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					Welcome to Calvin Bledsoe Elementary!
•   7:50 Good Morning Bledsoe - (Fri. only)
•   7:50-9:00 Math
•   9:00-9:50 Specials
•   9:50-10:10 Finish up Math
•   10:10-12:15 Language Arts (writing, grammar, reading,   social studies, spelling)

•   12:15-12:45 Recess
•   12:45-1:15 Lunch
•   1:15-1:50 Finish up Language Arts
•   1:50-2:40 Science
•   2:45 Pack up
•   2:50 Dismissal
•   (*Schedules may vary due to special schedules and events.)
                      Math Reasoning –
    Numbers, Operations, and Numerical
    Place Value (Billions – Hundredths), Rounding
•   Patterns, Relationships, and Algebraic Reasoning –
    Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division,
    Fractions, Decimals
•   Geometry and Spatial Reasoning
•   Concepts and Uses of Measurement including
    conversions for customary (3ft. = ___inches)
•   Probability and Statistics
•   Mathematical Processes and Tools used in Problem
•   **Daily Review and spiraling of topics using Problem
    Solving warm-ups and Math Stations
 We adopted a new textbook a
 few years ago with many online
Videos, interactive lessons, and
 games will be used as a teaching
 tool in class.
• I-Station – is an internet based comprehensive reading
  intervention program that ensures that students reach their full
  potential in reading. All students will be tested monthly.
• DRA2 This is an assessment tool used to determine students'
  independent reading levels and guiding reading instruction. It
  allows accurate assessment of students reading below fourth-
  grade level
• Running Records – A running record is a method of assessing
  reading that can be done quickly and frequently. It is an
  individually conducted formative assessment, which is ongoing
  and curriculum based. It provides a graphic representation of a
  student's oral reading, identifying patterns of effective and
  ineffective strategy use.
Last year, we adopted a new reading text book:
                 Scott Foresman
               Reading Street

          2 student edition books
        120 titles for guided reading
                 30 titles ELL
              Online database:
              *concept builders
           *vocabulary activities
Guided Reading Groups/Literature Circles/Skill groups
    These small groups will be flexible and directed by
    the students’ needs.
    Library – Students will check out books as needed
    and utilize the library as a resource. Students will be
    expected to have a book for SSR (sustain silent
    reading) station.
    Reading skills will be taught using a variety of
• Main Idea                    •   Author’s Purpose
• Get the Gist (summary)       •   Point of View
• Compare and Contrast         •   Literature Responses
• Cause and Effect             •   Sequence
• Inference
                               •   Vocabulary
• Character Analysis
                               •   Word Identification
• Connections (text to self,
  text to world, and text to   •   Story Elements
• Monitor &
 What does writing instruction look like?
• Listening to examples of good writing
• Learning the different writing genres
• Mini-lessons on grammar and composition
• Students evaluating their own and peers’
• Teacher conferencing to provide specific
               Writing Continued…
**Writer’s workshop – Students will be able to write
  about whatever they choose.
**Types of Writing:
•   Narrative
•   Expository
•   Persuasive
•   Descriptive
•   Creative
•   Poetry
•   Response to Literature
•   Research

      **Each student will have a writing binder!
      Six Trait Writing
1. Ideas
2. Organization
                    They are embedded
3. Voice             within each genre.
4. Word Choice      Therefore, they will
5. Sentence Fluency spiral throughout
6. Conventions            the year.
6+1. Presentation
             • Capitalization
           • End punctuation
               • Commas
        • Apostrophes/contractions
            • Parts of speech
    ** Sentence run-ons and fragments
** Combining sentences using conjunctions
         • Subject-verb agreement
            • Double negatives
** Improve wording of awkward sentences
• Spelling Lists will consist of…
       *First 4/5 words are high frequency words
       *Words with * are Rule words
       *Rime Pattern words (chunks are underlined)
       *Frequently misspelled words are BOLD

• A Challenge List will be offered to those who miss one or
  less on the pre-test. Each word the student spells correctly
  on the Challenge Test will then be added to their pre-test
  score. As a result, students may score greater than 100%.
       **A handout on the spelling procedure for FISD is
        available on the website. The entire district is
        required to use the same spelling lists.
• Texas Regions:       •   6 Flags over Texas
  Landscapes, Climate •    Texas and Mexican
  & Plants                 War
• Native Texas Tribes •    Battles of Texas:
• Early Texas              Gonzales, Alamo,
  Explorers                and San Jacinto
• First Texas Colonies •   Republic of Texas
  and Colonists Like •     Texas Industry Then
  Stephen F. Austin        and Today

