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									Olivier Messiaen
   1908 – Born in Avignon (December 11)
   1914 – Father joins army/moves with mother and
    brother to Grenoble
   1919 – Family moves to Paris/studies at the Paris
    Conservatoire with Dupré, Dukas, Emmanuel, and
   1931 – Becomes organist at the church of La
    Trinité in Paris
   1932 – Marries Claire Delbos
   1936 – “La Jeune France”
   1937 – Birth of son, Pascal/O Sacrum Convivium!
   1939 – Called to military service as medical
   1940 – Taken prisoner of war/Quatuor pour la fin
    du temps
   1944 – Wrote “Technique de mon langage
   1959 – Death of first wife
   1961 – Marries Yvonne Loriod
   1966 – Becomes professor of composition at Paris
   (lots of composing/teaching until…)
   1992 – Messiaen dies (April 28)
              O Sacrum Convivium
                        O Sacred Banquet

   O sacrum convivium,               O sacred banquet,
    in quo Christus sumitur:           in which Christ is received,
    recolitur memoria passionis        the memory of His Passion is
    eius;                              renewed,
    mens impletur gratia et            the mind is filled with grace,
    futurae gloriae nobis pignus       and a pledge of future glory is
    datur.                             given to us.
O sacred banquet! in which Christ is received:
the memory of His Passion is renewed; the mind is filled with grace,
the mind is filled with grace. O sacred, sacred…
sacred, sacred, O sacred banquet, in which Christ is received,
the mind is filled with grace, and a pledge of future glory
is given to us, Alleluia.
O sacred, sacred banquet!
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