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					             National Updates:                                            This Issue:
                    The Editor                                    Gatineau Zone at Bluesfest
                    The Board                                     Ski Hall of Fame Induction
                Communications                                        Run to Remember
                    Education                                      The Vanishing Patroller
                    Operations                                    Social Media and the CSPS
               Fund Development                                            FIPS 2012
                 Administration                                 Variety – the Spice of Patrolling
     Updates are a must read for DPs and ZPs.                     Next issue is October 1, 2011

CSPS MISSION             From the Editor
To promote safety
and injury prevention    Another summer full of patrol activities is winding down and the fall training season
and to provide the       is winding up. This summer an important milestone was achieved by the CSPS in that
highest possible         our organization was granted advanced first aid accreditation by the federal
standards of
                         government. More details of this important accomplishment and details about how to
certification and        access the accreditation on the National Database System (NDS) can be found in the
delivery in first aid    Education update.
and rescue services      The CSPS’s senior management team consists of John Leu, our national president,
to the snow industry.
                         and our elected board of directors, headed by Brian Low in his role as chairman. Our
                         national leader John Leu needed to step away from his role to undergo medical
                         treatment for his heart. The board met and appointed director Al Knott to be the acting
                         president for the duration of John’s medical leave. Please read the message from the
                         board for more information.
KEY DATES:               Please also take a few minutes to read the other important announcements from the
National Combined On     board and each of our national vice-presidents and read our featured articles about
Snow Session:            Gatineau Zone, summer events, Run to Remember and the 2012 on snow workshop.
Jan. 27 to 29, 2012
Atlantic West Division   As always, stories sharing your experiences, or compliments or critiques on what you
                         have read, submitted in English or French, are always welcome; just email the editor.
National Annual
Conference (NAC):        Our next issue of Patroller eNews (PeN) will arrive October 1 as the fall season
May 10 to 13, 2012       swings into high gear.
Calgary Zone
                         Editor PeN Frances Norlen
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

From The Board…
Appointment of Acting President
In mid-July our President John Leu experienced angina pain and following tests was
scheduled for by-pass surgery in Victoria, B.C. As a result of this, and knowing that
                                                                                               Exposure for
John would require some time for recovery before resuming his regular responsibilities,
the board appointed Board Vice-Chairman Al Knott as the acting president for a period
of time as determined by the board. Al worked with John prior to his surgery to update
himself on current operational activities and outstanding tasks.
John successfully underwent quadruple by-pass surgery in early August and is now at
home in Osoyoos, B.C., recuperating and looking forward to getting back to work.
More information and recent updates on John are found in Al’s report further on. We
wish John a speedy recovery and look forward to his return.
Thank you to Al for taking on this acting assignment and to everyone providing
support to ensure the ongoing successful operation of the CSPS.
National Chairman Brian Low

June 29, 2011 Board Summary by Corporate Secretary Bill Powell
                                                                                              Be sure to pick up the
Conference Call: In my last report, I stated that your board was beginning to process of      issue of Canadian
dealing with the recommendations from the Financial Task Group (FTG). I am pleased            Running, available at all
to report that the board committee of Tom Little (chairman), Richard Crooks and               major magazine outlets
Wendy Herron have, as of our June meeting, developed a series of timelines and                across Canada now.
priorities, based on the recommendations from the FTG report and those things that
would need to be accomplished first in order to proceed with some items.                      In this issue you will
       Recommendation 1                                                                       find a feature article
         …to conduct a review of CSPS compliance as a charitable organization under the       about CSPS advanced
         Income Tax Act and associated regulations                                            medical responder
       Recommendation 2                                                                       support at running
         Develop a procedures manual on CSPS financial reporting to facilitate…               events from coast to
         preparation of zone and division inputs to the T3010…
       Recommendation 3
         … provide direction to divisions to vet zone T3010 inputs prior to submitting them
         to the National Office.                                                              This article was written
                                                                                              by national
Mountain Division VP Finance Pamela FitzGerald, who was a member of the group                 communications team
preparing the FTG, has been asked to lead discussions with Collins Barrow, our                member Sheila Reesor,
auditors, to determine the costs associated with completion of recommendation one.            with input from CSPS
The next phase of this will be to confirm if sponsors continue to be willing to               coordinators in every
contribute to the financing of this recommendation. The board committee also looked           zone that supports local
at recommendations two and three and the direction to provide to the management               running events.
committee concerning these two items. The committee is planning to bring forward to
our July meeting a series of motions for board approval that will continue the work
already done.

                                                                                                          Page 2
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

(From The Board continued…)

The Board Succession Planning Committee chaired by          By way of brief synopsis; all recommendations within
Al Knott, with committee members Ross Forbes and            the FTG report were addressed and actions identified
Tom Little, also continued the development of the chief     over a specified time frame. Many have been sent
executive officer job description. The board reviewed       directly to the Management Committee to be
the work being developed on the job description. Board      developed into specific actions. Others, as can be
members are currently submitting any suggested              expected, will need to be deferred in order to gain
changes they feel necessary. This item will continue to     more information and some are deferred to 2012
occupy time on the board agendas as we bring this to        before further action will be taken. The board will
completion.                                                 continue to review information as it is submitted
                                                            either from the Management Committee or other
July 20, 2011 Board Summary by Corporate
                                                            sources as directed by the recommendations from the
Secretary Bill Powell
                                                            FTG or the board review committee.
Conference Call:
                                                            The chairman and president will be preparing
I am pleased to report the main focus of this month’s       communications that will provide zone and division
meeting was to continue to discuss the work of the FTG.     presidents with more specific details of this review
The board received a report prepared by the board sub-      and the actions taken.
committee of Tom Little, Wendy Herron and Rick
                                                            The board meetings are as follows:
Crooks. This report contained a series of
                                                            August 24, September 28, October 26, November 11
recommendations covering all the recommendations
described in the FTG. The board discussed and               to 13, December 14, January 25, February 15, March
                                                            16 to 18, and April 18.
determined next steps for all the items contained in the
board sub-committee’s report.

