                               Must be enrolled work for the company, updating website an
                                         Seeking an intern to do public relations yesclasses receiving credit.

                   www.bloomindale Seeking an intern to provide approximately 25-30the Public Relations Department. D
Department Store/ Retailer                                                yes
                                                          Work general support for hours per week. Position requires
One of Chicago's twowww.brookfieldzo Brookfield Zoo is seeking one Public Relations intern to help write press releases, an
                       zoo's located in Brookfield, IL.                           yes
                                                               Must have previous experience with writing press releases.
                                           Seeking interns     Student with relations and focus.
Conglomerate company of nightclubs and restaurants. to assist with public graphic designpromotions for this conglomerate
                                                               Students with networks, TV technical agencies, and corpora
A full-service video production and post house that serves national television interest in theprograms, side of video productio
Paid, Stipend or          Application
                 Filled                         Other
Unpaid                    Process
                                            The Institute rolling basis until the is proud to sponsor the Robert Past
                          Students will be accepted on aon Political JournalismFinal Deadline of March 3, 2011.Nova

                                            and resume 15-20 hours per week
                          Send cover letter Minimum of to

Paid                      Send resume and cover letter to
Stipend ($15 a
                                           10-20 hours a week

Unpaid                    Submit a cover letter, resume, and writing samples by e-mail to Julianne Beck, associate d

Paid                      We will be coming to Loyola on February 10th to interview students. They can apply on L

Unpaid                                    Minimum of 5 hours sample to
                          Send a resume and a one-page writingper week Sara McElmurry, Communications Mana

Unpaid                    Must complete an application, submit a resume, an outline of their personal interests and

Unpaid. Travel
                          Send letter and resume to Michelle Lanter Smith at
Unpaid. For
                          Email cover letter and resume to Hanni Itah, account supervisor,
course credit

                          Send a cover letter and resume to Please put Chicago S

                          Apply to Jennifer Flesia, account manager, at, 312-962-0548

Unpaid                    See Ramblerlink. Contact Julie Avchen for more information. Submit internship applicati

                          -mail resume to Mary Ellen L. Engman at
Stipend            Send resume to Katherine Key at

Paid               See website for details. Send resume, several writing samples, a letter of recommendatio

Unpaid             Fax or send resume to:Kaitlin MontesWXRT- FM Promotions ManagerTwo Prudential Plaz

Paid                               2011 is Feb. 25, 2011. Follow the program on Twitter via #HBSI2011
                   Apply online. Deadlineapplicant twitter contest underway. Details on website

Paid                               This internship Tompkins, (M-F during normal business hours), and will l
                   Please send résumé to Gabrielle is full-time

$200/month                         15-20 hours per week, flexible schedule
                   send a one page cover letter (include any relevant experience and an explanation of why a

Paid                                Full time
                   Apply online at

Unpaid             Submit a cover letter, resume, and writing samples by e-mail to Julianne Beck, associate d

Unpaid                              A letter of recommendation furnished upon successful completion of int

                   Send cover letter and resume to Erika Blackwell at Also includ

Unpaid             Contact Brian Enright at 312-343-3222 or

Unpaid                               No phone calls
Unpaid. Can be
done for college   Send cover letter and resume to Indicate "Communic
Unpaid but
intern will be
                   To apply please send a cover letter and resume to
reimbursed for
Unpaid             To apply, send a resume and one-page writing sample (preferably a press release or relev

Unpaid             For consideration please email your resume to Be sure to i
Unpaid            Please send resumes and cover letters to Gwen Washingtonyvonne

Unpaid            Send query letter, resume and writing samples to Amy Abern at

Unpaid            Send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to Kristina Anderson at kristinaa@h
Unpaid. Only
available for     Visit our website at for more informatio
                                 The 10-week internship to the Careers tab on of June 2011 (M-F, 9-5)
                  For employment consideration, please gostarts in the beginning our website, www.starco

Unpaid            To apply for the HR Solutions’ Marketing Internship, you must be eligible to receive colleg

Small stipend                      For more information visit
                  Please submit a cover letter stating your specific interest(s) and availability, a current CV o

