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07 Ch

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									Are You In or Out?

You have a migraine. You have a job. Now what do you do?

Deciding if you are able to go out when you have a migraine is a tough decision. You are in pain, you do
not feel well, and more likely than not you are not thinking clearly. The ability to determine when you are
okay to leave home when you have a migraine is a big part of learning to manage your condition. Here are a
few things to take into consideration when deciding if you are in or out for the day.

How do you feel?

Yes, you have a migraine, but can you function? Only you know your personal headache pattern, is it likely
to get better or worse from where it is now? What’s your mood? Are you sufficiently enthused about the
day to be willing to function while in pain?

What did you take?

Stop and think about your pain relief for a minute. Did you take an over-the-counter remedy, or something a
little stronger? If it was a prescription medication, go read the label and see what it says about driving and
operating heavy machinery. If you aren’t supposed to do those things, it’s probably a good idea to hang out
at home. This is not a hard and fast rule since only you know how you react to a medicine, particularly one
you are familiar with. If you don’t think you’ll be impaired by your medications, great, but really think
about it first.


Why are you going out? Basically, you have to decide how important it is that you go out. Work is
important, but not if you have a job where potentially impaired function can be dangerous. Errands can
always be run later. The class play? That might be worth it, if you can handle it.

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