Management Committee Update

On June 18-19, 2011, the Management Committee (MC) held its first of this operational year’s four meetings in
Toronto. VP Education Nancy Askin, VP Fund Development Louise Charron, VP Operations Mark Galloway, VP
Communications Ron Gathercole, President John Leu, National Chairman Brian Low, and National Office
Manager Renee Scanlon, were in attendance.
The committee will meet in June, September, January, and April, in order to assess our operations, and to deal
with the annual planning cycle. In June, the emphasis was to review our 2012-13 objectives. In September the MC
will create the operational plan for 2012-13, in January the MC will create the 2012-13 draft budget, and in April
the MC will prepare for the National Annual Conference (NAC) to be hosted by Calgary Zone in May 2012.
Summary can be read here

                                                                                                       Page 3
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

(From The Board continued…)
From the office of the Acting President – Al Knott
The title should give away the fact that John is not         Other news from your Management Committee
sitting in this particular chair currently. John underwent   includes the appointment of a new Vice-President of
a quadruple bypass on Friday, August 5. I am most            Administration, Mr. Tom Carr. Tom has had a long
happy to say that everything went extremely well and         history with the patrol, both in Central Zone and in
John is home recovering. Just to show he has not lost        Ontario Division, and he is an excellent addition to an
his sense of humour I am including a brief note below        already exceptional team.
from John.                                              Not to steal the thunder from our VP of Education but
“I am home now, traveled from Victoria yesterday, you might want to read what she has to say about a
Wednesday, August 10 and I must say that each day recent notice she received from Human Resources and
represents a hundred per cent improvement, except for Skills Development Canada.
night long sleep, everything seems to have returned to Our new VP of Fund Development, Louise Charron is
what it was except for the constant pain, the body that already deep into her new job with the first draft of a
had too much stuff under the skin, and maybe perhaps a Fund Development Manual out for proof reading and a
few cuts and bruises that weren't here before.          variety of contacts already made that promise to
Please feel free to contact me at my home number, 250- improve our revenue picture.
495-2263, if you want to chat, but direct any business Communications has also been busy with continuous
communication to Al Knott.”                            improvements to our website and establishing a style
The board appointed me to cover for John until such guide for all documents and communications that are
time as he can resume his duties and as such I will be produced by the CSPS.
pleased to answer any questions you might have. I can Operations, as usual, has never stopped being busy and
be reached by email at or if you is gearing up for our upcoming season, while at the
wish to speak to me in person my telephone number is same time chasing some tardy zones for overdue
905-377-8972.                                          reports.

From Communications
Attend the National Annual Conference – NAC 2012 Calgary Zone
Mark the date on your calendar for the NAC 2012. The conference will be held from May 10 to May 13, 2012 at
the Delta Lodge, Kananaskis, Alberta. Attendees are responsible to contact the Delta Lodge directly by March
26, 2012 to reserve the CSPS special conference rate of $135 (single or double occupancy) plus applicable taxes.
Identify yourself as being with the CSPS group to secure the conference rate. The hotel will release rooms on
hold after this date and the rate may increase. For reservations please phone the reservations department at 1-800-
The conference will include the National Appreciation Awards, 25 Year Service Awards, Annual General
Meeting and election of the Board of Directors, along with the National Awards Banquet including Canadian Ski
Patrol Awards. Watch for further updates in next issues of the PeN.
Here are the links to the English and French version of the Zone Presidents’ meeting minutes from the NAC
2011 in Winnipeg.

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

(From Communications continued…)
NAC 2012 – Calgary Zone
As the summer is winding to a close and we begin preparations for the new
ski season, Calgary Zone is also looking forward to the NAC being held in
one of the most beautiful areas of western Canada, Kananaskis Country.
The Delta Hotel, nestled in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park about an
hour from the Calgary Airport, has been host to many international events,
including the 1988 Winter Olympics, a G8 summit in 2005 and the
Provincial Energy Ministers Meeting in June of 2011.
For the more adventurous, Mount Kidd Provincial Campground is open
year round, and will take reservations.
The area has an abundance of recreational activities. In early May we will still be able to pursue our greatest
passion of skiing as at least one of the larger resorts will be open.
Golf is close by or slightly further away in scenic Canmore or Banff. Banff is also a great place to spend a few
hours, seeing the sites and enjoying the world renowned scenery. Hiking and biking trails are at your door step
with all the equipment available for rent at the outfitters in Kananaskis Village.
The 2012 NAC organizing committee is working on the Friday night event and what would a trip to Alberta be
without an opportunity to wear your cowboy boots and cowboy hat. We are currently working on the details and
have not signed a contract yet, so we will have to update you in the next PeN.
Calgary Zone NAC Chairman Jean Rioux

National Database System (NDS) – Security Update
After a review of security of the NDS, a decision was made to update our system. A security package was
purchased and the NDS is now as secure as we can possibly make it. You will notice on your browser that there is
an https:// notification in front of our URL address. What this means is that the personal data entered into the NDS
is as secure as possible from outside sources. Please feel free to go into the NDS and verify the accuracy of your
data and update any missing information, which will be greatly appreciated.
How do the shared files on the NDS work?
With the introduction of the Patroller’s manual and Instructor’s manual onto the NDS there have been a number of
queries into how to access this information. The shared files link is available to all members and appears in the
first block of options for each individual patroller upon login to the NDS or via this webpage.
We have two types of files; files that are available to all members and secured files for specific levels of
individuals. For example, if you are not an instructor you will not be able to get into the link under Education
marked Instructor’s Manual. The shared files program is protected by a security system based within the NDS. The
majority of files are made available to all members.
Please browse the National Shared Files as they have been recently updated and all national departments intend to
have information posted under this area. Meeting summaries from the Management Committee and Board of
Directors meetings will now be posted there as soon as possible after the meeting.
Please feel free to contact your local Division Support Liaison or either National Database Administrator for
assistance. Contact details are available on the NDS pages.
                                                                                                        Page 5
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

