Becoming A Computer Technician by SimieyZatul


									Becoming A Computer Technician – Tips On How To
Get Started
by: Jessica Lacy

If you have a natural affinity for computers, and you enjoy working with machines, then
one of the most rewarding and enjoyable jobs that you might want to look at is that of
becoming a computer technician.

Among the benefits of becoming a computer technician is that it is a very varied and
interesting profession, in which you can choose from a number of different ways to
progress, and also choose whether you would like to be self-employed and running your
own business, or you can work for an employer and follow a more structured
employment path.

One of the routes into the work of a computer technician in recent years has been to
study a course in computer building or repair that will give you a good foundation of
knowledge about how computers are constructed, and how the various parts within the
computer work together and complement each other.

Another option if you have already been tinkering and upgrading your own computers
for some time is to look for a local computer technician who should be fairly
experienced, and is willing to take on an apprentice so that you can get plenty of
practical experience, and then apply this experience under their supervision as you
develop your computer knowledge.

If you prefer to work in an environment where there is a more structured progression
and development in your role as a computer technician, then you may want to consider
looking at corporations which have large offices in your area, as these will often have a
number of IT staff already working there. Among the benefits of following this career
path is that the company will often sponsor you or at least give you some support in
earning more qualifications and accreditations to help you develop.

Once you have begun to be established as a computer technician, then it is valuable for
you to think about getting more qualifications or accreditations, which will allow you to
increase the breadth of your knowledge and experience, which will naturally assist you
in getting more lucrative opportunities, and moving forwards in your career as a
computer technician. These can be either educationally based, or be accreditations
provided by manufacturers.

Whichever route you choose, becoming a computer technician can be both an
interesting and lucrative profession.

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