Unpaid            Potential candidates email Kathryn Janicek directly at

Stipend is
                                    Some evenings and weekend hours possible. Travel to Evanston for wor
                  To apply, please send the following items by December 1st to stephanie@kickstartmarket

Unpaid                            Cole Munson:
                  Email Resume to Our goal is to maintain an intern program that is beneficial to both the s

Unpaid. Can be
                  Send cover letter and resume to Indicate "Developme
done for credit

Unpaid            Please send a cover letter and resume to Please include "M

Both paid and
                  Please email cover letter and resume to Priscilla Galgan at

Unpaid            Please send a cover letter and resume to Emily Sladek,

Unpaid            Send email including cover letter and resume to: Mindy Neveaux, mneveaux@inspiration
Unpaid                                        Although Jen Bosworth at In the subject is gr
                            If interested please contactthere is no compensation available at this time, our event line,

Unpaid                                       minimum 10 weeks with a flexible start date 	 College/University Transc
                            Application Requirements:Cover Letter Resume Writing Samplesinimum 20 hrs/week with

Unpaid                      Send resume via e-mail to:

Unpaid                                      All applicants cover letter to:Enzo FiorelloAdministrative Assistantefiore
                            Please submit your resume andmust be available to work at least 2-5 days a week from an

depends on
                            Please send resume and cover letter to
Unpaid, for
                                               Summer internship applications are due (See website of March of that
                            1. All interested students should complete the application.the first Fridayto download)2. A

Unpaid, for
                            Please submit a cover letter and resume to Brandi Preston,

Unpaid                      Please email a cover letter and resume to Mary Graves

Unpaid                      Please apply online at

                            Will accept cover letters and resumes for summer internship starting in April. Please subm
              Filled for
Unpaid                                       No should go online to apply in for the 2011 secure a position for May
                            Interested applicantslonger accepting applicationsSeptember toSummer Internship Progra
              Summer 2011
unpaid                      Student must apply in late January for an internship in the Spring and in April for an intern
Unpaid                      Students should send a cover letter and resume to Jen Walling at

Unpaid                      Interested students should visit

Unpaid                      Interested applicants should visit and complete the

unpaid                      Please submit a cover letter and resume to president Scott Markman at smarkman@mon
Unpaid             Submit cover letter, resume and two writing samples to Laura Silverman at laura@silverm

Unpaid, must
be used for
                   Interested applicants should forward resume, cover letter and all REQUIRED documentatio

Unpaid                                This is an opportunity, please send letter and resume opportunity to w
                   If you are interested in this unpaid internship, but theaintern will have theto Elizabeth John

$10/hour           Submit cover letter and resume on More information for applica

                   Interested candidates should submit their resume and salary requirements to resumes@p

$8.25/hour         Current college students must be referred by their college/university advisor. New college

Unpaid                              All PR internship candidate finalists must complete a put Chicago Spring
                   Please send a cover letter and resume to Pleasewriting test.For mo

Unpaid                             We ask for commitment in January 2011. Please contact Debra Creed
                   We are now interviewingfor ainterns to startof at least 20 hours, however, will consider st

Paid, $200 a
                   Please send a cover letter and resume via email to Please indicat
                   Please send a cover letter and resume to Gracie Turner at gracie.turner@carolhwilliams.c

Unpaid. College
credit available                    The deadline letter, one-page resume, and November 22nd
                   Please email a one-page cover for Spring 2011 applications isanswers to the following que
upon request

College credit     Current college students must be referred by their college/university advisor. New college

Unpaid. Credit
                   Fax or email a current resume, cover letter and availability for consideration to Sophia Ba
Unpaid            Go to and download the in

Unpaid            Please call Rebekah Cowing at 312-369-8600

Unpaid            Candidates must email their cover letter, resume and availability to Emily Ponder at epon

Unpaid            Please call the Human Resources Department at 312-836-5785.

unpaid            Email cover letter and resume to Teresa Connely at

Paid              Please send resume and cover letter to Fred Fleischbein at

Negotiable        To apple please forward resume and cover letter to

Unpaid            Please send a cover letter and resume to ChristK@pitchforkmedia ..with internship in the