(From Communications continued…)
New sections on the national website

No one ever wants to discuss the idea of losing someone close to us. Nevertheless, it’s part of life and we need to
be prepared to honour those we have come to see as family after many years of patrolling together. For this reason,
your national communications team has created a new obituary section on the national website.
The link can be found by clicking Obituaries under Quick Links on the In The News page of the national website.
Should the unimaginable happen, there is now a place to pay tribute to our fellow patrollers. Happily, there are
none listed at this time.
If you have a CSPS obituary to submit, please ask your zone administrator to submit a short write-up (preferably
in both languages) to National Office c/o: Photos of 200 x 225 pixels (patroller card size)
may be included. The posting will remain on the site for 30 days and then automatically be deleted.
Also new on the national website are a number of safety files from a wide variety of sources. Take a look at the
new webpage on the members’ side of the national website.
Click on the link on that page and you will be taken directly to all of the new safety files in the NDS.
These files have been provided for the use of all patrollers. They include everything from signs, clipart, photos and
research papers to education tools and other initiatives designed to aid in preparing presentations.
Any questions about safety and injury prevention should be sent to Andrea Stacey

From Education
I am very pleased to announce that the CSPS has been granted Advanced First Aid accreditation from Human
Resources and Skills Development Canada! The effective date is July 27, 2011 and the accreditation is valid for
five years.
I submitted the application in June to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada for an approval in
accordance with subsection 16.12(1) of Part XVI (First Aid) of the Canada Occupational Safety and Health
Regulations. The Ministry of Labour was satisfied, based on the advanced First Aid course materials submitted
that our course met the conditions of the approval.
The bilingual document is posted on the shared files section of the website and can be accessed here.
Thank you to all of the members of the Education Committee and other members of the CSPS who were part of
this accreditation being granted. The application involved inclusion of the manual and all teaching aids including
the full Instructor Certification Program, CPR AED cards, all exams, and the ID card. It took many members of
the system to pull together to ensure our application was complete and flawless. Thank you to everyone who was
an important part of that process.
VP Education Nancy Askin

                                                                                                           Page 6
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

(From Education continued…)
Saving a life is only 5 seconds away
As a member of the Canadian Ski Patrol System you may arrive at an accident
where the patient is unable to communicate important information to you either            Join MedicAlert today and
because they are too young or due to their level of consciousness. If the patient is        SAVE $25.00 off any
wearing MedicAlert identification, critical life-saving information is available to         identification product
you instantly, leading to better outcomes.                                                        purchase.

This year, Canadian MedicAlert Foundation and the Emergency Medical Services
                                                                                              Quote Offer Code
(EMS) Chiefs of Canada have partnered in the spirit of collaboration to promote the
MedicAlert Look-Read-Call procedure to EMS personnel.
An educational poster has been developed to appear in all ambulance stations across         Already a MedicAlert
the country and is now available to the Canadian Ski Patrol System through division        member? SAVE $20 off
and zone training officers for posting in all first-aid huts. It can also be downloaded     the purchase of a new
through the shared files on the national website.                                           identification product.
                                                                                              Quote offer Code

                                                                                          To take advantage of either
                                                                                          offer, call 1-800-668-1507
                                                                                            or visit the MedicAlert
                                                                                            national website here.

                                                                                               English version
                                                                                                French version

The poster informs emergency responders that when they call the MedicAlert 24-             Education Resources
hour emergency hotline a live agent will answer within five seconds. The operator         on the national website
will be able to provide vital medical information about the patient which may assist
in their treatment.
                                                                                           Download the NEW 2011
In the event of an emergency, remember to:                                                  CSPS Manual English
LOOK: to see if the patient is wearing MedicAlert Identification                          2011 CSPS Manual French
READ: the engraving on the back to learn vital information about the patient’s
      allergies and medical conditions                                                    The Written Exam Review
                                                                                               2011 English
CALL: MedicAlert at 1-800-407-7717 to speak to a live agent and gain more
      information when the patient is not able to communicate for themselves                  2011 Written Exam
                                                                                                Review French
Clifford Leigh-Mossley LM#53, Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, 1-866-679-3217
Ext. 1128,

                                                                                                        Page 7
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

(From Education continued…)

Update for the Instructors Resources and Certification Program (IRCP)
The Instructor’s Manual for 2011 has now been fully updated and is available on the National Database System
(NDS). It is located in Shared Files, National Files in the Education folder. The title of the folder has been
changed to Instructors Manual (with the date removed). It is restricted to instructors of all levels and within it you
will find all of the resources necessary for instruction. If you are an instructor and can not view the folder please
contact your zone ICP coordinator.
In the Course Outline area, there is a new format for the AFA course to include the mandatory 60 hours now
required. Please remember this is the only approved course outline to be taught to new recruits. A
supplementary version is available for instructors that provide an unprotected column to insert which instructor is
teaching that specific part of the lesson, and the associated Lesson Plan Guide (LPG). All lessons are in three hour
modules so it can be adapted to both weeknight or full day weekend courses (i.e. for weekend courses, you can do
two sessions in one day – Lessons 1 and 2, 3 and 4, etc.).
The AFA Modified Course Outline version (for those acceptable recruits from a medical profession) has been
updated to include both the new and revised manual information, and the introductory letter that needs to be sent
out in advance with pre-course materials.
As usual, as much as one tries, all things are never perfect. In the process of uploading the materials to NDS, I
found there were some updated materials that did not get updated on the ICP disc provided to Division Education
Officers at NAC. So please be aware that the IRCP materials found on NDS are the most up to date.
The Instructor Certification Program has also had revisions and this will be ongoing throughout the year.
As we go forward with proposed changes for the coming years, I ask that all instructors send commentaries or
requests for changes/corrections through the new process available on NDS. In addition, if you are finding an area
is taking more or less instruction time than indicated on the course outline, please provide that information through
the proper chain of communication (ZEO – DEO – IRCP Coordinator) so that the course outline can be modified
Director of Education and Coordinator of IRCP Linda Andrews

