Montana by dandanhuanghuang


									State   City       Event        Participant type Numb    Spokesp Spokesp Phone          EXT.
                   Address                       er of   ersons  ersons    number
                                                 kids    first   last name before
                                                 to be   name              event

MT      Billings   1701         Dental Society    90     Chad     Kriskovich 406-259-
                   Avenue E,                                                 5700
                   STE C

MT      Hamilton   710 North    Multi-Dentist     50     stacey   simmons  406-375-
                   1st Street   Practice/Clinic                            1192
MT      Great      2100 16th    Dental/Dental     80     Bonnie   Lederman 406-268-
        Falls      Ave South    Hygiene School                             3728

MT      Helena     251 Saddle Community           80     Missy    Engelbert 406-449-
                   Dr         Group                                         0189
MT   Bozeman                Dental Society    60   Jane     Gillette   406-586-

MT   Billings   3860        Multi-Dentist     20   Amy      Dettbarn   406-651-
                Avenue B,   Practice/Clinic                            4867
                Suite A

MT   Missoula               Multi-Dentist     50   Josh     Green      406-549-
                            Practice/Clinic                            5861

MT   Missoula   3817        Individual        75   Joseph   Hylton     406-549-
                Stephens    Dentist/Student                            2395
MT   Bozeman O.D. Speer Community              200   Ann     Hiesterma 406-586-
             School     Group                                n         4781

MT   Libby     700 Idaho    Health             375   Holly   Haugen    406-293-   229
               Ave.         Center/Safety                              3755
                            Nonprofit Clinic

MT   Miles City 1820 Valley Multi-Dentist      35    Robin   Hogan     406-234-
                Drive East Practice/Clinic                             2926
Phone      EXT.   Comments

406-259-          Children are screened in November at schools for
5700              referral to dentists in December or January for
                  screenings and exams. Dentists can then see
                  children on GKAS day or on days that suite their
                  offices best. We try to focus on treating all needs
                  for each child.
406-375-          1st time, focus on preventative, screening and
1192              sealants w/ education.
406-268-          The dental hygiene and dental program department
3728              invite the dental community to work together on this
                  day to offer dental screening. Elementary children
                  are invited from low income communities schools.
                  The dental hygiene and dental assistants will place
                  sealants on appropriate teeth under the supervision
                  of the faculty and liscensed dental
                  professionals.Children are escorted to the fun room
                  filled with dental preventive activities and movies.

406-449-          We are a pediatric dental office who organizes the
0189              event for the city of Helena. We are located in a
                  rural area and we see mostly high risk children in a
                  low socio-economic class.
406-586-   Bozeman is a small rural town in southwest
5880       Montana. Although a certain portion of our
           population is very wealthy, this wealth is supported
           by a substantial population of hard-working, low-
           wage earning individuals and families. Many of
           these individuals and families have difficulty making
           ends meet given their low wages and the high cost
           of living in the Bozeman area. Our local dental
           association is very excited to have formally
           organized our community’s first “Give Kids a Smile
           Day”! through the cooperative efforts of many other
           local oral health stakeholders. Every year, dentists
           and hygienists complete school screenings in
           elementary schools in our area during which
           children with dental needs are identified; this year
           children identified with dental needs without a dental
           “home” will be referred to local dentists participating
           in GKAS for complete treatment and care. We
           have selected several dentists to coordinate and
           organize follow up care for these children. Our local
           association has also donated funds to advertise
           GKAS in our local newspaper to help attract
           underserved children.

406-651-   We will open our office to children in need of dental
4867       screenings, exams, radiographs, prophylaxis and
           emergency care. Billings, MT has a population of
           underserved children who would greatly benefit
           from our services. We plan to refer the children to
           local dentists, the community health clinic and
           pediatric dentists for continued care. Our program
           will also focus on education and prevention with
           counselling on oral hygiene, nutrition and the
           importance of regular dental visits. As
           periodontists, we rarely have the opportunity to treat
           and serve children. We are very excited to teach
           and treat young patients and hopefully help them
           develop good oral habits and lay the foundation for
           lifelong oral health,

406-549-   We are a two dentist office that will advertise the
5861       event in our local community and outside rural
           communities to promote dental awareness and
406-241-   I have a pediatric dental practice in a smaller
9672       community and will be marketing GKAS for the next
           few months in the hopes of getting a large turnout. I
           will be paying my all of my regular staff to be
           present for the day and we will focus on seeing as
           many children as we can effectively see.
406-570-   Another dental hygienist and myself will be
3074       educating and screening O.D. Speer Elementary
           school in Deer Lodge, Montana. This community is
           home of the Montana State Prison. Last year, we
           screened the 1st graders and found that 33% of the
           children had unmet dental needs, not including the
           need for sealants. One young boy had three
           draining fistulas. We contacted the two local
           dentists ahead of time and asked if they would be
           willing to provided free or discounted services for
           the children who did not qualify for Medicaid or
           CHIP. The school nurse followed up with all of the
           children who were identified as having unmet dental
           needs. She contacted us this year and asked that
           we screen kindergarten, first, and second graders
           this year.

406-291-   "The program that has been set up in Libby, MT
1843       through the Lincoln County Community Health
           Center targets elementary age children. This
           program allows us to be able to go into the
           elementary school and teach the children as well as
           the teachers the importance of good oral hygiene,
           nutrition, and fluoride treatments. Our Community
           Clinic services a wide range of patients covering
           three counties. The clinic has the opportunity to
           serve those patients who might not be recieving
           dental care due to financial limitations or certain
           insurances such as Medicaid. This is a great
           resource for the community and surrounding
           communities. This generous donation will help our
           communities' children to develop good oral hygiene
           practices and make them aware of the need for
           dental care. Further more, there is no fluoridation in
           the water system and the children would benefit
           greatly from the fluoride treatments available
           through Give Kids A Smile Program.

406-234-   We advertise throughout the entire region that we
2926       will be offering no-cost dental care for any children
           who qualify, and focus on entire family education,
           provide prophy, flouride varnish, and exam for each
           child and meet all the palliative and restorative
           needs we can at the time, with a well-organized and
           motivated staff to meet all the needs of as many
           children and families as possible. We are the only
           participating dentists in our area.

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