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									International Baccalaureate Mathematics

All students taking the IB are expected to Mathematics as part of the programme. As
with the other subjects, a maximum of 7 marks are available. There are three levels
that a student may enter:
     Mathematics HL – This is the higher level and very demanding and should
         only be taken by students who intend to study subjects in higher education that
         have a high level of mathematical content. Examples of courses would
         include Mathematics, Engineering and the Sciences. It is roughly as
         challenging as Further Mathematics A level.
     Mathematics SL – This is the standard level of entry and is roughly equivalent
         in content to Mathematics A level. 20% of the final examination is project
     Mathematical Studies SL – This course is worth the same points as
         Mathematics SL but the content allows students to work at a more reasonable
         pace. It is suited to students who do not intend to use mathematics in higher
         education. It is roughly equivalent to the level of difficulty in AS level
         Mathematics. 20% of the final examination is project work.

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