National On Snow Workshop 2012 – Registration Deadline October 15, 2011
When: January 27 to 29, 2012
Where: Brookvale Ski Area, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Target Audience: Nordic and Alpine On Snow instructor trainers and instructors
Cost: $250 per patroller which includes two nights accommodation at the Best Western, meals, transportation to
ski area, ski passes and course costs. Transportation to Charlottetown not included. $125 if hotel not required.
More information: Jack Haley or Frances Norlen
Registration: Contact Renee at National Office for a registration form

                                                                                                          Page 8
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

 Official Uniform…                           From Operations
 The official uniform consists of the full   Hello Patrollers!
 attire worn by patrollers while on
 active duty within the structure of the     The fall season is approaching quickly, with ski swaps, registration
 System including: the upper-body            nights, first aid training etc. The list goes on as we shift our minds
 garment, the lower-body garment, head       towards the ski season. I would like to welcome Andrea Stacy, our
 wear (when worn), and the first aid kit.    safety coordinator and Ken Lukawy, our new avalanche
                                             coordinator to the Operations team.
 The upper-body garment       shall
 predominantly be in the official            This is a perfect time for all of you to let your zone or division
 colours of the System: yellow and           presidents know what is on your minds to help the season run as
 navy blue.                                  smoothly as possible. The more we have in place for the season the
 The yellow referred to in this              better off we will be as an organization The division presidents,
 document should match, as closely as        myself and our safety person are meeting in late October to review
 possible and reasonable, the official       a number of items including:
 yellow colour of the System as              • The proper off season insurance requirements
 reflected in the National Logo.
                                             • The uniform to ensure things look proper, the correct crests are
 The lower body garment must be navy           worn and outdated crests (Toyota etc.) are removed, that
 blue or black with no striping or             uniforms are in a clean state and that we are all wearing the
 highlighting colours detracting from          correct color (navy blue or black)of pants, hat etc. this year
 the professional image of the uniform.
                                             • The minimum requirements for re-testing for our on snow skills
 Head wear, when worn, and the rest of
                                             • The funding requirements for the next couple of years
 the uniform (gloves, mittens) shall be
 of such a type and colour that is           • The importance of safety and on-snow management
 consistent with the need for the System     I would like to ask all of the zone presidents to look in their ZP kits
 to present a professional image.            as deadlines are coming due very soon; this is your way to help us
 The nationally-approved crest must be       run a smoother operation. These have been set in place to ensure
 located as follows:                         that our national office can meet their deadlines.
 • A large crest of the System on the        I would also like to remind ZPs who like to have a letter of
 back of the upper-body garment.             understanding with your resorts, that this is a very good time to
 • A small crest of the System on the        start the talks with them as they are gearing up for their busy times.
 left breast of the upper-body garment.      Please put what you expect of them and what they expect of your
 • Recipients of the Life or Canadian        patrols in the agreements. Good communication is an important
 Ski Patroller Awards may wear special
                                             tool to make great relationships.
 crests identifying them as award
 holders replacing the small crest on the    On my closing note, please ensure the uniforms are in good
 left breast of the upper-body garment.      condition, cleaned and repaired if needed. If your zone needs to
 For the purposes of increased               purchase new uniforms for this season please see the next article
 visibility, reflective strips or material   about ordering jackets and vests.
 may be added to the uniform as long as      Thanks to each of you for your outstanding dedication to this great
 it is consistent with underlying            organization.
 garment colour and the professional
 image the System wishes to present.         VP Operations Mark Galloway
 Uniform Regulations 8.5

                                                                                                        Page 9
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

From Operations continued…
Uniform Ordering
In the spring the all season vest and lightweight activewear jacket were advertised.
Unfortunately National office did not receive enough orders to go ahead with the order
in the spring. However, National office is offering one last opportunity for zones to
purchase the vests or jackets for use during the coming year. Please note that another
order will not be done until mid 2012 so order now.

    Lightweight Activewear Jacket
    SIZES (in inches)                    XS       S       M           L          XL        2XL        3XL
    CHEST                                42       44      46          48         50        52         54
    HIPS                                 39       41      43          45         47        49         51
    SLEEVES                              34 3/4   36      37 1/4      38 1/2     39 3/4 41            42 1/4
    (Note - Actual garment measurements. Allow additional inches for fitting clothes underneath)
    All Season Vest
    SIZES (in inches)                      XS       S         M        L         XL        2XL        3XL
    CHEST                                  36 1/2   40 1/2    44 1/2   46 1/2    48 1/2    50 1/2     52 1/2
    HPS*                                 24 1/4 24 1/2 25 3/4 27                28 1/4 29 1/2     30 3/4
    BACK BODY LENGTH FROM HPS*           27 3/4 28          29 1/4 30 1/2 31 3/4 33               34 1/4
     (Note - Actual garment measurements. Allow additional inches for fitting clothes underneath)

                          The vest is suitable for all seasons, as it can be layered over a variety of clothing
                          items depending on the time of year and activity level of the patroller. The vest sells
                          for $65, plus taxes and shipping. 3XL is an additional $5 per vest charge. The jacket
                          price is $140 plus taxes and shipping. For an additional charge of $15 per jacket,
                          zippers under the armpits can be added. 3XL is an additional $5 per jacket charge.
                          The price will increase if the minimum order of 50 vests from across the country is
                          not obtained. Order deadline is September 30, 2011.

   Zones interested in ordering the vest and/or the jacket should contact Renee at national office for an order
   form Questions of a technical nature about the vest and/or jacket can be directed to
   Frances Norlen, who developed both uniform items in her role as the National Nordic Coordinator, at More details about the vest and jacket are available in the May issue of PeN.

