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					[The History of Java]
    [By: Ashley Quinn]
                  Mission Statement

• Our mission is to be the leading software company in the
  world by providing our customer’s with the leading edge of
  technology with the utmost security, versatility, efficiency and
  portability while maintaining a sincere commitment to
  services and support.
                                 The Team
•   James Gosling at Sun Microsystems (subsidiary of Oracle Corporation) in 1994.
    - He is a software developer and developed Java.
    - Made major contributions to several other software systems, such as NeWs and
    Gosling Emacs.
    - Over 20 years experience in this field.
•   Patrick Naughton is an American software developer and helped Gosling develop
    Java applications.
    - Developed,, and others, setting
    - Over 20 years experience in this field.
•   Mike Sheridan is a Web developer and worked with Gosling and Naughton to
    develop Java.
•   Redesigned Cisco Systems Corporate Website, and internationalization and
    redesign effort for, and development of promotional sites for
•   A Web developer for over 10 years and has been in the business for over 20 years.
                   Business Concept

• Java’s key technology is programming languages for the use of
  application software to web software.
• Java’s business concept is to create a culture of performance
  and provide the best customer service.
• A good appreciation of object oriented programming
• Java’s business strategy is to have a presence in a wide range
  of devices, computers, and networks.
• Java is an ideal language to use and become the number one
  choice for every major industry segment.
                    Key Internal Factors
•   Awareness of their brand name
•   Healthy financial position
•   Expansion into emerging markets.
•   Increase global approach
•   Invest in infrastructure
•   Innovative and efficiency in technology
                    Key Internal Factors
•   Awareness of their brand name
•   Buys and sells programs worldwide
•   Successful Advertisement
•   Offer reduce prices for programming
•   Increase level of actual customer service expectations
               Key External Factors
•   Narrow Niche
•   Extremely competitive environment
•   Focus on technology is needed for all aspects of interface
•   Constant control of maintenance of systems
•   Depending on other suppliers or companies to implement
               Key External Factors

•   Aggressive competition - Cisco, IBM, HP, Amazon
•   Threat of new entrants
•   Increasing on-line costs or taxes
•   Economic conditions – changes in people’s disposable

• IBM – competes with the low end market of the industry.
• Hewlett-Packard – to enable “private cloud” construction in the enterprise
  date center.
• Amazon Web services – products and services for consumer, seller and
  developer customers
• Java’s competitive advantage is that it has the fastest download
  programming language. It expands its end-to-end offerings and provides
  the foundation for many solutions.
• Java’s accountability and efficiency are what it takes to beat competition.
            Java’s Market Performance

•   Faster than any other program in the world
•   Requires more memory
•   Execution speed is great
•   Better code analysis and optimizations
•   Simple. portable and object-oriented
        Key Strategic Implications
•   Faster than any other program in the world
•   Eco-environmental issues
•   Expand the Network
•   Increase variety of content through websites
•   Create more mergers with non-competitors
•   Grow worldwide
              Key Strategic Issue

Impacted by expanding the business worldwide and
  increasing environmental pressures and security.
    Web Services and Grid Requirements

•   Applications on demand
•   Secure and universal access
•   Business Integration
•   Resources on demand
•   Global Accessibility
•   Vast resource scalability
    Future Expectations of Java
• Gain more experience with prototypes
– When we come to an informed consensus, start a
  narrowly focused JSR
– This might take a couple of years
– Precedent established by generics
• Start a broadly focused JSR in the near future
  - Must permit any point on the Closure Spectrum

•   Market penetration
•   Invest in other methods to sell product
•   Integrating resources
•   Offer free shipping
•   Expansion with on-line downloads

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