Paid              Please call Amy Richards at 708-448-4000

Paid. $11/hour;
minimum           Please contact The Reynolds group and inquire about PR Intern at 312-541-9300

unpaid            Please contact Sharon Romack at

Pay depends       Please send an email with internship in the subject line to A

Unpaid            To apply send resume and cover letter to

Paid $10/hour     Interested students should send their resume and a cover letter explaining why they wan

$400 per week
and work during
a mutually        To be considered applicants me complete an application, have a resume, and compose a
agreeable 10-
week period

Unpaid            Please email your resume and a cover letter to Kristen Field at

Unpaid            Please send cover letter and resume to
Unpaid             Please visit the web address
competitive                        Six-month commitment required to:Paul Elsberg, Media Relations Mana
                   Submit your resume and writing samples via email with possible opportunity for extension

                   Contact Laura Micheli at for information

Unpaid             send your resume and cover letter in one of the following ways: E-mail:Jessicahogan@cle

Stipend of $30
                   Send cover letter and resume to Diana DionisioRegional Director, Sponsorship SolutionsTr

Unpaid                            This is a part-time internship. Current students or recent
          / / graduates only

Unpaid, with a
$15 daily travel
reimbursement                       •	ength: 3-4 months, 2-3 full days a week
                   To apply, contact:Alina DainEditor, College NewsBoston Hannah ChicagoChicago Office:39
plus college

Paid               Please call 877-437-8371 and ask for Steve Hester.

Paid               Please visit website and fill out contact

Unpaid.            Please call 312-558-1770.

Unpaid             Please contact Mary White, marketing coordinator at hobcom.general.chicago@livenatio

Unpaid             If interested please email resume and cover letter to Aaron Hadley Aaron@imermanange

Unpaid             Please email cover letter and resume to Lexy Sobel at

Unpaid             E-mail cover letter and resume to with Internship in the sub

Unpaid             To apply, send a resume, cover letter and writing sample (250-500 words) to internships@
Paid             To apply for this position, send a resume, cover letter and writing sample (250-500 words)

Paid             To apply for this position, send a resume and cover letter to This e-

Flexible         Please send cover letter and resume to

                 Internships will be posted on the facebook page via cooljobs@lc

unpaid           Please send a resume and cover letter to
Unpaid           Please email a cover letter and resume to Angie Zdanowski at AngelaZdanowski@clearch
Unpaid           Please send a cover letter and resume to Christine Bertland at cbertrand.chi@littlebrothe

Unpaid           E-mail resume and cover letter to

Unpaid           E-mail resume and cover letter to Photographers should be prep

Unpaid           Email resume and cover letter to

Paid                              Our minimum wage positions are four days a week, so letter state thei
                 To apply, candidates should mail a resume, writing samples, and a cover pleasestatingyour

Paid             To apply, send a hard copy of your resume and writing/editing samples or email your appl

Unpaid           Applications can be downloaded or printed from website and can be emailed to internshi

Unpaid           Send resume and letter of interest to Christopher Clybor, Marketing & Promotions Direct

Unpaid. Travel
                 Resumes may be sent to Katie Martin at or Michelle Wilmoth at M
Unpaid. For
school credit    Please send resume and cover letter to Whitney Geller, Cosmopolitan Magazine Sales Rep
Paid. $8/hour                      and resume to: Courtney Babic, Account Executive, The Food Group, 233
                 Send cover letter Full-time possible
Unpaid   Please submit cover letter and resume to internships Please note in the subj

Unpaid   Please send cover letter and resume to Please be sure to include

Unpaid   Please send cover letter and resume to Please note the title of th

Unpaid   Please submit cover letter and resume to Please include title of t

Unpaid   Please email resume and letter of interest to Please put "Internsh

Unpaid   Please send cover letter and resume to Nathan Elwell at
Paid stipend
(limited number
available; max
$1,000 for
semester) or
housing and
partial meal      Go to and complete an application, sports questionnaire a
Earn academic
credit. Free

Paid              Call 312-742-7638 to inquire about current intern openings.