                              The new prices for the 2011-2012 Avalanche jackets are:
                              S-26     $319.00 plus applicable taxes and transportation.
                              2F-04    $309.00 plus applicable taxes and transportation
                              VV11     $172.00 plus applicable taxes and transportation
                          The flyer with photos will be available on line in early September.

                                                                                                       Page 10
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

From Fund Development
More blankets and banners are on their way
In 2007, the Insurance Brokers Association of Canada (IBAC) entered into a partnership with the CSPS to
include the CSPS as an extended beneficiary of their existing national blanket campaign. That fall, 4,000 soft,
functional purple blankets and 800 posters were distributed to divisions, zones and patrols across the country.
After receiving tremendous feedback from every zone that season, IBAC agreed to continue this partnership by
distributing 2,000 blankets per year for the next five years (to 2012-13).
We are now entering year four of this five year agreement. More blankets and more “Look Sharp. Be Smart.
Always Wear a Helmet” banners are now on the way to each zone across Canada to be distributed for the
upcoming 2011-2012 season.
When you receive your shipment, we need everyone to follow through at the zone and patrol levels by gaining the
permission required to place these banners in key locations at resorts to maximize exposure with the snow-sliding
                                            public. Other than the patrol hut or throughout your resort, other
                                            possible places for good visibility include: recerts, classes, ski shows,
                                            plus first aid and on-snow competitions.
                                             The banners offer a terrific opportunity for the CSPS, IBAC and the
                                             snow sliding industry to deliver an important helmet safety message
                                             to skiers and riders everywhere. They allow us one more way to
                                             demonstrate that the CSPS truly is “Canada’s Premier Provider of
                                             Snow Sliding Safety and Rescue Services”.
     Photo: Sid Gaudry, Qu’Appelle Zone      Let’s get the message out there!

Remember, the blankets are intended to be a top-up for existing
supplies. They are considered to be CSPS equipment for everyday use
in training, special events, patrolling, performing first aid, and off-
season events.
Note; many patrols have problems with losing blankets to hospitals.
We suggest labeling them before putting them into circulation. When
possible, try not to send them with patients to hospital. Some will          From left: Adam Mouck, Ron Bell, Maria
                                                                             Pistritto Photo: Charlie Turner, Kawartha Zone
always get lost. That’s why we receive the annual top-up from IBAC.
Over the past four years, IBAC and the CSPS have forged a terrific partnership in which both provide an
investment and both receive benefit. By extending its blanket program to the CSPS, IBAC receives nation-wide
reach and broker recognition among the sporting public.
In return, the CSPS receives practical support, i.e. the use of high quality, functional blankets for use in all
patrolling needs and duties. Beyond their proven versatility, these blankets offer quality, uniformity and image
enhancement to the entire CSPS nationally. Thanks for supporting this national program!
Please send any questions, comments and photos to National Blanket Program Manager Sheila Reesor, at

                                                                                                                Page 11
Patroller eNews: September 2011…

                                 It was with regret that the Management Committee experienced the resignation of
From Administration              Dan Dunlop as Vice-President Administration following the NAC. We wish Dan
                                 all the best in his future endeavours and thank him for his tremendous
                                 contribution to the CSPS.
As I step into the role of National VP of Administration, I am excited to see what I will
learn and how I will grow. The CSPS excels at stretching us all in positive new directions.
I am pleased to have this opportunity to represent our community of members nationally
as we strengthen our position as the premier provider of first aid services in Canada.
You could classify me as one who bleeds blue and yellow. I am now certified for what
will be year 35 on the patrol. My wife, Kathy-Anne, is a patroller (29 years) as is my
daughter Jessica (one year). Recently, I was the Ontario Division VP Operations and
Ontario Division President. Before that, I was VP of Operations, VP of Education and
Central Zone President twice.
Except for a few short breaks, I have been in a leadership position for over 20 years. Areas I think I have excelled
in are mentoring, leadership training, instructor training, resort negotiations and patrolling. I’m also passionate
about the awards program, always encouraging patrollers to work with their zone to make sure that everyone who
deserves an award is nominated at all levels.
In reviewing past issues of this newsletter and minutes of the National Management Committee I am impressed
with the work that has been done by all departments to ensure that everyone is working together for the same
goals. It is impressive to see the recognition of our programs and the paths we are setting out upon to ensure we
are financially responsible and able to continue to exist as a non-profit organisation in Canada.
As I work to align myself with the rest of the team and define my long term goals, I’m looking forward to a busy
season. I thrive on being a little crazy busy, but I think that makes me just like the rest of you – dedicated.
VP Administration Tom Carr

Gatineau Zone at Bluesfest
Appearing extensively in recent news photos
about the collapse of the main stage at the
Ottawa Bluesfest, the first responders in blue
and yellow are members of the Canadian Ski
Patrol System (CSPS) from Gatineau Zone.             Pierre-Pierre Blais (right in picture), a volunteer with the
                                                     Canadian Ski Patrol who provided first aid to the event, looks
These volunteers were among the first to
                                                     under the stage for any injured members.
respond from their designated positions on
                                                     Photo as it appears on (Adam Dietrich/CP)
Sunday night, minutes after the collapse.

This group has been offering their services to Bluesfest for almost 10 years now, working closely with Ottawa
emergency personnel and organizers to ensure adequate medical services are available throughout the festival.
The CSPS is proud of its patrollers’ quick thinking and swift response and grateful that the number of injured was

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

Bluesfest – a Night to Remember
Gatineau Zone patroller Mélanie St-Jean
Views expressed in member submitted articles are those of the author; therefore do
not necessarily represent the views of the CSPS.