                     Way to go!
       Major Science Concepts
• Processes and Tools-scientific process and lab
• Earth and Space- soil, weathering, erosion,
  deposition, natural resources, weather, seasons,
  moon phases
• Matter and Energy- properties of matter, changes
  in matter, heating/cooling, mixtures, solutions
• Force, Motion, and Energy- circuits, conductors,
• Organisms and Environment- animal and plant
  adaptations, inherited traits vs. learned behavior, life
  cycles of plants and animals
4th Grade Assessments
• I-Station computer program – All Year
• DRA2 – Students reading below grade level or RTI
• Curriculum Based Assessments (CBA) -at the end
  of each cluster in Science and Math (graded)
• District Math Benchmark-end of the first semester
• District Science Benchmark –end of the year
• STAAR Writing – March 27 & 28
• STAAR Math - April 24th
• STAAR Reading - April 25th
  STAAR Testing – 4th
• What is it?
    – State Test to enhance Rigor for students & get them “College Ready”
• Timed Test (4 hours) – Just like SAT/ACT
• Assesses previous grade level objectives to current grade (K-4th)
• Reading STAAR- emphasizes critical analysis & less literal
• Math STAAR- Problem solving skills
• Writing STAAR- 2 days; 1 composition each day
• No School ratings this year; standards set Fall 2012
• Writing (March 27-28), Math (April 24) & Reading (April 25)
    – No visitors
FISD Google Site: https://sites.google.com/a/friscoisd.org/staar/home
    – FAQ, Overview, Updated periodically by FISD
Planners/Thursday Folders
• The planner will be used daily to record class
  work, homework, and behavior. The planner
  must be signed and returned daily.

• The Blue folder is our Thursday Folder. This
  contains all graded work and flyers (Youngest
  and Only will get the flyers for each family).

• FISD will be utilizing more and more
  electronic vs. paper forms of communication.
• Students will receive a homework assignment each
  Friday. Due the following week: Wed., Thur., & Fri.

• If your child is working diligently for more than 40
  minutes per night on homework, please contact your
  child’s teacher to discuss this. (10 min. X grade)

• Unfinished class work and long term projects
  completed at home do not fall under this guideline.

• Please check your child’s folder for unfinished class
Homework Due Date Schedule
 Homework is given on Friday of each week.
                   Language Arts
            (Reading, Social Studies, Grammar, Writing)

We encourage your child to read 15-20 min daily.
Reading minutes can be documented in reading log.
• Please make a schedule for homework in your family.
  Because you receive homework on Friday, you are
  able to plan accordingly.

• Encourage your child to make a routine and not wait
  until the last minute.

• We understand many kids are in sports and we
  encourage extracurricular activities, but it’s important
  to start good study habits now in fourth grade.

           • Homework Starts: September 2nd
Extra! Extra!
Read all about it!
Newsletters will be available
on our website starting 9/9/11.

Our website will also include
information on our grade,
Bledsoe, and the latest district
We expect all students to follow
 the Bledsoe Elementary Pledge:
       I am Respectful.
       I am Responsible.
       I am Safe.
• Texas law requires students to be in
  attendance 90% of the time. This means
  that a student cannot have more than 18
  absences for the year. If tardies or
  absences become excessive, then you will
  be contacted by the school.
• Be aware that early releases count the
  same as tardies. They are considered
  “excused” if the student has a doctor’s
  appointment or is sent home sick by the
  school nurse. Examples that are not
  excused are family vacation, dance class,
  sports, etc….
• 5 absences, tardies, or leave earlies - the teacher will call &
  a letter will be sent from Mrs. Murphy

• 8 absences, tardies, or leave earlies- letter from Mrs.
  Murphy along with a call to schedule a parent conference.

• 10 absences, tardies, or leave earlies – letter from Mrs.
  Murphy and a phone call. The district truancy officer will
  be notified.

• Truancy citation will be given to a child’s parents if
  unexcused absences continue following the 10 day notice.

• The district guidelines can be found on friscoisd.org
* Churchill– (469) 633-3605 ext. 73612
* Douthit– (469) 633-3605 ext. 73620
* Long - (469) 633-3605 ext. 73621

* McGowan - (469) 633-3605 ext. 73623
*Sanderson- (469) 633-3605 ext. 73611
* Schmidt – (469) 633-3605 ext. 73622
    ** Call the front office in case of
     emergency: (469)633-3600
    Dismissal changes after 2 p.m. must be made to front office.

     • Send notes in cases of absences, tardies, early dismissal, or changes in
       transportation, even if you have notified the office
     • If your child is a car rider, please have a blue sign in your windshield
       visible for the teacher’s to read.
     • Please remember to drive slowly in car pool, and watch for teachers and
       children crossing.
• * Our planning time is 9:00 - 9:50. Please call for an appointment.
* Frisco ISD Website - http://www.friscoisd.org/index.htm
Fourth Grade Website is up and
running!! Use it to find helpful
 information about your child’s
  4th grade needs. Be sure to
 check it often for updates and
        the latest news.
         Dates to Remember
•   September 12-16: College Week
•   September 15: Career Day
•   September 22: Progress Reports Sent
•   October 6: Boosterthon Fun Run
•   October 10: Parent Conference & Student Holiday
•   October 14: Story Telling Festival
•   October 24-28: Red Ribbon Week
•   October 27: Report Cards Sent
•   November 21-25: Thanksgiving Break
•   Dec. 19-30: Winter Break

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