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									Ahmad Jauhar Muttaqin
A 320 050 145
3rd Applied Linguistics Task

            Learning Vocabulary using Pictures and objects by myself

Vocabularies are important things in learning English Course, but in fact a lot of
people lazy to learn vocabulary because if learning English, that thing are
automatically included, some other opinion that learning vocabulary are not
interesting lesson.

1. Skill: Vocabulary.
2. Media: Pictures and objects.
3. Learner object: Kindergarten and Elementary school
4. Procedures:
1st: The teacher distributes the card, inside the card mention key word that support
with the pictures and object; then teacher gives explanations about the task that
the students are going to do
2nd: The student asked to read the key word carefully and try to understand it
3rd: Match pictures and objects with key word that mention in the card
4th: After that, the teacher look at the students work and then give clue and help if
there is any question to make students understand with that activity
5th: Finally, the students should mention a keyword that they get it, and then
choose the picture that match with the card
I think the reason of using this strategy for beginner level because :
      Interesting,
      The students will be more creative
      The students memorize the vocabularies easier
      Enjoy and fun
      And the last is teacher easier to handle the students

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