July 17th 2011… it was a scorching 43°C with the humidity in the National Capital
Region and the CSPS was expecting a busy night as the final day of the popular two
week long Bluesfest Festival was being held at Lebreton Flats. The lineup on the
main stage would definitely draw a heavy crowd with two popular groups scheduled:
Cheap Trick and Death Cab for Cutie.
A little before 7 pm, my partner François Payer and I reported to our patrol leader to
get our assigned stages for the evening shows. I was thrilled to be appointed the
MBNA stage, which was holding the main acts for the evening. Standing behind the
fence in front of the stage, I could see the crowd building up rapidly in front of us. I
truly enjoy patrolling concerts such as Bluesfest because it is a great opportunity to
listen to good music while helping people stay safe.
With the sun blaring down on, I was mentally prepared to help individuals with heat exhaustion during my shift.
The cooler was stacked with water and Gatorade, our makeshift bed was set up, our four patrollers were in place
as Cheap Trick took the stage. I was ready to face the night! Little did I know, things would not turn out as
planned and thankfully we’re definitely trained to face the unimaginable with the CSPS.
Ten minutes into the show, I could feel the temperature drop drastically and black clouds were quickly moving in.
Checking the weather a few minutes prior, I was aware there was a severe thunderstorm warning for the Ottawa
region. I was hoping the weather would hold off for the thousands of fans that came out to enjoy the show. shows me and François enjoying I Want You to Want Me.
As the winds started to pick up, I noticed a technician from the sound crew running past me in order to turn off the
power to a few speakers in front of the stage. As the song ended, I was expecting the band to announce a break
until the storm passed through, but before the singer had the chance to take the microphone, a violent wind took us
all by surprise. I had a hard time staying on my feet as I was trying to hold the fence in place in front of me. At
this point, I turned around and witnessed the 40 foot tower starting to fall over, taking the stage down like a house
of cards.
The stage has collapsed! Okay, I don’t remember instructions for this scenario in our training manual! I had a
flashback to the two first aid competitions I participated in during the winter months. There was always a scenario
station that would challenge me. At this point, I remember my instructors’ voices telling me countless times: “Mel,
follow protocol and everything will be fine!” The adrenaline was running through my veins and I knew I had to do
triage. Standing in the corner stuck between a cement block and the fence, I made my way to the side of the stage
where I could hear people screaming in shock.
The first thought that came to mind during my scene assessment was the element of danger. It was pouring rain
with consecutive blasts of thunder and lightning and we were all standing amongst thousands of cables, wires and
metal towers. Remarkably, everyone around me was able to walk so we asked people to clear the stage
immediately. The Ottawa emergency personnel and CSPS quickly partnered up to bring everyone to safety. There
were three people sent to the hospital that evening and all were discharged the following day. With no reported
casualties, it was definitely a success story for all patrollers of the Gatineau Zone.

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

Ski Hall of Fame Induction
On November 2, this fall, the Canadian Ski Hall of
Fame will be inducting six remarkable Canadians. The
induction ceremony and banquet will be held from 5:30
p.m. to 10:30 p.m., on Wednesday, November 2, 2011,
at the Chateau Cartier, in Gatineau, Quebec.
Tickets at $125 each will be available shortly from the
Hall of Fame/Museum (Visa or cheque). Charitable
receipts may be issued for a portion of the cost of a
                                                           OTHER INDUCTEES
Rooms at the Chateau Cartier are available at about
                                                           Laurie Kreiner, of South Porcupine, Ontario, named to
$120 (plus taxes) for guests attending the ceremony.
                                                           the Canadian Alpine Ski Team at age 14, went on to
A prominent member of the CSPS is being inducted           establish an outstanding Canadian and international
into the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame – only the second       competitive record, including impressive results in
one after Doug Firth.                                      Olympic and World Cup competition.
Mark Labow, of St-Sauveur-des-Monts, has been a            Heinz Niederhauser, formerly of White Lake, Ontario,
driving force in the development and success of the        played a critically important role as a cross-country
Canadian Ski Patrol System (CSPS) and the Fédération       coach at all levels, from the early 1970s until his death
Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS). During his   in 2008, at age 72. Over the many years he devoted to
63 years with the CSPS, Mark has held many                 excellence in cross-country skiing Heinz shaped the
leadership positions, including National President from    athletic careers many members of Canada’s National
1969 to 1975, and (founding) president of FIPS from        Team.
1975 to 2003. Mark was also instrumental in the
                                                           Beckie Scott, of Canmore Alberta, is Canada’s most
establishment of the Canadian Ski Council which
                                                           successful nordic skier, and one of the world’s best all-
represents most of Canada's major ski organizations.
                                                           round cross country skiers. During her 11-year career
Mark is shown below presenting the Mark Labow              on the Canadian Cross Country National Ski Team, she
Award, which recognizes outstanding dedication to the      won 17 World Cup medals, a gold medal in the 10 km
aims and objectives of FIPS, to Jean-Louis Tuaillon in     pursuit at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City, and a
France this April.                                         silver in the 2006 Olympics in Torino in the team sprint
                                                           with her teammate, Sara Renner.
                                                           Hugh Smythe, of Whistler, BC, is a visionary in the ski
                                                           development business. Winner of many awards, Hugh’s
                                                           skill and commitment to excellence has had a major
                                                           impact in Canada and the US on the efficiency of ski
                                                           lift operations, customer service, and on the number of
                                                           active skiers.
                                                           Jimmie Spencer, of Vernon BC, has played a pivotal
                                                           role in the growth of the ski industry in western Canada
                                                           and throughout the country as President of the Canada
                                                           West Ski Areas Association for the last 30 years.

