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									Tommy Tablet’s Top Ten
 Tablet Teaching Tips

      By Tom Farrell
   Dakota State University
The Tablet - A New Way of
Now I have done this half way
around the world
About Tom
   Product of Madison Schools
   General Beadle Student – DSC Grad
   Computer RETREAD since 1985
   Working with tablets since January 2003
   Was a BIG doubter of the Tablet
   Now “I’m A Believer”
What is a Tablet PC
   A Tablet PC represents the evolution of the
    notebook PC, enabling you to work in more
    places and in new ways.
   Powerful, mobile, and versatile, the Tablet PC
    offers the full functionality of today's notebook
    PCs—with no sacrifices.
   Operating System by Microsoft Tablet XP
    superset of Windows XP
The Tablet Comes in Two

   Slate Model                  Convertible Model
   Outstanding functionality for teaching and learning
Tip #10
Wireless Connectivity and Wireless

   Network connections without wires
    • 802.11G
    • Internet
    • Printing
    • Other network resources
   Faculty Projection and/or Student
   Meeting Projection
Using the Slate and the Blade
Cover Removal
                   Opening
                   Closing
                   Mounting tablet
                   Alternate Positions
                   Think about ports,
                    power, and antenna
Power Switch Side Slate
Speakers Side - Slate
The Buttons
Logging In
   Login In Name is Tablet
   There is no password
    • Just click Ok
Tip #9
Printing to the Journal
   Any item on the screen that can be printed to
    a printer can be printed to the Journal
   Very powerful use for all class presentations
    using PowerPoint
   Faculty/Student annotation of many items.
   Creating, Grading and Returning
   Viewable on all systems with a free download
    of the Journal Viewer
Sample of Printing to the
Windows Journal
Let’s Write on our Journals
                    Open the Journal
                    Begin writing as if
                     you are writing on a
                     sheet of paper
Tip #8
Journal Templates

   The Journal comes delivered with
    multiple Templates.
    • Windows Journal - Templates
   Can also create your own templates by
    printing to the screen and then saving
    as a template file
   Anything on the screen can be printed
    and saved as Journal or template
Journal Templates Sample
Tip #7
Conversion of Handwriting to Text

   Can use Tablet PC Input Panel and any
    Office application
   Great for Tom’s latest computing
    innovation “Lazy Boy Computing”
   New and improved with the
     Service Pack 2
   Demonstration using PowerPoint
A Look at the New Input Panel
Another Classroom
Tip #6
Ink in Office 2003

   Can use ink in any of the following
   Demo of Word
    • Show Hide   annotations
   Demo of PowerPoint
    • At design time
    • At presentation time
Tip #5
Journal as a Repository

   Print items to Journal and use as my
    filing system
   Items are always within easy access and
    with me
   Searchable demonstration of
    handwritten search
   Sorted by date or topic
   Reduced my personal printing by at 85%
Tip #4
Electronic Textbooks

   Still in the early stages of adopting,
    however will be looking for several
    classes in the fall
   Uses Adobe or Zinio Reader
   Demo of Adobe Reader
Tip #3
Submission and Grading of

   Can use Word, Excel or other application
   Also using the printing to Journal
   E-mail return
   No need to print
   Both student and faculty member retain graded
    copy for future reference
   Demonstration of graded assignments WebCT
Tip #2
Microsoft OneNote

   Microsoft Windows Journal on Steroids
   Many of-the features of Journal with
    multiple pages
A Look at OneNote
                  The standard 5
                   subject notebook
                  Classes across the
                  Daily notes for each
                   class along right
                   hand side
Tip #1
Used and Mandated on the Dakota State
University Campus
        Tom Farrell

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