Unpaid            Please submit a cover letter and resume to

Paid              To apply send a cover letter and resume to

Unpaid            Students should send their resume and cover letter to

Paid $8.25/
                  Send a cover letter and resume to In the subject line of your e-
Unpaid, for
                  Please send cover letter, resume and three writing samples to P
Stipend offered   If interested, send letter and resume to Noreen Heron at

Unpaid            Email resume and cover letter to

Unpaid            Email resume and cover letter to Lisette Livingston, managing editor, lisetlivingston@aol

Unpaid            Email resume and cover letter to Graphic Designers applying sho

Unpaid            Send all inquiries to:Kaitlin MontesWXRT-FMPromotions DepartmentTwo Prudential Plaza
Students should
be able to earn
                    Send a resume, cover letter and work samples to Matt Kurnick, Manager of Media and W
academic credit
for their

Paid hourly         Please send a resume and cover letter to Chris Hester,

For credit          Send cover letter and resume to Jessica Prah,

Unpaid              Submit resumes and cover letters through the Internships and Trainees page at www.Ede

pay, subsidized
housing is
available on a
limited basis for
interns in New
York City and
                    Oct 1, 2010- Spring Internships will be posted Nov 15, 2010- Deadline for spring internship
Bristol, CT for
students who
live more than
40 miles from
the ESPN offices
in those

Discussed upon
                    Send resume and cover letter to Kelly Yocum at

Unpaid              Email resume and cover letter to Albert Shaw

Minimum of 15-
                    Send resume and cover letter to Mike Maggio
20 hours per
Unpaid and
option for          Email a cover letter and resume to Marguerite Dawson, hr-MusCommIntern@adlerplane
Unpaid and
option for          Please call 312-346-1895 for instructions.
                                    Hours: 312-662-7081; m 319-759-7436;
                    Please Dustin Carper at Minimum 20 - 40 hours per week t @chiheadhunter/@grouponjo

Pay scale of $10-
                                      Will also consider graphic or following: specialist.
                    Interviews will take place in November for theweb designSpring 2011 Intern (starts in Janu
15/ hour

Unpaid                                 and resume to are Zipporah Porton, senior editor, zipporah@chicagoag
                    Email cover letterHours per week Ms. negotiable.

$500 stipend                          EOE/m/f/d/v
                    Please visit the website to formally apply

Paid                This posting will close November 5, 2010. If you are interested in applying for this positio

Unpaid              If you feel that you meet the qualifications necessary to excel in this role and would like to

Paid                                 Our winter internship begins January 10, 2011 to one question 31, 2011
                    To apply please submit: Cover letter, resume and your response and ends March from eac

$14/hour            Send resume and cover letter to Scot Wheeler at

Unpaid. May be
used to satisfy
                                     The City of Chicago is an equal opportunity/affirmative action original le
                    Forward all required documentation (writing sample, resume, official transcript,employer.
academic credit

Unpaid              Email résumé and cover letter to

Unpaid              Please email Jill Heise at with your resume and cover letter.

Unpaid but
transportation      If interested please call Tim Gillengerten at 773-227-1810.
Unpaid             If interested send a resume and cover letter to Aviva Kleiner

Unpaid             If interested send resume and cover letter to Alana Bardauskis alanab@dreamingtreefilm

Unpaid             If interested please contact Marie Basarich at 773-334-8380.

Unpaid             If interested please send cover letter and resume to Carla Englof at carla@dreamingtreef

Unpaid             Please email a cover letter and resume to Jason Abrahams at
Low and entry-
level hourly
                   Please email resume and cover letter to
wage and credit-

Paid               Please submit cover letter and resume to Ali Dawe

Unpaid             All replies should be directed to: Please no phone calls from candi

Unpaid             Send cover Letter and resume to Mable Buckner at
Stipend to
                   Please send your resume and a cover letter to Rachel Mikolajczyk at
For credit         Please email Michelle Lanter Smith at for application.
Paid, $10 per
                   Please email resumes and cover letters to David Gutierrez
College credit,
tickets to all
                  Please submit a cover letter stating specific interest and availability, a current CV or resum
free tickets to
other Chicago

Unpaid            Contact Amber Johnson at

Unpaid            Send a cover letter, resume and short writing sample to Angela Halverson angelahalverso

Opportunity for
                                  Deadline to Apply application is November.
                  Visit website submitat

To be
                  Send resume and cover letter to Melissa Leeb at, and Anna Kos

Paid and for
                  Please submit cover letter and resume to Craig May at

Unpaid            Send cover letter and resume to

Unpaid but
                  Please call 312-321-8663 and contact Colleen Claes.

