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									        7. Technique of Writing

               Based on 1994 guidance of teaching (GBPP) in Fitriyani (2006: 9-10), there are for
technique of writing,they are as follows:

        1.   Controlled Writing
        2.   Guided Writing
        3.   Semi Guided Writing
        4.   Free Writing

                 In controlled writing,teacher may give a piece or card,pictures (story,map,diagram, and
             chart),song ,texts,or form to be filled. The students are required to complete the task based
             on the clue or what the teacher dictates.

                 In guided writing,teacher give the information about descriptive paragraph and student
             write a paragraph in present tense based on clue in picture map,after that students can
             express their idea based on they know about clue in picture map.

                  Free writing,the student ask to write what they have in their mind.
             Teacher just prepares some titles than give some information about the topic or clues.
             Based on the topic on this paper, the writer chooses semi guided writing ativities because in
             this activities the writer gives some pictures map to students and than they are supposed to
             write a descriptive paragraph.

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