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									                          Rhine release
       TASK: Suggestion of Alternative Search Term or Query
Date 25 September 2009, AF revisions 15 October JC

General ideas to Search
Scope of the document
Suggestion of Alternative Search Term or Query General Description
Europeana’s privacy policy
Supporting Requirements document
      1. Introduction
      1.1 Problem Statement
      1.2 Product Position Statement
      2. Stakeholder Description
      2.1 Stakeholder Summary
      3. Feature or Functionality Overview
      4. Legal, Copyright and Other notices
User Case
      5. Brief Description
      6. Actor brief description
      7 Preconditions
      8. Basic Flow of Events
      9. Post conditions
      10. Special Requirements

Scope of the document
This document does not include software requirements or specifications, Related Items,
System Requirements.

Suggestion of Alternative Search Term or Query
When you start typing a query into a search box at many search engines, you may see a
dropdown appear under the search box which offers selectable suggestions for query
terms even before you may have finished typing. The suggestions may also provide
alternative URLs for web pages if you are typing the address of a web page into the search
box. For Europeana the dropdown of selectable suggestions for query terms together with an
idea of how many items are available relating to the search terms is desirable.
Different applications using Europeana will demand a different functionality from the search
suggestions offered.

      Is using a mobile device to connect to the search engine or a desktop computer
      Might be identifiable as a member of a group profile interested in certain topics or
       categories of sites
      Has a search history that the search engine can use to bias those suggestions
       towards something we are interested in
      Are viewing a specific page which has a specific profile attached to it, and are using a
       search toolbar for our search
      May be connecting to the Web at different connection speeds, or are using different
       connection types
      Could have set our browsing preferences differently in our browser or through the
       search engine for things such as preferred language

The selected suggestion for query terms for Europeana are based on the sources of User
Survey and EDL net 2.5. As you type, Europeana gives suggestions to the user.
Suggestions are drawn from:

         searches other users have done previously,
         Searches the user has done from their computer on previous occasions
         Subject files (according to the interface language chosen by the user) and synonym
          thesauri such at ATT, Rameau, etc

Supporting Requirements document

    1 Introduction
The purpose of this requirement is to improve the search options for the users. Europeana
being a cultural search engine needs to have optimal search engine services attracting and
keeping users in the Europeana interface. If users don’t get help in their search they will exit
Europeana and look for other and better search solutions.
1.1       Problem Statement
           The problem of                 Not being able to get alternative search
                                          suggestions or an idea of the number of items
                                          linked to a search term other than that searched by
                                          the user previously
           affects                        The usability of the site
           the impact of which is         poor management of user expectations and
                                          possibly missing some good ideas
           a successful solution would    Suggestion of Alternative Search Term or
           be                             Query related to other user’s usage, own
                                          usage and subject indices from different
                                          countries and domains.
1.1 Product Position Statement
           For                           Users
           Who                           require help in search retrieval in
           The (product name)            Europeana Suggest
           That                          Will speed up input , suggest alternatives to search
                                         on and generally provide help on the number of
                                         items that could be retrieved with each search term
           Unlike                         The current situation which only provides previous
                                         searches by alphabetical order according to the IP of
                                         the computer connecting to
           Our product                   Links to cultural heritage in Europe

2. Stakeholder Descriptions
2.1       Stakeholder Summary

           Name               Description                  Responsibilities
           Europeana and      Europeana Office and         Europeana needs to give access to
           Data Providers     Providers of the Data        the data of the providing stakeholders
                              ingested in                  in a user friendly interface for both

         Name                  Description                  Responsibilities
                                      general and professional users.
                               Using the system             finding data of relevance to their
                                                            search request

2.2   User Environment and related links to DATA providers.
3. Feature or Functionality Overview
3.1    Needs and Features
       Need                          Priority     Features             Planned Release
       Alternative query or          High         several              Rhine Release July 2010
       search term
       Record of number of
                                     Medium                            Rhine Release July 2010
       items against each term

4. System Qualities
4.1 Usability
The addition of alternative search term or query should enhance usability of the site, but an
option should be given to the user to disable the functionality:

4.2 Languages

4.3 Reliability
24/7 availability of feature
4.4 Performance
The feature should have no adverse affect on performance in
4.5 User Interfaces
Wherever there is a search box on it should be possible to see the alternative
search term or query come up as the user is typing.