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

A Run to Remember
It was my pleasure on July 22 to run with David McGuire when
he made his Toronto appearance as he runs across Canada to
bring focus and resources to the issue of brain injury in Canada.
Brain injury is the greatest killer of Canadians under the age of
45 and the greatest disabler under the age of 44 and kills more
children under the age of 20 than all other causes combined.
Every day in Canada a 747 full of people sustain a brain injury.
David’s story, On the Road to Recovery, was published in                  PeN Editor Frances Norlen (left) with David
                                                                          McGuire in Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto
Maclean’s magazine in August.
For more information on David McGuire's run across Canada to raise awareness that brain injury can happen in
an instant and last forever please visit the Run to Remember website. The run is one of BrainTrust Canada’s
activities which include the concussion management card that the CSPS uses across the country. For more
information about the Canadian Ski Patrol's programs on concussion management click here.
                                                  There is an opportunity for CSPS members to connect in areas
                                                  across Canada along David's route. The easiest way is to look at
                                                  the Run to Remember website and go to Location and then
                                                  curser down to the second map, where you'll see a red line
                                                  across the country that is David's route. Double click it a few
                                                  times to zoom in, and see exactly what cities he's running to.
                                                  CSPS members who would like to run with David for a few km
                                                  are invited to do so. Contact Melissa Wild, the Run to
                                                  Remember Manager at: for
                                                  more information.

The Vanishing Patroller
Dan Cameron, Qu’Appelle Zone
Views expressed in member submitted articles are those of the author; therefore do not necessarily represent the
views of the CSPS.

The opening day of the NAC in Winnipeg this past May set out the current state of the ski resort industry as well
as a vision of, and objectives for, the CSPS within that industry. 1
The presentation set out what it described as the new realities in the ski resort industry, the idea being that as the
industry goes, so goes the CSPS. In summary:
• Visits to ski areas have held steady at about 18 to 20 million annually from 2000 to the present.
• The number of active participants in snow sports in Canada has also held steady at about two million between
  2005 and 2011.
• The percentage of Canadian population who visited ski areas in the 2000 to 2011 time frame was
  approximately in the seven to eight per cent range.
• The number of American visitors is down due to the increased value of the Canadian dollar.

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

The Vanishing Patroller continued…
• The average age of skiers or boarders in 2005-06 was Indeed, even in the face of this grim reality, one of the
  35.8; by 2010-11 it stood at 39.4; the skiing goals stated at that meeting is to seek out new resort
  population is getting older.                         partners. It is as if the volunteer element of the CSPS is
• The number of beginning skiers has increased by being allowed to gradually wither away. One could be
  about 100,000 since 2005 while the core left with the impression that the primary focus of the
  skiing/boarding population is down about 100,000 CSPS is on the ski resort professional patroller and on
  over the same period.                                becoming a national training and certifying agency to
                                                       our partners in that industry. If this is the actual
• The average days skied/boarded has gradually
                                                       unstated agenda, it should be raised for discussion by
  increased over the 2000-2010 time period.
                                                       the membership, perhaps at the NAC Conference in
Basically, while the ski resort industry is facing Calgary in 2012.
challenges, it is holding its own and making modest
gains. Within that industry the CSPS currently serves If we are to have such a discussion, the state of our
about 230 ski resorts, many of them small and volunteer membership must be known. A starting point
dependent on volunteer patrollers.                     would be the preparation of a statistical report giving an
                                                       age and gender profile of existing volunteer members.
During the presentation and within the context of the This could be further broken down by division and
industry’s current state, the CSPS set out a vision of demonstrate the likely loss in experienced members
what it wants to be, as well as some objective over the next five years, ie: members 70 or over.
                                                       As well, a statistical profile of the average skier-
• 2020 CSPS Vision Statement: To be Canada’s leader boarder could be prepared to determine how our
  in certifying ski patrollers and advanced first aid membership compares to that profile. The former is our
  personnel to our on snow resort partners.            potential recruit pool and would suggest where
• CSPS Interim Objective: By 2015 the CSPS will be recruitment efforts might be directed.
  that Canadian leader in ski patrol certification.    Selected divisions or zones that have demonstrated a
The “...certification of ski patrollers and advanced first   consistent increase in membership could be surveyed to
aid personnel...” presumably applies to both area ski        determine how they recruit and retain. Finally, the
patrol employees and to volunteer members of the             impact of a decline in our volunteer members on the
CSPS. This vision statement provides a clear focus for       smaller ski resorts must be thoroughly examined.
the direction of the organization. However, while the
                                                      In his opening address to the participants at NAC 2011,
CSPS may achieve that objective within the industry, it
                                                      Mr. Bob Bell, representing management at Marmot
is unlikely to do so in regard to its own volunteer
                                                      Basin, suggested the way forward for the CSPS was to
                                                      “... continue to attract more and younger volunteers.”
The reason is simple; the membership in the CSPS has He perhaps senses our situation and our need. His is a
been in a continuing state of decline over the past message we should perhaps take to heart.
decade. In 2000, it stood at 5184; in 2010 membership
was at 4476, an approximate 15 per cent decline.      1
                                                         Note: The statements and facts contained here are
As well, the “Milestones on the way to 2020 for the drawn from presentations made at NAC 2011 and can
management committee to consider”... set out at NAC be found in the members’ only section of our national
2011, makes no mention of any strategy for recruiting website.
new volunteer members to reverse this trend.

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

Social Media and the CSPS
John Jesse: Dan Cameron:
Views expressed in member submitted articles are those of the author; therefore do not necessarily represent the
views of the CSPS.

