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					Analyze about romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet come from different family. Romeo and Juliet falling in love, but their
family reject, refuse the relationship. Because of rejected from their family, romeo and
Juliet promise to always together event though life or dead.

Analyze from the language

a. Romeo and Juliet use is an enjoyable novel, because :
    The author use a great language in order to make reader enjoy, fun with the novel,
       although I think that more connotation word that make me confuse.
    Romeo and Juliet is a tragic novel because at the end, the actor and actress are
       died. The most important is the author qualify to make an tragic novel. The
       author dare to kill the actor, actress with terrible way.
b. Romeo and Juliet use a lot of figurative language, to make the language more
   interesting, such as:
    Personification : Giving the attributes from a human, animal in order to make
       something non human were alive.
       Example : “Arise fair sun kill the envious moon”
    Simile            : Comparing 2 thing that different to make an explanation
       Example : “ my grave is like to be my wedding bed”.

c. Romeo and Juliet use a lot of rhyme to make a good sound
        a. Perfect rhyme : Stressed vowels following differing consonant sounds are
identical, such as:
     Example : “ She hath, and in that sparing,make huge waste‟
                      For beauty starv‟d with her severity
                      Cut beauty off from all posterity
                      She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair,
                      To merit bliss by making me despair:
                      She hath forsworn to love, and in that vow,
                      Do I live dead, that live to tell it now”.
        b. Half rhyme : the final consonant sounds of rhyming words are identical, the
stressed vowel sounds and consonant sounds differ.
     Example : “ And in strong proof of chastity well arm‟d,
                      From love‟s weak childish bow she lives uncharm‟d”
                    “ Still- waking sleep that is not what it is.
                      This love feel I, that feel no love in this”.
d. Romeo and Juliet use alliteration
     Example : “ With more of thine, this love that thou hast shown”

Analyze from the plotting
e. Plot in Romeo and Juliet are:
     Conflict        : Event or incident in the story
         Between Romeo and Capulet
        Example : “ You are a saucy boy, is‟t so indeed? This trick may chance to scathe
                      you I know what, You must contrary me, marry „tis time, Well said
                      my hearts, you are princox, go, Be quiet, or more light, more light
                      for shame,I‟ll make you quiet. What, cheerly my hearts”.
     Story ending : Romeo and Juliet have sad ending, because of they can‟t realize
        their love and they decided to end their life.
f. Characteristic
     Lady montague              : charitable, concerned
        Example          : O where is Romeo, saw you him today?
        In this scene, lady montague find his son Romeo
     Benvolio                   : sympathize, encouraging person
        Example          : Tell me in sadness, who is that you love?

f. Conclusion:
        Love is blind, love is come without unpredictable, love is come without looking
about job, position, level, grade, or status. So when the people falling in love, they will do
anything, everything to make it happen. Such in this Romeo and Juliet, both of them
finally died for their love, in order to protest with their family.
        My opinion about Romeo and Juliet, love is human characteristic, rational,
because of human are created by the God a pair, with partner. In fact in Holy Qur‟an, the
problem about life with our partner, couple has written. Every people will have their
partner in this world, so I disagree with that ending story that killing our life, suicide is a
good way to resolve a problem.

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