There will be some impact therefore on the user interface but it should be the same drop down
for each version of the search box

4.5.1 Look & Feel
Same font and font size as the search term or query in the search box

4.6 Branding & Colors

As currently portrayed with drop down of previous searches.

4.6.1 Layout and Navigation Requirements

See above in User Interfaces but also note the way google does not show the drop downs in
alphabetical or numerical order. This should be followed by Europeana.
4.7 Interfaces to External Systems or Devices[Are there any external systems with which this

system must interface? Are there any constraints on the nature of the interface between this
system and any external system, such as the format of data passed between these systems,
and any particular protocol used? Consider both provided and required interfaces.]
4.7.1 Software Interfaces
4.7.2 Communications Interfaces
5. System Constraints
6. System Compliance
6.1 Licensing Requirements

6.2 Applicable Standards

7. Legal, Copyright, and Other Notices

Data you send to Europeana is protected by Europeana’s privacy policy. See above for
details of privacy policy.

Europeana’s privacy policy

Data users send to Europeana is protected by Europeana’s privacy policy. We store users
search terms (and the cookie IDs associated with search terms) separately from any account
information that directly identifies the user, such as name, e-mail address, or phone
numbers. Further, we will build-in technological and procedural safeguards designed to
prevent the unauthorized correlation of this data. We take additional steps to protect the
privacy of stored search information by removing the entirety of the IP address, cookies and
other cross session identifiers, after 18 months

7. System Documentation

                                Use-Case: <use-case name>
1. Brief Description
        Suggested search/query linked to the search box of
2. Actor Brief Descriptions,
        Name               Description                    Responsibilities
        User               Individual typing a            To type in search term or query and to
                           search term or query in        make use of the drop down box of
                           the search box of              suggested alternatives by clicking on
                  On any           the alternative to fill the search box
                           page containing the            prior to launching the search.
                           search b ox
                           Providing the user with        To provide access to the alternative
                           alternative suggestions        possibilites for search terms and
                           for search terms and           queries in multiple languages
                           search queries at the          according to the interface chosen by
                           point the user is typing       the user

                            Provision of the ability to   So as not to irritate the user who does
                            turn off the alternative      not wish to have autosuggestion in
                            suggestions                   place

        Name                Description                 Responsibilities
                            Providing the number of     To show the volumes of data related
                            items per alternative       to a search query
                            search query displayed

3.     Preconditions
Language in drop down should be the same as the language the interface is displaying in and
be the same. If no language exists for the Share this button then the default should be English

       Look for an item/object at the homepage. This might be when entering
       the site and/or continuously during the site visit.
       That multilinguasm issues (NOT TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS USER requirement) are
       solved and are not an obstacle in searching.
       Based on 1) searches the user has done in Europeana,
       2) searches done by other users in Europeana
       3) subject indices we are able to include from each language
       Display will be random unless it can be usefully divided in a similar manner to that
       found in the thought lab.
       The suggested search at Thought Lab provides suggestions related to facets. This
       setup will be adapted to
       This search overview will be built up ranking the facets with results at:
       1) Concept (what)
       2) Person (who)
       3) Location (where)
       4) Date (when)

4 .Basic Flow of Events
           a. User starts typing a word
           b. A drop down appears of words or phrases that changes as the user types
           c. Suggestions appear ranked either randomly (see Google example above) or in
           the same way as the semantic search engine in the Thought Lab see below under
           d. User moves mouse to one of the suggestions appearing and clicks.
           e. The search box is automatically filled and the search query automatically
           f. A page of results in shown with the full query just above the results set
           g. The search box on the results page works in the same way steps a to f
           h. ranked at level based on
           Item (currently called Concept needs to be changed to ITEM) (what)

          Person (who)
          Location (where)
          Date (when)

              Europeana Suggest shows users suggestions again when typing similar or
              same word
              You may remove alternative suggestion from appearing on the site. Should
              be done in the same way as Google with a ´close´ button to close the
              dropdown for the user.or in the same wasy as Yahoo see below.
6. Special Requirements
6.1 Establish an ON-OFF or Close

Example of the location of the ON-OFF


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