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									                                              Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

CPMM Project Initiation Plan
Project Name: Portal Assessment and Retrofit
Customer: Cornell University (students, faculty, staff)
Sponsor or Project Director: Steering Committee (see list of members under Stakeholders)
Start Date: 3/1/09
End Date: 6/30/09
Project Manager: Barbara Skoblick
Key Contact(s), Phone #(s): Barbara Skoblick (4-1340)
Last Updated: 01/27/09

Project Purpose (What are the goals/objectives of this project? Why are we undertaking it? What is the
problem to be solved or the opportunity?)
The university portal, implemented in uPortal by CIT many years ago, is not serving the university
optimally, according to a 2008 survey. Its role in supporting business processes and in improving
internal communications needs to be reassessed in order for a firm and lasting decision to either invest
energy and funds in it adequately, or retire it, can be made. A portal assessment project was
undertaken to determine the role of a portal, the technology selection and design of a portal (if one is
needed), the level of funding required to properly sustain the solution, the governance model for both
authorized content and technology, and the organizational support and executive sponsorship required
to fulfill a renewed vision. The committee report can be found in Final Draft – Portal Assessment &
Recommendations. The purpose of this project is to implement some prerequisite improvements to
uPortal so that the vision outlined in the report can be fully implemented in the future.

Success Criteria (How do we know we are successful)

The activities and deliverables listed below In Scope are completed by June 30, 2009.

Project Scope (What is in scope and what is not in scope for this project?)
In Scope:
     Prototype installation of version 3.0 of the uPortal
     Design new graphics (skins)
     Rebrand uportal.cornell.edu to myCornell.edu or something similar based on a naming contest.
     Redesign existing content and information architecture:
          o Hire consultant to review selected designs at peer institutions. The intent is to follow the
             rule of 7plus or minus 2 for tabs and channels.
          o Consultant develops proposal to add, move, rename, or remove tabs/channels/content.
          o Steering committee, content providers, and functional areas approve proposal.
          o Implement new design.

Out of Scope and deferred to later phases and/or specific projects:
    Upgrade of uPortal to version 3 – CIT IS will be doing this under maintenance.
    Custom, dynamic channels to any administrative applications
    Dynamic links based on privileges to the applications behind the links
    Any public, non-authenticated access
    Any content from or synching with, or replacement of CUinfo.cornell.edu
    Enhance LaunchPad functionality
CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot        1
Version: February 28, 2006
                                    Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

       Establish portal as a single point of entry for all internal and community communications
       Enable delivery of targeted notifications through Cynergy Notification to affiliation subgroups

Key Deliverables with time Frames (What and When)
 Milestones                                   Start Date      End Date      Staff Responsibility
 Prototype installation of version 3.0 of the March 1         April 1       IS Hosting
 Design new graphics (to be implemented March 1               June 30       IS Hosting overseeing IWS
 when uPortal 3.0 is installed in                                           or a consultant
 Hire consultant to evaluate information      April 1         May 1         Steering Committee
 architecture and recommend design                                          overseeing a consultant
 Review recommendations and approve           May 1           June 1        Steering committee,
 appropriate changes                                                        content providers,
                                                                            functional areas
 Design new information architecture (to     June 1         June 30         IS Hosting overseeing IWS
 be implemented when uPortal 3.0 is                                         or a consultant
 installed in production)
 Rebrand uportal.cornell.edu to              June 1         June 30        IS Hosting, CIT
 myCornell.edu or based on contest                                         Communications
 Develop checklist for deployment of         June 1         June 30        IS Hosting
 version 3.
Stakeholders (Who is the Sponsor, Project Manager, Customers, other key groups who can impact, or be
impacted by, this project?)
Executive Sponsors
  Polley McClure, VP, Information Technology

