Blackberry Bold Vs iPhone 3GS Review

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Blackberry Bold Vs Blackberry Storm

The Blackberry smartphones have captured a lot of people's imagination. This mobile device is
one of the most sought after gadgets of most gizmo lovers out there. However, there are lots of
Blackberry models and the most popular are the Bold and Storm units.

The Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm have lots of similarities. That is because these devices
have the same manufacturer. So before you compare their differences it would be useful to know
the similarities of these two Blackberry smartphones.

The Defining Features of Bold and Storm

Both smartphones are fully supported on the HSDPA network. They have GPS navigation
capabilities and feature the BlackBerry Maps application. Both also work on the BlackBerry
operating system so you will probably see similar user interface.

Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm have QUERTY keyboards but you can also fully navigate
the phones through their touchscreen features. Basically, the design elements, sizes, thickness,
camera features, and other add-ons of Bold and Storm would be fairly similar.

Key Differences of Bold and Storm

Although the Blackberry Storm and Bold are very similar, they have major differences that make
each mobile phone unique. So, here are some of the most pronounced differences between the
Storm and Bold models of Blackberry.

1. Network Support Specifications

The Bold unit of Blackberry is supported on HSDPA network on the 850, 1900, 2100 megahertz
frequency. Essentially, Bold is fully supported on a triple band HSDPA network. The Storm unit
however is only supported on the 2100 megahertz frequency and CDMA.

Basically when you consider the network specs of the two Blackberry smartphones, the Bold
Blackberry has a big advantage over Storm.

2. Display Resolution and Performance

Both Storm and Bold have touchscreen display. However, Blackberry Storm has an edge over
Bold in this aspect. Storm has a 3.25 inch TFT LCD display with screen resolution of 360 x 480
pixels. Bold on the other hand only has 2.75 inch display screen with 480 x 320 pixels resolution.

Another big plus for the Storm is its built-in accelerometer which is surprisingly absent in Bold.
When you rotate Storm, its screen display will also automatically rotate to match the view of the
user. With an accelerometer, Storm can also display crisp video resolution on its HD screen.

3. Connectivity and Internet Speed

Blackberry Bold takes the upper hand when it comes to connectivity and net speed. Bold can
support Wi-Fi connectivity on the 802.11 profiles. Surprisingly for a smartphone, the Blackberry
Storm does not have Wi-Fi support.

When you use Bold, you can enjoy unlimited data transfer especially if you are in a Wi-Fi hotspot.
This capability would be absent in Storm.

These are the most basic and the key differences between Bold and Storm models of Blackberry.
Aside from these, Storm is also heavier than Bold by 20 grams. Both mobile phones however have
almost similar dimensions.

Knowing these key similarities and differences, it is up to you to decide which Blackberry could
answer your mobile communication and computing needs.

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Description: RIM has recently announced the introduction of a new smartphone called the Blackberry Bold. This new offering by RIM will include many new features that have never been offered in the past on any current Blackberry phones. The Blackberry Bold is also the first Blackberry that has 3G HSDPA technology.