Members from Qu’Appelle Zone, Saskatchewan Division participated in the NAC this year. We brought
examples of the materials used for recruitment, fund raising and increasing our profile locally. The intention was
to swap ideas with other members from across the country.
Experience has shown that zones and divisions are often doing things that other parts of the system might find
useful. Sharing this experience would spare the latter from re-inventing the wheel. The problem has been an easy
method of communicating these ideas and applications across the system.
One suggestion was that perhaps such applications could be uploaded to our national site. But this would likely
require programming to accommodate such postings as well as a serious time commitment by a limited number
of national level volunteers and staff. At that point one of our newer, and younger, members suggested a simpler
solution: post it all to Facebook.
The advantages of posting applications to Facebook page are as follows:
• Allows the posting of pictures, descriptions of methods, materials, videos etc, used in recruiting, fund raising,
  training, raising our public profile, etc.
• Permits horizontal communication and collaboration across the system between members, zones and divisions.
• Each site is locally maintained and is accessible to all members
• Not restricted to members only; open to anyone interested in CSPS.
• There is no cost to establish and maintain a Facebook page
• One can define and authorize who can post what kind of materials, ie: photos, videos, documents
• Facebook permits viewer feedback and dialogue on posted materials
• A viewer who likes a Facebook page automatically receives updates on postings to the page
• Facebook pages can be linked to other pages. Thus, the Qu’Appelle Zone page can be linked to the Frontenac,
  Gatineau or Apex Zone pages. Such linkages facilitate the sharing of ideas and news.
What we seem to need is a common address protocol so that all zones and divisions who have a Facebook page
can be easily be found. In the case of Qu’Appelle Zone, we simply use CSPS plus our zone name, ie: People expect to find a Facebook page easily; if not they give up the search.
While Facebook is a great tool for raising ones public profile and sharing news, events, photos, videos etc., it is
not the correct forum for important CSPS business or sharing of personal information. Thus agreed content
protocols for its use across the system would be beneficial. The use of such protocols would present a clear,
consistent and positive image of the CSPS as well as pages that can be easily found by users.
So visit our page and see what we are doing. When you visit, feel free to leave a comment as we are eager to
receive suggestions on how to improve the effectiveness of our Facebook page.
Social networking is a unique phenomenon of our times. It has affected matters as diverse as political
movements, popular uprisings, business practices and social relations. Yet the CSPS seems to have taken the
position that it has no role at the national level even while it is beginning to flourish like an uncontrolled plant at
the local level. Perhaps some of the usage issues raised here, as well as how it could be used at the local and
national levels would be a suitable agenda item for examination at NAC 2012.
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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

Variety – the Spice of Patrolling                                          FIPS Congress 2012
Once the snow melts, patrollers across the country keep their first
aid skills sharp and enjoy a very wide of events. Here’s a quick      Following the terrible events in
tour of just a few of the events that the CSPS was involved in (so    Japan in March the FIPS Congress
far) this summer across the country.                                  planned for Hokkaido was cancelled.

In Atlantic West Division:                                            The next FIPS Congress is now been
                                                                      confirmed to take place at Châtel,
•   MS Bike Tour in Southern
                                                                      Haute Savoie, France.
    New Brunswick (N.B.)
•   Various cycling events in                                         As a founding member of FIPS, the
    Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.)                                     CSPS is a strong supporter of the
                                                                      Congress and encourages any
•   Fredericton Duncan Hadley
                                          Fundy Zone President Mat    member interested to consider
    Triathlon in N.B
                                          LeBlanc at MS Bike Tour     attendance for the camaraderie with
•   Canada Day festivities in
                                                                      patrollers from across the globe,
    Stratford, P.E.I                •   Fred Rock Festival in         education, and great skiing.
•   Ultra Trail Marathon at             Fredericton, N.B
    Brookvale P.E.I                                                   Dates: April 14 to 21, 2012
                                    •   Shediac Motorcycle Rally in
•   Série Supercross in                 Shediac, N.B                  Days: Saturday (arrive) to Saturday
    Edmundston, N.B                                                   (depart), (7 nights)
                                                                      Airport: Geneva
In Gatineau Zone, Quebec Division:

•   CN Cycle for CHEO                                                  Registration and more information
•   Canadian Tulip Festival                                           Registration fee (TBA) will include
•   Cumberland Duathlon                                               at least:
•   M.S. Walk-a-thon                                                  • Access to all meetings, seminars
•   Orleans Half Marathon                  MS Bike Tour: Scott         and social events
                                            Dowser on patrol
•   Greek Orthodox Conclave                                           • Ground transportation, to and from
•   Ottawa Children’s Festival                                         area and airport (scheduled in
•   Festival Franco-Ontarien                                           advance).
•   Ottawa Jazz Festival                                              • Hotel accommodation, based on
•   Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival                                        two/room, including hotel meals.
                                                                      • Ski lift ticket.

                                                                      Does not include:
                                         Greekfest: Meghan Bryant
                                           and André St-Laurent       • Airfare to Geneva
                                                                      • Travel and medical insurance
                                    •   BluesFest 2011
                                    •   MS Bike Tour                  • Personal purchases, bar bill, etc
      Curdfest: Special Events      •   Greekfest                     • Equipment rentals
     Coordinator–Logistics Mark
              Severin               •   Curdfest

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Patroller eNews: September 2011…

Variety – the Spice of Patrolling continued…

       In Kawartha Zone, Ontario Division:
       •   Harry's Spring Run Off, 8K and 5K
       •   Sporting Life 10K Run
       •   Whitby International North Marathon
       •   Becel Ride For Heart
       •   Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay – 20 Anniversary
                                                                   Canada Running Series Sporting Life 10K
       •   Not So Pro Beach Volleyball Beach Tour                     Roger Wetherall and Mark Crone
       •   Acura “10 Miler and 5K” Run

                                                 In Calgary Zone, Mountain
                                                 •   The 5 Peaks Trail
                                                     Running Series
                                                 •   The Calgary Marathon
                                                 •   The Kananaskis 100
                                                     running race
                                                 •   The Airdrie Air show
                                                 •   Mountain biking at
                                                     Canada Olympic Park
                                                 •   The Race the Rockies
                                                     adventure race
                                                 •   The Calgary 70.3 half
  Airdrie Air Show: Calgary Zone VP of Finance       ironman triathlon
                    M-A Roy                                                             Ron Lewis, Nakiska
                                                 •   NBA 3 on 3 basketball
                                                                                   patroller, at Calgary Olympic
                                                     weekend                               Park - 5 Peaks
                                                 •   Local hot rod shows.

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