Project Sponsors/Directors – Steering Committee
  Jon Atherton, Hosting Services Manager (IS)
  Lisa Cameron-Norfleet, Office of Web Communications
  Diane Kubarek, Director, Office of Web Communications
  Steve Lutter, Assistant Director, Custom & Vendor Apps (IS)
  Angela Mennitto, Consultant/Advisor Specialist (Office of the University Registrar)
  Dirk Swart, Consultant/Advisor Specialist (ATSUS)
  Donna Taber, Assistant Director (IS)
  Robin Yager, Director, UBSC

Project Manager
   Barbara Skoblick, CIT/IS

Technical Lead
  Jon Atherton

Design Lead
  Dirk Swart

Content Providers
  University Communications
CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot                        2
                                      Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

   Administrative Systems
   Student Services
   Human Resources
   Human Ecology

  Students, Faculty, Staff

Resources ($, people, equipment, facilities, software, etc)

 Project Role          Who                      Hours          Dates needed       Name of Resource
 Executive             Polley McClure           30 minutes
 Sponsor                                        for review
                                                and sign-off
 Project Manager       Barbara Skoblick         100            3/1//09- 6/30/09   Lisa Stensland
 Project               Jon Atherton             2              7/1/08-06/30/09    Donna Taber
 Director/Sponsor      Lisa Cameron-            hours/week
 – Steering            Norfleet                 for meetings                      Diane Kubarek
 Committee             Diane Kubarek                                              Tommy Bruce
                       Steve Lutter                                               David Koehler
                       Angela Mennitto                                            David Yeh
                       Dirk Swart                                                 Al Gonzalez
                       Donna Taber                                                David Koehler
                       Robin Yager                                                Ann Shapiro
 Technical Lead        Jon Atherton             30             3/1/09-6/30/09     Donna Taber
 Design Lead           Dirk Swart               30             3/1/09-6/30/09     Al Gonzalez
 Graphic Designer      TBD                      200            3/1/09 – 5/1/09    Al Gonzalez
 Information           TBD                      100            4/1/09-5/1/09
 uPortal Hosting       Jon Atherton             100            3/1/09 – 6/30/09   Donna Taber
 uPortal               Randy Negley             30             3/1/09 – 5/1/09    Kevin Leonard

Budget Summary
 Type of Expense                      Cost                              Funding Source
 Capital Expense                      $0
 Staff Expense (Cornell)              $58,000                           CIT FY09 Harvest
 Operating Expense (near-term)        0$                                N/A
 Service (Non-Cornell)                                                  N/A
 Contingency                                                            N/A
 Total (approximate)                  $58,000                           CIT FY09 Harvest

CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot                          3
                                      Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

              Portal Project Governance

                                             Executive Sponsor
                                               Polley McClure

                                              Project Manager
                                              Barbara Skoblick

                                  Project Directors – Steering Committee
                                                Jon Atherton
                                            Lisa Cameron-Norfleet
                                                Diane Kubarek
                                                 Steve Lutter
                                              Angela Mennitto
                                                 Dirk Swart
                                                 Donna Taber
                                                Robin Yager

                               Design Lead                       Technical Lead
                                Dirk Swart                        Jon Atherton

Risks (Resource limitations, deadlines, budget, technology, other constraints, or risks of the project)
 Risk Factor        Impact on              Prob Sev Risk Plan                                  Responsibility
                    Project                HML HML (Strategy)
 Lack of funding Failure of the            M       H       1.Reduce scope.                     Steering
                    project                                2. Request additional               Committee
 Poor               Confusion by           M       H       Ensure communications               Steering
 communication/ users                                      are clear and timely.               Committee
 with campus
 Staff have other Missed deadlines M               M       Create realistic deadlines          Project Manager
 commitments                                               and track progress. Find
 that take priority                                        additional staff resources.
                                                           Escalate if necessary.
 Lack of            Can’t implement        M       M       Drop from project scope or Project
 agreement on       deliverable                            escalate to higher                  Manager,
 new name for                                              management for decision.            Steering
 rebranding                                                                                    Committee

CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot                             4
                                          Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

