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									                                     MADISON WEST HIGH SCHOOL

                           REGENT REPORTER
                            30 Ash Street Madison, WI 53726                     OCTOBER 2010
                                 MWHS Homepage:


We are off to a great start this year. Our first early release day for professional collaboration time
went well. Teachers focused on improving classroom instruction, curriculum development and
assessment strategies. Details of teacher work will be posted in the coming months. We are pleased
and excited about this new professional development opportunity.

Thanks to all staff who have been consistent with this new initiative and special thanks to all the
students who have been in compliance and responded positively to this new procedure. It has
already had an incredible impact on our school culture and climate.

Homecoming was early this year but as always was a great success with our parade being one of the
highlights of the week.

We have begun a new partnership with the United Way – Parent Outreach/Involvement Initiative.
United Way hosted our 9th grade parent meeting. There was an incredible turnout and great
participation. Table discussions were held around key topics of concern to parents of 9th grade

We are in the process of developing plans for renovation of the old tennis courts adjacent to West on
the Regent side of the building. Architectural drawings are being developed. There will be more
details to follow in the coming months.

Finally, this year, as in years past, West leads the state of Wisconsin with twenty two National Merit
Semi Finalists. In addition we have two students who scored a perfect 36 on the ACT and we have
two students who received the prestigious National Council of Teacher of Education Achievement

If anyone asks, tell them West is still Best!

Go Regents!

Ed Holmes
                               Welcome Back! Conference
                             West High: Engaging Students &
                                  Leveraging Learning

                   Monday, August 30 was the first day of school for teachers
                   in Madison. At West, this meant a full day of 24 breakout
                       sessions and presentations. It was a great start!

                             to all the conference presenters!

                      From West: Patrick Grady, Jen Engelbart, Holly Everill,
                           Susanne Schmahl, Jenni Vondrak, Ellen Pryor,
                         John Rademacher, Theresa Calderon, Heather Lott,
Kim Schopf, Aisha Robertson, Rick Rosen, Lee Ann Johnson, Carrie Bohman, Andy Kuemmel, Linda
 Brewer, Laura Lang, Buck Buchanan, Betsy Barnard, Donna Strabala, Larry Iles, Karen Anderson,
    Jennifer Talarczyk, Sue Moberly, Kirk Mefford, Nancy Roth, Leslie Linser, Karen Sepin, Andy
                                    Norderhaug, Lorie Wesolek

                  From MMSD, UW, and the Community: Sara Knueve,
                     Sue Gorud, Lisa Davidson-Beelendorf, Diana Hess,
                               Ginny Kester, Lindsay Tollefson
                    Parents: George Marcus, Rohany Nayan. Sybil Avery
                 Students: Jesse Taylor, Tierra Gibson, Frankie Pobar-lay,
          Rosstam Assadi, Asher Klaven, Bailey Roberts, Jessica Ruiz, Dixiana Andrade

                     THANKS to these neighborhood businesses who
                         contributed gifts for our conference!

                Chocolate Shoppe: 10 coupons for a free single cone or dish
                           Froth House: 260 coupons for $1 off
                   Michael’s Frozen Custard: 3 gift cards for a free pint
                                       of custard
                     Milios: 260 coupons for a free side with purchase
                                      of sandwich
                      Orange Tree Imports: 3 $10 gift certificates
A HUGE THANKS to all of you who helped                         KNOW THESE NUMBERS
at enrollment. We were overwhelmed with your                Regent Community (Thompson)                     204-4108
generous gift of time to complete this huge                 Van Hise Community (McGrath)                   204-3091
undertaking. Although too many to mention                   Highland Community (Calderon)                  204-3075
by name, please know that everyone involved                 Ash Community (Thiel)                          204-4116
was greatly appreciated. A special thanks to                Teachers*                                      204-4102

Shu-Chi Liang who worked tirelessly to make                 Athletic Office                            204-4103
sure we had workers at each shift and for her               Counseling Office                           204-3073
endless energy both days. Deb Neff deserves                 Nurse’s Office                             204-4119
a mention too for helping to organize the event             Registrar                                  204-3064
and for spending hours assisting during the days            School Store                               204-3201
and beyond. Again, to all a huge thanks!                             *Messages can be left 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week.


Sign up is still available IN PERSON, in the Ash SLC Office (rm 279). No phone changes will be accepted.
No changes or additions will be allowed after November 5th. The Ash SLC office is open between the hours of
9:00am and 3:00pm (closed from 1:00 to 1:45 for lunch).

Please bring your student’s correct schedule and an ink pen. Follow the instructions below:

   •   Pick up a triplicate form, available in the office.
   •   Locate the sign-up sheet for your student’s teacher (in alphabetical order).
   •   Schedule the most desired conferences first (if available).
   •   Choose a day. Conferences are Thursday, November 11th, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m., and Friday,
       November 12th, from 8:10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
   •   Write your name(s), and the name of your student, next to a 5 minute time slot.
   •   Note the day, teacher, time, and room number on the triplicate form.
   •   Check the room number. It may vary from the number on your student’s schedule.
   •   If a teacher’s schedule is full, or, if they are not available on conference days, fill out the available form
       to request that the teacher contact you.
   •   Repeat as necessary, leaving a minimum of 10 minutes between slots for travel time or delays.
   •   When finished, keep the pink copy and turn in the rest in the grade appropriate box.

                  Note: You are not guaranteed a conference time if you do not sign up ahead of time.
         November 11th, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:45 p.m., and November 12th, from 8:10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

   •   Go to West High School’s Ash Entrance.
   •   Bring your conference schedule. If you have misplaced or forgotten yours, copies will be available.
   •   Pick up a school map, if you need one and don’t already have one.
   •   Note any changes posted regarding room changes or cancellations.

                        Support West High Clubs by purchasing coffee and pastry items.
                                Visit the school store for West High spirit wear.
              “WEST FEST” & “REGENT RESALE”
          9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.


WHAT:     More than 30 vendors selling handmade and popular retail items
          will have booths. Buy West High pottery, handmade jewelry and
          gifts from students and West parents. Nancy Daly ("the hat lady")
          will have her famous polar fleece hats: all items just in time for
          holiday shopping! Rummage sale will include sports equipment,
          West gear, nice teen clothes, children and adult books, house
          wares and much more.

