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					                             The Commission Crushers Blueprint
Step 1. Brainstorm A List Of Keywords:
Then select your top 10 favorite keywords from this list.
TIP: Use Clickbank Marketplace to come up with ideas (, then select "Marketplace" at the top)

Step 2. Search For Opportunity With AdAssault Or Search Engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo)
Record the best websites that have affiliate ads running on them below:

     Keyword/Site:          Affiliate Ads? [Yes] or [No]                                                    Tips
                                                           If you don't find any ads with AdAssault, then look at Google or Yahoo or Bing.
                                                           If you still don't find any ads, label it as "None"
                                                           Look at the "status bar" of your browser for plenty of redirect links.
                                                           Look at the URL box. Look for pieces of code like: "affid" or "aid" or "ref" or "CID"
                                                           Don't bother with corporate advertisements - ignore them.
                                                           If no good ads, brainstorm new ones or use some from Step 1 again.
                                                           Persistence is key. Finding affiliates is the most important part!
Step 3. Monitor Your Keyword & Sites For Repetitive Ads Now
This allows you to keep track of what are the performing advertisements. This should take about 7 days.
TIP: If it's a banner, just save it to your computer by right-clicking the image and select "Save Image As or Save Target As".

   Website/Keyword:                       Ad                               Ad                              Ad                    Duration / Frequency:

Step 4. Research Your Top 5 Most Promising Ads
From our list of ads, we want to see which ads appear to be the best.
TIP: The more often or frequent the advertisement, the more likely it's a "profitable ad". Look at your ads that appeared A LOT.

           Ad:                      Site Traffic?               Affiliate Offer Info?         Source of Advertising                Advertising TIPS:

                                                                                                                         If the ad is on a website, look
                                                                                                                         for "Advertising" at the
                                                                                                                         bottom of the page… or "Buy A
                                                                                                                         Link" under the ad.

                                                                                                                         If the ad is on Google, you go
                                                                                                                         to to
                                                                                                                         advertise on it.

                                                                                                                         If the ad is on Yahoo/Bing, you
                                                                                                                         go to

Step 5. Setup Your Potentially Winning Ad Campaign
Once you have found the best affiliate ad, it's time to start the "cloning" process. This is done by promoting the same offer on the same source
of website traffic - with a similar advertisement as the one he Is using.

                  What You Need To Do:                           Checklist (checkbox):                                 TIPS:
                                                                                         Use - type the name of the website. Then
1. Join The Affiliate Program                                                            you'll find the name of the Affiliate Network to join.
                                                                                         Found inside the Affiliate Network. Talk to Affiliate Manager
2. Get The Affiliate Link                                                                of company if you can't find it.
3. Grab The Ad & Change It Up                                                            Put it into your own words - just change it up slightly.
                                                                                         Example: If Yahoo, join the Yahoo Ad Network. Every website
4. Join The Network That Sells The Traffic                                               will be different. Watch Stage 3 video for examples.
                                                                                         Set a conservative "CPC" (cost per click). Scale as needed.
5. Set The Campaign Up                                                                   Make sure you target the right country.
                                                                                         Now we watch and wait to see how it performs. Make sure
                                                                                         you have set a conservative daily budget… $50 or $100 a
                                                                                         day.. It's up to you. You only need to spend less than $100 to
6. Submit Campaign & Wait For Results                                                    know if it worked or not.

Step 6. Optimizing & Tweaking Your Ad Campaign
Now we look at all the possible scenarios on how to optimize your campaign based on what you're currently seeing…
NOTE: Not all campaigns are "guaranteed" to instantly make money. They need to be optimized - hence we do "Step 6" to fix it up. :-)

                Common Campaign Issues:                            Diagnosis:
I'm not seeing anything come through yet…                Increase your CPC by a penny or two per day until you start to see "impressions" come in.
                                                         Wait a day or two. If nothing, you should change your ad up again. Play around with the
I see impressions come… but not many clicks.             headline or body text.
Clicks are coming… but it's getting a bit pricey.        If you're past 100 clicks and it's still pricey, lower your CPC slowly by a penny or two a day.

I'm sending clicks but not getting any sales?            Patience. It takes about 100 clicks to see any action on an affiliate offer.
I'm making money, but spending more… how to fix this?    Lower your CPC so you're in a profit zone. Your CPC must be lower than your EPC (see inside
How can I make my clicks cheaper?                        By increasing your CTR (click-thru-rate). This is done by making a better compelling ad.
How can I get more traffic(clicks) to the website?       Increase your daily ad spend budget - simple as that!
How to maximize my earnings?                             Make sure the offer you're promoting is getting you the highest payout. See