Communication Plan (What needs to be communicated to who and when?)
  What          Who/Target        Purpose             When/      Type/Method(                       Owner
                                                      Freq.      s)
 Distribute Project   Sponsors,             Distribute plan to     ASAP        Document             Project Manager
 Initiation Plan      Steering              alert stakeholders                 distributed via
                      committee,            of project scope                   hardcopy or
                      Stakeholders          and to gain buy in.                electronically via
 Inform               Content               Make everyone          As soon     Email, meeting       Steering
 community about      providers,            aware of upcoming      as PIP is   (if needed)          Committee,
 project              functional areas,     changes and solicit    approved                         Project Director
                      colleges              input.
 Status Reports       Sponsors,             Update                 Monthly     Present at           Project Manager
                      Steering              stakeholders on                    meetings.
                      committee,            progress of the
                      Stakeholders          project.                           Store in
                                                                               project area.
 Steering             Jon Atherton          Provide input on       Weekly      Meetings,            Project Manager
 committee            Lisa Cameron-         planning activities.               Conference           or Project Director
 meetings             Norfleet                                                 calls, emails
                      Diane Kubarek         Resolve issues and
                      Steve Lutter          make policy
                      Angela Mennitto       decisions.
                      Dirk Swart
                      Donna Taber           Identify and quickly
                      Robin Yager           communicate or
                                            escalate risks to

                                            Review project

                                            Provide input on
                                            change requests as
 Communicate          Everyone who          Solicit input and      As          Meeting, emails      Steering
 with stakeholders    provides content;     user needs,            needed                           committee
                      colleges that use     communicate                                             members
                      uPortal               project status.                                         assigned to
                                                                                                    specific areas:
                                                                                                    Robin Yager for
                                                                                                    offices and users.
                                                                                                    Angela Mennitto
                                                                                                    for student offices
                                                                                                    and colleges.
                                                                                                    Diane Kubarek for
                                                                                                    university web
                                                                                                    Jon Atherton for

CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot                              5
                                      Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

 Project              Steering            Store data and        As       project            Project Manager,
 documents            Committee           documents related     needed   repository in      Steering
                                          to the project.                Confluence         committee
 Rebranding           Cornell             Find new name for     ??       ??                 Steering
 contest              community           uPortal.cornell.edu                               committee

Approvals (This section is used for approvals by the project Sponsors, and/or customers, and/or those
providing resources to the project)

 The Sponsor should indicate approval or rejection of the Project Initiation Plan by checking the
 Approve or Reject box. If the Sponsor is rejecting the Project Initiation Plan, he/she must indicate
 the reason in the comments field.

 The Sponsor indicates final acceptance of the Project Initiation Plan (including securing individual
 resources) by providing his/her signature in the Signature box and the approval
 date in the Date box.

 Executive Sponsors
  Name             Action                  Comments                        Signature             Date

  Polley McClure
                   Approve:           
                   Reject:            
 Project Sponsors – Steering Committee
  Name             Action        Comments                                  Signature             Date
  Jon Atherton     Approve: 
                         Reject:      
  Lisa Cameron-          Approve:     
  Norfleet               Reject:      
  Diane Kubarek          Approve:     
                         Reject:      
  Steve Lutter           Approve:     
                         Reject:      
  Angela Mennitto        Approve:     
                         Reject:      
  Dirk Swart             Approve:     
                         Reject:      
  Donna Taber            Approve:     
                         Reject:      
  Robin Yager            Approve:     
                         Reject:      
 Agreement to Secure Required Resources
 The Approver is the person(s) or group that has the authority to commit resources for this project.
 He/she indicates his/her agreement to provide required resources for the Project by providing his/her
CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot                     6
                                  Cornell Project Management Methodology (CPMM)

 Approver Signature and the approval Date.

  Name             Action           Comments                     Signature        Date
  Diane Kubarek    Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Dave Koehler     Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Donna Taber      Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Tommy Bruce      Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Ann Shapiro      Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Al Gonzalez      Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Lisa Stensland   Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  David Yeh        Approve:   
                   Reject:    
  Kevin Leonard    Approve:   
                   Reject:    

CPMM Project Initiation Plan Snapshot                  7

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