Some of the vendors include:

Also…… Great food and kiddie activities

   Donations for the rummage sale will be accepted
      starting Wednesday, Nov. 3 at the school.

    Contact Beth Swedeen for more details at

   All proceeds benefit the West High PTSO and west clubs and athletics.
                                            MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

The public is invited to the Talented and Gifted Division’s first parent meeting of the 2010-11
school year. The meeting will be held:

WHERE: Doyle Administration Building, 545 West Dayton St., McDaniel’s Auditorium
WHEN: October 12, 2010 6:00-7:30

         6:00 Introductions
         6:10 Overview: Where we are and where we are going
         6:20 Parent group and committee work sign up
  6:30 - 7:00 Program
                     • Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search
                         see information below
  7:00 – 7:30 General Questions

Each year The Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL conducts the
Midwest Academic Talent Search. Participation in this assessment is voluntary and at parent/guardian
discretion. Students in grades 3-6 may take the EXPLORE test, a test designed for 8th grade students.
Students who are in grades 6-9 may choose between the ACT and SAT tests, which are designed for high
school juniors or seniors.

Students who typically score at the top (“ceiling”) of standardized testing may need this out of grade level
assessment to measure their growth. It is recommended that students score at least in the 95th % in some
area of their state tests or other standardized tests.

Reasons include:
   • The testing process offers parents a way to learn more about their child’s academic ability. This may
      be the first testing experience a student has in which s/he does not know all of the answers, or is even
      able to complete the entire test. Therefore, information is gained regarding a student’s relative
      strengths. This information may be used to help inform instruction in the student’s school.
   • Students will gain information about other academic opportunities around the state and nation through
      the Wisconsin Center for academically Talented Youth (WCATY), Northwestern University, and other
      national organizations.

It is easiest to register on-line at

You may also register by mail. Registration materials will soon be available and paper registration continues
through October. Please contact Kerry Berns, by phone, 663-5230 or by email, if
you prefer to register by mail.

There is a registration fee in addition to a testing fee to participate in NUMATS. Some fee waivers are
available from Northwestern and WCATY for students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. Please contact
Kerry Berns (see above) if you qualify for financial aid.
La División para talentosos y dotados invita al público en general a asistir a la primera
reunión de padres, en el ciclo escolar 2010-11.
LUGAR:     Auditorio McDaniel en el edificio administrativo Doyle, 545 West Dayton St.
CUÁNDO: el 12 de octubre, 2010, de 6:00 a 7:30 p.m.
           6:00     Presentaciones
           6:10     Visión general: En dónde estamos y para dónde vamos
           6:20     Inscripciones para el grupo de padres y el comité de trabajo
       6:30 a 7:00 Programa
                        • Búsqueda de talento académico en el medio oeste, Universidad Northwestern.
                           Refiérase a la información a continuación.
        7:00 a 7:30 Preguntas generales

              NORTHEWESTERN” [Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)]?
El Centro para el desarrollo de talento [The Center for Talent Development (CTD)] de la Universidad
Northewestern en Evanston, Illinois conduce anualmente la búsqueda de talento académico en el medio-oeste.
La participación en esta evaluación es voluntaria y a discreción de los padres o tutores legales. Los estudiantes
de 3.o a 6.o pueden tomar el examen EXPLORE, el cual es diseñado para estudiantes de 8.o grado. Los
estudiantes que cursan del 6.o al 9.o grados, pueden elegir entre los exámenes ACT y SAT, los cuales están
diseñados para estudiantes de 11.o y 12.o grados de la preparatoria.
Los estudiantes quienes típicamente obtienen puntajes muy elevados en las pruebas estandarizadas pueden necesitar
de estos exámenes para grados más elevados para medir su crecimiento. Se recomienda que los estudiantes
por lo menos un puntaje del 95% en algunas de las áreas de las pruebas estatales u otras pruebas estandarizadas.

Algunas de las razones son:
    • El proceso de evaluación le ofrece a los padres una forma de saber más sobre las habilidades
       académicas de sus hijos. Esta puede ser la primera experiencia de evaluación en la cual el estudiante
       no sabe todas las respuestas o no alcanza a completar todo el examen. Por lo tanto, se obtiene
       información acerca de las fortalezas relativas del estudiante. Puede que el maestro utilice esta
       información para planear la instrucción del estudiante en su escuela.
    • Los estudiantes obtendrán información acerca de otras oportunidades académicas alrededor del estado
       y la nación a través del Centro para jóvenes académicamente talentosos de Wisconsin [Wisconsin
       Center for academically Talented Youth (WCATY)], la Universidad Northwestern, y otras organizaciones
La forma más fácil de inscribirse es en línea

También lo puede hacer por correo; pronto estarán disponibles los materiales de inscripción y tendrá hasta
fines de octubre para inscribirse. Si prefiere inscribirse por correo, llame a Kerry Berns, al 663-5230 o escríbale
a su correo electrónico,

Existe una cuota de inscripción lo mismo que una tarifa para participar en los exámenes en NUMATS. Es
posible que Northwestern y WCATY les eximan las tarifas a los estudiantes que califican para el programa de
alimentación gratuita o a precio reducido. Si califica para recibir ayuda financiera llame a Kerry Berns al 663-
5230 o escríbale a su correo electrónico,

Caw cov pej xeem tuaj koom Fab Kev Kawm Rau Cov Tshaj Lij (TAG) lub rooj sib tham zaum ib rau cov niam txiv
ntawm lub xyoo 2010-11. Lub rooj sib tham yuav muaj:

QHOV TWG: Doyle Administration Building, 545 West Dayton St., McDaniel’s Auditorium
THAUM TWG: Lub Kaum Hli 12, 2010 thaum 6:00-7:00
       6:00 Sib qhia
       6:10 Txheeb xyuas: Peb nyob qhov twg thiab peb yuav mus qhov twg
       6:20 Pawg niam txiv thiab pab neeg tes hauj lwm sau npe
6:30 – 7:00 Cov txheej txheem
            • Lub Tsev Kawm Ntawv Qib Siab Northwester University Qhov Kev Tshawb Kawm Nyob
                Nruab Nrab Sab Hnub Poob (Midwest)
7:00 – 7:30 Cov lus nug

