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                   Vanilla                                             Mocha
           Vanilla cake with vanilla               Chocolate and coffee flavored cake filled with
            buttercream frosting                     mocha whipped cream with chocolate
                Chocolate                          ganache, a dollop of mocha whipped cream
           Chocolate cake with                               and a chocolate piece
       chocolate buttercream frosting
                  Confetti                                      Lemon Raspberry
        Vanilla cake with your choice              Lemon cake filled with lemon curd and topped
              of colors and icing                      with a swirl of raspberry buttercream
                Red Velvet
Rich red cake flavored with buttermilk and a                      Over the moon
hint of chocolate topped with cream cheese                Citrus cake flavored with Belgium
           frosting and red sprinkles                        wheat beer and topped with
               Carrot Cake                               citrus wheat beer cinnamon frosting
    Carrot spice cake with cream cheese
        frosting topped with walnuts                             Black and White
                                                   French vanilla cake with chocolate custard
                  Tye Dye                               topped with chocolate ganache and
         Tye dyed vanilla cake with
        rainbow vanilla buttercream                         a swirl of vanilla buttercream
           Rosewater Pistachio                                 Chocolate Hazelnut
    Pistachio cake topped with rosewater
        glaze and chopped pistachios               Choclate cake with chocolate hazelnut filling and
                                                    topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting
           Mango Cardamom
   Mango flavored cake with cardamom                                  Mimosa
 buttercream and sprinkled with brown sugar
                                                   Orange cake topped with champagne frosting

Specialty Filled Cupcakes
                                                                  Cherry Vanilla
                                                     Vanilla cake with cherry filling topped with
                                                      cherry vanilla buttercream and a cherry
             Rainbow Cookie
Almond cake with raspberry filling topped with
  chocolate ganache and rainbow sprinkles                            Dirt Cake
                                                        Double chocolate cake with cookies
           Banana Cream Pie                                and cream filling topped with
Graham cracker crust, banana cake, filled with         chocolate whipped cream, crumbled
vanilla custard,topped with whipped cream,                 cookies and a gummy worm
crushed graham cracker and a banana chip

        Chocolate Peanut Butter                          Chocolate Almond Coconut
Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter and          Chocolate almond cake with a sweet
topped with chocolate ganache, peanut                 coconut filling topped with chocolate
   butter drizzle and a peanut butter cup           ganache, toasted coconut and an almond
   Yellow cake flavored with marsala wine,                            Smores
orange zest and chocolate chips filled with        Graham cracker crust, chocolate cake
   cannoli cream, topped with chocolate            topped with chocolate ganache and toasted
    ganache and cannoli shell crumbles               marshmellow and a graham cracker piece
     suga suga                                631.361.9257

  Seasonal Cupcakes                                               Cookies
             Lemon Blueberry                         Sugar cookies in custom shapes iced
Lemon cake with blueberry filling topped with
  lemon buttercream and a fresh blueberry              and decorated, can be individually
                                                            wrapped as party favors
          Strawberry Shortcake
 Vanilla cake filled with fresh strawberry cream
topped with whipped cream and a strawberry
           Peaches and Cream
Peach cake filled and topped with vanilla
whipped cream and toppedwith a peach slice
              Root Beer Float
Root beer cake filled with vanilla cream topped      Chocolate covered pretzel rods covered
with root beer buttercream and a cookie straw          in sprinkles and colored chocolate
Cake baked wtih pumpkin and fall spices with

                                                           Specialty Cakes
cinnamon cream cheese frosting topped with
      fall sprinkles and walnut pieces
              Caramel Apple                                     contact us for a quote
Spice cake baked with fresh apples filled with
  caramel and topped with cream cheese
        frosting and a caramel drizzle                    Assortment of flavors and filling
                                                             with customized designs
      White Chocolate Peppermint
   Peppermint cake with white chocolate
   peppermint pieces topped with white
chocolate ganache and crushed candy cane

Vanilla spice cake baked with eggnog, topped
with bourbon caramel cream cheese frosting

        Mini Cupcakes
             original $20/2 dozen
            specialty $24/2 dozen

  All cupcakes are available in minis

  Fondant Decorations

   Fondant cupcake toppers custom
    created to match any occasion

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