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					                                                   1. The Question
                                                                    What are the

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Created by Alexandra Koester, Waterford School District, December 2007
                  2. The Task
Tommy Turnpike is doing
terrible in Algebra. He failed
his quiz on inequalities! The
teacher wrote on his quiz
“Inequalities and equations
are different – REDO!”

Help Tommy figure out the
differences between equations
and inequalities so he can
correct his quiz.

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    3. The Student Activity
Watch the videos below. Pay attention to not only the
differences of equations and inequalities, but also the
similarities. Create a t-chart to keep track of the
                    Equations       Inequalities
  Video #1

  Video #2

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           4. Assessment
Create a double bubble diagram to share with
Tommy. Use the diagram to clearly illustrate
where equations and inequalities are different
and where they are similar.

Pick up a blank copy of a double bubble at the
front of the room.

 How will I be graded on my diagram?

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                                            5. Rubric
CATEGORY       4                            3                              2                              1
Neatness and   The work is presented in a   The work is presented in a     The work is presented in       The work appears sloppy
Organization   neat, clear, organized       neat and organized fashion     an organized fashion but       and unorganized. It is hard
               fashion that is easy to      that is usually easy to        may be hard to read at         to know what information
               read.                        read.                          times.                         goes together.

Mathematical   Correct terminology and      Correct terminology and        Correct terminology and        There is little use, or a lot
Terminology    notation are always used,    notation are usually used,     notation are used, but it is   of inappropriate use, of
and Notation   making it easy to            making it fairly easy to       sometimes not easy to          terminology and notation.
               understand what was          understand what was            understand what was
               done.                        done.                          done.
Completion     All bubbles are completed.   All but 1 of the bubbles are   All but 2 of the bubbles are   Several of the bubbles are
                                            completed.                     completed.                     not completed.

Mathematical   Explanation shows            Explanation shows              Explanation shows some         Explanation shows very
Concepts       complete understanding of    substantial understanding      understanding of the           limited understanding of
               the mathematical             of the mathematical            mathematical concepts.         the underlying concepts.
               concepts.                    concepts.
Use of         Diagram shows                Diagram shows                  Diagram shows                  Diagram shows only prior
Sources        information from both        information from one video     information only from          knowledge information.
               videos and demonstrates      and demonstrates prior         videos.
               prior knowledge.             knowledge.

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    6. Solving and
 Graphing Inequalities
Challenge yourself with a review quiz! Click here.

Play “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” – Inequalities
Edition! Click here.

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                                                        7. Standards &
English Language Arts GLCE
•   R.CM.08.04 – apply significant knowledge from grade-level science, social studies and mathematic
•   W.PR.08.02 – apply a variety of pre-writing strategies (e.g. graphic organizers) and informational
                             writing (e.g. compare/contrast).
•   W.SP.08.01 – in the context of writing use correct spelling conventions.

Mathematics GLCE
•   A.FO.08.12 – Solve linear inequalities in one and two variables, and graph the solution sets.

NETS for Students
•   Standard 3 – Technology productivity tools
      •   Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity.
•   Standard 5 – Technology research tools
      •   Students use technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources.

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            8. Teacher Tips
• Introduce the double bubble diagram prior to the
• Have a sample double bubble diagram up in
class for students to look at.
• Consider using a Venn diagram for students who
have trouble with the double bubble.

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                      9. Bibliography
 Graphics                        Websites
 • Microsoft Office              • Regents Prep

Videos                           • Quia (Millionaire Game)
• Nutshell Math          

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