Txhua xyoo Qhov Chaw Txhim Kho Txog Kev Tshaj Lij (CTD) nyob tom Northwestern University nyob hauv
Evanston, IL npaj qhov Midwest Academic Talent Search. Kev koom rau hauv qhov kev ntsuam xyuas no yog nyias
yeem nyias thiab nyob ntawm niam txiv/tus tswj fwm kev txiav txim ua. Cov me nyuam kawm ntawv hauv qib 3-6
yuav ua daim ntawv ntsuam xyuas EXPLORE, yog ib daim ntawv ntsuam xyuas tau npaj rau cov me nyuam qib 8.
Cov me nyuam kawm ntawv uas nyob rau qib 6-9 yuav xaiv daim ntawv ntsuam xyuas ACT thiab daim SAT, uas yog
tau npaj rau cov me nyuam kawm qib 11 los yog qib 12.

Cov me nyuam kawm ntawv uas tau qhab nee (score) siab siab ntawm cov qauv ntsuam xyuas tsim nyog yuav tau
muaj qhov los ntsuas lawv txoj kev loj hlob. Nws kee tias cov me nyuam kawm ntawv tau qhab nee tsawg kawg
nkaus nyob rau thib 95% hauv tej hom kev kawm ntawm lawv cov ntawv ntsuam xyuas hauv xeev los yog lwm
yam qauv ntsuam xyuas.

Cov txheej xwm xws li yog:
   • Tus txheej txheem ntsuam xyuas muab ib txoj hau kev rau cov niam txiv los kawm txog lawv tus me nyuam
       qhov kev muaj peev xwm kawm txuj ntxiv. Qhov no kuj yuav yog qhov kev ntsuam xyuas thawj zaug uas
       tus me nyuam kawm ntawv muaj uas nws tsis paub cov lus teb txhua qhov, los yog muaj peev xwm ua tau
       daim ntawv ntsuam xyuas tiav. Yog li ntawd, thiaj muab cov ntsiab lus no pab rau tus me nyuam qhov ua
       tau zoo ntawd. Cov ntsiab lus no kuj yuav rau siv los pab qhia txoj kev qhia nyob hauv tus me nyuam
       kawm ntawv lub tsev kawm ntawv.
   • Cov me nyuam kawm ntawv yuav tau txais cov ntaub ntawv hais txog lwm txoj hau kev kawm txuj nyob
       thoob lub xeev thiab thoob teb chaws los ntawm Wisconsin Qhov Chaw Rau Cov Hluas Tshaj Lij (WCATY),
       Northwestern University, thiab lwm lub koom haum.
Mus sau npe online mas nws yooj yim tshaj

Nej yuav sau npe xa mus los tau. Cov ntaub ntawv sau npe yuav muaj sai no thiab kev sau npe yuav muaj mus
txog lub Kaum Hli Ntuj. Thov hais mus rau Kerry Berns, hu xov tooj, 663-5230 los yog sau email, Yog tias nej nyiam sau npe xa mus los tau.

Muaj ib tug nqi sau npe ntxiv rau tus nqi tuaj koom rau hauv NUMATS. Muaj ib txhia zam tau nyob tom
Northwestern thiab WCATY rau cov me nyuam kawm ntawv uas tau txais su noj dawb los yog txo tus nqi oj su.
Thov hais mus rau Kerry Berns (saib saum no) yog nej tsim nyog tau txaus kev pab.
                                           SCHOOLS OF HOPE
Hi, I'm Danielle Borneman, an AmeriCorps member who will be serving this year as a Tutor Coordinator here at
West. I hail from Chippewa Falls, WI and graduated from UW-Madison in Secondary Education: Broadfield Social
Studies. I student-taught freshmen US History here at West and substitute-taught two years in MMSD. I also
served two years as an Education Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar and am excited to be working with students
again here at West! I'll be here at West Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm in the Resource Hall, room 225.

Hi, I'm Dion Johnson., a returning AmeriCorps member who will be working a second year as a Tutor Coordinator
here at West High. I am a graduate of East High School. I attended Grambling State University. I have worked with
the Youth Villages program for young men whose ages range from 13 to 17 in a group home setting. I’m also an
advisor for the Black Student Union here at West. I'll be here at West Monday - Friday from 8am-5pm in the
Resource Hall, room 225.

The Schools of Hope tutoring program has been at West High School for two years now. The program has been
offered at Cherokee, Wright and Toki Middle Schools for the last few years, so some of the 9th graders here at
West High School may already know about it. Schools of Hope provides students who are struggling in core subjects
with a tutor. As Tutor Coordinators, we find the volunteer tutors from the community and match them 1:1 with
students. We can provide tutoring during study halls throughout the school day or after school. This year, our
students have chosen the slogan “Take charge of your education!” for our program, and that correctly portrays how
invested they are in the learning process.

We are currently in the process of recruiting volunteers who can commit to tutoring at least an hour a week,
preferably twice a week, for an entire semester. You don't have to be an expert in any academic subject, because
an orientation and on-going training are provided. However, we are looking for tutors who feel confident in Math
and in English because we know these are the areas where students typically need the most help. If you enjoy
supporting a young person as they are learning, then this is the perfect opportunity to help!

Danielle Borneman and Dion Johnson
Schools of Hope Tutor Coordinators—West High,


Each year, West High hosts a number of international exchange students from countries around the world. This
year, there are students from Germany, Turkmenistan, China, and Slovakia. In addition, a number of US students
have visited other countries as part of a cultural exchange program. Our new International Exchange Club is
aimed at bringing these groups together with other West students who want to learn about other countries and
international experiences. We are working on planning a variety of social and cultural activities, and we meet every
Friday at lunch time in Room 314. For more information contact Senora Schneider or Melissa Baumann (698-
2645). Join us and learn about the international culture at West! Schools of Hope Tutoring Program

The West Alpine Ski & Snowboard club is actively recruiting skiers and snowboarders. If you want to improve your
downhill skiing or snowboarding, consider racing. We have a boys and girls team. We race for six weeks starting in
January on Monday nights at Tyrol Basin. We have a scheduled practice on Wednesday evenings at Tyrol Basin.
The West Alpine Ski Team has qualified and competed at state for the past five years. We especially need boys for
the team. Both parents and skiers have a great time socializing on and off the slopes. We will be holding an
organizational meeting on Tuesday, October 19th from 6-8 PM at Vitense Golfland. Indications are that 2010-2011
team will be the biggest ski and snowboard team in West High’s history. Beginner or expert, consider ski or
snowboard racing with us!

