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					                     Standard Fart
 The Standard fart is quite simply an average
every day fart suitable for most events and in
  the company of most everyone. It is dry in
 nature, but rarely exibits a bouquet that will
inspire jealousy among friends or co-workers.
 It belongs to the same family as The Ripper,
and often times only lacks a bit of confidence
  and pressure to achieve this next level. An
  example of the standard fart may be heard
         by clicking the button below.

     Click to hear example
             The Nervous Fart
     The Nervous Fart is only executable
  intentionally by farting masters, as it is
     normally a reaction to an unpleasant
   situation rather than something you can
 practice. You may have heard one of these
    at a kindergarden concert or during a
     company meeting where layoffs were
  mentioned. One of the characteristics of
this fart is the high pitch at the end caused
  by the clamping of butt cheeks once it is
         heard by the nervous culprit.
            The Cough-Fart Combo

  The Cough-Fart Combo is a premeditated
activity undertaken by one trying to mask his
activities. This technique is often used in the
presence of women; especially those who don’t
       understand that farts are funny.
  Warning: The Cough-Fart Combo can be a
  double edged sword, especially when your
 timing is a bit off, or the fart lasts longer
                 than expected!
      The Wet One (AKA-Sticky Fart)

The Wet One will score you huge points with
the lads. Mostly because they’re hoping you
  just shit yourself. The wet one is often
followed by an inspection of one’s underpants
for damage.The Sticky One is funny for all
  but the perpetrator, and usually always
   results in the need for some clean up.
               The Power Fart

 This fart is very standard and dry in nature
but is, as mentioned earlier, pushed out with a
  bit more confidence. It is usually quite well
   respected if it is heared by unsuspecting
passers by or blown in a church or quiet place.
     It is especially effective when used to
 punctuate the last word of a boring speaker’s
                 The Soprano

This fart is difficult to describe. It is quite
 high pitched in nature, and often times is
associated with a tingling vibratory feeling in
     the crotch area. It can be used to
 significantly lengthen a ripper or standard
     fart if you are going for duration.
                The Ripper

    My personal favorite: The Ripper.
It is strong, intense and gives you a good
 deal of confidence that all have enjoyed
        or at least experienced it.
  It is not only loud, and with varriable
 tones, but carries with it the reputation
 as being quite stinky. This one is ideally
 suited for a car journey, especially with
        child-lock electric windows.
Baby, did you just rip a




Cough-Fart Combo

Wet One (Sticky One)
                                  Esc to Exit


                       Here you can play with all of them!


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