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					Got yourself a traffic ticket and don’t know what to
do? No need to worry!
     A Chicago traffic attorney explains how to deal with a traffic violation the smart way.

    Most people are lazy when it comes to dealing with traffic violations. How many times have you
received a ticket from a police officer for speeding and decided to just pay the fine and get it over with?
What about more serious traffic violations? Like, driving under the influence, or driving with an expired
license? Simply paying the fine and agreeing to the charges is how most people deal with the problem.
This is wrong! There’s a much better way. Take a few of minutes of your time and consult with an
experienced traffic lawyer about your specific situation. You will be amazed at how much money and
time you can save by simply hiring a professional traffic attorney to fight for you in court.

   Now, every traffic violation is different. If you’re a first time offender, things are easier to deal with.
However, if you have received multiple traffic tickets in the past, or have been arrested for drunk
driving, you need to follow a different approach. If you are not legally prepared to deal with the charges,
you might face severe penalties and, worst of all, seriously harm your driving record.

    More than 100,000 people get a speeding ticket each day in the United States. Such traffic citations
are more usual in big cities, like Chicago, where there is heavy traffic on a daily basis. Of course,
speeding tickets are just a small part of the overall traffic offenses that get recorded in Chicago. Some of
the other traffic offenses include: driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, driving without
a valid license, illegal right turns, not stopping at a stop sign, blowing through a red light, cutting another
driver off, driving on the shoulder of the road, irregular swerving, running a person over, not
maintaining proper distance between other vehicles, reckless driving etc. And this is just a small subset
of the infractions that can be committed by a driver! That’s why it is important to have a professional
traffic attorney evaluate your own unique situation. Different violations require different legal
responses. Only a qualified traffic lawyer can make this process effortless and affordable.

   Now, if you get a traffic violation, you need to act fast in order to avoid some of the following

       A suspended license that can range from a few months to lifetime. This is a situation that can
        cause major problems in your social, as well as, your professional life. Imagine not being able to
        pick up your kids from school or even drive to work.
       Insurance premium increases. This is a very unpleasant occurrence that can cost you hundreds
        of dollars in the long run.
       Possible imprisonment. Depending on the severity of the offense, the court might even order
        you to jail. Another great reason why you want to make sure that you hire a knowledgeable
        attorney to be on your side.
       Future offenses being judged more harshly for failure to pay prior tickets or show up in court.
       Charges that remain on your driving record. Your driving record can greatly influence your
        insurance rates and might potentially cause you to lose your license if it is not maintained in top
       Extremely harsh fines depending on the severity of the offense.

    Here are the recommended 4 steps you can take right now in order to greatly improve your chances
in court.

    1. When you receive the violation, ask the police officer why he is issuing the ticket. Make sure to
       understand the type of infraction you are being charged with.
    2. Find out exactly what the terms of the violation are and make sure you record the exact court
       date and location.
    3. Under no circumstance should you just pay the fine. It is much better to fight the charge in
       court so as to potentially avoid any fines, and more importantly, avoid any citations on your
       driving record.
    4. Contact an experienced traffic lawyer that has dealt with these types of offenses in the past.
       Provide them with as much information as possible about your unique situation and inquire
       about their experience in dealing with traffic violations.

    Communicate with our traffic attorneys at Belmont Legal and we will help you fight any Illinois traffic
ticket with professionalism and great results.

   Call us today at (773) 599.9803 or visit us at one of our two convenient locations:

   4935 W. Belmont Ave. Chicago, Illinois 60641

   3833 S. Harlem Ave. Berwyn, Illinois 60402

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Description: Bill Sarikas (a Chicago Traffic Attorney) reveals the top important reasons why you should consult with a traffic lawyer in the Chicago area if you receive a DUI, traffic violation or any other moving violation charges. Typically, in Chicago, you can get into a lot of trouble if you don't have the right lawyer fighting in your corner.