For further information call Meg Cates 271-5066 or email In addition, check out our new
website at
Friends of West High Drama
                                             Ensuring that
                                   West High drama continues to thrive
• Friends of West High Drama (FWHD) (e-mail):
• Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools (FWHD’s donation web site):
• FHWD (web site):
• Regent Drama Club (web site):
• Regent Drama Club (Facebook): Madison West High School Theater


Now six years old, the Friends of West High Drama (FWHD) organization performs three important roles:

• we raise funds to help ensure that West can continue to maintain the quality of its fine theater program;

• we support theatrical opportunities in many ways through our time and our talents; and

• we encourage friendships and connections among parents, students, extended families, and all other supporters.
We’re not just for or about the students — we’re for and about anyone who cares about a strong and involved theater
community at West High School.

Our financial support, of course, is especially crucial: we have traditionally donated $10,000 each year to the
program (and sometimes more, such as when we helped to fund the new sound system in the auditorium). We thank all
of you who have helped us in the past, and we welcome all who are interested in supporting West drama now and in the
future with your funds, talents, and time — it truly makes a difference. We hope you’ll join us to make this year a
memorable one!

…to Rebecca Jallings and the Regent Drama Club presenters who shared information on West’s theater
program with the attendees of the first joint MWABA/FWHD picnic and Code of Conduct meeting on September 1.
Much gratitude also goes to MWABA for orchestrating the food and the fabulous emcee, Geoff Sandler. If you
missed that meeting, be sure to stay tuned to future FWHD communications and the Regent Drama Club web site
and Facebook page for theater updates.

NEW THIS YEAR: Weekly Improv Classes
Improv classes, taught by Neil Pohl of Atlas Improv, began on September 15 and have been running each
Wednesday from 4 to 6pm. By the fifth week, Neil will have narrowed down the class to only 12 members, who will
perform during second semester.

• Fall Regent Drama Club production: Steel Magnolias by Robert Harling • November 5, 6, 12, and 13,
Auditions were held after the Regent Reporter deadline, so we can announce the six-person female cast next time.
Holly Walker will direct. All actors, crew heads, and crew members should watch for frequent rehearsal, meeting,
and work-session updates on the “drama board,” located next to the Colucci Gallery, across from Room 272.

Synopsis: The action centers on Truvy’s Louisiana beauty parlor and some of the women who regularly gather
there. The drama begins on the morning of Shelby’s wedding to Jackson and covers events over the next three
years, including Shelby’s decision to have a child despite having Type 1 diabetes and facing the complications that
result from the decision. We also get a glimpse of the unlikely friendship between Clairee and Ouiser; Annelle’s
transformation from a shy, anxious newcomer in town to a good-time girl and then to a revival-tent Christian; and
Truvy’s relationships with the men in her family. Although the main storyline involves Shelby; her mother, M’Lynn;
and Shelby’s medical battles, the underlying group friendship among all six women is prominent throughout the

• Wisconsin High School Theatre Festival • will be held at UW-Oshkosh, November 18–20, 2010
This year Madison West will again be taking part in the Wisconsin High School Theatre Festival, performing Gorilla
Tactics by local playwright Sam White. Sam writes, “From the late ’60s to the day he died in 1981, Sampson
the Gorilla was the star of the Milwaukee County Zoo. He was an amazing sight. Anyone visiting him had to be
touched by the irony of such majesty in captivity. Nevertheless, a trip to see him was a major event in a kid’s life.”
In 1966, a group of Madison West senior boys make the trip and, during their time with Sampson, question their
long-held assumptions about each other as their friendships begin to unravel.

Auditions were held after the Regent Reporter deadline, so we can announce the five-person male cast next time.
Rebecca Jallings will direct. All actors, crew heads, and crew members should watch for frequent rehearsal,
meeting, and work-session updates on the “drama board,” located next to the Colucci Gallery, across from Room

• BROADWAY WEST! • Saturday evening, February 5, 2011 • Alumni Lounge of the Pyle Center on the
UW campus Students, parents, and all other supporters… Plan to join us for FWHD’s largest fundraiser of the year
— a relaxing, memorable evening with…
• performances by our very talented West students
• bidding on some great auction items
• hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and cash bar (with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options)
• socializing with other theater supporters
• and new this year: a fun-spirited, team trivia competition! It will be hosted by the very entertaining
Jeopardy! and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? winner Patrick Fernan.

So, start putting together your trivia team, or simply plan to join others to create an impromptu team when you
arrive. We also welcome the donation of wonderful auction items for our brief-but-lively live auction. Watch
upcoming e-mail and Regent Reporter announcements for more details, but save the date. Be there, or be square!

• Spring Regent Drama Club musical: Crazy for You • March 4, 5, 11, and 12, 2011
Joe Dahl will direct. Auditions will take place just before winter break.

Synopsis: Crazy for You™ is the story of Bobby Child, a well-to-do 1930s playboy, whose dream in life is to dance.
And despite the serious efforts of his mother and soon-to-be-ex-fiancée, Bobby achieves his dream! Well-known,
memorable Gershwin tunes include I Can’t Be Bothered Now, Bidin’ My Time, I Got Rhythm, Naughty Baby, They
Can’t Take That Away from Me, But Not for Me, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Embraceable You, and Someone to
Watch Over Me. It's a high-energy comedy that includes mistaken identity, plot twists, fabulous dance numbers,
and classic Gershwin music.

• First, they should locate the “drama board” — the bulletin board across from Room 272, next to the Colucci art
gallery — and check it daily for up-to-the-minute details on all things theatrical. Information posted there can
come, go, and change quickly, so pay attention! Students should also listen carefully to the daily announcements at
school. In addition to the drama board and the announcements, the Regent Drama Club web site
( and the Regent Drama Club Facebook page (Madison West High
School Theater) are excellent, frequently updated resources to learn about the latest developments. Students
should visit them on a very regular basis.

