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Motivational speakers seem to be plentiful. You can find anyone who has had some success with
their life do speaking arrangements for a fee, but the real question is, are these people worth it? Are
they worth your time and money to listen to them? The answer is, YES! The reason is because
these people have either had great success with their chosen field or they are masters at motivating
people to take action. Either way, these speakers can really change your life.
Now, just like anything field, there will be good speakers and bad speakers. Some motivational
speakers will have really good material but will lack the enthusiasm to actually motivate you. Some
speakers will have the enthusiasm but will lack the right teaching strategies to teach you in a way
that will inspire you to take action. Either way, these types of speakers usually have one goal, and
that is to motivate you.

Purpose of Motivational Speakers

There job is to inspire and motivate. The way they do this is by sharing with you stories of their own
success and/or other people's success as well as the strategies that were used to get there. Many
times, listening to their speeches, you will be able to pick up the mentality that these people. If there
is one major difference between those who are successful and those who aren't, it's their mentality.
Success really comes down to being able to get clear on where you want to go, having the right
strategies to get there, and being able to deal with and handle setbacks.

When you realize that these speakers are just like you and me, you will realize that there is no
"secret" to success. These speakers can help your company see the same thing. They can also help
your people become inspired and motivated to make certain changes that will help them live a
happier more succesful life. When you have motivated employees, their productivity and efficient will
go up.

Cost of Motivational Speakers

Depending on who you hire, it can cost you anywhere from $50 to over $20,000 for a day. The ones
who can demand that type of money for just a day's work are people who are known to produce
measurable results. Companies don't just randomly through that kind of money away if they didn't
see great results from their people attending these events. Depending on the situation, you can have
speakers speak for free such as for a charity event. With that kind of pay, perhaps you can look into
becoming a motivational speaker yourself.

There are different types of speaker will vary as well. You can hire celebrity speakers like sports
stars such as Jerry Rice or even ex-presidents like Bill Clinton. There is a certain hype factor when
people hear these famous people talk. Whether or not your people will get motivated will depend on
the group. For some people, they need to hear someone who is skilled in the knowledge of
motivating people. You can have a motivational speaker that no one has heard of and he or she can
have the room jumping with enthusiasm by the end of the day. You can also have a famous celebrity
who will just bore the audience to sleep or give a talk about their life but not provide useful tools the
audience can take home and use on their own lives.

Personal Use

Now if you're looking for a motivational speaker to help motivate yourself, there are two things you
can do. You can either pay to go to one of their events or you can buy their audio programs and
listen to it at home. Both ways are great but I personally enjoy the second method only because I
can listen to their speeches on my own time and not have to take a whole day off to attend an event.
Of course, events are more powerful. There's nothing better than to have the support of hundreds or
even thousands of people at one of these motivational events. It's life changing and it's hard to get
distracted since you will be immersed in the event and the topics at hand.

With home audio programs, you can listen to them pretty much anytime. One great success strategy
that many successful people seem to all do is to listen to these audio programs while driving or
working out. If you commute to work, you will be spending many hours a week in your car. Instead of
using that time to listen to music or listen to the news, you can use that time to listen to a self
improvement program by one of these motivational speakers.

The type of program you listen to will depend on you. Some will want to listen to audio programs that
will teach them a skill such as improving their communication or speaking skills or even to learn
another language. For others, they like to listen to positive motivational materials to help install

powerful belief systems in their mind to help them better achieve their goals. When you are working
out or just doing chores around the house, it's a great time saver to be listening to an audio program
at the same time.

Recommended Motivational Speakers

There are literally hundreds or thousands of motivational speakers out there. Some work locally in
your city and some travel nationwide or even worldwide. I've heard plenty of great speakers over the
years and have also heard of lousy ones. Either way, it's great to see someone who has had some
success share their story and strategies to help you do the same. Here are a couple of more well-
known speakers that are my personal favorites.

The first speaker is probably one of the most well-known motivational speakers in the world. You've
probably seen an infomercial of one of his products or have seen him on talk shows. He's coming
out with a TV Show on NBC soon as well. Anthony Robbins is the foremost expert in motivation and
success strategies. Here's a video of him at a TED event.


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