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									                               Solicitation FA4861-11-R-A-300
                               Attachment #25

               NELLIS SABER IDIQ



Repair Interior for Restrooms and Eyewash
                Bldg. 10566
              RKMF 11-0160


                 14 January 2012


                                                       Solicitation FA4861-11-R-A-300
                                                       Attachment #25

                               STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES

1. SCOPE: Contractor shall furnish all design, labor, equipment, material, transportation,
   administration, supervision and all else necessary to perform all operations in connection
   with successfully completing this project RKMF 11-0160, Repair Interior for Restrooms
   & Eyewash, Bldg. 10566 at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada. When complete, the project
   shall be as shown below (either in the attached sketch or work description). Include in the
   submittal, reference to the specifications that apply to this project and identification of
   material items required to be submitted to the government for approval (use AF Form 66),
   both will be incorporated in the construction project.

2. LOCATION: The project site is located at Nellis AFB, Nevada. The Main base is located
   approximately nine (9)miles north of downtown Las Vegas on Highway US 93 (Las Vegas
   Blvd.). NAFB consists of three main areas: the Main Base, Area II and Area III.

3. CODES: All design and construction must be in compliance with the International Building
   Code (UBC-2006) (or most recent edition), Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria
   Standards (UFC), all Public Laws, Executive Orders, Code of Federal Regulations,
   Department of Defense Instructions, (DODI), Department of Defense Directives, NAFB
   Design Compatibility Guidelines, Clark County, State of Nevada and Federal standards,
   codes and laws or other higher authority documents as applicable.

4. DRAWING STANDARDS: All drawings submitted shall be prepared in accordance with the
   applicable provisions of the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) Computer-
   Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) standard. All drawings shall comply with the
   specifications in Attachment #1 for Simplified Acquisition of Base Engineering
   Requirements (SABER) dated 20 June 2011. Contractor shall maintain one set of drawings
   on site and record all changes and any hidden or subsurface data discovered during
   construction. Construction drawings shall be submitted to government with Red Line Marks.

5. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: All work and contractor operations shall comply with
   the requirements imposed by all applicable Federal, State, local and NAFB laws, regulations,
   codes and permits (including NAFB Management Plan12) concerning environmental
   protection. Test for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and Lead Base Paint (LBP) in the
   area of construction. Provide test report of findings to government.

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The work to be accomplished includes but is not limited to the
following description: Construct new men’s and women’s restroom with double showers
complete. Provide and install (1) mop utility sink plumbed and (1) eye wash station plumbed.
Each restroom will have an audio/visual and heat detector fire alarm system that will be
incorporated with the existing alarm system.
                                                          Solicitation FA4861-11-R-A-300
                                                          Attachment #25

       The Contractor shall furnish the toilet facilities during the execution of the delivery order.
       The Government shall furnish electrical power and water but no toilet facility is available
        in the building during the execution of the delivery order.
       Contractor will provide project site and/or material storage security if necessary.
       Contractor will include estimated cost for construction fencing if necessary.
       Contractor shall furnish 35% Construction Plans /drawings to begin construction.
       Contractor shall furnish Preliminary As-Builts Drawings for review and approval before
        submitting Final As-builts for review and approval.


Provide the necessary rubbish handling, disposal, etc for all project materials.

DIVISION 02                     SITEWORK

02.01 Install all utilities, (Power, Potable Water and Sewer) from point of origin to building

DIVISION 03                   CONCRETE

03.01 Provide necessary concrete filled bollards on driveway side and paint four (4) safety
(black and yellow) striped bollards

DIVISION 05                   METALS WORK

05.01 Fur all walls the restrooms with 3 5/8”, 20 GA, metal studs, 16” OC, drywall, tape,
texture and paint. (Color to be selected by the Government)


