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									Chemistry Research Paper Competency
Alternative to Independent Science Project

This assignment provides an alternative to the Independent Science Project to those
Chemistry 1 students who completed a project during their 10th grade year. This assignment
is also designed to meet the Research Paper Requirement for the Senior Culminating
Portfolio (under Tab 3).

Possible Topics
  1. Food Chemistry
  2. Medicine and Health
  3. Biochemistry
  4. Alternative Energy
  5. Environmental Chemistry
  6. Inorganic Chemistry
  7. Another topic that deals with chemistry

Basic Paper Requirements
   Minimum 5 full pages of typed body text. Your topic may require more than this for
      sufficient coverage.
   Double spaced lines
   One inch margins
   12 point Times New Roman or Arial font
   MLA formatting
   5 to 8 text notes
   Minimum 3 sources with a Works Cited page (does not count for body text page count)

Additional Requirements for the Portfolio Research Paper
   Submit original final paper with teacher score and/or scoring guide (rubric)
   Cannot be a corrected copy made after receiving final grade
   Paper meets standard for class (3 or higher for this assignment)
   Any proofreading help from the Writing Center is reported by including rubrics or noted
      corrections from the Theme Readers.

       Check with the Career Center, your Advisor, or the Theme Readers if you have
       additional questions about meeting Culminating Portfolio requirements with this paper.

This project will follow the ISP timeline for in class work time and deadlines. The final paper is
due on Monday, Feb. 7. You will need to have a topic selected prior to going to Winter Break.

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