• Stay involved with the Regent Drama Club. The annual kickoff meeting took place in September, but students
should watch for the details of activities that are announced on the drama board and via the other vehicles listed
above. (By the way, the Regent Drama Club doesn’t have regular weekly or monthly meetings like some other
groups do — if you show up to work on crews, you’re in it!)
• Get involved with a crew. Everyone is welcome to join the sound, light, stage, costumes, props, makeup/hair,
and/or administrative crews — the work they do is vital to the success of all productions, and the upcoming fall
show is no exception. The separate “aud crew” is another group that provides stage, sound, and light services
for the many theatrical and musical (choir, orchestra, and band) performances that go on all year, both during the
school day and at night. This is another opportunity to get involved, and this group does have regular meetings.
Again, students should watch the drama board (and the other communications vehicles) for details about aud crew,
other crew meetings, and crew work times. Crew participation is particularly important for freshmen because it
allows them to get to know other students who are interested in theater, offers excellent learning experiences, and
provides a way to get involved in theater early in their high school careers — the reality is that it’s typically harder
for freshmen to be cast in productions than upperclassmen, and working on crews is a great way to draw the
attention of the drama faculty and design staff.

• Audition for a production! Auditioning is an excellent learning experience for everyone, and it helps the drama
staff to get to know students better.
This is West’s novel theater class that visits about 35 area elementary and middle schools each fall to perform original
sketches about tolerance, empathy, race, sexuality, gender, conflict, and diversity. If you’re interested in having Multico
perform at a particular school this fall, contact Rebecca Jallings at
The members of Multico 14 (the 2010 company) are: Erika Adams, Jennifer Apfelbach, Rostam Assadi, Alexandria
Barreras, Tessa Begay, Terrence Carey, B.C. Cole, Veronica Cox, Dane Djergou, Zachary Figiel, Jesus Garza, Ryan Grist,
Mercedes Hernandez, Bailey Holmes, Emily Hou, Denzel Irby, Devonna Jackson, Zhihang Jiang, Janie Killips, Jonathan
Kitzrow, Asher Klaven, Mary Bridget Lee, Enrique Olivas, Benji Olneck-Brown, Xavier Puzon, Imaan Saeed, Ada Umubera,
Deniz Uyan, Winston Vakunta, Al Valmadrid, Jasmine Wali, and Claire Wegert.

            JOIN OUR BOARD, WON’T YOU?

We welcome new members at any time to become part of our board, and to help keep the organization strong for
years to come. We’re a nice, unintimidating group of folks who care about theater at West, and we generally meet once
per month to have some laughs and plan our activities. Then we call upon parent volunteers to help us with our
larger projects during “play seasons.” Please consider stepping forward to join us. Just contact us at, or talk to one of the 2010–11 board members (so far, but we welcome you, too!): Paula
Apfelbach, Bennett Berson, Jeanne Hrovat, Monica Lyons, Jamie Murray-Branch, and Mary Welch-DeVriendt. We look
forward to welcoming you to our merry band!
STAY CONNECTED… by reading FWHD’s monthly Regent Reporter pages, and by signing up for our occasional e-
mails at Please be assured that we do not share our e-mail list with anyone.

online through our fundraising partner, the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools (FMPS), at FMPS is a 501(c)(3) organization, and your contribution is tax deductible to the
fullest extent of the law. Or…

-------------------------CUT HERE-------------------------------
You can mail your contribution, payable to FMPS–Friends of West High Drama, to our fundraising partner, the
Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools, 455 Science Drive, Madison, WI 53711.

_____   $5–$49   Cast/Crew
_____   $50–$99   Stage Manager
_____   $100–$199   Director
_____   $200+   Producer

Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Address _________________________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________________________________________

Phone (in case we have any questions) _________________________________________________________________

E-mail ___________________________________________________________________________________________
                     We THANK YOU so much for your support of West High School theater!
Stop by the Moose Head Shed from 7:45-8:00 a.m. or from 11:58-12:25 p.m. and from 11:23-12:05 p.m. on
early release days. We have many new spirit items this year. Come in and check us out! If you have any
questions please contact Ms. Stuckey at 204-3201.


The school year has begun and DECA is off to a great start! DECA is a marketing club that helps students
develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in marketing, entrepreneurship, and
management. Our first meeting and DECA Day took place in September to inform students about the club, and
it was huge success. We are very excited about all of our new and returning members. In September, we also
ran a Jamba Juice fundraiser in the school store where we sold smoothies to students at lunch. In October, we
are holding a Geckler sales project, where students can sell a variety of products and can win cool prizes! If
you would be interested in ordering some items please contact Ms. Stuckey at 204-3201. DECA will have a
staff appreciation breakfast on October 8th, and DECA Week will take place from October 11th to 15th. We are
planning on hosting a tailgate party on October 15th before the football game; were you can get a great meal
before the big game and support DECA. We hope to see you all there! Our chapter meetings will be held on
the first Wednesday of each month at 12:25 pm in room 137. We hope you have a great school year!

The forensics team at West High has been doing great things. “Forensics” is from the Latin forensis – “in open
court, public”. As forensic science attempts to get mysteries out in the open, speech and debate puts all sorts
of words out in public!

The West Forensics Team speaks competitively all year. In the fall members of the team pair off and compete
in public forum debate. This style of debate requires debaters to prepare persuasive arguments on both the
pro and con sides of a current issue, which changes every month.

From December to April the team competes in speech tournaments, which is what forensics is known for.
There are 18 different original speech, interpretive reading and acting events in which forensic students
compete and earn recognition. West placed fifth in the state tournament last April, which is our first time ever
in the top five! The winning team is coached by John Rademacher and Sarah Taylor.

Members of West’s forensics team are automatically enrolled in the NFL. That’s the other “NFL” - The National
Forensic League - based in Ripon, WI. It is the 2nd largest high school honor society in the country (after
National Honor Society). The NFL hosts a national tournament, and for the first time, we took nine students
from West to that qualifying meet last spring.