07.01    Provide and install R-19 insulation behind on all furred walls.

DIVISION 08                    OPENING WORK

08.01 Men’s and Women’s restroom doors shall be ADA compliant 3070, 1 3/4” solid core oak
with standard lock set.

08.02   Install push/pull hardware and indicator deadbolt lock on both restroom doors.

08.03 All locksets shall be compatible with base standards 7-pin, interchangeable cores
FALCON/BEST cores and hardware.
                                                         Solicitation FA4861-11-R-A-300
                                                         Attachment #25
DIVISION 09                 FINISHES WORK

09.01 Install new ½” gypsum green board walls behind all wet areas in the men’s and
women’s restroom.

09.02 Provide and install new VCT flooring in the men’s and women’s Restroom. Samples are
to be provided by the Contractor. Color to be selected by the Government.

09.03 Provide and install new 6” x 6” wall tile 4-feet from floor base in the men’s and
women’s restroom. Tile colors samples are to be provided by the Contractor. Color will be
chosen by the Government.

09.04 Provide and install new 2’x 2’ tegular white suspended ceiling grid and tiles at 8’ high in
the men’s and women’s restroom.

09.05 Provide and install mud, tape and texture to all new wall surfaces.

09.06 Provide all new painted wall surfaces. One layer of primer and (2) layers of finish coat in
the men’s and women’s restroom. Color to be approved by Government.

09.07 Provide and install solid surface counter tops with seamless sinks and back splash in the
restrooms. Color to be selected by the Government.

DIVISION 10                   SPECIALTIES WORK

10.01 Provide and install standard stainless steel bathroom accessories to include toilet tissue
dispensers, paper towel/waste receptacles, soap dispensers, seat protector dispenser, ADA grab
bars and vanity glass mirrors, and sanitary napkin dispenser in the men’s and women’s restroom.

10.02 Test for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and Lead Base Paint (LBP) in the area of
construction. Provide report of findings. Asbestos and Lead abatement is assumed to be present
for this scope of work

DIVISION 15                            HVAC

15.01 Provide and install all the necessary supply and return-diffusers, registers, grills etc for
the men’s and women’s restroom

15.02    Tie into existing HVAC to provide restrooms with heating and cooling.

15.03   Provide exhaust vents in each restroom venting to the outside of the building.

DIVISION 16                        ELECTRICAL

16.01 Install exit and emergency light fixtures in the (2) restrooms.
                                                         Solicitation FA4861-11-R-A-300
                                                         Attachment #25
16.02 Provide and install T-8 fluorescent lighting for the men’s and women’s restroom.

16.03 Provide and install new receptacles, face plates, switches, etc. in the men’s and women’s

DIVISION 17                 PLUMBING

17.01 Provide and install (2) sinks with wall mounted, laminated countertops, (1) ADA
toilet/partition, (2) shower stalls in the women’s restroom

17.02 Provide and install (2) sinks with wall mounted, laminated countertops, (1) ADA toilet/
partition, (1) urinal and (2) shower stalls in the men’s restroom.

17.03   Provide and install (1) mop sink.

17.04   Provide and install (1) eye wash station.

17.05 Provide and install an ADA compliant water fountain in the alcove outside the


21.01. Provide and install audio / visual and heat detector sensors within the portable
      offices. System to be tied into the existing fire alarm system.

21.02 Provide new LED exit lights above exit doors of the men’s and women’s restroom.

21.03 Provide new battery emergency lights inside the men’s and women’s restroom.

21.04 Design for fire alarm system within the restrooms shall be reviewed and signed by a
      Level IV NICET registered in the State of Nevada. The system must be install by a
      Certified installer.

21.05 Provide a set of Construction Drawings; Preliminary As-Built drawings and Final As-
      Built drawings, of the fire alarm system going into the modular offices. Provide
      preliminary as-builts for the Nellis AFB Fire Department and to 99 Cons within 10
      calendar days of the system acceptance inspection conducted by the Nellis AFB Fire

21.06 Provide (1) fire extinguisher cabinet to be attached to the wall outside the restrooms.

                             END OF STATEMENT OF OBJECTIVES

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