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					                                Anacapa Yacht Club
                                      Volume 2009             Issue 7          JULY

 Commodores Report:                                         JOE UNDERWOOD

                                                                                 Report                       1
                                                                                 Vice Commodore’s
Ahoy Club members,
                                                                                 Report                       2
                                                                                 Rear Commodores
This month is going to be great, as we start up operations in our new Club
                                                                                 Report                3
house. I would like to thank Walter Russakoff, our very own master
woodworker for doing all of the cutting and fitting of the flooring system,
                                                                                 Celebrations          4
Great job Walter. I would also like to thank, my lovely wife Joanne, Pete
Casimasima, Randy Alcorn, and Roger King for assisting in the installation       Calendar
of our new flooring. I would also like to give a big thanks to Dave McCue                              5
(AKA Dave the Demolisher) who swung his 2x4 with the precision of a surgeon to demolish that partition
wall that needed to come out.

As we progress forward and get the new Club up and running I ask for all hands on deck to help with
unloading all of the boxes brought over from the old Club house. The light of the long tunnel is approaching
and once again the CAN DO CLUB has done it. I thank all of you for your support and enthusiasm for the
transition to the other side of the harbor. I will continue to work diligently to make our club the best it can

This month we will be bringing back Wet Wednesday to Anacapa Yacht Club.
So as we start to get all of our fellow sailors and racers coming over to the new Club, let’s make a great
effort to make everyone feel at home.

Best regards to all,

Joe Underwood
Commodore Anacapa Yacht Club

                                                     ( 1)
                                              AYC MAINSHEET

Vice Commodores Report:                                             GARY GODMAN

Ahoy AYC members,

I was away visiting family and friends in Connecticut and New York much of this month, and took
advantage of the opportunity to visit our staff commodore, Dave Randle and his wife Joanna at their
beautiful home on Long Island. They send their regards and said that they miss their California friends and
hope to return someday. As most of you know, Dave left his boat Coyote here, which is now skippered by
one of his crew members.

Because I was away, I cannot report first hand on the local club activities, but I’ve heard a lot of scuttlebutt.
The Wet Wednesdays have proceeded without a hitch, but I think most people are anxious for us to start
holding our after-race parties at the new clubhouse. Our members are working hard to get it ready, so I think
we will be able to do that soon.

The Saturday dinner Chef O.D. schedule for July is as follows.

       July 4          Dessert Social         Joleen Darland*
       July 11         Club Dinner            Eric Schlageter & Shawna McCormick.
       July 18         Club Dinner            Hank Corcoran
       July 25         Club Dinner            Brad Sytten
       August 1        Club Dinner            Roger King & Pat Compton
 Joleen will be recovering from knee surgery and may need assistance from other club members. I hope
some of you will give her a call.

We hope that we will be able to resume having our dinners at the clubhouse in July. The question of when
we will be able to sell liquor at our clubhouse is unanswered. It may be answered by the time you are
reading this.

Below is the Wet Wednesday O.D. schedule.

       July 1          David McCue
       July 8          Lucien Lacour and Carol Howe
       July 15         Dave Gorney and Elyse Weiss
       July 22         Joleen Darland
       July 29         Randy Alcorn and Trish Castanon
       August 5        Sharon Reed

Through the first half of July, I’ll be away on another trip. The development of our new clubhouse is
progressing well, and once it is ready, it will still take some time to figure out a good m.o. (modus
opperandi) at this facility. Those of you who are O.D.s have the opportunity (“I need three volunteers, you,
you, and you.”) to help develop that.

                                              AYC MAINSHEET

Rear Commodores Report:                                               DOUG FAJARDO

        This year the racing at Anacapa Yacht Club (indeed, all over the area) is, I am happy to report, as
strong as it ever was. Some will say that this is the natural cyclic nature of such things, which is undoubtedly
true - but I also believe that this also, in part, all the clubs in the area encouraging us, AYC, to continue
through the difficulties of moving to new quarters. Other articles in this issue will undoubtedly talk about
the progress on the new club – here I just want to say “thank you” for the support we've been getting from

        The Anacapa to Port race went off as scheduled, with 23 boats completing. The class splits were
even, with 7 boats in EACH of the three PHRF fleets. Results are on the website, along with some excellent
pictures of the start taken by Jim Lavagnino of PBYC.

        With good winds driving the fleets, everyone around the course before 5:30. Both the skippers
meeting and the 'attitude adjustment' party afterward were held at the CIYC club facility. Our heartfelt
thanks to CIYC both for their hospitality in letting us use their club and their patience when the awards took
longer than originally planned.

       The NEXT race in the Anacapa Island series is the Platform “A” race. Please note that the date is
FRIDAY, July 3rd (Moved from the originally scheduled Saturday, July 4 th !). Also, both the Skipper's
meeting and the Attitude Adjustment are going to be held at our NEW CLUBHOUSE!

        Wet Wednesdays are going like gangbusters, too – we've had 23 boats in every race so far, except for
the one that was “blown out” (There we had 15 boats come out and try... Is that because 8 were smarter than
the rest of us, or because we had 15 die-hard sailors?) In any case, the turnout is strong, and I except it to do
nothing but get better as we move into our new facility. When will that happen? The exact date hasn't been
set as of this writing, but I expect it to be “Real soon now”.

        I know that everyone who sails realizes that they need to keep clear of the tall ship that is now a long-
term resident of the harbor. Some do it our of respect for the history the ship represents. Others think it is
because of the infamous “Law of Tonnage”. Do you know the *real* reason why the Tall Ship(s) have
precedence over almost all traffic in the harbor? (Note: my question excludes the issue of right-of-way on the
open ocean) The real reason is that the tall ship is “Constrained by Draft.” which gives it precedence over
just about everything else in our harbor. (Right of Way Question: Does any traffic take precedence over a
vessel that is constrained by draft in the harbor?)

               AYC MAINSHEET

Happy Birthday from
   all of us at                AYC
             7-3   Kalin Dodge
             7-14 Charlotte Overton
             7-16 Jim Howell
             7-20 Paul Stimson
             7-29 Larry Listing

If we don’t have your birthday, please give
Pete a call or send an e-mail 818-346-3324

                                    AYC MAINSHEET

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