It’s interesting to note that that participation in high school forensics (speech and/or debate) is directly
correlated to higher GPA, increased scores on standardized tests, and higher college acceptance - more
information on that at .

Watch for the forensics team in the West Homecoming Parade! Look for the giant yellow duck – you can’t
miss it! An organizational meeting for all students interested in the forensics team will be held the week after

The Forensics Team Needs Laptop Computers!
This year the rules are changing and laptop computers will be allowed during the preparation of debate arguments
and extemporaneous speaking (an event in which a student has 30 minutes to prepare an original speech on a
current topic drawn at random). In the past, students clipped articles from news magazines and hauled heavy file
boxes onto the bus and around the tournaments. This rule change will save paper, fuel, postage and back injuries!
However, we need laptop computers! If you or a company to which you’re connected has laptops to donate, please
contact John Rademacher – . They need to have a working battery, a USB port
and be able to run simple text programs like Word and Acrobat Reader. Students are prohibited from connecting to
the internet, so wi-fi is unnecessary.

Volunteers Needed for the Big 8 Conference Forensics Tournament February 19
West will host the forensics conference tournament on Saturday, February 19, 2011. This is an all day event, and a
chance to showcase our great school. The forensics team will need volunteers who can prepare and serve food, sell
snacks, monitor rooms & hallways, direct traffic and even judge the competitors. Even if you’re not the parent of a
forensics team member, we could use all the help we can get! Please contact Sarah Taylor – and sign up to help.

                                                 PTSO NEWS

Parent Program – Wednesday, October 6th- 6:30PM, in the West Auditorium:
                        Technology and Social Networking
It is critical for YOU as a parent and for US as a community to understand the dangers and legal
consequences of behavior such as “sexting” and “cyberbullying”. Learn more about these and other issues
related to the use of cell phones and the Internet for social networking by attending an important informational
program sponsored by the PTSO, and presented by the Madison Police Department.

WestFest/Regent Resale – Saturday, November 6, 9AM to 1PM:
Please mark your calendars for the 4th annual WestFest fundraiser for student organizations and community
vendors on Saturday, November 6th. If you, or a student club, or sport is interested in a booth at West Fest, contact
Mary O'Connell at, or Beth Swedeen at

In conjunction with WestFest this year, the PTSO will hold its first annual RESALE. We are soliciting contributions
of “slightly used” items such as winter coats, teen clothing, holiday lights and ornaments, sports equipment and
clothing, children’s books and board games, video games and systems, toys, stereo equipment and newer CD’s,
collectible knick knacks, tableware and others. For more information, to arrange for pick-up or drop off of
donations, or to volunteer to help prior to or during the sale, please contact Deb Neff at Please
be generous. You will receive a receipt for your donation and all proceeds will go directly to support West programs
and classrooms.

Parent/Teacher Conferences – Thursday, November 11, & Friday, November 12:
During pre-scheduled conferences, parents and guardians have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with each
teacher. Volunteers are needed to staff the information table, located at the Ash St. entrance, during the
conferences. Duties include handing out student schedules, answering questions about teacher availability, and
giving general directions about the process. If you can volunteer for a shift, please contact Ina Herlitzka at, or 233-9075.

The PTSO will be hosting coffee and refreshments for the teachers and staff on Friday, November 12th,
in the Staff Lounge. If you would like to contribute baked goods or other refreshments for the teachers, please
contact Deb Neff at, 236-4682, or Shu-Chi Liang at, 274-6719. Please
indicate the type and quantity of items that you would like to donate. Also, please let us know if you would be
interested in volunteering in the Staff Lounge to help replenish items throughout the day. Any amount of time that
would suit your schedule would be very much appreciated.

In addition to our planned events, the PTSO is looking for anyone who is interested assisting with the formatting of
the student directory, or the development of our own Web site. In addition, if you have any ideas for fund raising
or special programs that would benefit our school community, we would very much appreciate your input.

The PTSO welcomes and appreciates the gift of your time, as well as your financial support. All
donations go to supporting our students by directly supporting teachers, staff, and school programs, and are tax
deductible. Monetary donations may be sent to West High School – Attn. PTSO, 30 Ash St., Madison, WI 53726.
Please make checks payable to West High PTSO.
                                         THANK YOU!
 The West High School Administration and the PTSO Board would like to thank our volunteers whose
               generous contributions are essential to the functioning of our school.

                                 ENROLLMENT VOLUNTEERS
Shu-Chi Liang – Organizer
Richard Adelman          Nancy Daly          Jean Liang                     Solveig Rossi
Sue Babcock              Nancy Deaton        Janel Lipton                   Kris Schlenker
Leigh Barczi             Abby Delong         Holly Markham                  Nicole Schulte
Marcia Bastian           Kathy Forety        Jane McNett                    Joni Shahrani
Carolyn Benforado        Vicky Franchino     Cincy McWilliams               Rose Silveira
Judith Bennett-Kelly     Ruth Frawley        Deb Neff                       Kurt Sladky
Peggy Berkvam            Jordan Hanson       Mary O’Connell                 Holly Kopplin Smith
Tim Brown                Sarah Harari        Diane Osswald                  Cyndie Spencer
Lisa Burdulis            Maria Hart          Tammy Peyton                   Linda Stokes Thompson
Mary Butler              Michelle Heitzinger Alex Phelps                    Cathy Trueba
Kay Cahill               Ina Herlitzka       Carla Phillips                 Heidi Vierstra
Lisa Cappelli            Julie Hostetler     Jayne Polelle                  Mary Westervelt
Jane Corkery             Mary Kamp           Lorie Raihala                  Mary Whitmer
Liz Curlee               Terri Kratchmer     Jay Ralph                      Hong Zhang
Dawn Daly                Mary Laedtke        Jeannie Roberts

                                   FRESHMAN PARTY VOLUNTEERS
Thy Tran – Organizer
Carolyn Benforado             Matt Christensen       Nancy Leff             Mary O’Connell
Dave Benforado                Janice Ferguson        Paul Meyer             Jean Piper
Christine Brophy              Lynn Haynes            Deb Neff               Holly Smith
Alicia Christensen            Nancy Kaczmarek        Alison O'berman        Guy Thorvaldsen

