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									               Chapter Outline

 Why should salespeople plan their sales calls?
 What precall information is needed about the
  individual prospect and the prospect’s organization?
  How can this information be obtained?
 What is involved in setting call objectives?
 Should more than one objective be set for each call?
 How can appointments be made effectively and

      Ten Things Buyers Want to Know
1.    What are you selling?
2.    Why do I need it?
3.    Why do I need it now?
4.    Who is your company?
5.    How much will it cost?
6.    Is your price truly competitive?
7.    Who else is using it and are they satisfied?
8.    What kind of person are you?
9.    How does your solution compare to alternatives?
10.   What is your record of support and service?
         Obtaining Precall Information on the Buyer
Information Needed                                     How to Collect Information
The prospect’s name and title                          Can be gathered by asking the
Correct spelling and pronunciation                     receptionist or secretary or gatekeeper
                                                       to verify information.

Is this prospect willing to take risks?                May have to ask the prospect
Are they confident with their decision making?
Is the buyer involved in their community?              Observe club or organizational honors
Do they belong to clubs or professional                displayed in the office.

Does the prospect have hobbies or interests they are   Observation of office.
proud of?

What is the prospect’s personality type? Easy          Observation and experience with buyer.
going? All business?

Where did this prospect grow up?                       Look for diplomas. Ask.
Where were they educated?
           Gathering Information on the Prospect’s
Information Needed                                   How to Collect Information

What type of business are we dealing with?           Can be gathered from a directory.

To what market does the company sell?                Annual reports.
Who are its primary competitors?
What does the company make and sell?
Who does the prospect presently buy from?            Salesperson may have to ask for this
Do they buy from a single vendor? Multiple           information.
How long have they purchased from their suppliers?
What problems does the company face?
What volume does the company buy?
What is the organization’s financial position?
          Sources of Information
 Resources within your company
    Information in your company records
    Company intranet
    Other people within your firm, especially if there is
     a selling center for this account
 The Internet
    Sources such as Hoovers Online
    Portals that gather information from many sources
 Secretaries
 Noncompeting salespeople
 Published directories
 The prospect themselves

           Getting to the Prospect:
     Building Rapport with Gatekeepers
 Adjust Your Attitude

 Honesty is the Best Policy
 Get Personal Information

 Sell to the Gatekeeper
 Question the Gatekeeper

 Keep a Sense of Humor
 Be Patient
         Getting to the Prospect:
     Five Steps to Telephone Success
1. Introduce yourself and your company
2. Take the curse off the call
    Use a statement and a question to soften the
    “I would like to take a minute… Is this a good time?”
3. State the purpose of the call
    Refer to a direct-mail piece you have already sent
    Mention the person who referred you
    Highlight importance
4. Make an interest-capturing statement
    What is the key benefit of your product?
5. Request an appointment
Setting Call Objectives

  Specific

  Realistic

  Measurable

      Examples of Call Objectives
           Objectives Leading up to the Sale:
 To have the prospect agree to come to the local branch office
  sometime during the next two weeks for a hands-on
  demonstration of the copier.
 To set up another appointment for one week from now, at which
  time the buyer will allow me to do a complete survey of his/her
  printing needs.
 To inform the doctor of the revolutionary anti-clogging
  mechanism that has been incorporated in our new drug and have
  the doctor agree to read the pamphlet I will leave behind.
 To have the buyer agree to pass my information along to the
  buying committee with her/his endorsement of my proposal.

       Examples of Call Objectives
           Objectives Leading up to the Sale:
 To have the prospect agree to call several references that I will
  provide in order to develop further confidence and trust in my
  office cleaning business.
 To have the prospect agree on the first point (of our four-point
  program) and schedule another meeting in two days with an
  agenda of discussing the second point.
 To have the prospect initiate the necessary paperwork to allow us
  to be considered as a future vendor.
 To have me fully understand and appreciate the principle risks
  that adopting my product would pose to the buyer.

      Examples of Call Objectives

  Objectives Related to Consummating the Sale:
 To have the prospect sign an order for 100 pair of Levi’s jeans.

 To schedule a co-op newspaper advertising program to be
  implemented in the next month.

 To have the prospect agree to use our brand of computer paper
  for a trial period of one month.

 To have the retailer agree to allow us space for an end-of-aisle
  display for the summer promotion of RAID insect repellant.

Use multiple levels of objectives

         Primary

         Minimum

         Optimistic


 Set three objectives for each of the following
    Your outcome from this class
    Second interview for a job

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