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the intro



             My Intro
 Name: Zack Tomlinson
 Age: 18
 The Fam: Jeff (Dad), Stephanie (Mom), Travis (Second oldest
  Bro), Sam (Third oldest Bro), AJ ( Fourth oldest Bro).
 Born: May 13, 93, Burlington Ontario.
 Sports: Hockey fanatic and player. Goaltender with hopeful
  jr c plans. I also love Golf.
 What I do: Attend Parkside High. I love to stay in shape as
  well as play hockey. I like video games (Hitman, COD,
  Rainbow Six), I love stupid humour movies and war movies. I
  know weird. I have a love for Metal music (The Chariot,
  Norma Jean), I love spending time with friends and causing
  chaos with them.
 Future Plans: I plan to finish a semester here at Parkside and
  use the rest of the year to work. I plan to apply for Mohawk
  College and Sheridan College for sports related classes. And
  again hope to play hockey close to home.

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