Sahara Special Quiz by simplestar76


A 30 question quiz including vocabulary for the book Sahara Special.

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									                                    Sahara Special

                                      Final Test

1. At the beginning of the novel, who is Sahara writing letters to?

       a. Her mom

       b. Her dad

       c. Her cousin

       d. Her sister

2. What happened to the letters?

3. What did Sahara call her special ed teacher?

       a. Peaches

       b. Apples

       c. Bananas

       d. Coconuts

4. What does it mean when someone says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?

5. When Sahara grows up, she wants to be a ________________________.

6. Why does Sahara sit near the librarians when she goes to the library?

       a. She likes to talk to them

       b. She’s friends with them
       c. She feels safer

       d. They help her with her homework

7. Describe Darrell.

8. Descirbe Ms. Pointy.

9. What does Ms. Pointy do when Darrell kicks her desk?

10. Ms. Pointy is always calling Darrell:

       a. Stupid

       b. Silly

       c. Crazy

       d. A baby

11. What did Sahara steal from Luz?

12. Who saw her steal it?

       a. Paris

       b. Luz

       c. Ms. Pointy

       d. Darrell

13. Who visited Sahara’s house and talked to her mother?

14. What does Darrell get 
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