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									              CBE 358 — Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
         Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: 2.00 — 5:30 pm
                               71A Fitzpatrick

Course Goals
Students who complete this laboratory course should be able to:

•      Integrate the concepts presented in previous or concurrent courses with the
       realities of experimental work, such as planning of the experiment, the restraints
       imposed by precision of the methods available for measurement of variables and
       limitations of the models used, and critical analysis of the results.
•      Understand the physical concept of mass transfer process and be able to determine
       the mass transfer coefficient, solubility and the diffusion coefficient.
•      Understand the basic concepts of the fluid dynamics, e.g to correlate the pressure
       drop in terms of friction factor and the rate of the fluid.
•      Understand the physical meaning of the boundary layer theory in mass and heat
       transfer and fluid transportation.
•      Understand physical meaning and origin within the governing equations of
       dimensionless numbers such as Reynolds, Prantl, and Nusselt.
•      Learn the physical basis and mathematical derivation of the differential equations
       for mass and heat transfer and fluid motions.
•      Develop of technical communication and report-writing skills.
•      Learn good laboratory skills and gain the ability to give very confident oral

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