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1. Hunting the elusive search strategy
    Jon's Radio by judell · 3 hours ago · 1,104 blogs link here

    Last night an old friend who runs a small software company confessed a secret ... Google.
    At one point, he even asked a client: "Do you really want us to search Google for you ... as
    it sounds. Effective search depends on reservoirs of tacit knowledge and unconscious skill.

2. Google/Dell Hardware Recall Nightmare...
    tekArtist by stephdau · 16 hours ago · 9 blogs link here

    I'm usually not one to blog about things closely related to work, but I've got to get this one
    off my chest... Being the web systems architect for one of North-America's best universities,
    enterprise search ... for many years with one of Google's Search Appliances: a GB-1001,
    to start with. Being, like so

3. BL 10 Finding and Describing a Copyright,...
    Plagiarism and Copyright · 1 day ago · No blogs link here yet

    Describe the Search Strategy you used to research this Case (i.e. What Search Tools did
    you use? What Search Terms did you use? etc) Search engine - BBC news Search terms
    - TV + copyright + intellectual property Provide some Background Information on the Case
    X Factor copyright case Mr Fuller claims Mr Cowell's ITV1 show X

4. Dsl Engine Optimization Search
    Website Promotion and Search Engine Marketing Services,... · 2 days ago · No blogs link
    here yet

    No strategy is pursued until it passes the test of consumer research....

    The Operator Online · 2 days ago · 2 blogs link here

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    listing. There is no additional cost to customers for both the category search
Search Results from Technorati                                 Query: “search strategy” –job

6. ‫مون ا ا سحاق ی‬
  ‫م‬   ‫مم‬
‫ 11 ·م مممم مم‬days ago · No blogs link here yet

1. Clarify the search question 2. Break into 'concepts' 3. Translate into MESH 4. Translate into
synonyms 5. Combine with boolean 6 ... and refine your search strategy, as necessary Step
Seven Save your search strategy and results ... . Refine your lit. search 7. Final tips Step One
Phrase your search idea as a manageable

7. Public Relations Firm on the Move
      HitTail by HitTail · 3 days ago · 24 blogs link here

      As many HitTailers know from watching our demos, HitTail was incubated within Connors
      Communications, ... . These are the companies that Connors looks for. But Connors
      Communications is also a search engine optimization firm that is attempting to mainstream
      natural search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, due

8. Hangover cures
      Sciencebase Science Blog · 4 days ago · 9 blogs link here

      …don’t work. Official. According to a report published in the British Medical Journal some
      time ago, ... that our search strategy located all published trials on the subject,” say the
      authors. “Our findings ... of their search pulled up eight trials testing eight different agents:
      propranolol (a beta-blocking

9. The Future of the Deep Web
Library 2.0: An Academic's Perspective · 11 days ago · 51 blogs link here

This is an exercise in the literal. Librarians have long warned that you can't find everything that is
on the Web on search engines ... to encourage students away from a Google-centric search
strategy. (When I first started out ... . But let's put that aside for the moment. I've done search
engine training for years, and my mantra

10. Essential Science Indicators (ESI)
      NTU Library Xpress · 4 days ago · No blogs link here yet

      Essential Science Indicators (ESI) Filed under: New Resources, Vol 2 Iss 1 — Editor @
      12:18 am [ Essential Science Indicators] ... search strategy goes for locating an institution.
      Use an asterisk with the institution name, e.g. ... with or without initials depending on the
      way they are being cited. The tip is always to search by the author