The PAIRO/OCOTH Agreement applies to time off work. It is available on the PAIRO website
(http://www.pairo.org/Content/Default.aspx?pg=1003). During the four-month block it is important that the
program objectives and requirements are met by all residents. As well, communication with reception and
nursing staff regarding absences is essential. Each clinic team has a system in place to report planned
absences e.g. vacation time, and to ensure that appropriate planning for patient care is in place. A
protocol, “ Approval of Request for Absence from the Clinic at FMC” is necessary to follow to have your
absences from clinic approved. This protocol is found below.


The weeks may be taken separately or together with the agreement of all clinic supervisors and Chief Resident.
Vacation must not be taken in the first week of the rotation to prevent disruption of orientation activities.
Requests should be made in keeping with the PAIRO contract.

Educational Leave

Residents are entitled to 7 working days in one year.

The annual Day in Family Medicine (September) and Resident Research Day (February) will be included as 2 of
the 7 days.

Leave must not be taken in the first week of the F.M.C. block.

Requests must be agreed to by all clinical supervisors and the Chief Resident.

The Program Director’s office should be informed of the educational leave.

Residents should avoid leave on days booked for pre-natal clinics.

Approval of Request for Absence from Clinic at FMC Before Rotation Begins (4 weeks notice required)

Four weeks before the start of your Family Medicine Centre rotation, please send your vacation requests to
Gayle Sawyer, Program Assistant at sawyerg@post.queensu.ca

Once you have begun your rotation at the Family Medicine Centre, to ask for further time for vacation days or
educational days, etc. please use the procedure described next.

Approval of Request for Absence from Clinic at FMC While At FMC

To arrange time off, you need to obtain approval. A Vacation Request form is available in the mailroom at FMC
on the third floor. No absence is considered confirmed until the receptionist has received a copy of this
completed and signed form from you confirming the approval of your supervisors. In addition to following
PAIRO-OCOTH rules, please make arrangements far enough in advance that patients’ appointments don’t need
to be changed.

First: Speak with the receptionist in your clinic area to find out:

    1. which teacher is supervising which clinic (note whether a.m. or p.m.) on each day you are requesting to
       be absent from clinic
    2. whether there are any times on these days that you are scheduled to be elsewhere (e.g., an ENT clinic,
    3. whether the other resident in clinic has also requested to be absent from clinic or is booked out for some
       other part of the Program (e.g., an ENT clinic, etc.). Vacations for both residents at the same time in
       one clinic area should be avoided.
    4. whether there are any concerns with respect to patient/clinic activity that the receptionist has for the time
       period you are planning to be away.

Next: Each supervisor must approve your vacation request and sign the Vacation Request form indicating this
approval. Please ensure to complete the form with the following information:

    1.   your dates off
    2.   the specific clinics involved for that supervisor
    3.   whether the other resident is also away or not, in the case of FMC clinics
    4.   any concerns identified by the receptionist

Next: Once you have the form completed and approved, copies must be distributed by you to the following:

    1. the Chief Residents
    2. the Receptionist in your clinic area
    3. the FMC PGE Program secretary: indicate whether the time off is vacation, flexible day, or a lieu day in
       place of a stat holiday on call. The rules/definitions for these are in the Resident Handbook and the
       PAIRO-OCOTH Agreement.

Note re FMC Call: This protocol applies to the clinic time – not to the FMC call schedule. The Chief Residents,
who make up the FMC on-call schedule for residents need to know your vacation time and if there are any other
specific days you don’t want to be on call before the 10th of the month before (see below).

Although we would not suggest making a request so late, if the FMC on call schedule is already made up and
your dates off involve an on call day, it is your responsibility to obtain coverage from another resident, to notify
the secretary in charge of distributing the on call schedule so she can send out a message regarding the change
(including Alliance, THAS and the switchboard). It is also your responsibility to notify the staff doctor with whom
you were to be on call, and the Chief Residents of the switch.

If a resident is off work because of illness, the FMC on call schedule will be adjusted to cover the resident’s
absence by the Chief Residents or a resident on the FMC rotation designated by them.

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