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					Energy Efficiency Regulations

Standby Power Consumption

Updated bulletin on Amending the Standard - June


Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) is proposing to
amend Canada's Energy Efficiency Regulations (the Regulations) to prescribe certain
products that use standby power as energy-using products, and to establish minimum
energy performance standards for them. In particular, the amendment will affect the
following products: (1) Compact Audio Products, (2) Televisions, and (3) Video
Playing/Recording Products. The amendment also requires the reporting of Television
On Mode Power, though the level of On Mode Power will not be regulated. The
Regulations apply to products imported or shipped interprovincially for sale or lease in
Canada. This amendment is included in Canada’s Clean Air Regulatory Agenda and the
accompanying Notice of Intent as published in the Canada Gazette on October 21, 2006.

Dealers of energy using products that are imported or shipped inter-provincially for sale
or lease in Canada would be required to comply with minimum energy performance
standards and other regulatory requirements.

Purpose of this Document

There are two purposes for this bulletin.

                         1. The first purpose is to present revisions to the standby
                             power requirements within the proposed
                             amendment. This is the fourth bulletin related to standby
                             power, which provides an update to the previous bulletins
                             issued in January, July, and December of 2009. Changes
                             to the proposed regulation are noted in the text boxes
                             entitled "Revisions/Rationale". NRCan is soliciting
                             feedback from stakeholders on the content of this revised
                         2. The second purpose of this bulletin is to introduce more
                             details for the proposed requirement to report the on mode
                             power consumption and associated screen luminance of
                             televisions. Though the on mode power level will not be
                             regulated, providing on mode power data will be required
                             in the energy efficiency report.

This bulletin attempts to put in plain language the legal text of the proposed amendment
as pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I.


Three bulletins have been issued to stakeholders regarding proposed amendments to
the Energy Efficiency Regulations, affecting standby power consumption of specific
consumer electronics products. The bulletins can be viewed at the following website,
under Amendment 11 Bulletins – Standby Power: