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           6 MONTH PROMOTION OCT 2010 – MAR 2011, ALL REGIONS

           Let’s Communicate!
           Upgrade Workgroups and Contact Center Installed Base Customers to
           Enterprise Contact Center

      Let’s Communicate! ShoreTel’s Brilliantly Simple Promotions
      ShoreTel is helping you close out the year with our most exciting promotion to date. We’re
      helping you lower the upfront cost for complete unified communications solutions to new
      customers, with a new software bundle of our most popular solutions.

      Best of all – it’s brilliantly simple to explain to customers, place orders and implement – at a
      fraction of cost of what our competitors charge for their solutions! We’ve taken your feedback
      from previous promotions, and made them easier than ever before

      Introducing the Upgrade to Enterprise Contact Center Promotion
      Are you ready to take the next step with your call center and enable it with full multimedia
      capabilities with outbound calling functionality? Do you want to extend the ShoreTel Contact
      Center functionality and upgrade to Enterprise level to take advantage of self service
      capabilities and skills based routing?

      Are your Workgroup customers hitting the limits of the solution for call center functionality and
      would love to get some of the features of the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Solution? Is
      advanced reporting or closer agent monitoring coming up more often as a requirement for your
      ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center customers?

      ShoreTel is pleased to announce new parts that enable existing Contact Center or Workgroup
      customers to upgrade to ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center (ECC) solution quickly and easily.
      Through this promotion we improve cost effectiveness for customers considering making this
      move, so they can take advantage of the powerful functionality of the ShoreTel ECC

      Significant Discount on ECC Upgrade SKUs

       SKU       Description                           Standard       Promotion        Promotion       Customer 
                                                       List           Discount  off    Suggested       Savings 
                                                                      List             List 
       30036     Upgrade a CC Base 10 Package          $3042          40%              $1825           $1216
                 license to an ECC Base 10 Package

       30037     Upgrade a CC 5 inbound license to     $1625          40%              $975            $650
                 an ECC 5 inbound license

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
       30090      LICENSE, WORKGROUP TO ECC               $825        27%              $600            $225
                  BASE        SYSTEM        UPGRADE
                  (Includes the ECC dongle and 1 ECC
                  agent license, 1 IVR license - only
                  one required for every new ECC
       30088      LICENSE, WORKGROUP AGENT                $825        27%              $600            $225
                  TO ECC AGENT UPGRADE (Add
                  on agent license and one IVR license,
                  assumes a base ECC system license
       30089      LICENSE,              WORKGROUP         $825        52%              $400            $425
                  SUPERVISOR            TO        ECC
                  SUPERVISOR                UPGRADE
                  (Supervisor licenses that give full
                  supervisory functionality on ECC)

      Support Pricing
      Support pricing for the traded in ShoreTel ECC system is based on the Standard List price of
      the upgrade SKUs.

      Key features customers get by upgrading to ECC
      Here is a quick summary of some of the key new features that customers gain by upgrading to

      Enable a scalable, highly available call center solution with the ShoreTel ECC. Scale to 1,000
      concurrent agents with over 10K busy hour call completions (BHCC). The ShoreTel ECC runs
      on standalone distributed voice servers (DVS) and can be configured to run in a completely
      redundant configuration.

      New System Features:
        • Self Service: Ability to automate mundane process by offering self service/dipping into
            back-end systems thus using agents more productively.

          •     Database Lookups: Ability to have customers enter information such as account number
                or ticket number and do database lookups. This data can be used for routing and also
                presented to agents for screen pops or personalized treatment.

          •     Multimedia Routing: Allow customers to go to the corporate Web site and chat with the
                next available agent. Customers can also send an email to be routed to the next available
                agent meeting that skill fit.

          •     Callbacks: Improves customer satisfaction by providing customers the option to schedule
                callbacks when wait times are long. Makes it easier for customers to reach you by
                providing Web callbacks or click to call from your Web site. The system automatically
                calls back abandoned calls to help you retain potential lost revenue.

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   Outbound Campaigns: Drive revenue into your sales groups by doing preview campaigns
              using multiple customers dial lists. Evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns through
              integrated reporting. Blend inbound and outbound calls to maximize your revenue.

          •   Redundancy: Not having a disaster recovery plan can really hurt your call center either in
              terms of revenue or with customer satisfaction. The ShoreTel ECC high availability
              solution ensures business continuity without affecting customer experience and reporting
              while making it seamless.

          •   Flexible Music In Queue: Improve the customer experience by providing different music
              from a WAV file for each queue. Promote your products and services by inserting your
              custom announcements.

          •   Advanced Scripting: Route calls intelligently, integrate an advanced auto-attendant menu
              to ensure that calls go to the right agent or group. Advanced scripting through a graphical
              script builder allows administrators to make sophisticated routing decisions without
              complex programming.

          •   Surveys: Improve the customer experience or detect training opportunities for agents by
              sending callers to the IVR for survey or have post-call outbound surveys. IVR
              interactions can be written into a customer database which can then be queried to view
              survey results.

          •   Workforce Management Integration: Use best-in-breed workforce management
              applications such as GMT, IEX, Verint to forecast and schedule your agents based on
              traffic patterns. Ensure that agents are complying to the schedules by using Real Time
              Adherence components.

          •   Open Interfaces: Integrate to your business applications by using your development team
              or even ShoreTel professional services group and take advantage of the open ShoreTel
              ECC interfaces, for instance:

          •   Tie to your backend customer database systems with standard SQL queries or even stored
              procedure calls ensuring that information is actively exchanged between the two systems.

          •   Use the realtime event feeds that are based on JSON (lightweight XML) and the SDK
              available through ShoreTel Professional Services to get active agent information.

          •   Improve agent productivity by enabling screen pops to CRM or trouble ticketing
              applications without advanced CTI requirements by simply using ActiveX or DDE

          •   Simplify the applications your agents use to minimize training and maximize desktop
              real-estate by embedding ACD call control directly into your frequently used applications
              using ActiveX controls.

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   Perform call analytics by importing Contact Center call by call interaction information
              using standard SQL queries.

      New Routing Features:
        • Skills: Route calls to the most skilled agents first to help increase the chance of closing a
           sales deal or to improve customer service

          •   Caller ID / ANI: Route calls from specific area codes or specific customers to groups or
              agents that can handle them better.

          •   Priority: Offer differentiated services to preferred customers and in the process expand
              your revenue stream by offering the services.

          •   DNIS: Route to different groups or offer different options depending on the number the
              customer calls to enter the call center.

          •   Database: If you store key customer information in your CRM or trouble ticketing
              database, you might want to route calls, increase customer priority based on the database
              lookup to optimize your operation.

          •   Shifts: Run a 24/7 call center with multiple shifts ensuring round the clock coverage and
              automatic routing based on the time or day.

      Customers upgrading from Workgroups get the following additional benefits

      New Supervisor Features:
        • Advanced Real Time Dashboard: Supervisors get a real time dashboard of the call center
            and can react to conditions in the call center by bringing more agents or taking out agents
            from groups. For example:

          •   Read the pulse of your call center by getting visual and audible threshold alerts on critical

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   React to higher call abandons or lower traffic by bringing agents in or taking them out of
              queues with simple clicks.

          •   Satisfy your detail-oriented supervisors with a comprehensive view of all the groups and
              calls or agents within that group including details such as ANI, DNIS for the call.

          •   Monitor whether agents are in a no-work mode (release) and see the code along with the
              duration of that state allowing them to closely monitor agent activity.

          •   Supervise agents in training closely by monitoring specific extensions visually and also
              by using silent monitor, barge in, and coach features.

          •   Tune the announcements and options presented to customers in queue by visually seeing
              the calls in queue in discrete time intervals enhancing the customer experience.

          •   Track all media types: voice, email, chat, outbound campaigns, through a single reporting

          •   Monitor service levels for each of the groups so you can take action if levels fall below
              thresholds by adding more agents to the group.

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   Get a snapshot of calls coming into your various toll free numbers from the customers
              you serve.

          •   Compare real-time information with historical information to understand trends better
              and schedule agent availability accordingly.

          •   Comprehensive historical reports: Get advanced statistics of all the activity in your call
              center without requiring database programmers or third-party reporting applications. This
              gives you the power to understand your customers, interaction traffic, agent activities and
              queue performance.

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   Get flexible reports by date or by interval. Daily reports enable you to see trends across
              weeks or months and identify days that have smaller traffic where you can schedule
              training or even operational activities. Interval reports enable you to see trends within 15
              minutes, 30 minutes or hourly intervals thus providing information to plan agent breaks
              or even schedule outbound campaigns to maximize agent utilization.

          •   Enjoy the convenience of reports being delivered to the person and media of choice.
              Schedule reports to be generated automatically (hourly, daily, monthly etc) to be saved in
              various formats (csv, xls, pdf, htm etc) or sent to printers. Reports can also be
              automatically emailed to one or more parties.

          •   Monitor how your queue or group is performing using typical KPIs. Some standard
              examples including looking at a group performance by measuring the following: calls
              coming into the group/queue, calls answered, calls abandoned, service level, wait time in
              queue, number of agents logged in, and so on.

          •   Monitor how your agents perform by using typical KPIs such as call delivered to agents,
              calls answered, non-call center activity (outbound or inbound calls), average talk time,
              average hold time, and so on.

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   See detailed agent activity for billing purposes or for performance evaluations, such as
              time logged in, time in ACD calls, nonwork states, talk time, and so on.

          •   Analyze the reasons for your customer calls by doing reports on post-call activity or wrap
              codes. Examples include how often did my customers call to report on a specific issue, or
              how many times was my agent able to complete the transaction without requiring

          •   Measure the effectiveness of outbound campaign by getting call-by-call details on each
              outbound call made by the system. Measure agent productivity on outbound campaigns
              by looking at outbound calls made, talk time, handle time, and so on.

          •   Have multiple toll free numbers for different customers? Measure the traffic for each type
              of customer/toll free number through detailed DNIS reports.

          •   Wallboards: Push information on groups, such as agents logged in, agents idle, calls in
              queue, wait time, and so on, to groups of agents so that the agents can constantly monitor
              group performance. Supervisors can push messages to all their agents to keep them
              motivated, informing them about emergencies or encouraging them to be more efficient.

      New Agent Features:
        • Individual group logins allow your agents to login to individual groups/queues depending
           on call volume or at specific times.

          •   Enter auxiliary/no-work codes when agents want to take a break, go for training so that
              supervisors can see your activity while calls are not routed to the agents.

          •   Enter post-call/wrap codes that enabled calls to be tagged with codes that can be reported

          •   See real-time wallboard information in groups that enable agents to monitor the activity.

          •   Auto answer calls to increase agent productivity in a busy call center with short call

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com
          •   For a call center working in multiple shifts, agents can easily hot desk by logging into
              any phone/extension by simply entering their agent id.

          •   Increase agent productivity by automating agent tasks such as CRM information or
              trouble ticketing integration.

      Functionality that works differently between ShoreTel Workgroups and ShoreTel ECC

      As you migrate to a more sophisticated and feature-rich call center application, there are some
      features that you may have used in Workgroups that work differently or may not be available in
      ShoreTel ECC.

          •   Configuration: ECC runs on a standalone DVS server while workgroups can run on the
              Headquarter server. The benefit of ShoreTel ECC running on a standalone server is that
              the performance in terms of call routing and reporting is greatly enhanced.

          •   Management: ShoreTel ECC is managed through the ShoreTel Contact Center Director
              instead of ShoreTel Director. The ShoreTel Contact Center Director is the single
              management interface for all IVR, voice, email, chat and self service application. Reports
              are generated and scheduled using the sophisticated Contact Center Reports application.

          •   Phone Controls: ShoreTel phone controls for login, logout, wrap is for Workgroups.
              ShoreTel ECC enables IVR controls for logging in, logging out, no-work mode, and so
              on, which works with ShoreTel IP Phones or even any non-ShoreTel phone for easy

          •   Simultaneous Ring: ShoreTel ECC supports circular, terminal, linear ringing and does
              not support ringing all agents at the same time using simultaneous ring. Simultaneous
              ring is usually never used in a formal call center environment since call centers want to
              leverage the advanced intelligence of the ACD solution to route.

          •   ShoreTel Call Manager: ShoreTel ECC requires ShoreTel Personal or Professional Call
              Manager instead of the agent/supervisor call manager required for Workgroups.
              Functionality of the queue monitor for agents is available through a richer queue window
              which appears as a separate window for ShoreTel ECC. Agents receive visual threshold
              alerts unlike in Workgroups where agents receive visual and audible alerts. Workgroups
              Agent monitor functionality is available through the enhanced and far richer real-time
              supervisor dashboard called Agent Manager in ShoreTel ECC.

          •   Group Voicemail: ShoreTel ECC calls can be routed to workgroup mailboxes and agents
              have access to voicemails either through the ShoreTel Call Manager (ShoreTel 10.1 and
              above) or by queuing the voicemail as emails.

960 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA +1 (800) 425-9385 Toll Free +1 (408) 331-3300 Tel. shoretel.com

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