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					                                               CDC gomembers with Certification
                                               Managing a certification program can be a daunting task but
Keep track of program details,                 gomembers Certification module organizes and automates the
applicant information and credits
earned:                                        certification process.

•	 Create an unlimited number of
   certification programs with unique          Certifications in an industry whether required or not adds value to an
   steps, requirements and parameters          individual’s career. By maintaining a certificate, individuals can create more
•	 Track applicant progress including          opportunities in their line of work.
   application date, current status and
   submitted documents                         Add value to your industry with certification programs.
•	 Send renewal e-mail reminders               CDC gomembers Certification module is fully integrated with our solutions for
   when certificate is close to expiring       meeting and not-for-profit management. This module gives an organization’s staff,
                                               members and attendees easy-to-use tools to apply, complete, review, and renew
•	 Enfore disciplinary actions by
   suspending a certification
                                               A typical work flow of the gomembers certification module is:
•	 Record interaction with
   an individual by saving the                 Apply - An individual applies for certification either through an online application or
   communication in the                        by submitting a detailed document. Individuals can make online credit card payments
   contacts record                             by using gomembers eBusiness shopping cart.

                                               Educate – Whether providing education through your meetings and on-line courses
                                               or using 3rd party testing services, the Certification module will track each step along
                                               the way, with alerts and follow-ups based on an applicants status for certification and/
                                               or recertification.

                                               Certify - When an applicant completes the certification process they are notified with
                                               a congratulatory e-mail and assigned a certificate number directly from the database.
                                               Certificates can also be viewed and printed online at any time.

                                               Renew – Recertification can be managed based on expiration dates with system
                                               generated reminder notices and requirements.

                                               Add value with an Online Portal
                                               It is important to keep a member’s information up to date and certification details
                                               accurate since certification can affect their work eligibility. To keep communication
                                               lines open between members and the organization, gomembers provides a user-
                                               friendly portal for your members. Once an individual logs into the portal they can view
                                               and/or update the following:

                                               •		Contact	information	including:	profile,	address,	e-mail	and	phone	number
                                               •			Current	status	in	any	certification	program
                                               •			Online	payments	for	certification	or	recertification	through	the	eBusiness	portal
                                               •			Print	or	request	a	certificate	be	e-mailed	to	them	or	someone	they	designate
                                               •			Credits	earned	from	meetings,	classes,	online	courses	and	credits	earned	outside			
                                                   of the organizations opportunities

                                               Add value to your organization
                                               Offering a certification program not only adds value to your members but adds
                                               value to your industry. Give your organization the ability to manage your certification
                                               programs and all connected meetings, programs, publications and online courses—
                                               all in CDC gomembers.

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