Plus, TWENTY-FOUR FAMILIES that generously contributed snacks and drinks.
                             GO-TO-SCHOOL NIGHT VOLUNTEERS
Ina Herlitzka and Mary Whitmer – Organizers
KT Arnesen                 Ruth Frawley      Scott Lindstrom                        Annette Roehre
Birgit Bach                Jordan Hanson     Jane McNett                            Lisa Rosenstock
Mary Barham                Barbara Katz      Deb Neff                               Joni Shahrani
Allison Buna               Mary Laedtke      Mary O’Connell                         Rose Silvera
Ellen Bunn                 Shu-Chi Liang     Carla Phillips                         Susan Stoehr
Aaron Carrel               Rosanne Lindsay   Susan Pschorr                          Tabitha Williams
Rosana Ellmann             Marti Lindstrom   Lakshmi Ramalingam

The members of the Student Council and DECA, who provided food and drinks for the evening, and all of the
"Senior Citizen" students who helped parents navigate the hallways of West.

                                REGENT REPORTER LABELING VOLUNTEERS
Shu-Chi Liang – Organizer
Leigh Barczi                    Martha Cranley         Ina Herlitzka                 Annette Montgomery
Marcia Bastian                  Nancy Daly             Mary Louise Griffin           Deb Neff
Kay Cahill                      Abby Delong            Raelene Goodwin               Jacquie Phillips
Tammy Collins                   Kathy Foreyt           Holly Jones                   Solveig Rossi
Anne Conaghan                   Sarah Harari           Mary Laedtke                  Mary Whitmer
* If we have inadvertently left you off the thank-you list, please accept our apologies. Let us know and we’ll
catch you next time.
                                           SCHOOL COUNSELING NEWS

Students must have a pass to come to the Counseling Office during class time. Students can come in during any free time
to sign up for an appointment with their counselor and obtain a pass from the secretary. If you wish to drop in during a
Study Hall, you still must obtain a pass beforehand.

As stated in the West High School Handbook, a student carrying more than the required number of classes may drop a
class without record any time within the first seven weeks providing that student still carries the required course load. The
deadline for dropping a first semester class is Friday, October 15.

The recommended deadline to apply for early graduation from West High School is November 1. Students choosing to
graduate at the end of first semester should see their counselor and pick up a “Petition for Early Graduation” form.

• Administrative Expectations & Support Team Structure
• Counseling Staff Presentation
    - Overview of the sophomore year and what teens need from us to succeed
   - Developmental Guidance overview and sophomore testing (WKCE, PLAN)

The Counseling Office would like to extend their congratulations to the 22 West High students who have been named as
semifinalists in the 2011 Merit Scholarship competition: David Aeschlimann, James Bowie-Wilson, Abigail Cahill,
Nicholas Cupery, George Degen, Simon Henriques, Sujeong Jin, Madeleine Jones, Suhas Kodali, Mary Bridget Lee,
Isabella Livorni, Peter Lund, Matthew Lynch, Benjamin Olneck-Brown, William Peck, John Raihala, Mckenzie Read,
Joaquin Selva, Isaac Stafstrom, Nhien Tran, Al Valmadrid, and Ethan Yen. James Bowie-Wilson is also a semifinalist in
the National Achievement Scholarship Program.

Once again, West High School leads the state in the number of National Merit semifinalists.

                                                 APPLYING FOR COLLEGE
We ask that you refer to the Counseling Newsletter which was sent home this summer, the Senior Packet which was given
out to all seniors, or go online to the West web page for all this information.
On the web page, it’s under “grade level information”, then “senior”.
Parents: Just a reminder that your signature is required on the Transcript Request Form. This form must be filled out by
all students requesting a transcript. It is available in the Counseling Office, Room 203, or on-line (click on the Counseling

UW HELP is a unique service of the UW System that offers advice on admission, financial aid and housing for students
and their parents who are considering attending the UW System. Contact UW HELP at 800-442-6459 or e-mail

College rep visits are announced in the Daily Bulletin and posted outside the Counseling Office on a weekly basis. You
may also refer to the West High School web page. Students must get a pass from the Counseling Office and have the
absence from class approved by the teacher before attending a college rep visit. Parents are also welcome to attend these
Visits scheduled thus far for October :
                                                                   Oct 25   8:12            Kalamazoo College
Oct 5     9:09           Bowdoin                                            9:09            Wesleyan (CT)
Oct 6     9:50           Denison Univ                                       10:05           DePauw (IN)
Oct 18    8:12           Lawrence Univ                                      11:00           Stonehill
          11:00          Scripps                                            12:50           Buena Vista
Oct 19    11:00          Univ of Chicago                           Oct 26   9:15            Montana State
          1:47           Brown Univ                                         12:50           Univ of Illinois-Urbana
Oct 21    10:05          UW LaCrosse                               Oct 27   12:00           Knox College
Oct 22    8:12           Boston Univ                                        2:44            St. Catherine’s (MN)
          11:00          Grinnell College                          Oct 28 &29               WEAC Convention –
          12:50          Davidson College                                                   Good Days for Campus Visits


The PSAT/NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test) will be given at West High School on Saturday,
October 16, 8:00 a.m. This test is given to juniors as a qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program, the
National Achievement Scholarship Program, and the National Hispanic Recognition Program. In addition, many juniors
take the test as practice for the SAT or as a prediction of results on the SAT. Registration for the PSAT will be held
before school and during the lunch hour Monday-Friday, October 4-8, in the Counseling Office. Cost is $20 – cash
or check made payable to West H.S.

What if I cannot test on this date? Students with scheduling conflicts or who cannot test on Saturday for religious
reasons may wish to search for schools in the area that plan to give the PSAT on Wednesday, October 13. Go to – PSAT – “finding schools in your area giving the PSAT. Students should contact those schools
directly to register. Students who absolutely cannot take the PSAT on either of these dates may request alternative testing
options by referring to the PSAT Student Guide.

Registration materials and prep/practice books are available in the Counseling Office. The testing calendar is included on
the registration bulletins. You can also go to our web page or the Counseling Newsletter for the test schedule.