Unpaid            Please call 312-573-2070 and speak to the Internship Coordinator.

Unpaid            Email Alison James at

Unpaid            Contact Mimi Clark at 312-440-4848
Unpaid   Contact Sondra Katzen at

Unpaid   Contact Shaun Doherty at 847-303-4400

Unpaid   Email resume to Brad Fox,, and follow up with a telephone call, 3
proud to sponsor the Robert Novak Collegiate Journalism Awards with a submission deadline of April 15, 2011. Details on the award foun
way. Details on website

 normal business hours), and will last for approximately six months.

 upon successful completion of internship.
eginning of June 2011 (M-F, 9-5)

ssible. Travel to Evanston for work twice a week is required. Need to have own laptop (preferably PC).

am that is beneficial to both the student and the organization. The most important department in any professional sports organization is
ailable at this time, our event is growing and you never know. We do not offer "benefits" in the traditional sense, but the benefits of getti

        m                                                                                                                  s
 t date 	 inimum 20 hrs/week with set hours required (note: some assignments may require minimal evening or weekend hours) 	trong ca

rk at least 2-5 days a week from anywhere between 15-25 hrs. Candidate must be proactive and willing to learn. This is a great opportun

ue the first Friday of March of that year. Internships during other times of the year are open until all positions are filled.

he 2011 Summer Internship Program
tern will have the opportunity to work with Shoreline in a paid capacity as a greeter or in our ticket booth, if he or she desires.

ust complete a writing test.For more information visit

0 hours, however, will consider students who can commit to any amount greater than 16 hours.

ons is November 22nd
possible opportunity for extension.NOTE: this internship is filled as of 11/11/10

students or recent graduates only. We do not need any web designers / IT people.
days a week, so please state your availability in your application.
10, 2011 and ends March 31, 2011.

unity/affirmative action employer.The City of Chicago produces an assortment of programming for the city government, the mayor and ca
15, 2011. Details on the award found at
y professional sports organization is the ticket sales department. Most jobs in the industry, especially most entry-level jobs, are in the tick
ional sense, but the benefits of getting to be involved of something like this are limitless.

evening or weekend hours) 	trong candidates may have opportunities to extend internship	or more information about Advocate Health Ca

ng to learn. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to break into the highly competitive Nonprofit Sector. Internship is unpaid bu

ositions are filled.
ooth, if he or she desires.
city government, the mayor and cable television. Internships are available for those interested in editing/production as well as those inte
most entry-level jobs, are in the ticket sales area. Therefore, it is imperative that those who wish to work in professional sports have a bac
formation about Advocate Health Care’s public affairs & marketing internship program, please contact:	tephanie S. Johnson, Internship Ch

profit Sector. Internship is unpaid but can be used for college credit as arranged with individual college advisor/counselor.
ting/production as well as those interested in field work including shoots and writing news packages. The studio is part of the city's Depar
ork in professional sports have a background, knowledge, and love for selling tickets and the ticket selling process. This internship will giv
S                                     S                                   S                                 S
	tephanie S. Johnson, Internship Chair	andy Abraham, Internship Co-Chair	andy.Abraham@adv

e advisor/counselor.
The studio is part of the city's Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection. Catherine Jones is the general HR contact who sc
ling process. This internship will give the intern a vast knowledge of how professional sports organizations, especially minor league organ
              S                               C                                     C
nship Co-Chair	hristine Rybicki, Internship Co-Chair
nes is the general HR contact who screens all intern applications. Apply through her.
tions, especially minor league organizations, increase their ticket sales with season and group tickets.

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