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									    The Giver by Lois Lowry                   / Chapters 8 – 23

Chapter 8 – Answer the following questions in complete sentences.

        1. Explain the difference between “assigned” and “selected.”
        2. What is Jonas selected to do?
        3. What attribute (good qualities) does Jonas have that will help him
           be successful in his assignment.
        4. Describe his capacity to “see beyond.”

Chapter 9 – Complete the chart. Write the rules in your own words. (Add
more spaces if necessary.)

         Jonas’s New Rules                      Jonas’s Reactions to the New Rules

Chapter 10 - Write true or false next to each statement. Then copy the
sentence from the story that proves that your answer is correct.

   1.   Jonas was not expecting to be treated in a special way by the receptionist. ___
   2.   The furniture in the Receiver’s room was more luxurious than in Jonas’s dwelling. __
   3.   The Receiver is very old. ____
   4.   The children in Jonas’s community are always encouraged to ask lots of questions. __
   5.   The Receiver will only share the memories from his own childhood with Jonas. ___
   6.   Jonas was surprised that the Receiver had the power to shut the speaker off. ____

On page 78, what does the Receiver mean when he says, “I am so weighted with them.” ?

Chapter 11

   1. What three memories does the Giver share with Jonas?
   2. Why did the community adopt “climate control” and eliminate snow?
   3. The author uses many descriptive words and phrases in this chapter. When
      an author draws clear pictures with words, it is called imagery. Copy three
      examples of imagery from this chapter.
   4. Explain the Giver’s job.
   5. Jonas experiences the pain of sunburn. List five other extremely painful
      experiences that the Giver might eventually share with Jonas.
Chapter 12 – In this chapter Jonas feels frustrated because he is unable to
share his new experiences with his classmates and his friend, Fiona. He also learns
about the color red and that other colors existed before “sameness” was adopted.
Write an essay explaining why you think that Jonas’s community does not want
the community members to see colors? ( HINTS: gold jewelry, blond hair, skin
color, red correction marks on homework…)

Chapter 13 – Write agree if you agree with the statement and disagree if you
disagree with the statement. Next to each statement explain why you agree or

   1. The job of the Giver is the best job in Jonas’s community.
   2. All individuals should be able to make their own choices.

Chapter 14 – Complete the summary of Chapter 14 by filling in the blanks.

       The Giver gave Jonas the memory of a _____________. This time,
however, the ride was not joyful, instead, it was _____________________.
Jonas was thrown into the air and ___________ his leg. Also as a result of the
accident his face was _________________________. After this experience,
Jonas begged the Giver for some _________________, but was denied. Unable
to ride his bicycle, he _______________ back to his dwelling.
       The Giver always tried to end each session with a pleasurable memory like a
memory of ________________________________________. When Jonas
asked the Giver why he needed to share the painful memories with him, the Giver
told him that these memories would give him _________________. He told Jonas
of a time when the Committee of Elders sought his advice about allowing family
units to have three children. The Giver told them that it was not a good idea
because _____________________________________________________.
       One evening Jonas offered to take night duty and care for Gabriel. At first
his dad hesitated because _________________________________, but finally
agreed to try it. When Gabriel woke up Jonas touched his back and recalled a
calming memory of ________________________________. Afterwards he
realized that he had given this memory to ___________________ and his memory
of this event was fading. The second time Gabe awoke, Jonas deliberately gave the
rest of this memory to Gabe because he knew that it would help Gabe _________.
       The next day he wondered if he should tell the Giver what he had done, but
decided _______________ .

In this chapter the author uses many adjectives to draw a picture of war.
Copy ten examples.

       1. “confused, noisy, foul- smelling place”

CHAPTER 16 – In this chapter the Giver shares his favorite memory with Jonas.
Again the author uses adjectives and strong verbs to create a beautiful image of a
loving family. This technique is called imagery. Copy five sentences that showcase
the author’s ability to use imagery.

   1. “He could smell things cooking, and he heard soft laughter.”

Thought Questions - Why could Jonas get Gabe to sleep through the night?
                    What did Jonas like about the memory?


-Explain why the game the children were playing upset Jonas.
-What do you predict is going to happen to one of the twins?
-Select two adjectives to describe Lily and explain your choices.
- Why is it more difficult for Jonas to enjoy childhood friends and games?


   -   Why did the elders change the release law after Rosemary was released?
   -   What happens to Jonas’s memories if he dies unexpectedly?

CHAPTER 19 – This chapter is filled with heartless details that the reader finds
upsetting. Why does the author purposely shock the reader?

What moral issue does the author challenge the reader to think about at the
conclusion of this chapter? What is the hidden message?


Describe the Giver and Jonas’s plan in detail. Explain why they both think their
plan will benefit the community.

What happened at the evening meal that caused Jonas to leave without notifying
the Giver? (p.164)

Share your reactions to the dialogue on the bottom of page 164 and the top of page

List the community rules that Jonas breaks. (pp. 165-166)

Why did the planes scare him the most? (p.168 -169)


After a life of “Sameness” and always seeing the same things, Jonas was “awed by
the surprises that lay beyond each curve of the road.” (p. 171) List three of the
surprises that he saw.

Why is Jonas afraid of starving? (pp. 171-172)

What caused Jonas to cry at the end of this chapter?


How did Jonas use the memories that the Giver shared with him to survive?

You probably need to read the last chapter several times before you understand it.
Then you must use your imagination to create the ending. Describe what you think
happens to Jonas and Gabe.


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