Test Preparation
Memorial and Verona Area High Schools are offering ACT prep courses and practice tests at different times throughout
the year, beginning in October. Registration fliers listing the course and test dates are available in the Counseling Office
at West.

Special Testing
Students with current professionally diagnosed and documented disabilities who wish to request special testing
accommodations and/or extended time on any college admissions test (including the PSAT, SAT, AP, and ACT) should
contact their case manager immediately to review options.

                                         SCHOLARSHIPS & FINANCIAL AID
If you are interested in/considering applying for financial aid and/or scholarships, please be sure to pick up a copy of our
booklet Scholarships & Financial Aid.
The FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid – is available online at
The FAFSA must be completed online.
Important Dates:
Wednesday, December 1, Periods 2 & 3, LMC – Financial Aid Meeting for Students.
Monday, December 6, 7:00 p.m., Auditorium – Financial Aid Meeting for Parents and Students. Kari Gribble,
Financial Aid Administrator from Edgewood College, will inform seniors and their parents on “How to Complete the
FAFSA”. This seminar is especially helpful for families who are new to this process.
                                   Madison West Athletic Booster Association
         A big Regent cheer is extended to families, coaches, and MWABA sports liaisons
for making the All-Sports Picnic a lively and informative event.
         Special thanks to D.J. Geoff Sandler of Celebrations Entertainment (and West parent) for providing announcements and
festive music.
         State Street Brats, Mr. Gary Johnson, and MWABA volunteers successfully managed sales of food, memberships, Regent
Discount Cards, Regent flags, and adult home game ticket-cards.
         The West High athletic community is grateful for this enthusiastic participation!
     MWABA Evergreen Sale
    Please see information and the order form in this Regent Reporter and at

                                              2010 SprIng LETTERWINNERS!
Though teams are deep into the fall season, this issue of the Regent Reporter is traditionally reserved for recognizing spring student
athletes. Congratulations to all, and thank you for representing West High School.

Baseball                   Boys Golf                   Girls Soccer                          Softball
Reid Alderson              Jon Ambelang                Rose Brown                            Abbey Chitwood
Sean Blythe                Joey Borgwardt              Kate Dalebroux                        Molly Czech
Eric Branaugh              Evan Brown                  Bailey Flanigan                       Lauren DiCarlo
Nick Byers                 Ricky Howard                Emma Guilfoil                         Sarah Hanlon
Justin Cain                Tommy Heiner                Leah Harari                           Grace Heneghan
Fernando Caraballo         Bryan Johnson               Emma Hetico                           Abbie Lindl
Nate Ewanowski             Charlie Kritter             Liz Hoerning                          Alex Mass
Conner Fennema             Michael Luedtke             Kestrel Kloppenberg                   Brittany McNett-Emmerich
John James                 Karsten Sladky              Jennifer Mohoney                      Kali Pruss
Aidan McNamara                                         Maddie Poranski                       Heather Rodriguez
Alex Merwald                                           Elizabeth Pretto                      Amanda Steinmann
Mark Onofrey               Boys Track & Field          Marika Rosemblum
Ben Pearson                Jonah Barry                 Tessa Sannito               Girls Track & Field
Blake Salter               Alex Bastian                Gina Sereno                 Amelia Barczi
Nate Thill                 Robin Dein                  Izzi Speer                  Elena Barham
Nick Valdiva               Joe Haase                   Madison Speer               Flora Berklein
Mike Venturini             Sam Hacker                  Hannah Staiger              Helen Carey
Ben Wade                   Wilson Hacker               Emily Thompson              Veronica Cox
                           Ben Klug                    Katie Van Winkle            Mary Daly
Boys Tennis                Evan Kohl                   Rosemary Ventura            Jenni German
Alex Chen                  Jeff Sereno                 Hannah Wiesner              Erica Gunderson
Tim Choi                   Jeremy Singer               Julia Wilcots               Ciara Hill
Andrew Corkery             Jesse Taylor                Kayla Wildeck               Rachel Hostetler
George Degen               Charlie Thompson            Erika Wood                  Anna Hrovat-Staedter
Stefan DeLong              Nick Wolf                                               Ava Kay
Will Elsas                 Evan Zurbuchen                                          Sara Kelly
Egan Felgus                                                                        Casey Lamberty
Morgan Foy                                                                         Sydney Langer
Suhong Jin                                                                         Nikki Niewold
Dean Leeper                                                                        Olivia Pratt
Caleb McKenzie                                                                     Rosie Russell
Bennett Mortensen                                                                  Clare Schubert
Mitch Polelle                                                                      Victoria Shanahan
Jimmy Storck                                                                       Paige Sieben
Allen Yen                                                                          Samantha Swanson
Ethan Yen                                                                          Margarita Swissler
                                                                                   Lulu Allen Waller
                                                                                   Ashley Wright Lannoy
                                Madison West Athletic Booster Association
                                  2010 EVERGREEN SALE
                  High quality, fresh balsam evergreen wreaths and garland
                handmade in Northern Wisconsin and complete with red velour bows.

                                                 24” Wreath---$20
                                                 30” Wreath---$25
                                                 36” Wreath---$30
                                                 48” Wreath---$40
                                                 60” Wreath---$60

                                   25’ Evergreen Roping-Garland---$30
   Order Deadline: Sunday, November 14
   Order Pickup: Sunday, November 21, 12-1:30 pm
                          in the West High School Van Hise Avenue parking lot by the cafeteria door

                            Thank you for supporting West’s student athletes!
               For more information, please call Bob Emmerich, Past MWABA President, 220-7952
   Name                                           Best Phone(s)
   E-mail address (es)
   Our family participates in this/these sport(s)
   Quantity                                       Total Price
                  24” Wreath @ $20
                  30” Wreath @ $25
                  36” Wreath @ $30
                  48” Wreath @ $40
                  60” Wreath @ $60
                  25’ Evergreen Rope @ $30
                                                                  Total enclosed______________
                Please complete this form and relay with check payable to MWABA, to:
            MWABA, Athletic Office, Madison West High School, 30 Ash Street, Madison, WI 53726
                                          Thank you very much.
REGENT REPORTER                         Non-Profit Org.
                                       U.S. Postage PAID
Madison Metropolitan School District      Madison, WI
                                        Permit No. 1172

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