Rates by changcheng2



Initial consultation :       Complimentary

Design             :       $ 50 per hour

• Content creation and layout
• Website design and creation
• Logo design and creation
• Business Collateral design and creation
• Corporate Identity design and creation
• Power Point, Newsletters (Electronic and static)
• Research designs, content, graphic and/or images
• Graphic/photos/image enhancement or adjustment
• Music/Audio Player, adding files for player

SWISH               : $ 75 per hour
VIDEO PLAYER        : $ 75 per hour
FULL FLASH           : $ 100 per hour
Database design, Surveys, Secure pages requiring login/password
                    : $ 125 per hour
STREAMING VIDEO : $ 150 per hour
WEB/EMAIL HOSTING: $ 20 per month
Advertising          : Commission based from supplier
Graphics, images     : $ 5 per electronic image received
                       $ 10 to scan image
Shopping cart        : $ 15 per item

Misc. Services         :   $ 35 per hour

•   Project-related communications (in person, by phone, email or other correspondence)
•   Press Releases
•   Training
•   Specific copy and paste of content
•   Review of content
•   Email setup
•   Registration and administration of domain

*All work is performed on an hourly basis. While every effort is made to provide
an estimate of time required to provide a 'proof', 'rough draft' or view of a test site',
changes and enhancements will be billed at an hourly rate.

POLICY: It is the policy of MarketOne Media to accept work only on a 'Retainer' basis.
A retainer of at least 25% of the estimated costs to produce a 'proof' or 'test site'
is required prior to beginning work on a project. The retainer must be maintained
in an 'evergreen' status throughout the duration of the work.

P. O. Box 18776 - Hattiesburg, MS 39404-8776        601-434-4040
jennifer@marketonemedia.com              www.marketonemedia.com

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